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A Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies If you are following the economy, you’d be aware that while JDs are facing declining recruitment prospects, at the same time the market for paralegals is seeing significant improvement. In their rush to cut business costs, both private and public institutions are assigning many functions, which could be handled by either paralegals or lawyers, exclusively to paralegals.

However, to make most of the trend, which is bound

So, a Master’s degree that includes both Intellectual

to continue in the foreseeable future, you need to

Property Law and International Law with 6 credits each

put a greater number of differentiating factors on

is something that’ll make your resume shine and also

your resume than ever before. A Master’s degree in

increase your competence.

paralegal studies from an accredited university would definitely put you ahead of most paralegals who still do

The 32-credit GW paralegal studies course at the

not feel the need for degrees.

George Washington University mostly uses ‘Blackboard’ the online teaching software for the web based

If you are worried about time, there are a few Master’s


degree programs in paralegal studies that are available in a combination of online and on-campus packages

Candidates wishing to acquire degrees in paralegal

that can help you. Many of these programs are not only

studies at GW need a Bachelor’s degree from a

fully accredited, but also recognized and appreciated by

regionally-accredited institution, with a 3.0 GPA

both peers and the industry.

minimum. Students for the Master’s degree program in Paralegal Studies may also request ‘advanced standing’

One of these courses, which is quite outstanding, is

that satisfies the requirement of the 12-credit core

the Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies offered by

courses. The total tuition fees including graduate and

the George Washington University. A major portion of

Master’s certificates is $21, 708 leaving out ancillary

the course is conducted online and you can complete


your studies and earn your credits from home at your own convenience. The Legal Specialties part of the GW

The Core Course Sequence with 12 credits consists

Master’s Degree program in paralegal studies covers

of American Jurisprudence, Legal Research & Writing,

three areas: Government Law, Intellectual Property

Litigation and Corporate and Contracts law. Each of

Law and International law.

the modules carries 3 credits. The rest of the 32-credit program is divided into 18 credits for Legal Specialty

The program has greater significance than many

courses, a 2-credit independent research project, and a

others, because litigation and work in intellectual

non-credit internship.

property and international law is definitely on the rise and will continue as communications bring different

While students may choose to apply for the graduate

parts of the world closer than ever before. On the

certificate in paralegal studies and then proceed to

other hand, according to trends of this decade and

master’s, they can also directly apply for the master’s

anticipating the future, traditional litigation and real

degree. In either case the Certificate courses need to

estate sectors may lose growth for another few years.

be completed before the Master’s program.


A Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies  

Private and public institutions are assigning many functions, which could be handled by either paralegals or lawyers, exclusively to paraleg...

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