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Home of the Brave, Land of the Luxurious [by Carina Zaragoza] Celebrate our nation’s birth in style this LawCrossing 4th of July Weekend. There’s nothing better than a bird’s eye view of Central Park and a front row seat for a fireworks spectacular from a New York penthouse.

Another 4th of July is upon us. Most of us will

you know. You’ll have plenty of room for even

to a gym and a first-rate spa, maid service,

probably have a good old fashioned barbecue

the most distant cousin in this 18-room pent-

and a private Mercedes-Benz and Bentley car

and head out in the evening to catch a fire-

house. And you won’t have to worry about

service sound? You and your party guests will

works show. Then, we’ll go to bed, satisfied

there being a line after you’ve chugged your

feel like royalty. And don’t be afraid to bring

that we celebrated the birth of America in

10th beer in honor of America, as you’ll have

Fifi, as pets are more than welcome.

typical Yankee fashion. Yawn. People, this is

the option of 9 bathrooms. While mingling

the anniversary of our nation’s birth -- not to

with your close and not-so-close acquain-

With such a fabulous party in such a fabulous

mention LawCrossing Weekend. We have to

tances, you can look out through oversized

penthouse, this Independence Day will surely

liven things up a bit. Why not throw a party to

Thermopane windows and take in a 360-

be one to remember.

end all parties in the city that never sleeps:

degree view of the river, the park, and the

New York. Just think: you can have the Statue

awesome New York skyline.

of Liberty on Ellis Island just a ferry ride away. What better backdrop for your 4th of

This property is a hot commodity. Many have

July bash? All you’ll need now is a venue.

already viewed the luxury suite, so you’d

Clubs and restaurants are so impersonal.

better get moving if you want to buy the

You want your friends to feel at home. And

second most expensive penthouse in the

trust me, anybody can feel at home in one of

country. (In an homage to Independence Day,

New York’s finest penthouses.

we’ll give props only to homegrown

Located in the Ritz-Carlton tower, the


penthouse occupies three entire floors. The

The most expen-

33rd floor is finished with herringbone floors

sive real estate in

and includes a top-of-the-line kitchen fac-

the country has

ing Central Park. Did I mention the marble

already been sold.

bathroom? You can bathe in opulence in his

The unfinished Manhattan penthouse in the

and hers marble baths. And for those chilly

new Time Warner building went for a cool

New York nights, you can keep warm by your

$42.5 million. But there’s no shame in being

choice of three wood-burning fireplaces.

second.Expect to pay upwards of $41.5 mil-

Though the 34th and 35th floors are as yet

lion for the Ritz-Carlton penthouse. And don’t

unfinished, once you buy this extraordinary

close your checkbook just yet. A stately home

space, you’ll have a personal architect and

like this needs a lot of maintenance. Expect

interior designer at your disposal. The high-

to shell out $25,000 a month in upkeep and

light, however, is outside this lustrous home.


You’ll be able to watch the traditional New York fireworks show from your 400 square

But believe me, all that paper is worth it.

foot terrace. Talk about looking down your

In addition to the opulent penthouse with

nose at the masses below.

a glass atrium, you’ll receive a wide range of amenities and conveniences. How do

But there’s more. Be sure to invite everyone


concierges, doormen, room service, access

Home of the Brave, Land of the Luxurious  
Home of the Brave, Land of the Luxurious  

Anybody feel at home in one of New York finest penthouses. Located in the Ritz-Carlton tower, Time Warner Penthouse.