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Legal Method   Beyond Google and Using Lexis   Emily Allbon

What will I be able to do at the end?    

Understand the limitations of Google Feel more confident when using Lexis Know which resources are available Using advanced search techniques:  Boolean operators (OR, AND)  Truncation and wildcards

Everything’s on google now isn’t it?

Discuss…  

What do you look for to see if a website is authoritative? What are the problems with relying on something found freely online?

Fake or real? Login to Moodle to find some examples…

Remember… 

Information on the internet can be:  Out of date  Unreliable  Biased  It can be moved or removed without warning  There are no standards or index online

Google scholar ď ˝

ď ˝

References to peerreviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations.

So why are databases so vital?       

Easier to search by subject Access to more material than in the library Easier to print than photocopy Access 24/7 Value added, up to date info Authoritative (unlike Google!) Used in all major law firms and chambers

er e b em h w m Re muc se the w o h r o f pay ices! v ser

What do we have at City?     

Lexis Westlaw HeinOnline i-law …plus content on Lawbore

What is Lexis?      

Online searchable database 1000’s of sources of legal information Legislation, law reports Journal articles, books Heavily used in commercial sector

How to access? 

Why is Lexis an essential resource? 

 

Full text of 56 law reports including the Law Reports and All ER. Searching by party name, citation and subject Some details of history of the case and subsequent treatment.


Searching from the front screen Quick find 

…when you know what you want…

Look for Airedale NHS Trust v Bland

Your turn!

Background stuff 

Case history – tracks the different instances of this case (e.g. Fam division, Court of Appeal, HL) – check the signal for how that case has been received – e.g. good law? Cases referring to this case – where has been used since? Positive (applied, followed) or negative (doubted)? Or just neutral (noted)? Catchwords and digest - abstract

Key 

Negative Treatment Icon

The decision has been subsequently reversed, disapproved or overruled. 

Cautionary Treatment Icon

The decision has had some doubt cast on it. 

Positive Treatment Icon

The decision has received positive treatment : affirmed, applied, etc. 

Neutral Treatment Icon

The decision has received neutral or ambivalent treatment : considered, explained, etc. 

Citation Information Icon

No treatment has been given - only citation information available.

Just click on citation for full text of case

More looking for cases Your turn! 

Look for Hamilton v Al Fayed [2001] 1 AC 395

Test yourself 1.

What is the citation for the report in the All England Law Reports?


Which 2004 case distinguished this case?

More detailed case searching

Combining words – and  e.g. defamation and internet Use d nde a p x e tion p o list

Using OR Think like a thesaurus!

ORÂ searching

medical negligence baby infant and


Connectors and  •

NARROWS SEARCH Use when both words HAVE to appear Use when both words have to appear but not next to each other

or  • • •

BROADENS SEARCH Use for synonyms Use for abbreviations Use when you don’t mind which word appears so long as one of them does


startoftheword! Will find all endings of the word

Truncation continued… borrow!


 

borrower borrowing borrowed

taxation  taxes  taxed But also…  taxi  taxidermist

Your turn Search for cases on:

Unfair dismissal and pregnan!

Queen Victoria Seaman’s Rest Ltd v Ward (2009) 

What issues did the claimant have with her workspace?  What was the result of the appeal?


wom *n wom e wom n an

t e n * int* t e n r inte t e n a intr

Your turn 

Search for cases involving:

gypsy caravans

When did the claimant in Doherty and Others v Birmingham City Council [2008] UKHL 57 obtain a licence to station a caravan on plot 12?


Your turn 

Find the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003

ASBO’s 

What is the date of Royal Assent?


Halsbury’s Laws

Halsbury’s Laws Online asylum


asylum AND detention


asylum w/10 detention


Commentary = Books 

Huge numbers of practitioner texts:      

Blackstone’s Criminal Practice Encyclopedias – banking, Clarke Hall and Morrison on Children Paget’s Law of Banking Whish: Competition Law Lester, Pannick and Herberg: Human Rights Law and Practice


Your turn •

Find the following article in the Journal of Criminal Law:

Unfitness to plead and the overlap with Doli Incapax: an examination of the Law Commission’s proposals for a new capacity test Helen Howard (2011) JCL 75 (380)

 

By subject •

Find an article which dwells on the odd combo of conjoined twins and shipwrecked sailors. Who was the author?

Find some recent journal articles around the issue of gay marriage – can you find articles detailing the situation in other countries?

Some insults to finish… 

Can you find the name of the case where the defendant called someone a ‘monkeyfaced tart’?

Second one… 

In which case did a well-known actor, director and writer bring an action against a journalist for writing statements which purported him to be ‘hideously ugly’?

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Legal Method: beyond Google and using LexisLibrary  

Tips on using LexisLibrary for legal research