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Double Loss for Democrats By Teresa Cajot Since Bob Turner took Anthony Weiner’s seat in New York’s Ninth Congressional District last week, Republicans have turned the victory into a political attack against President Obama and Democratic ideals as a whole. Turner, a Republican, defeated Democrat Assemblyman David Weprin by eight points in Tuesday’s special election.

Turner, a 70-year-old retired media executive, is the first Republican to hold the seat since 1923 and the party is hoping to carry the sentiment over to the next presidential elections. According the National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, ‘’New Yorkers put Washington Democrats on notice that voters are losing confidence in a President whose policies assault job-creators and affront Israel.’’ Sessions also said that ‘’...Obama is now a liability for Democrats nationwide in a 2012 election that is a referendum on his economic policies.’’ However, according to Obama spokesman Jay Carney, the reason behind the Democratic upset can more likely be traced to the shame of the seat’s former possessor, Representative Weiner. In June, Weiner left his post after it was revealed that he had tweeted naked photos of himself and pictures of his underwear-covered crotch to young women. Carney also pointed that the Republican win came out of a special election, and cannot be used to accurately gauge public opinion. Special elections ‘’do not tell you very much about future regularly scheduled elections,’’ partly because voter turnout is unpredictable and typically low.


However, Republicans maintain that the Republican victory in a Democrat district is a significant win and could be representative of elections to come. Turner did manage to gain the endorsement of former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch, who used the election as a means of protesting the White House’s position on restoring Israel’s pre-1967 borders. As a result, Turner took the Jewish vote from Weprin, an orthodox Jewish candidate. Weprin and Turner happen to have very similar views on Israel but as Turner said in an interview with ABC News, the situation has nothing to do with the candidate’s views, ‘’it’s the president’s position and if you are with the party or against it, simple as that.’’ Turner went on to say that although the district is primarily Democratic, the voters felt the need to send a message of discontent to the White House. Despite the present celebrations, the victory could be shortlived as there is the chance that the seat may be eliminated with next year’s congressional redistricting.

Double Loss for Democrats  

Since Bob Turner took Anthony Weiner's seat in New York's Ninth Congressional District last week, Republicans have turned the victory into a...

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