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squarerx preliminary logo development


visual study

The visual study showcases a small portion of the research done in order to achieve the designer’s intent towards the visual aesthetic. Below are a few examples of where inspiration was drawn from.

logo concept A


Concept A “Molecular Logo” The idea for this concept was derived from breaking down the SquareRX energy bar into its barest elements and showcasing it in a molecule diagram. With that established, the logo is made from a molecular structure that is beginning to take shape in the form of a square. It’s meant to represent all the organic nutrition that a SquareRX bar can provide from deep within the ingredients that make the product.

logo concept B

Concept B “Element Logo� This concept is meant to mimic an element on the periodic table, to sort of invoke the idea of energy or something pure. Rather than be a flat square icon as the elements are typically represented in, the logo structure here is given dimension to create an interesting visual dynamic and look stylish, modern, and fresh.

logo concept C

Concept C “Onward Logo” I wanted this concept to instill the idea to “keep going forward” and the easiest way to represent that is to somehow show a sense of direction or motion. With that in mind, the square component, illustrated in a loop that ends with an arrow, is giving way to show what the SquareRX energy bar is for; to make sure you continue onward.

logo concept D

Concept D “Examination Logo� This concept is pretty straightforward, both in execution and underlying meaning. The logotype (SquareRX), or wordmark, is set in a way to look like an eye examination chart. The purpose of this is to associate the logo with something mediciinal, or healthy in nature. With the logotype set against a colorful square icon, the combination of those two elements is meant to be pleasant and riveting at the same time.

logo concept E

Concept E “Kinetic Logo” This logo concept is meant to be a visual representation of energy. The swirling, abstract “S” shape that is draped over a square (created through negative white space) signifies constant movement. It can also be seen as the aura of vigor and healthy nature that is inherent in every SquareRX bar. XSQUAR


designer notes Please keep in mind these are rough conceptual sketches and preliminary digital renders, only meant to be used as a guide for further development. The final representation and implementation of these potential concepts might look slightly different. That said, each of these concepts represents a different direction aesthetically, but they all share the same design philosophy in terms of execution and brand representation. The use of simple and visually appealing imagery, typography, and color is an effective way to have SquareRX be instantly recognizable among its competitors. Once a suitable concept is chosen, I’ll refine the digital illustration process in tandem with properly typesetting the font and finalizing the color application. An e-mail to confirm the second phase of logo development has started will be sent as soon as we have confirmation on the chosen design.


SquareRX | Preliminary Logo Development  
SquareRX | Preliminary Logo Development  

A preliminary logo revision booklet that documents the initial sketch process, rough digital rendering, and design execution of logo revisio...