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History With A Side of Capitalism, Please [by Carina Zaragoza] History, culture, beaches and revenue -- all rolled into one. Who could ask for anything more? LawCrossing Weekend is setting up shop in the Caribbean.

Located on the southern coast of the Domini-

site of the remains of Christopher Columbus,

can Republic, Santo Domingo was the first

this hotel reeks of history. (Columbus’ re-

city ever built in the New World. Founded

mains are now located in the Columbus light-

by Christopher Columbus’ brother, Bartolo-

house, the largest in the world). You’ll have

meo, in 1496, the city is rich in history. Santo

so many tourists lining up to get into your

Domingo was the starting point of famous

historic hotel, you’ll have to start reserving

expeditions by Ponce de Leon and Hernan

rooms years in advance.

Cortez, and home to the grave of the famous navigator himself, Christopher Columbus.

Since the hotel only has 50 rooms, that is

You can’t turn a corner without bumping your

actually a strong possibility. Though the hotel

head into history.

lacks in quantity, it makes up for it in quality. The rooms are decorated in a colonial style.

But with the days of conquest long past,

Who wants a replica of American accommo-

Santo Domingo is now the commercial and

dations when you can walk through a period

cultural center of the Dominican Republic.

courtyard and feel like you’re back in the

The city is home to over three million people

romantic days of the 1500s?

and is the most diverse and dynamic city in the Caribbean. During the day, you can bone

Yes, your colonial

up on some history in the Plaza de Cultura,

hotel will be the

located in the heart of Santo Domingo. There

hottest Carib-

you’ll find the museums of art, history and

bean attraction this

geography, natural history, and an institute

summer. Everyone,

dedicated to the history of civilization in the

from the famous to

Dominican Republic. The Plaza de Cultura is

the infamous, will

also the site of the National Theater, a venue

set sail to see and experience this unique and

for ballets, operas, and concerts. Birthplace

historic hotel. You might see Toby McGuire

of the meringue, a Latin-style dance, Santo

crawling up the stucco façade or Paris Hilton

Domingo also offers an exciting nightlife with

soaking up some sun rays, defying her par-

your choice of restaurants, shops, casinos,

ents all the while. Hey, here comes the happy

and clubs.

couple, Britney and Kevin, to enjoy their honeymoon on the white sands of the Santo

While the city itself tends to draw thousands

Domingo coast. Once the stomping ground of

upon thousands of tourists annually, they

conquistadores, your colonial hotel can make

need a place to stay. And only you, a Law-

Santo Domingo the playground for the rich

Crossing member, can offer them quaint and

and famous.

authentic lodgings. For $6 million dollars, you can be the proud owner of a colonial-

Can ghosts of history and socialites of today

style hotel. Within walking distance of the

exist side by side? They sure can, all thanks

Cathedral Primada de America, the original

to LawCrossing Weekend.


History With A Side of Capitalism, Please  

Santo Domingo is now the commercial and cultural center of the Dominican Republic. You'll find the museums of art, history and geography, na...

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