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Catholic College Sued by Student over Roommate’s Sexual Behavior by Surajit Sen Sharma

In the case of Lindsay Blankmeyer v. Stonehill College, Inc. admitted to United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, several issues have been brought into question. While, superficially, the case may seem trifling, the decisions can affect dormitory rules and accommodation principles of students.


being a Catholic institution, they seemed to extend moral support to the rule-breaking actions of the

The plaintiff has alleged that

complainant’s roommate and denied the complainant of

the college administration

reasonable accommodation that was within it powers to

was insensitive to the plaintiff’s needs and refused to

give, but kept offering other alternatives to the student

provide reasonable accommodation to the plaintiff, but

that would be deemed unacceptable by any reasonable

seemed adamant that the plaintiff’s roommate’s sexual

person, given the circumstances.

behavior, sex without permission of roommate and video sex sessions should continue, and the plaintiff

All of these happened, despite the college authorities

be denied reasonable single accommodation that she

being aware from the time of admission of the

sought to shelter herself from such depredations.

complainant that the complainant suffered from severe depressions and was under treatment for the same.

In a nutshell, the plaintiff complains that despite her

It happened despite the complainant’s roommate

well-known depressive conditions (clinically supported),

engaging in behavior that was not permissible under

the college refused single accommodation to her

the regulations of the college which is a Catholic

on the grounds that her roommate was behaving

institution, and funded likewise.

inappropriately, was having sex in front of her within the room and without her permission, was having

The story shows that the plaintiff, despite being

video sex, and was misbehaving with her upon protest.

in depressive conditions, complied with all legal

The subsequent actions of college authorities, if

requirements and formal procedures of the College,

proved, show that there was blatant disregard for the

including approach and information to several relevant

concerns raised by the student, and in spite of the

authorities in due and proper time and established

acts complained against being in breach of rules of the

procedures. However, the college failed to respond

Catholic institution, the concerned authorities acted

and effectually ignored the plaintiff’s pleas. The

bluntly and allowed such activities to continue to the

plaintiff went into depression, could not complete her

prejudice of the complainant.

final term at college within time due to depression and accompanying treatment, and later completed

In fact, according to the filed complaint, the authorities

graduation after her classmates had already graduated.

exhibited behavior that compounded the mental

This put the plaintiff at further disadvantages in her

pressures on the complainant in as much as, even after

career as her time of graduation became significantly different from that of her regular graduating class.


Catholic College Sued by Student over Roommate’s Sexual Behavior  

Now this might seem ludicrous, but it’s not, and the fact that a court in Massachusetts allowed the case to be filed shows prima facie cause...