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Connecticut Passes Law to Check “Bullies with Badges” On Monday, following the earlier arrest of four East Haven police officers for targeting and harassing people of Hispanic origin, the state legislature of Connecticut passed a bill to prevent racial profiling. The new law is named “An Act Concerning Traffic Stop Information” (SB364), and it mandates local and state law agencies adopt policies preventing racial profiling.


a real problem that deserves a real solution, and my administration is committed to carrying out the spirit and letter of this law.”

The AACTSI asks agencies to form “written policy that prohibits the stopping, detention or search of any person when such action is solely motivated by

Once the law comes into effect, police would have to

considerations of race, color, ethnicity, age, gender or

offer citizens they stop a “standardized form” duly

sexual orientation, and the action would constitute a

filled out by the police and containing details about the

violation of the civil rights of the person.”

driver and the case’s circumstances. Anyone who feels that he or she is targeted due to their color, ethnicity,

The law also requires agencies to define reporting

race, gender or sexual orientation would be allowed to

requirements for police conducting traffic stops

file a complaint, which would have to be reviewed by

and creates a system for citizen complaints. State

the local police and then passed on to a state agency.

authorities would also have greater power to collect and assess pertinent data from municipal departments

The case of the four indicted policemen which

under the new law.

apparently moved lawmakers to formulate the new law, mentioned that the four had conspired to “injure,

The law was passed in the state Senate on April

oppress, threaten and intimidate various members

19, but the final passage of the bill at the House of

of the East Haven community.” Court records show

Representatives occurred on Monday.

that the former police personnel also tried to block a police commission enquiry into the matter and

Gov. Dannel Malloy, who is expected to sign the law

manipulated local union leaders to intimidate municipal

said, “I will continue to insist that every effort is taken


to protect individual rights in every community and that racial profiling is eliminated.” In a statement issued

Janice Fedarcyk, assistant FBI director in New York

on Monday, Malloy said on racial profiling that “This is

said, “They behaved like bullies with badges.”


Connecticut Passes Law to Check “Bullies with Badges”  

Connecticut passes law to stop bullies with badges from doing racial profiling