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souped preliminary logo revisions

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logo revision A

Concept A “Colorbar Logo” The development of this logo stemmed from the different types of apps that Souped dabbles in, with several colors representing a particular genre of application, e.g., red for medical, blue for children, green for charity, orange for gaming, and slate gray for utility. These colors, in the form of semi-transparent rectangles, are overlaid on top of one another to make up was has been dubbed the Souped ‘colorbar’, a visual mark and element that can be seamlessly implemented for both web and print. This simple representation of transparent shapes blending into one another visualizes the breadth and scope of what Souped, as an app development company, is capable of.

Logo variant

Identity color palette

logo revision B

Concept B “S-Warp Logo” This logo is an evolution of the initial ‘Warp’ logo concept from preliminary development, resulting in a more sophisticated and elegant design. The “S” shape is better pronounced in this new aesthetic direction, and has visual depth to simulate three dimensions. The mark itself can stand alone or be paired with the logotype, making it a modular concept, and can adapt to any desired color palette without issue.

Standalone mark

Alternate mark placement

logo revision C

Concept C “Grid Logo” The idea with this new concept was to depict a grid of nondescript application icons, emulating the visual cues of the standard iOS/Android ‘desktop’. Several of the icon shapes have been highlighted with a bright orange hue to represent apps which have been ‘souped up’ or are Souped branded applications. These highlighted apps also double as a separate visual mark, in that they are arranged in a way to create the shape of the ‘S’ letter form. This mark can also be pulled from the grid of icon shapes, and like Concept B, can either stand alone or be paired with the Souped logotype.

Logo variant

logo revision D

Concept D “Exploding Logo” This is a new direction of the original ‘Explosion’ logo from preliminary development, but has been thought out extensively in comparison. The idea was to retain the full shape of a nondescript iOS/ Android application icon with this revision and have only a part of it burst into a shower of colors. As with the design that came before it, the concept was to represent an app being modified through a dynamic aesthetic. The result is much more refined and better showcases application modification.

logo revision E

Concept E “Bolt Logo” This new take on the bolt logo goes for an extremely minimalistic approach, having the shape of iOS/Android app icon split in half by a bolt created in the negative space. Here, the design is showcased using only a 2-color palette (cyan and gray), but can easily be changed to match any palette or theme. As with the above concepts, the “.com” has been made part of the identity, but in this concept execution, has it fully spelt out. As such, the ‘dot com’ can be replaced to match the genre of apps so as to create a series of logos and visual separation that has absolute brand consistency.


Standalone mark

logo progression overview This progression overview showcases a visual snapshot of both previous and current logo concepts created for Souped. The purpose of this page is to show the differences in design cues regarding color palette, typography, and visual direction in the new revisions in comparison to the previous concepts.

designer notes Please keep in mind these are preliminary digital revisions, only meant to be used as a guide for further development. The final representation and implementation of these potential concepts might look slightly different. That said, each of these concepts represents a different direction aesthetically, but they all share the same design philosophy in terms of execution and brand representation. The use of simple and visually appealing imagery, typography, and color is an effective way to have Souped be instantly recognizable across the various mobile app store platforms out there today, such as:

Once a suitable concept is chosen, I’ll refine the digital illustration process in tandem with proper typesetting the font and finalizing the color application. An e-mail to confirm the next phase of logo development has started will be sent as soon as I receive confirmation on the chosen design.

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Souped | Preliminary Logo Revisions  

A preliminary logo revision booklet that details the initial sketch process, rough digital rendering, and design execution of logo revisions...

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