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CHAPTER 1 THE WAGER Phileas Fogg a member of the club reformer of England had just finished reading the newspaper where he had a story about a thief who had stolen fifty-five thousand pounds from the Bank of England. Mr. Fogg began to think where this thief could hide and asked “Where you can hide this thief?” The club and his friends began to think, until his friend Jeremy Ralph said “The thief could escape Egypt and disappear in the desert or go to India or Hong Kong where he would never be seen.” Mr. Fogg thought for a few seconds and said, “but the world today is very small, you can go around the world in eighty days only, would be very hard to escape” “Eighty days!” John Sullivan said (another friend); then Tom Flanagan said “I do like to see you do it, Mr. Fogg”. Mr. Fogg, dare not only go around the world in eighty days, he also bet twenty thousand pounds, “I assure you that I, Phileas Fogg will be here on December 21 at 8:45 pm at the reform club I also assure that my passport would be stamped in all the places I pass”, all his friends looked surprised and said, “but you could lose the bet with just a train

also lose twenty thousand pounds that's a lot of money�, but this comment did not influence the thoughts of Mr. Fogg, he was already decided he would go around the world in eighty days and he was going to take his first train that night, he said goodbye to everyone and announced that he would take the first train that night in case someone wanted to go and see him go. When Mr. Fogg arrived home he told his new servant named James Passepartout: “today, 2 October 1872, we will begin a long journey fantastic, we will go around the world in eighty days, so my dear Passepartout, pack our bags and get ready for this special trip, very surprised Passepartout followed the orders of his master and began to pack�, while Phileas Fogg reviewed the schedules of departures and arrivals of trains and boats all over the world. Then he approached to an old picture and takes it off the wall, and then took a bag of money that was hidden behind the old painting, where twenty thousand pounds were hidden behind it. When they were ready they left the train station where his friends were waiting to see him; he get on the train to Italy, at 8:30 p.m., where his journey began.

CHAPTER 2 THE JOURNEY BEGIN Passepartout was surprised by the attitude of his master; he was so introverted and quiet that I could not even believe that he may have accepted the bet. Phileas Fogg was a tall man with light hair, a mustache and he was 40. Was rich but no one knew how he had earned his fortune was also very punctual and precise. Passepartout looked so worry because he had let his gas lamp on but Mr. Fogg remained calm. The next morning Mr. Fogg I deliver a list to Passepartout of his duties during the trip. List of duties during the trip:  I must be awakened every morning at 8:00  You must serve me tea with toast in bed at 8:10  You must heat water for shaving; it has to be heated at 84 degrees Fahrenheit and exactly at 8:25 Detective Fix (James Fix) from Scotland Yard was also on the train, he was looking for the thief of the bank of England. He was smart, young, and was thrilled to catch the thief because of the huge reward and the glory. The detective has made a very good description about the thief and had studied it very carefully. When they arrived to Italy, detective Fix, stood at the exit of the train to cross-examine each of the passengers as they got off the

train, he saw that Mr. Fox coincided perfectly with the profile of the thief and decided to follow him. Detective Fix sent a telegram to the police in England, for them to send him the arrest warrant to Italy, while Mr. Fogg send a telegram to his fellows of the Reform Club, making them know that he was in Italy; After that Mr. Fogg went to stamp his passport, while Fix was cautiously following them; Next Phileas and Passepartout went to a place where the hot air balloon was going to take them to Port Suez; while Mr. Fogg was talking to the owner of the hot air balloon, Passepartout found Fix, who greeted him and started to ask some questions, but Passepartout believed that he was just being friendly, that´s how the detective Fix and Passepartout became friends. Mr. Fogg and Passepartout started their trip from Italy to Port Suez in a hot air balloon while detective Fix followed them in another hot air balloon. The hot air balloons were so big and colorful, it was like a normal balloon but it was so much bigger and had a trunk in the part that the was the fire When they arrived at Port Suez, Mr. Fogg went to have his passport stamped, and the detective Fix was to send another telegram so that he arrest warrant was sent to Port Suez instead of sending it to Italy. Later in that afternoon, Detective Fix and Passepartout met again and they greeted one another, and Detective Fix, was able to get some information about the next destination (Bombay) of Mr. Fogg, his journey through the world and the huge amount of money he had with him, which made the detective Fix, suspected even more.

CHAPTER 3: INDIA Mr. Fogg and Passepartout took a ship to India, as well as Fix did, the three of them were in the Mongolia a large ship with some large cabins. Fix suffered from seasickness, but when he felt much better, he decided to go to the deck and talk to Passepartout; when he finally found him they started a conversation and the detective Fix discovered that if Mr. Fogg has stolen the bank of England, Passepartout didn’t know anything about that and that Mr. Fogg’s next destination was Calcutta. The Mongolia arrived to Bombay on Sunday October the 20 and again Mr. Fogg went to have his passport stamped, while Fix went again to send a telegram to England in which Fix told them to send the arrest warrant to Calcutta instead of Bombay because he knew Mr. Fogg´s train was leaving Bombay that afternoon and that he has no time to arrest Mr. Fogg in Bombay. The train steamed off on the journey to Calcutta with Mr. Fogg, Passepartout and Fix aboard. Passepartout was very happy because in Bombay he has bought a costume of an Indian Rajah or Prince; this costume included a turban headdress, a white cotton robe, and a pair of colorful Indian slippers covered with false pearls. Later in that afternoon, Mr. Fogg went to his cabin to take a nap while Passepartout met again with Fix, and Fix started asking again some questions to Passepartout about his master but Passepartout just gave short answers, Fix stopped asking and left because he was tired of the useless answers of Passepartout. The night came

and everyone went to sleep not nowing the surprise that they would have. The next morning the train stopped near Allahabad, and Phileas remained calm, while Passepartout was very worried, because there was no rail line between the place where the train stopped and Allahabad, but then he had a great idea “we can travel in an elephant to Allahabad” said Passepartout to Phileas, “but, where can we find an elephant driver?” Phileas asked, “well, Mr. Fogg I have to tell you that I’ve worked on a circus and there I was an elephant driver” said Passepartout “wonderful” said Phileas; so that day they started their trip to Allahabad in an elephant named Kouni, while the detective Fix rented a bike to go to Allahabad, because he thought that he couldn’t lose his thief. That afternoon they stopped in a small village, where they heard a story about a poor girl named Aouda that was forced to get married, but instead of that she escaped to the forest, from her future husband that was much older than her. Phileas have decided to stop the journey and look for the girl, so they spent the rest of their afternoon asking people in the village about Aouda and where she could be, many people answered that she could probably be on her way to Allahabad because it was a big city and she could hide there. The next day Passepartout and Phileas started looking for Aouda on their way to Allahabad but they didn’t find her, so that night they stopped near a jungle where they saw a campfire, so they decided to investigate, they approached to the campfire and hide behind some bushes, they saw six armed man, and an Indian girl tied to a tree, they thought that they must have kidnaped Aouda when she was on

her way to Allahabad, they thought for some minutes “how can we rescue Aouda?” but then they had a brilliant idea, Passepartout dressed up with the Indian prince costume and then he climbed up the elephant, then he approached to the campfire with the elephant; all the kidnapers run away because they thought that Passepartout was an Indian prince ghost, Aouda was still tied to a tree and she was horrified by the “ghost” but then Phileas that was hide behind a bush came out, helped her and then they greeted each other; “are you alright?” Phileas asked, “Yes I am, thank you for rescuing me”, “Where are you going?” Phileas asked, “I’m going to Allahabad and then to Hong Kong because I have a cousin there, that can help me”, “you can go with me in my elephant t, to Allahabad and then to Hong Kong” Phileas said, “Ok, thank you very much” Aouda said. So now there were four in this trip, Phileas, Passepartout, Aouda and the detective Fix that was still following them in his bike. When the three of them arrived to Allahabad they said goodbye to Kouni, and then they went to the train, where was also detective his that was still suffering his agonies of his bumpy bicycle ride to Allahabad. They arrived to Calcutta on October 25, Phileas, had his passport stamped and went with his friends to see the city, while detective Fix hurried to the police station to see if arrest warrant had arrive, but they hadn’t send it, so he bought a steamship ticket to Hong Kong and sent and other telegraph to England, so that they send the arrest warrant to Hong Kong instead of Calcutta. The fourth of them boarded the ship and started their journey to Hong Kong.

CHAPTER 4: THE CAT AND THE MOUSE GAME Fix had a lot of questions in his mind like, was Phileas Fogg Going to escape? And, when or where? Or, would Passepartout and the strange new woman go with him? He needed to answer those questions so he decided to ask Passepartout about his master again, maybe this time he would say something useful, but when he met Passepartout on the deck again, Passepartout didn’t talk about his master as much as Fix wished. Passepartout now was suspecting of Fix, he didn’t knew what exactly was Fix plotting, but the further they traveled, the surer Passepartout was that he was following them; Passepartout had become very fond to his master and saw it as his job to protect him, but what did Fix want? What was he plotting? Suddenly, he hit on an idea; perhaps Fix was a spy, sent by Mr. Fogg friends in the reform club, to make sure he didn’t cheat; the most Passepartout thought of his idea the more he was convinced of his theory, but he decided to say nothing to his master till he was absolutely sure he was right about Fix’s job. When they stopped in Singapore on his way to Hong Kong, Phileas took Aouda for a tour in a horse-drawn carriage; they have been together every day, playing cards or reading, but they didn’t realize that Fix was Following them, but Fix didn’t notice that at the same time he has been followed by Passepartout that was in a carriage too. At 11:00 a.m. the fourth of them boarded again, the Rangoon.

The Rangoon steamed towards Hong Kong, and Passepartout and Fix where more confused about each other; Passepartout was sure that fix was a spy but he still wouldn’t tell his master until he had a proof and Fix was sure that Passepartout suspected that he was a detective and was afraid he would tell Phileas Fogg. But Phileas Fogg wasn’t aware of what was happening, he had other things in mind like losing Aouda, she was going to her cousin’s house in Hong Kong, they have spent so much time together, but Phileas couldn’t recognize Aouda’s affection for him. The Rangoon reached Hong Kong on the morning of November 6 at exactly 5:00 a.m., that was also the hour in which the Carnatic the ship that was supposed to take them to Yokahama, so the three of them followed by Fix, hurry up and asked one of the harbor’s official if the Carnatic had already leave, the official said that the Carnatic will sail tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., Passepartout was so happy while Fix was sad and desperate because the warrant had not arrive, and all the telegraph main lines were all down, so the warrant would be there in two or three days. That morning, Aouda, Passepartout and Phileas went to have stamped Phileas’ passport and then they tried to find Aouda’s cousin, but the news were bad her cousin has died the year before; so Phileas invited Aouda to come and join them in the journey.

Passepartout met again with Fix in Hong Kong and he invited Passepartout for a drink because he wanted to tell Passepartout about Phileas Fogg perhaps he would help him to keep Phileas Fogg in Hong Kong until the warrant arrive, Passepartout had never drink in his entire life but he accepted. They entered to the bar and sat down in a room to talk; Fix ordered a bottle of whisky and poured out two glasses. Fix lowering his voice, whispered “you have guessed who I am, I believe so I’m going to tell you everything…”, “perhaps I know everything already,” said Passepartout, “and I must say that the men who have employed you to follow my master, have wasted a lot of money on you. My master would never cheat them.” This answer completely confused Fix. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “A matter of twenty thousand pounds!” said Passepartout. It’s not twenty thousand pounds” declared Fix “Is a matter of fifty thousand pound”. “My goodness!” said Passepartout “As long as I know it was only a twenty thousand bet, but if it is truly fifty thousand we must hurry to Yokahama”. Fix realized that they both were talking about different things and asked “Who do you think I am?”; “it’s been obvious to me,” said Passepartout. “You have been employed as a spy by members of the Reform Club to see if Monsieur Fogg doesn’t cheat! But I haven’t told anything to him”. “He knows nothing then?” “Nothing” said Passepartout, emptying his glass. “Excellent, now I must tell you the truth” said Fix while pouring Passepartout a second drink. “I’m not a spy send by the Reform Club members; I’m a detective from Scotland Yard, I’m trying to catch the bank thief, I’ve made a very good description of the robber ant fits Mr. Fogg perfectly”, “my master could never do such a thing,

he is a honest man” “are you sure?” said Fix “from what you have told me you don’t know him that much to tell if he has stolen the bank or not” they start arguing and Fix beg him to keep his master at Hong Kong until the warrant arrive, but Passepartout didn’t agree, then Fix order him not to tell anything to Phileas Fogg, but Passepartout didn’t agree on that idea either; suddenly al the alcohol effects appear and he fall asleep in his chair; Fix stood up fast and went out from the bar as quick as he could, hoping that the Carnatic would left Hong Kong with Phileas Fogg on board, before Passepartout woke up.

Bibliography: Around the world in 80 days, Jules Verne adapted by Heather Hammons, Took it from page 3 to page 79.

Arround the world in 80 days (1st half)  

adaptation of jules vern book

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