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Becoming an Associate in a Law Firm-Take an Initiative This article discusses how an associate in a law firm must be proactive and help in advancement. Learn all about making strategic connections, demonstrating skills, opening branch offices, and more for opportunities of career growth and expansion.

An associate attorney has no ownership interest in the law firm. It may sometimes take up to 7-10 years to reach the next level i.e. to be a partner. In reality most of the ground work is done by an associate attorney. A partner might be dealing with multiple cases but an associate is asked to work on a limited number of cases. A senior partner is in charge of the overall direction a case takes. Almost all of us are familiar with a law firm’s culture. The lawyers who are middle aged or senior lawyers are increasing in population each day. The firms all over the state are searching for all the possible ways which can help them retain their old clients and maintain high levels of profits with the help of a chief leadership change over. One of the chief functions of a legal associate is to prepare and maintain resolutions as well as corporate records, fulfilling the filing requirements and even scheduling the meetings between clients. They have a pleasant employment outlook and often receive attractive salaries. It is very important that you make connections both inside and outside the law firms. They can easily make out who has power by observing the prospects of the firm. It is very important that you stay in close contact with your practice manager and the legal assistant of the managing partner. You can gain further knowledge by staying in touch with your peer group in the accounts and finance section. Your peers

can influence your business and have positive influence in your career. Some of the most commonly used techniques are opening new branch offices, handling cases of diverse practice areas, and hiring paralegals for carrying out important tasks. You must always look for more opportunities rather than waiting for them to come to you. Come up with your ideas for blogs and suggest these to the bloggers of your law firm. You can write articles and get them published as this will definitely help in branding. You can have a profile on popular social media sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. You can also look for opportunities at other branch offices. Genuine wishes communicate enthusiasm and inventiveness to the firm leaders. It is important to work in the right direction and not necessary that you work for 80 hours for 7 days. Take advantage of the latest technology. You can answer emails during the weekends, early mornings, or evenings as convenient. You can take important people out for lunch or ask one of your practice managers to do so on your behalf to help build relationships. Be part of professional group activities and business parties or seminars. These are professional strategies for bringing about further developments in business. You must be aware of the fact that the firm lawyers constantly thinking about the existing strategies.

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Becoming an Associate in a Law Firm-Take an Initiative  
Becoming an Associate in a Law Firm-Take an Initiative  

This article discusses how an associate in a law firm must be proactive and help in advancement. Learn all about making strategic connection...