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“The Time Has Come.”


Bugatti Super Sport: Technical Specifications SUPER SPORT

* As measured by EC Directives 1999/94/EG STANDARD For town traffic and speeds of up to 180 km/h. From 180 km/h, automatic configuration switches from Standard to Handling (Flaps in front diffusers open) HANDLING * For open roads and highways or manually selectable for race tracks (Flaps in front diffusers open) TOPSPEED For very high-speed driving (over 375 km/h), manually selectable with separate key. (Flaps in front diffusers close).

The LAVISH Skymall Magazine – The very 1st of its kind, this magazine comes to life virtually on USTREAM or LIVESTREAM, view our affluent guests, product launches and more online at “The Time Has Come,” for a magazine-catalog (MagaLog) that exploits experiences for the LAVISH enthusiast viewer and reader worldwide. The exterior cover wears; “Diamonds” which last forever. We feel our LAVISH MagaLog stands the test of time, most magazines have a life span of up to 30 days, The LAVISH Magazine is kept to display in your luxury loft, kitchen, office and on your posh cocktail table next to the finest wine for seasons complimenting your decor.

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From The Editor- Maurice A. Morris TheLavishStore

I would like to thank my team for creating a Skymall for those who demand the best. I would personally like to thank; Patricia A. Morris, Louise Kennedy Doster, Charles R. Doster, Reginald Callahan, Robert Gadson, Tonya Gadson, Charles Gadson, Kelly Jones, Bridget Roberts for LAVISH Atlanta, Nicole Riley for LAVISH Phoenix and Los Angeles, Alana Frazier for LAVISH Detroit, Steve Ragland Studios, Detroit, Bart Dijkman, Kirk Williams, Roy Isaac lll, Coze‟ E. Long and Pilot, Alan Bradstreet.

“I have seen some real things in my lifetime, here‟s my interpretation of LAVISH Luxury” - “The Time Has Come.”


LAVISH: Definition; Unstinted, extravagant, improvident, generous hospitality, gifting and openhanded.

FEATURES The Willard Wigan Story ―Greatness Happens‖ By: Editor- Maurice A. Morris TRENDING Canine Couture By: The PANACHE Handheld Report, Los Angeles (Billionaire Lifestyle) By: Myra Panache Casey Konkel For LAVISH 2011 Services “Hire The Paparazzi” Pond Kitchen Design By: Designer, Jaehoon Jung and KamKam Exotic Car Rentals at Detroit, New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta and Vegas What’s New? – Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles By: Maurice Morris and Bridget Roberts ―First in Flight‖ Kimberly Anydike Story ―Greatness Happens‖ By: Maurice Morris LAVISH International Report By: Maurice Morris Style & Power International By: Maurice Morris TRON Legacy Lightcycle By: Alana Frazier

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Model:: Casey Konkel:: Cabo, Mexico.::Photographer:: Kaden Nguyen

“The Time Has Come.”

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Learn to Cook Lavishly

Learn to Cook International Dishes and Mirepoix has teamed up to provide you an experience youâ€&#x;ll never forget. With you as the chef your guest will be blown away with the new way of serving and tasting dishes youâ€&#x;ve learned awhile in our state of the art culinary school. All cultures of dishes to learn, even diabetic friendly courses are available. Call to schedule your class today! 800.993.2204

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Fireworks & Helicopter Flights June-July, 2011: Detroit Chicago Atlanta Miami 4th of July Firework Flights now available for - Engagement Flights - Wedding Flights - Passenger tours up to 5 passengers. Reserve Now

Prices vary


Titanic DNA – Made of Real Steel from The Titanic

BlingH2o unveils “The Dubai” Collection of hand applied Swarovski Crystal corked bottle of water. Already a favorite among celebrities; Oprah, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Ben Stiller, Kirstie Alley etc., and luxuriously served at high-profile events such as the Grammys®, VMA‟s, Emmys®, the Monaco Grand Prix, and Academy Awards®, Bling H2O has already reinvented the bottled water market Bling H2O The Dubai Series is available in a variety of sparkling, signature Baumann designs that have charmed and delighted royalty such as the Sultan of Brunei, the Countess Sophie of Wessex, the Sultan of Johor Bahru and Princess Zabeda from the House of Iskander of Malaysia, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and the late Princess Diana. Not only will each distinctive bottle be delivered in a museum quality display case, but Bling H2O - The Dubai Series also arrives with white gloves to prevent smudges when the collector or their “gentleman‟s gentleman” is handling the bottle. In addition, Baumann is furnishing a signed letter of authenticity guaranteeing that each Dubai Series bottle is a unique creation. The lavish presentation intensely appeals to the discerning tastes of the world‟s chic elite. 2011, The LAVISH Store will stock all aircrafts, exotic car rentals with a complimentary bottle of BlingH2o‟s “Berkely Spring for Men and “Paris Pink” for Women a retail value of $65 per bottle. The Dubai Series - $2,900 available at

Pure Sipping Pleasure

The Willard Wigan Story “We disregard the small things in life and we don’t believe things exist unless it’s large”.

Micro Sculpture

Willard Wigan, Microscopic artist born in Birmingham, England. Willard sculpts (left), Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from 2 sticks of lipstick, ladies now you know what to do with your used lipstick, turn them into works of art. As a child suffering from learning difficulties and dyslexia, Wigan would create works of art that were unable to be seen by the naked eye. The minute designs as he would call them would be an escape from all of the criticism by his teachers and peers pertaining to his learning difficulties, Willard began creating miniature art only visible through a microscope smaller than 0.005 and 0.0002 tall. Willard would often drift as a kid to making shoes, furniture and homes for ants and other insects. Willard states “We disregard the small things in life and we don‟t believe things exist unless it‟s large”. Many folks around the world line up to view the amazingly small world which stems from a kid that literally thought and created for the small and “small is beautiful” in the world of Willard Wigan. The LAVISH Magazine caught up with the microscopic artist recently. It is true that some compare Wigan as the eighth wonder of the world. Things we don‟t see with the naked eye appear massive to Wigan. Continue Next Page “Greatness Happens”

Wigan mainly works after midnights where the mood is calm when there are no distractions and also less static from traffic vibration to disturb his masterful works of miniature art. Wigan states “There have been many times that I hadn‟t reached the deep relaxed state of mind to work, I actually inhaled the artwork”. He has to remain so calm to slow his heart and breathing to a meditative state to sculpt between each heart beat, carefully sculpting the unimaginable microscopic works of art. “Seeing is believing”, that‟s the public‟s response after looking through the microscope, you‟re actually blown away from the detail, the scale of the artwork, and the time it takes to sculpt such minute artwork. It‟s not uncommon for Wigan to work through the night using a carving tool and a magnifying glass that has been made for him by a British company which makes precision instruments for surgical hospitals. Wigan has sculpted many celebrity minute made character artworks for Shaquille O‟Neal, Oprah and Disney‟s Alice and Wonderland. Please Continue

(Left), Wigan unveils the First Family in a needle thread hole. That‟s right, look twice at President Obama, Malia, Natosha and First Lady Michelle in a needle thread hole. Wigan has also microscopic artworks of The Statue of Liberty, The Thrilla in Manila boxing match between Sunny Lister and Cassius Clay. Wigan‟s work has been purchased by Prince Charles and Mike Tyson are among those who that have purchased a Wigan sculpture, which sales for a minimum of $40,000. Creating miniature artwork has made Wigan a millionaire, his raw material has been used from specs of gold to nylon fibers extracted from carpet. When he is to paint the artwork, he takes a single hair from a dead fly. Each artwork takes up to 3 months to complete and when finished, it‟s mounted in a dome like transparent bottle. Unable to be seen with the naked eye, the dome can be mounted on the wall, table top or free standing display to shock your guest. Wigan states, “My mother was a great influence to me, and often encouraged me to create smaller and if I kept creating smaller things, my artwork and I would become larger”. You can view Wigan‟s works of art in galleries coming soon to America and abroad. It was a pleasure interviewing Mr. Wigan, and as the old saying goes “just because you can‟t see something, doesn‟t mean that it‟s not there”. Visit to order his minute works of art. By: Maurice A. Morris

The Willard Wigan Story Micro sculpture

JULES VERNE Instrument black dial & hand-engraved ―crater‖ rotor Self-winding chronograph with dual time-zone display

ENVY- Detroit 234 E Larned St Detroit, MI 48226 313.962.3689

Photo Source:

A targeted goal has been realized; boundaries have been surpassed. Utilizing ingenious resources from various factions, The Invicta Reserve Arsenal II offers highly specialized timepieces designed for operational objectives. The Arsenal II is fully charged with all the luminous mechanisms required for absolute achievement. In shaping elite strategies the Invicta Reserve Arsenal II elevates timing to a tactical greatness. Available at:

Fly to Dine

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Fly to Atlantaâ€&#x;s best dining; STATS, Legal Seafoods and more surrounding nightlife. In Detroit, Fly to: Detroitâ€&#x;s most elegant dining locations Downtown and many locations throughout Chicago, IL and Miami, FL. Call 800.993.2204





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Canine Couture

Trending 2011

The perfect collar for the perfect pooch. Available in polished stingray, lizard, metallic lizard, python, anaconda, crocodile or calfskin. Featuring a trademark mini paw print charm in gold and diamonds on the keeper and a satin finish buckle.

Canine Collars

Canine Living A visit of the apartment:

Kika Dog Sofa Bed Dog furniture designed from the ground up for the comfort of your dog with the principal that "form follows function." Featuring quality materials and craftsmanship, built with a sturdy wood frame and real high density furniture foam cushions that don't flatten out. With the BioMedicT memory foam for the center cushions you are providing the most comfortable dog furniture possible. They are finished with commercial quality fabrics and faux leathers. Made in the USA. Priced by size and options. $236-$1500


• The lower part is extremely comfortable. You‟ll discover it, in complete privacy, behind the velvet curtains, held open by French passementerie tiebacks. Its jewelry shop d cor will be a jewelry case for your dog. • In its upper part, you can store your companion‟s clothing and accessories in the deep upholstered drawers, with handles gilded in 24-carat gold. • The cornice of the building opens like a jewelry chest. So you can easily store his personal objects as well as his toys. • The legs that raise the Place Vend me apartment match the decoration of the base of the columns. Custom-made by a master bronze-founder after a period model, they are stamped with his initials and gilded in 24-carat gold.

World’s Most Expensive Dog s

The 11-month-old, 180-pound pup, aptly named "Hong Dong," meaning "Big Splash" in Chinese, (pictured left) has become the most expensive dog on the planet after a wealthy coal industrialist from China recently procured him for a little more than $1.5 million. This ancient guarding breed with its unmistakable bright reddishbrown fur, has recently become something of a status symbol among China's uber-wealthy class. Reputedly owned by Genghis Khan and Lord Buddha, the Red Tibetan Mastiff is viewed as a "pure Chinese" breed because of its well-documented history and nearly exclusive Chinese population. These dogs are also considered one of the oldest pure breeds in the world. Less than 20 are reported to remain in Tibet.

Panache Handheld Report

RICH & FAMOUS (BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE) By: Myra Panache Mariah Carey has yet to give birth to twins but we‟ve been informed their childhoods have been mapped out (to an extent). Allegedly, they will be spoiled rotten and when they get old enough, they will have specialized “toy cars,” similar to David & Posh Beckman‟s son (Brooklyn) below. Brooklyn‟s toy Porsche is priced at $72, 610.00 dollars.

Brooklyn’s toy Porsche is priced at $72, 610.00 dollars.

Panache Handheld, LA

Ebay For The Rich & Affluent: The Billionaire Xchange is the world‟s first online auction and trade site for luxury items. You‟ll find a variety of luxurious items, including:

Rich and Famous

Arts & Antiques, expensive vehicles, boats and yachts, real estate, jewelry, diamond encrusted watches and helicopters.

Shaquille O‟Neal & Dan Marino have sold their estates on The Billionaire Xchange. Naomi Campbell‟s billionaire boyfriend purchased Shaquille O‟Neal‟s estate for $10 million dollars in cash.

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50 Cent‟s net worth is $150 million dollars. He‟s known to spoil women with monthly allowances, Lamborghini‟s, Ferrari‟s, bling, expensive purses and shoes. 50 is so generous, he‟s been known to give his girlfriends his Black Amex card to shop with (no limit). 50 loves to relax and entertain women in his East Coast mansion or his private penthouse at the Venetian Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (accessed by private elevator).

Nelly is worth $55 million dollars. He has investments in the Apple Bottoms Clothing Line, NASCAR and Pimp Juice. Women are automatically attracted to Nelly due to his good looks and southern charm. In his spare time, he likes to patronize high-end gentlemen clubs where he can view the action from above in his luxury sky box. Nelly has homes in St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. He‟s known for giving all-night parties with a bevy of models and celebrities in attendance.

By: Myra Panache –


Casey Konkel Swim Suit Edition For LAVISH 2011

Casey Konkel Luxe Shoot Photographer: Kaden Nguyen 1st Page Wardrobe: Burgundy Dress Handmade by Casey Konkel. Makeup /Hair Casey Konkel 2nd Page Wardrobe: White Dress by Casey Konkel and Dionis Curtis Makeup / Hair: Casey Konkel Casey Konkel Swimsuit Edition Photographer: Kaden Nguyen Swimsuit: Christian Audgier Cover Page Wardrobe: Makeup / Hair: Casey Konkel 4th Page Swimsuit: White Lace Tango Bikini by Ujena Swimwear Makeup / Hair: Casey Konkel 2nd Picture: Black Swimsuit w Swarovski Crystal: Swimsuit by Casey Konkel This Page Swimsuit: Diamond Head Bikini by Ujena Swimwear Makeup / Hair: Casey Konkel

The Paparazzi

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This 2011 order any service within receive the most expensive bottled water in the world complimentary. Retail value per bottle $45 “Pure Sipping Pleasure� Available at

LAVISH NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION ••Origin: Detroit •Destination: Chicago •Destination: Atlanta •Destination: Miami •Destination: Los Angeles •Destination: Phoenix Private Jet / Helicopter Magazine 2011



LAVISH Monogram Silver: Sterling Silver Edition Cube Diamond or Birthstone From $250 Available at

LAVISH Monogram Rose Gold Edition Cube Diamond, Birthstone or Diamond From: $1,200

2011 Best Designers

Rick Owens Spring 11

SHORT HEEL BOOT $1,500.00 From Rick Owens, short boots with side snaps and zippers. Heel: 125mm. Platform: 25mm.

Leather / Leather sole / Made in Italy / Color: jade / Platform: 1in / Heel: 5in / Full height: 9in

Alexander McQueen Pre Spring 2011 Boots

BLACK HOBNAIL PEEP-TOE BOOT $1,575.00 Black leather cut-out peep-toe boots with hammered antique gold studs, buckled ankle and toe straps and leather laces: 2cm platform and 14cm tear-drop heel: interior ankle zip - NOTE this shoe runs large

Chicago Exotics

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New York Exotics

Open to the world A Gotham Dream Car Collection of the World’s finest of automobiles. In New York-Miami-Vegas we have a full collection to satisfy your every need. In Detroit, we’re known as a full Chauffeur Driven Service of sedans; Mercedes S550 AMG Sedans, Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom, Vintage 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud lll and Corvettes. Exotic car transport available in Detroit, show up in LAVISH, exotic style for your next special event! Exotic rentals. Available at

Las Vegas Bound Rent your exotic cars today, show up to the club in the Ferrari F 360 Spider. Dream Cars, Las Vegas!

(800) 993 2204 Xt. 0 Available at

Helicopter Tours ATL, DET, CHI

Land at your Wedding!

Maurice A. Morris-Editor

Helicopter services in Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago; more and more wedding clients are requesting to land at their wedding. is st the 1 of its kind in Michigan. Since 2008, the online luxury store has provided services for many clients with request to make their dream come true. (Right), The Shango Family requested to have a love story in the sky, to fly over The Detroit City Skyline and shock his guest as they make a grand entrance landing in our helicopter arriving on time at their wedding ceremony at Pennas of Sterling Heights, MI.

Land at The Wedding

We thank you! (800) 993 2204 Ext. 0

View this video at (LAVISH AIR)

Aston Martin and Canadian based Mobiado team up for Switzerland Baselworld Exhibition Show. Unveiling CPT002 Concept Phone recently. CPT002 exemplifies what a concept phone can be, combining existing technology and software with state-of-the-art advances in electronics to create a realistic vision of luxury mobile phones. The CPT002 is the key to your Aston Martin vehicle, automatically unlocking the doors as you approach, however this is just the beginning as the phone also connects directly to the car display while remaining in your pocket.

Editors Picks

Unclaimed Kid Rock Gift for Sale Designed exclusively for the Superstar Country Singerth Kid Rock, recently Rock celebrated his 40 Birthday Concert at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. Little did Rock know about the $125,000 Hubless Monster named “Kid Rock Caf ‟ Racer” by Mark Parker, Designer of this raw, metallic monster. The frame is of the same as The TRON Legacy Lightcycle which has been stripped from its outer shell to reveal its mechanical mechanisms, Parker states “It‟s a true design to the performers style and taste” now exclusively for sale at the world‟s only To purchase any product within the luxury store, you must register to become a member. Morris, Owner of LAVISHExchange states “We are glad to have this beast in our store; we know this one-of-a-kind racer will sale fast”.


Charter a Jet Many destinations worldwide! Whether itâ€&#x;s to Hollywood, California or to Bollywood, Bombay, India we have what it takes to get you there, on time and in LAVISH style. Book your next business, vacation or on time flight services. We are at your service 24/7.

Charter a Jet call (800) 993 2204 today! A representative is standing by 24hours

Turbo Props, Heavy Jets, Light Jets, Jumbo Jets

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What’s New Detroit? RAW CAFÉ’ Detroit A luxurious healthy way to eat at the only raw food restaurant in Detroit, I stopped in to taste a dish that‟s high in demand by those that already know about Raw Caf ‟. I enjoyed the atmosphere as well as The Grezzo Lasagna – Layers of seeds, Cheese, Herb Pesto Sauce, Spinach, Tomato Marinara Sauce, between layers of Marinated Zucchini Pasta. Making it a must taste, washed down with a carrot, apple, Ginger Smoothie.

Broderick Tower to open 2012, Grand Circus Park Downtown Detroit‟s new life to launch September, 2012, owned by a group of individuals and entities including the Higgins Family Trust, the once 2nd tallest skyscraper in Michigan is now under restoration, a $50 Million Dollar renovation is set to restore the historical interior and exterior. The Broderick will house a restaurant and lounge, 127 apartments on floors 5 – 34 with spectacular multi directional views of Downtown Detroit, Apartments will range in size from 422 square feet studio units to 1027 square feet two bedroom units on floors 5 through 24. Floors 25 through 34 are designated as “Sky Top Penthouses” featuring 35 apartments from 616 square feet to 2200 square feet, upgraded amenities, a dedicated elevator and some of the highest panoramic views in a residential building in Michigan. Urban Living Update

What’s New Atlanta?

LUMIERE HOME CINEMA Imagine a combination of sound and picture that makes any music producer or film director salivate at the screen as every element of their work is captured, from the soft echo of a pin drop to the rumbling power of an explosion. Visualize yourself amerced into the screen as you experience every emotion from the outside looking in. Now picture yourself dragging, with a bowl of perfectly popped popcorn in hand and your favorite throw over your forearm, to a room custom made for you by 6 brilliant minds with decades of cinema experience…your time is your own…one room just for you (and family, friends or associates if you choose) with the quality in power of a 700 seat cinema theatre, but better because of the intimacy of being in your own home. Lumiere Home Cinema crafts and orchestrates million dollar custom home theatre systems that make you never want or have to leave the estate. The quality of home theatre created by the guys of Lumiere is manifest by their love for the science of system and design as well as their excitement for the thrill of crafting an amazing product that will leave your jaw at the floor.

How do I know? I was invited to meet with Philipe Rosak at the Lumiere Home Cinema studio, in the heart of Atlanta, to see the process and experience the Lumiere system. These are no typical surround sound systems you set up from a box. Lumiere Home Cinema has a diverse clientele from music artists and musicians (like, Akon) to billionaire real estate moguls. But as high profile as their clientele may be, the experience from Lumiere systems will immediately bring any power magnate back down to earth. “Every step in bringing the magic of Lumiere into being is crucial,” says team Lumiere…”The final step, and the best step of all, is for the Lumiere to change someone‟s life. And our work is done”. Enough said.

Bridget Roberts for LAVISH Atlanta, GA

What’s New Los Angeles?

“First in Flight” Kimberly Anydike Los Angeles, CA

By: Maurice A. Morris

“Greatness Happens”

First African American Pilot to fly transcontinental Kimberly Anydyke is no ordinary kid by any means. Born in Los Angeles in 1994, Kimberly Anyadike never remembers a time in her fifteen years she wasn‟t interested in flying. Her passion for aviation began with a 20-minute demo flight at Tomorrow‟s Aeronautical Museum, a flight school and youth mentoring center in Compton, CA. Kimberly washed airplanes and did other tasks to earn “museum dollars” that she traded in for flight lessons. Among the mentors available to kids in the program are several Tuskegee Airmen, who Kimberly has been immensely inspired by. Recently, accompanied by safety pilot Ronell Norman as well as Tuskegee Airman, Levi Thornhill after whom the airplane was named, took a flight from Compton, CA to Newport News, VA to break a record to be the very first African American women to ever fly a single-engine airplane across country.

The most important stop was the stop in Washington, DC, where Anydike and Thornhill was greeted and joined by Founder Robin Petagrave, actor John Schneider (Bo Duke from TV‟s Dukes of Hazard) Emmy Award winning actor Lou Gosset Jr., reality TV‟s Omarossa and others. All were on location to personally thank the California dignitaries for their help and support in obtaining a funding package for (TAM), recently approved by President Obama. Petagrave stresses the importance of history, heritage and legacy by educating children about the Airmen. Each of the (TAM) airfleet is named after, dedicated to and autographed by different Tuskegee Airmen who often visit (TAM) center.

The trip was sponsored by Tomorrows Aeronautical Museum (TAM) which provides scholarships and after-school programs for young inspiring pilots and at-risk youth. Kimberly has been a part of the Compton, CA Airport-based program since the age of 12.

A fundraising gala celebrating Anyadike‟s accomplishments followed, giving the public an opportunity to meet and greet heroes of the past, present and future including keynote speaker Mae Jemison, NASA‟s first African-American female astronaut. The star-studded event included dinner and an auction with many celebrity-donated items. The gala was held in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen at the World War II aviationthemed restaurant the Proud Bird in Los Angeles recently.

The 10 day trip had several stops to allow other Tuskegee Airman across the country to autograph the airplane so that their spirits would always fly with the students.

“Greatness Happens”, The LAVISH Magazine solutes Kimberly Anydike‟s accomplishment on The First African American women to fly across America! Tomorrows Aeronautical Museum 310.618.1155

Heesen Super Yacht

Heesen Yachts Heesen Yachts is proud to announce that the first yacht in its 55-metre semidisplacement series was launched at the shipyard in Oss, The Netherlands recently.

Photo‟s: Emilio Bianchi

The discreet luxury of Quinta Essentia‟s interior was conceived by interior designer Ken Freivokh and further development by Michela Reverberi, who was responsible for the detailing and interior decoration. Commenting on this design cooperation, Nakhimov‟s principal, Sergei Dorboserdov explained: “Ken was asked to create a futuristic interior in the minimalist style and while this resulted in an extremely attractive and conceptual design, the owners felt that the mode style was too stark. Quinta Essentia‟s design offers some notably luxurious features, such as the largest owners‟ stateroom seen on any of Heesen‟s yachts, which has been a personal input of the owner. In size it is comparable to those found on yachts of over 80 metres, while she is also the first in the Heesen fleet to sport a tender bay that can be flooded to allow easy launching and recovery of the tenders, and a swimming pool on the main deck that is filled by a waterfall. The gym and spa facilities, including a steam room and a massage room, play a key role on the sun deck.

LAVISH International Michael Jackson’s Swarovski Crystal Helmet up for Auction Michael Jackson lovers can soon purchase this one-of-a-kind Swarovski Crystal Helmet worn by the King of Pop during his 1981 Triumph Tour. Inside, makeup from the singer stained the interior label during a performance. The helmet is expected to sell between $18-$22,000.

Products + Services

―LAVISH Reports‖

If you want to be a leader in this industry, you need to stay one step ahead of the game. LAVISH is the only way to be in step with the hottest trends, locales, jewelry and fashion. —it’s where it’s at!

Ferrari Designed Kitchen Italian kitchen designer Scavolini by Cucina Moda, opens Birmingham, Mi. Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Scavolini, has many designs and finishes to choose from. Displayed (right) Ferrari red By Scavolini

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

Many rumors were finally silenced recently when Porsche announced the making of an electric monster; Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid. Many orders are already in production of 918 variants to be made. The 918 Spyder can hit 94mph in electric mode alone and boast to hit top speed 199mph. A gas-electric version will hit USA in the future with a price tag $845,000

LAVISH Magazine product place TRON Lightcycle

“Red” custom made carbon fiber TRON Lightcycle was product placed by The LAVISH Magazine and Rozy Negusei of Atlanta in Birdman and Lil Waynes remix to “Fire Flame Spitters” video, music produced by hit making Producer, “Kill Will” in care of Bigg Von of MakeitHappenMngt. recently filmed in Miami, Fla. Brothers, Shanon and Marc Parker custom makes a “RED” Lightcycle in a matter of days, modified to the filthy rich rappers style and taste. The $2million Bugatti Veyron is also in the video, owned by rap star “Baby” and is said to currently hold the world record in the quantity of his car collection. Maurice A. Morris

World’s most expensive IPad2 by Stuart Hughes

The most expensive IPad ever, Designer Stuart Hughes, Liverpool, UK unveiled the IPad 2 Gold History Edition and is made from the most expensive materials on land. A laundry list of luxury details throughout the handheld device. Encrusted with 16.5 cts of „I‟F‟ flawless diamonds, 53 individually set sparkling gems, a solid 24ct Apple logo and the rear section produced again in 24ct gold, this gadget weighs all of 2,000 grams. The front frame of this iPad is made out of one of the oldest rocks in the world, the Ammolite, sourced from Canada and dating over 75 million years old. If that wasn‟t enough, sections of a 65 million year old T-Rex dinosaur‟s thigh bone has been splintered and then shaved into the Ammolite and finished off with a single cut 8.5ct flawless diamond inlaid in platinum and surrounded by 12 outer flawless diamonds. Priced at $8 Million

UAE Ruler donates $150 Million to US Hospitals Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of UAE has donated an unselfish $150Million to the MD Anderson Cancer Center recently for the genetic research, diagnosis and the treatment of cancer center. UAE is well known for 7 star hotels, posh experiences and spending lavishly on the best of the best. The ruler has generously gifted to another existing medical center in his father name Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan as well as to The Children National Medical Centre in Washington and another huge amount to the construction of a new cardiac care and critical care unit for John Hopkins Medical Hospital. Forbes

Russian Billionaires prefer The Road Yacht

The huge Road Yacht is a design of Michael van Vuurenâ€&#x;s with features of a vintage car and a yacht all in one. The design was inspired by Russian Billionaires yacht designs and their preference to arrive in full luxury. Designed into two compartments, top and bottom with gold trim and rimâ€&#x;s to add to the already massive body. Only a concept at this standpoint and has already won over judges as 3rd prize at the Auto (r) Design Contest in the (young designers category) Luxury-Insider

Designer, Alexey Chugunnikov – World’s only transparent cell phone

I personally stumbled upon this designer back in 2004 on a CNN editorial about folks talking through their bare hand, I even tried explaining the concept to some non believers about the future of cell phones as a wrist band. Glad to know I wasn‟t dreaming about the designs of Alexey Chugunnikov, recently unveiling the design concept of a wrist watch that‟s a transparent projection cell phone that unfurts to the fingertips, giving you good fit to the ear. The Rollerphone – Concept also boasts as a media center, you can watch videos, play games, read books and listen to music, how cool is this concept? Yanko Design

Green Machine Motorcycle by Parker Brothers Choppers This beast features true rear steering (an industry first) with joystick controls, spring mounted seating, and a Harley- Davidson 1340cc motor to drive the massive (once again -industry first) 45" front wheel. Before this, the largest tire and rim combo on a street trike or motorcycle was 30 inches. This is truly a one of a kind vehicle and is now available to one lucky purchaser. Only 2 additional "Green Machines" will be made after this, and one of those is a "Pink" Green Machine to be auctioned at Barrett Jackson Auto Auction with all proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Siko Sikorsky X2 Helicopter Listed as Fastest On a test flight recently The Sikorsky X2 set a new world record as the fastest helicopter clocked traveling over 250 knots (287.69mph). Much different from any single rotor helicopter, The Sikorsky X2 shares a coaxial rotor system and a tail rotor facing the rear of the aircraft much like a power boat engine helping it to more thrust. Press Play at

MagaLog of Luxury

Style & Power

Fiat 500 by GUCCI, The two have teamed up on the 150 th Year of Independence in Italy, GUCCI has designed the interior monogrammed headrest, seats, seatbelts and exterior side panel in its flagship colors.

NEWS + PREVIEWS Pagani Huayra The super serious sports car inspired eternity element air achieved through meticulous attention to detail that has resulted in a continuous and exhausting search for proportion and elegance. Delicate and ethereal, yet capable of eroding the most resistant materials, giving them the forms that we recognize in nature. Elegant, muscular, Huayra combines past, present and future in the timeless art automotive interpretation. The style of the car has been perfected over five years to give each line a clear beginning and an equally clear view. 700 horsepower Mercedes-Benz AMG built 6.0 liter V12 capable of speeds up to 230mph.

Style & Power

Real Gold Topped Truffle Treats The-Chocolate Company sells edible gold topped truffles. Referred to in the food industry as “Food Additive E175”, Ancient Egyptians believed consuming gold would give them immortality and the ultra rich has consumed edible 24kt. Gold as would The Dukes and Earls would decorate their risotto in The 16th Century. Many have consumed edible gold and have reported many benefits such as an effect of managing rheumatoid arthritis, increases IQ and it is said to have reputed mystic powers in aid to a long lasting life. Gold is the symbol of wealth in many ways, edible gold and chocolate has many health benefits and at “The-Chocolate” you will receive your sprinkled 24Kt. Gold topped truffles, packaged in monogrammed tissue paper, Swarovski Crystal bag and shipped the same day for freshness.

Hublot F1 King Power India

Official Formula 1 watch maker Hublot designs a powerful watch to match the design of its formula 1 race cars unveiling 200 timepieces just for its racing fans as India becomes the sixth nation to host the world championship. The watch case comes in 18kt. King gold bezel with satinfinished in gold and black ceramic resembling a brake disk. It also features 6 black PVD titanium H-shaped relief screws and an AR-coated sapphire crystal.

Trending WOMEN Spring 2011 LAVISH TRENDS spotted while attending a birthday celebration for Yona Mason of Detroit, MI. Mason sports INVICTA Yellow 6598 watch purchased at more and more women are spotted wearing men time pieces.

Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer Stelleto Collection yells “Sexy-Seductive all over with 3 styles from the famed designer, Marc Jacob. Over-the-top decorative references named “Artifice”. The design below is of 3 designs by the designer, featuring a glamorous stiletto heel design of a giraffe‟s leg priced at $1,470.

The World‟s 1st 10Kt. Manicure By; Cherish Angula, the exclusive service is only obtained with Cherish and her team. 10kts of Ice at your fingertips, a specialized service to remove is also offered only by Cherish. This manicure will set you back $51,000

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Trending MEN Diamond studded putter is up for sale at Harrods. Studded in 240 rubies and 378 diamonds to play on the ultra rich playground, inspired by jeweler Theo Fennell, Odyssey & Callaway‟s EMEA marketing director, Nick McInally. The putter comes with a hefty sticker priced at $161,380 and is set to sell soon. Be assured, we will keep an eye on who purchases this one-of-a-kind putter. TheRichTImes

MagaLog of Luxury

Bentley GT Ice by Breitling now introduces Bentley Special all white “Ice” edition to the all ready successful Caliber 27B for Bentley Collections. Boasting a smaller edition for the Breitling for Bentley models meeting a comfort for all wrist sizes, the design and color replicates the dashboard of the Bentley Continental GT and soon available for $7,165

Style & Power Asus Lamborghini USB Port 3.0 portable hard drive for extremely fast transfers spotting a 750GB for storage space, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 use it for Windows Xp, Vista and XP machine. Available in black or white Asus has not unveiled the pricing or location to pick one of these babies‟s up.

LAVISH Spotlight, TRON Lightcycle

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The Tron Light Cycle: From the Movie Screen to Your Driveway The Tron light cycle, the iconic virtual vehicle featured in the movie Tron: Legacy, has transcended beyond futuristic films and into reality – thanks to the Parker Brothers and their remarkable ability to make the mechanically and visually impossible, well … possible. “We were told the Tron light cycle was impossible to build, so my brother and I wanted to take on that challenge,” says Marc Parker, engineering and fabrication specialist, Parker Brothers Choppers. Parker Brothers Choppers is the Florida based bike shop responsible for creating the real-version of the Tron light cycle. “The most difficult aspect of executing the design of the bike was making it fully functional, while remaining true to its sci-fi vision,” explains Parker. A first of its kind, the 8 feet long, 26 inch wide futuristic ride bolsters a top speed of up to 120 mph. There will only be 10 Tron light cycles produced and several have already been purchased, including one by the Prince of Saudi Arabia. The bike was introduced by The LAVISH Magazine and Rozy Negusei to the hip-hop, mega-superstars Lil‟ Wayne and Birdman, and is featured in their music video “Fire Flame Remix”. The Tron light cycle will be available for limited purchase and will cost buyers approximately $75,000 - $105,000. Purchase your one of a kind TRON Lightcycle at:

By: Alana Frazier for LAVISH Detroit

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Art of Kinetik launches Super Yacht 2011

Art of Kinetik was founded in late 2007 with a vision to create a new kind of luxury boats, marrying timeless materials such as mahogany, teak, stainless steel and leather to modern progressive design. Our focus is on creating a new way of living on the water, with interior design and space more often found in fine homes, and functions in line with a contemporary style of living.

Hedonist and Mazokist are just two models in a collection of boats ranging from10m to 30m that we are planning to launch over the coming years. They both follow the same philosophy taking either design or concept influences from the past, but making them both, in terms of technology, design and function as yachts, consistent with modern way of living and contemporary sensibilities of aesthetics and function.

Art of Kinetik gives its clients something that no other shipyard can, which is a unique sense of style, design, quality and luxury, with a real ability to customize the boat to their needs and tastes. This has so far not been possible in the segment of the market, and a privilege offered only to superyacht buyers. Our plans for the future are in line with the philosophy of our inception – to produce and tailor unique, beautiful and high quality yachts for our clients in the range of 10m to 30m. Our focus is not on volumes but rather on creating unique yachts that will stand the test of time.

LAVISH On Location:

DETROIT, ATL, AZ, LA This page, a surprise wedding gift from the mentor. The newlyweds fly The Downtown Detroit Skyline. 1.

Nicole Riley on location Los Angeles, CA


LAVISH newlyweds choose the Vintage Chevy Sedan for the ultimate wedding


Bridget Roberts on location at Rozy Negusei’s Birthday Bash, Atlanta, GA


Couple picks up LAVISH in Phoenix’s Mall


LAVISH Magazine on location at the ribbon cutting ceremony Scavolini, Birmingham, MI


Remy Martin Model checks out the LAVISH Magazine at USHER Raymond’s Official After Party Main Library, Detroit, MI



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