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A Hispanic Newspaper / Un Peri贸dico Hispano

Hispanic buying power in Alabama has increased 790.5 percent since 1990 (Selig Center for Economic Growth).

From 1990—2000

Hispanics in Alabama 

The birth rate of Alabama’s Hispanic population (33.3) was higher than the national Hispanic birth rate of 22.9 per 1,000 population. The number of people of Hispanic origin in Alabama increased from 24,629 to 75,830, a growth of 208 percent. Clay County saw a 839 percent increase in its Hispanic population. Elmore County saw a 198.1 percent increase in its Hispanic population. Autauga County saw a 165.2 percent increase in its Hispanic population. Montgomery County saw a 64.1 percent increase in its Hispanic population.

Hispanics' buying power has risen from $212 billion in 1990 to $798 billion in 2006, and is expected to be almost $1.2 trillion in 2010 and $1.3 trillion in 2011 (Selig Center for Economic Growth)..

DID YOU KNOW? By 2012, nearly one person out of every six living in the U.S. will be of Hispanic origin.

78 percent of Hispanics want to be marketed to as Hispanics (Yankelovich). 64 percent of Hispanics say they would be more likely to purchase brands which are advertised in Spanish (Yankelovich). The majority of US Hispanic Households (65 percent) prefer Spanish over English (Nielsen 2002). 96 percent of Hispanics from ages 18-34 speak Spanish at home (NHTI installed meter sample).

A Hispanic newspaper circulated in Spanish to 10,000 Hispanics in central and south Alabama, La Voz Nuestra is poised to circulate 200,000 newspapers by 2010 with over 740,000 readers. La Voz Nuestra's editorial focus is on culture, entertainment, business, career, and politics, with upbeat, informative, and timely stories on people and issues of interest to Hispanics. It highlights the success stories of today's Hispanics in the fields of education, business, politics, art, sciences, entertainment, and sports. Monthly tips, tidbits, and pointers are also included to help Hispanics assimilate to life in the U.S.


The 'Latin Wave' is bigger than the baby boomer generation. - Yankelovich


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Target Market

Hispanic are just like anyone else, they need food, clothing, shelter, insurance, education, and other essentials. The good news is, Hispanics are known for paying on time and with cash.

La Voz Nuestra is the


Word of Mouth

Make no mistake, Hispanfirst of its kind in ics are known for their Montgomery. 95 percent of brand loyalty and reHispanics consume some ferrals. The first step form of Spanish to building a relationlanguage media. Well . . . ship with the Hispanic population is getting them in your door.



Quality Ad Designs Marketers cannot simply transfer directly to the U.S. Hispanic market the conceptualizations or marketing strategies that work with the general market. Many factors - historical, contextual, cultural, demographic, financial place Hispanic consumers in a different category. Brand awareness and usage levels are often dramatically unlike general market patterns and different product attributes are deemed important by Hispanic consumers. Direct translations and usage of general market strategies tend to miss the emotional and culturally relevant elements. Some results will be there, but not with the sales volume, strength and recall that a truly culturallyattuned marketing and advertising effort can attain. Make no mistake, the integration of generations and diverse countries of origin within the U.S. Hispanic market has created a complex culture that requires experience and research to understand. What is needed for a successful Hispanic promotional campaign is a sensitivity to what is important to Hispanics - and senior corporate executives willing to initiate a reversal of underinvestment in the Hispanic market by creating new allocation levels in their business and marketing plans for reaching Hispanic consumers.


AD SIZE DEMENSIONS Full 16 X 10 2/3 12 X 10 1/2 Vertical 10 X 8 1/2 Horizontal 8 X 10 1/2 Square 9 X 9 1/3 Vertical 10 X 5 1/3 Horizontal 5 X 10 1/3 Square 7.25 X 7.25 1/4 Vertical 10 X 4 1/4 Horizontal 4 X 10 1/4 Square 6.25 X 6.25 1/6 Vertical 10 X 2.5 1/6 Horizontal 2.5 X 10 1/6 Square 5 X 5 Wide Banner Vertical 10 X 2.5 Wide Banner Horizontal 2 X 10 Slim Banner Vertical 10 X 1 Slim Banner Horizontal 1 X 10 Business Card Classified (30 words, $.50 thereafter) Personal Ad (30 words, $.50 thereafter) Hispanic Directory Listing

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* Add 20 percent for color ads. * Add 20 percent to place your ad in the location of your choice (subject to availability).

Distribution La Voz Nuestra is strategically distributed to tiendas, Hispanic owned businesses, businesses that cater to and employ Hispanics, apartment complexes with Hispanic occupancy levels in excess of 75 percent, churches with Hispanic ministries, restaurants, and more.

Circulation 10,000 newspapers

Readership 37,000 readers

The opportunity is here. The time is now. Grow your business and increase your profits today. 334-819-6753 or Contact us about ad design and translation of ads.

Advertising Specifications 

All files should be delivered in TIFF or PDF. Any logos, photos, or other materials used in the production of ads should be submitted at 200dpi. For color ads use CMYK. Embed all fonts. Ads can be submitted on CD ROM, DVD+R, or DVD+RW. Ads may also be sent via email in the aforementioned formats. Ads that are ready for submission should be emailed to Ads must be submitted and approved 48 hours prior to publication. Not sure about a publication date? Email us at or call us. All advertisements are subject to approval. La Voz Nuestra reserves the right to add a visible tag saying “ADVERTISEMENT” when an ad might be confused with an article or editorial content due to its appearance. “Hispanics' buying power has risen from $212 billion in 1990 to $798 billion in 2006, and is expected to be almost $1.2 trillion in 2010 and $1.3 trillion in 2011 (Selig Center for Economic Growth).”

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