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Debt Law and the Debt Negotiator This article talks about the job of Debt Negotiator, and the principal duties and training required to be successful in the work. It is a challenging time economically and many have to work out a plan to defer, settle, or pay off liabilities incurred. Negotiating debt is done by Lawyers, Debt Agencies, Independent Debt Negotiators, and Corporations who have sold products or services on unsecured terms.

The economic depression is hitting our economy and looking for the right job at the right time is important to avoid future lay offs in a bad economy. A job that has great potential during an economic downturn is a Debt Negotiator. It is true that many believe working with people who are in debt is not always delightful. However, it can be a very important job when a Debt Negotiator is bringing relief through payment reduction and the opportunity to gain control of this elusive animal called ‘’debt.’’ Who can be a Debt Negotiator? There are many answers to this question because debt negotiation offers opportunities to a wide range of workers from entry level and paralegals all the way to debt lawyers. Debt Negotiators are needed in many businesses and today Debt Negotiation is a business all of its own. There are a slew of debt collection and management agencies that have popped up since the economic downturn. Some are scams but many are not. When searching for a job as a Debt Negotiator the applicant needs to be aware that some companies may not be on the altruistic side of Debt Management. The training for a Debt Negotiator can vary from ‘’in house’’ training done by the firm that hires to certified paralegal training with knowledge of the law. Most legitimate Debt Management or settlement firms often work with a lawyer who oversees that the debt law is appropriately administered. A legitimate Debt Management Firm will also have very high ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

The best training for a Debt Negotiator, sometimes called a Debt Specialist is obtained through the International Association of Debt Arbitrators. (IAPDA) Their reputation for training professionals in the industry is premier. This organization is accredited and offers certification to Debt Negotiators and Debt Specialists. The IAPDA warrants that the laws governing debt are followed. The IAPDA does not award certificates to the entire business or firm but rather, the individual Debt Negotiator. The IAPDA carries their own Code of Ethics for the debt settlement industry to be able to provide their constituents with assurance that Debt Negotiators work professionally, dealing within the scope of their training. Salary for a Debt Negotiator About 68% of the entry level Debt Negotiation jobs begin in the range of $20K to $30K annually. Professionals with a little more experience and certification can begin with a salary range fro $40K to $59K per year. Approximately 9% of Debt Negotiators work annually for $60K to $79K. The remaining and coveted 2% or 3% of the jobs pay $80K to $100K per year to hire the best Debt Negotiators. It is clear that the Debt Settlement Industry offers great opportunities to those searching for the most up and coming occupations for the decade. The work involves some knowledge of debt law and requires good phone and communication skills. The best Debt Negotiator will investigate the IAPDA to obtain certification and training to increase his opportunities for employment.

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Debt Law and the Debt Negotiator  

This article talks about the job of Debt Negotiator, and the principal duties and training required to be successful in the work. It is a ch...

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