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1.2011 bonjour fraiche Sonia Garza highlights the ideas and acheivements that drive the team at Fraiche Magazine to scout and scout some more.

up to:2 The inside story from Fraiche Editor Sarah Papke on how the Fraiche Magazine team members decided between the top two cover layout submissions.

style: undefined The exclusive interview with award winning emerging fashion designer Zula Khramv of ZulaStudio by Sonia Garza.

the power of fashion Fashion journalist Charlotte Winstanley takes us for a journey of expression transformation in fashion. Photograpy by Toni Smailagic featuring Jennifer Cunningham & Styling by Nandi K.

on the cover: The beauty of Samantha Jaramillo and her exclusive interview with Fraiche Editor Sonia Garza. Photography by Jessica Castro. Make-up artistry by Amy Pierce.

the great escape… pg. 52

over the top Nature: Out of the ordinary. Discover the talent of a hat designer named Artruro Rios with Fraiche Editor Sonia Garza. Photography by Marc Sacro. Make-up artistry by Anthony Nguyen & Hair by Marilyn Lizardo.

le maison de pantalons What‟s hot for winter and for spring? Photography by Redner Salonga featuring Caitlin Joy Flowers and Ariel Exposito. Makeup Artistry by Catherine Molina and Claudia Alcantra. Hairstyling by Margo Nelms and fashion styling by Nandi K.

new year: old south Chantalle Johnson is bringing back a bit of the old south to pair with the new temperatures for a fashionably chilly winter.

dawning of a new day ode to eli Photography by Kris Wu featuring Jana Lyn Williamson. Fashion styling by Bhoranie Seide. Make-up artistry by Alecia Renee and hair by Yen Ryder.

intricate influence Gorgeously made apparel by Kimberly Hendrix. Photography by Chris Fortuna featuring designs by Kimberly Hendrix, make-up artistry and fashion styling by maria ngyuen and additional styling by antoinette barcelon.

the great escape Fashion designer Bishme Cromartie takes you through his latest collection of luxurious apparel. Designer: Ying Edge clothing by Bishme Cromartie. Assistant stylist: Cola Dani. Photography by Michelle Aristocrat featuring Shelbi O‟Neil. Make-up Artistry by Michelle Aristocrat and hair by Maurice Fains.

au revoir Photographer Toni Smailagic takes us on his journey to France!

Fraiche Magazine is a fresh online publication designed for emerging fashion artists that have almost surfaced and are ready for their editorial debut. We focus on being a stage for worldwide elite talent that has not quite surfaced in the major fashion editorial world. This issue marks our first month with the new title Fraiche Magazine and it is also the first month that we are embarking on a more extreme journey into promoting emerging designers, stylists, artistic directors, models and photographers in profile articles and editorial spreads that depict artistry created by the people who are ready to have their life work taken to the next level of exposure. We are encouraged by the fact that some of our photographers, stylists and models have already been asked to submit images to slightly larger publications since being published with Fraiche, (previously La Vie Est Belle E.Mag). We hope to serve as the first chance that some artists need to launch their new line, their new exhibit, their portfolios, their boutiques‌ their dreams and we humbly ask that you join us on what is sure to be a beautiful and inspiring adventure. Thank you for reading Fraiche! Have a very Happy New Year! XOXO,

Sonia Garza & the Fraiche Team

above photo: ‘bon 2011!’ photography: sonia garza featuring: sarah papke make-up: sonia garza



up to:2

Changing the name and look of L.V.E.B. E.Mag was something our entire team was very excited to do! The name Fraiche came to us fairly easily because its English translation is fresh. However, the new layout was definitely going to be more difficult for us to create in a way that fit the description of our goal. Honestly, we didn't even know where to begin. We knew we wanted our cover to be more eye catching and as fresh as our title claims to be. Luckily, that is exactly what we found in our inbox. We narrowed our search for the new Fraiche cover to two very amazing submissions. One of the submissions on the top came from a Jacksonville fashion enthusiast and stunning fashion model named Katie Smith. The top competing cover and design that stood out along with Katie‟s submission is from the very talented fashion photographer from Orlando named Jessica Castro. Both submissions were exactly what we were searching for, but one layout was so good that we couldn‟t stop looking at it.

We literally found ourselves closing the image and then instantly reopening it to take another peek. Jessica Castro's cover submission is stunning and we couldn‟t live without her gorgeous images of Samantha Jaramillo as our cover. We loved the images Jessica submitted and the text she used screamed Fraiche: the edgy modern image that we admire. It was very professional and very fashion forward. However, in the final stages of the decision process it was Katie Smith's cover layout that we just could not take our eyes off of. Katie's design was so eye catching, so colorful and fresh… just what our team was looking for to jump start 2011 and our new look. Katie's cover is bright and bold. It‟s a perfect replacement for the previous and popularly used text across the top of the magazine look. With our new name and our gorgeous new look, the entire Fraiche team is ready to kick start the new year with a bang and a splash of color, we hope you enjoy the new do! By Sarah Papke.

style: undefined

Q: What inspires you to keep getting better as a designer? A: The term "better" doesn't apply, because you're simply "giving birth" to an idea in your head and you give it your all anyway, there is a reality of business, and you can try to improve here infinitely. Learn about your market, sell more and sell faster, get better at execution and marketing. There‟s lots of stuff to work on. Our exclusive interview with Zula Khramov of Q: What was the inspiration for your spring and fall 10 the award winning fashion design company ZulaStudio. Her creations have been featured in collections? A: Spring'10 was about a forest fairy dreaming of the the likes of Lucky Magazine and In Motion coral reef, so I used shades of sun-bleached or dusk Fashion Magazine and many more. Here she colored sand and splashes of bright red and blue. The shares her thoughts on design and her hopes organic cottons and natural silks that I used are the best for summer's peaceful, effortless feel of long beautiful for ZulaStudio. days spent on vacation. The one I never get to have! As for my fall collection, it was definitely more Q: What do you enjoy most about your design career? aggressive, like you woke up from dreaming and were A: The process of creating is an immense pleasure by drafted into some war ... of trends, and you've got to itself, the other side I truly enjoy is working with other stay your feminine self while being ready for a battle of professionals: model, make-up artist, hairdresser and sorts ... to me, winter is always about surviving, even if photographer to embody my vision and see it become it‟s just in theory. alive on the runway or a photo-picture...and of course, Q: Which designers do you admire from a consumerthe feedback from my fans who wear my clothes. fashion loving point of view? Q: What are some of the accomplishments that you're A: Oh, McQueen of course, and Alexander Wang - have most proud of with your design career? A: ZulaStudio picked up a few awards, most notable of you seen his shoes! Also, I love Rodarte for coutureness which would be Fresh Faces in Fashion Miami'07 for late and how they keep it small and narrow in business terms, but how unique their designs are... it's a long list, GenArt. With that being said, I believe that designers and I admire artists who don't have to make it look should never look back, you have to keep proving crazy in order to look different but reach the point yourself every season. where beauty meets simplicity in the way nobody Q: May we ask you about your upcoming projects and thought to do before them. which ones you're most excited about? Q: Do you currently have a specific type of women you A: The absolute most interesting one would be design for? upcoming Miami Fashion Week, and it's always a A: I do have a type of woman that I design for… She is pleasure to be there surrounded by talented and beautiful people working together to make an amazing very educated in fashion and able to appreciate the cut, detail, technique and idea behind a garment. Her style art of fashion show. cannot be defined with one word as she is fearless in Q: What are your highest design goals and dreams? A: Becoming a household name would be nice. I am still mixing and stays true to her taste while experimenting learning to overcome artistry in favor of business, and it and never follows the rules, she's feminine and edgy, takes some sacrifice, but even if I won't get there I enjoy and she‟s got her own recipe because she's fashionably intelligent. And she loves my clothes. By Sonia Garza. the process, so it's a win-win situation for me. Q: Who are some of the creative teams you'd like to collaborate on a shoot with? A: Every photographer and artistic director has a unique point of view, even if we're not on the same page, I appreciate them all. It takes time and luck to make up a team who understands you and can digest your vision and magnify it - then it's a fantastic experience, almost euphorically pleasant - and I've had it happened in the past.


the power of fashion by Charlotte Winstanley

Fashion is sacred. A religion for which if you install your faith you will find a sense of security. For years women have relied upon clothes as a security blanket for an awkward situation or to exude confidence when they feel most vulnerable. With nothing quite like a suit or a pair of killer heels to make you feel good, fashion is something we can rely upon when we are having a bad day. Put on a power suit with a poufy shoulder and become Victoria Beckham, the style icon or Melanie Griffiths from the 80s film „Working Girl‟. It really is that easy. Women like the idea of transformation; it excites and transports us to another dimension where what we want to be is at hand, in the form of a dress with volume, rather than a full mind and body makeover. Style blogger, Gill Hart believes (and we agree with her) that: “You are never too old to create your own sense of personal style. Just by adding one single wow piece you can make a difference to both your outer look and your inner confidence.” Fashion is a tool of the brain you see; we use it to better our mood, just like chocolate it sends endorphins to the brain. Whether you‟re going out for lunch with the girls, a job interview or simply wanting to look good for work, women are using the re-invention of well structured clothes and shoes to make them feel powerful. So come on girls, take some of your favorite pieces from your wardrobe, team them with some high heels and wow pieces to see the transformation for yourselves, not only in your look but in your confidence too. We all know that when we look good, we feel good but now we know that when we feel good we are powerful!

photo to the left: photography: toni smailagic of tm photography model: jennifer cunningham wardrobe styling: nandi k.


unfiltered iconic photography: jessica castro featuring: samantha Jaramillo make-up: amy pierce

unapologetic rejuvenated

samantha jaramillo

evocative, story-telling shoot with my best friend Angelica Millan. I honestly had it buried for days to months, not realizing or wondering if it would come to the surface again. It's funny how providence sets me on on the cover: a whirlwind of unexpected surprise and unknowingness. I haven't been able to find the right photographer for it, by Sonia Garza until it sprang up on me like an afterthought and things started to roll and fall into place: that's when I met Inside the driven, artistic mind of the fabulous Jessica Castro, and her malleability, ease, pliable Samantha Jaramillo. Modeling and its meaning thoughts and connection with me, and other models, from her unique point of view. which made it so easy to work together as if my dreams I enjoy embodying ideas and chasing down dreams. sprung to life before I could catch my breath. It is an Modeling allows me to live in the element of artistic editorial slash evocative-styled piece expression, more than ever. It creates the mental process with eclectic clothing inspired by the bohemian, African of embodying an idea, then in turn having it manifest tribes, music scene all rolled into one. So! Look out for into the physical… and quite emotional scape. It's really our upcoming collaborative fashion editorial piece a beautiful feeling. Modeling is in some ways a powerful starring my best friend Angelica Millan with fashion idea of nonverbal communication set to visuals. styling by me. It's another way to form my vision as an I enjoy the feedback I get from all other types of artists in artist, through aesthetics of clothing. the industry and the process of becoming well The other projects in the works are things that I have to connected with them…not as a business exchange, but keep under wraps as they will all be forming in the near more as my friends. I am thankful to have met fashion future. I can't say much, but just be looking for the stylists, make-up artists, film makers, art students, simple act of traversing other plains outside of the playwrights, actors, musicians and highly acclaimed modeling field as well. I have always believed one is truly photographers that I have been fortunate enough to call involved with the other. There are no lines of distinction my friends. The exchange of respect and ideas has kept in this case. me happy to establish myself in this industry- and to As for my modeling goals specifically, I'd like to continually keep the doors of my mind open, being stand more so for the ideas of art, rather than just being globally conscious and always scraping for more; always a symmetrically-pleasing face. I‟d like to fully use this learning from every possible sensation and facet around time and moment as a platform to feel the intelligence me, always exposing my mind to art and thoughtand sensitivity of art woven and fabricated into our very provoking truth and aesthetic… always paying attention being through visual representation. I'd like to use this to the intangibles and looking for a way to symbolically as a showcase to become more of a visual artist; make its presence known in the physical; not taking any dabbling in all types of facets of expression and story-laid-in-front of me for granted and constantly evocation rather than being consciously aware of myself. listening and then speaking in all of this… this is me as a I want to be used in such a way that I completely engulf model, in whatever this may look like. an idea of truth, rather than just take place in one. I I‟ve just wrapped up a editorial shoot with the acclaimed believe visually, the mind can start to placate Jacksonville photographer Redner Salonga and a video and receive revelation vividly just through the shoot with cinematographer Danny Lang and NY based appearance of a photograph and the idea portrayed in designer Veronica for Vjones. It was a highly illuminative it. experience. I can honestly say there is such a thing as I would enjoy being able to model for Acne, Balmain, working with a team that truly has an open door, open Topshop, Pixie Market, Rag and Bone, Ghostly window flow of creativity and congeniality. That International Apparel, Surface To Air, dsquared2, Mother experience was highly pleasurable to be a part of for the of London, Yohji Yamamoto, students in the school of mere and simple fact that everyone enjoyed and Central Saint Martin‟s just to name a few. respected each other very much. There is a shoot that I The shooting of the cover for this issue was iconic, have been dying to get out from under my skin for quite unfiltered, unadulterated, unapologetic, rejuvenated, a some time now. Many years in fact, it was a vision I have reintroduction. Honestly, the most enjoyable piece of it had incubating and culminating whether all was meeting Jessica Castro and feeling at ease subconsciously or not, through my membrane and around the understanding, highly-professional Amy growing all together as a young, unraveling artist. The Pierce who provided her make-up artistry. shoot pertained to a collaborative, experimental,

“I‟d like to stand more so for the ideas of art rather than just being a symmetrically pleasing face.”

over the top by Sonia Garza

Emerging hat couturier Artruro Rios shares his passion for creating beautiful simplicity in the form of avant garde headpieces. I have a unique approach to creating one of a kind headpieces you normally wouldn’t find the United States. Many hat lovers have to import designer hats from the UK. I love to create couture and avant garde pieces for people who appreciate creative and artistic headwear made here in the US. Many people think that the trend of wearing fashionable hats died in the 1960's. With my passion and new ideas, I've been able to create gorgeous couture headpieces with a modern touch, combined with antique materials that make them almost one of a kind. Thanks to that, we have been able to introduce our pieces to the fashion industry and they have been well accepted. At this time we’re working on our spring collection along with designing headpieces for the Kentucky derby. I’m always experimenting with new ideas. Right now we’re working on some large sized avant garde headpieces that will cover part of your face to give a bit of a mysterious-sexy appeal as well as some cocktail pieces garnished with long feathers. I really enjoy creating new headpieces, something that people won’t expect my art includes utilizing ordinary things that can be transformed into out of the ordinary creations. I love when I get feedback from our customers, and knowing that they are wearing my pieces and that they care enough about fashion and hats to contact me after receiving their purchases. In the future I’d like to be able to design headpieces for singers like Lady Gaga, Rihana and also some of the well known designers in America. I really admire, John Galiano and would love to meet and work with him one day. One of the designers I really admired was Alexander Mcqueen. He was very unique I love his avant garde creations. For the piece shown to the left and the collection that it belongs to, I decided to create something big, couture, avant garde… Gaga style… So I created a wing headpiece and named it "Electra". I get my inspiration in many ways… birds...there are some black birds that many people don’t like. I thought: ‘let’s create something that can have a devilish look, but at the same time have a mysterious and slightly sexy feeling.’ This is the end result, a couture piece made with black goose feathers. It leaves people with that wow effect that we were going for. We truly enjoyed shooting this hat with my talented photographer. He couldn’t stop shooting it. The images were amazing! It was really difficult for me to narrow it down to one shot for my website. My makeup artist also loves to create avant garde makeup to compliment the hats and her concept complemented this hat perfectly.

photo to the left: photography: marc sacro make-up artistry: anthony nguyen hair: marilyn lizardo

Le Maison de pantalons suitably femme! wide legged suit bottoms are back and ‘oh so chic!’

photography: redner salonga models: caitlin joy flowers & ariel exposito make-up artistry: catherine molina & claudia alcantra hair styling: margo nelms fashion styling: nandi k.

new year: old south by chantalle johnson

The subtropical temperatures of the South steadily drop as January brings with it colder air and rosier cheeks. Wrap yourself in a military coat and add elegant embellishments underneath your armor because the New Yearâ€&#x;s trendiest winter looks are inspired by belles and soldiers of the Old South. Military Coat The perennial military look returns, its palette consisting of grays, khakis, greens and blues. A piece that demands respect, the military coat features a high collar, several oversized buttons, multiple pockets, strong lines, structured shoulders and detailing. Coats on the runway this season hit ankle-, knee- and waist-length and are often paired with a leather belt to cinch the waist. Chanel and Marc Jacobs, along with others, have even designed the military coat with fur attached at the collar, wrists and hem for a high-end chic that retains its strength.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Military Wool Flare Coat: Saks

Nightcap Clothing Victorian Lace Dress: Saks

Black Lace Though the military coat is a force to be reckoned with, it begs for a mild, simple complement: lace. Belles of the Old South, dressed in extravagant gowns adorned with lace, inspire the winter trend. Long-sleeved lace tops, skirts and dresses expose just enough skin to spark curiosity while keeping the mystery Southern belles are noted for. Strut the streets in black lace stockings or sport a handbag, gloves, bows or even shoes embellished with the delicate material. Lace looks great against heavy material, such as the military coat, to create a balance between stylistic militancy and fragility. Gloves Long and sleek, short and playful, closed or fingerless, gloves are in vogue. They are showcased in a multitude of colors and styles this season, ranging from solids, to mixed patterns and textures, to scrunched evening gloves. Whether theyâ€&#x;re made of knit, leather, wool, fleece, polyester or satin, gloves are the perfect way to marry masculine and feminine looks. As we learned from belles of the Civil War era, gloves lend sophistication to any ensemble — and sometimes even keep your hands warm in the chilliest of Southern climates.

Saks Fifth Avenue Studded Leather Gloves

Sue Wong- Saks

Redux Charles Chang Lima- Bergdorf Goodman

Stella McCartney- Saks

Pleasure Doing Business- Saks

Dawning of A New Day

photography: kris wu model : jana lyn williamson hair stylist: yen ryder make-up artistry: alecia renee fashion styling: bhoranie seide

photograph: lauren gherardi featuring: tyler hill. make-up and hair: sonia garza.

Arden & Angelina Vintage Skincare, is known for its fresh twist to natural, vegan skincare. Merriam-Webster defines vintage as "of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality" and "of the best and most characteristic". No word fits us better. All of our ingredients are "of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality". We only use ingredients that have be established for centuries and grown from the earth. We are "of the best and most characteristic"

Intricate Influence photography: chris fortuna designs: kimberly hendrix make-up and styling: maria ngyuen additional styling: antoinette barcelon

the great escape

designer: ying edge clothing by bishme cromartie assistant stylist: cola dani hair stylist: maurice fains photographer: michelle aristocrat model: shelbi o'niel make-up artist: michelle aristocrat

Bishme Cromartie was born February 16, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a little boy he would play with his toys and make clothes for them. He would use socks, scraps of fabric or anything he could find. That was when he noticed he had an interest in clothes. By the age of eight, his interest had increased. He would sketch designs for dresses, skirts and blouses. One summer, he went to stay with his aunt in New Burgh, New York. While there, his aunt taught him the basics of sewing. By the end of the summer, Bishme returned to Baltimore armed with the skill of basic sewing. Initially, he sewed very basic things by hand; pillowcases or a rip in a pair of jeans. But one Christmas, Bishme received a sewing machine for a gift and that‟s when he started making items for family and friends. After a year or so he was approached about making a summer dress for which he would be paid. (His first paying customer!)At first, Bishme was nervous and unsure about his ability to make the dress. Using his self-taught sewing skills and those he learned from his aunt, he completed the dress. After he completed the dress, Bishme was very proud of his accomplishment. His customer was so happy and pleased with the dress; she told him he should make clothes for everyone. After a few more years of practice, Bishme came up with the name for his clothing line: YING EDGE. Bishme wanted his clothes to appeal to all ages not just his peers. He began his line with teeshirts and hoodies. He knew that this would be an easy and quick way to get his clothes and label noticed by the public. As Bishme has grown and evolved, so has his style as a designer. He wanted to showcase his true talent by designing and making garments from scratch. February 9, 2007 was Bishme‟s first solo fashion show. The clothes showcased were not only chic, edgy and well constructed but quite unexpected for a 16 year old. The show went so well that Bishme was the subject on f local newspaper article. Word spread quickly about this young designer on the rise. His new found notoriety has made him and his family very happy. Not content with being just a “local” designer, Bishme has nationwide aspirations. He hopes his dreams are realized soon but he knows it will take a lot of hard work, sacrifice and networking. This teen knows the true meaning of commitment. While maintaining his clothing line, he has still managed to get good grades in school. This is an easy task for someone as focused and determined as Bishme. By setting high goals as a designer and expecting nothing less than excellence from himself, Bishme Cromartie is destined to be a designer with a bright future. *Excerpt taken from Bishme’s Bio page. See more here.


Fraiche MAGAZINE SONIA GARZA Executive Editor LAUREN GHERARDI Key Photographer, Creative Director SARAH PAPKE Senior Editor, Creative Director JESSICA GOLDING Executive Editor, LA HEATHER WHITSON BLACKWELL Fashion Photographer KATIE SMITH Fashion Journalist MEGAN CHAMPION Fashion Journalist & Graphic Designer LAURA FRANCO Fashion Journalist RENA RETTINGER Fashion Journalist CARL HARPER Men’s Fashion Journalist CHANTALLE JOHNSON Fashion Journalist



downtown visionâ€&#x;s first wednesday art walk art walk artist information: Whether you're an emerging or established artist or performer, Art Walk is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents in front of thousands of patrons at no cost to you! If you are interested in exhibiting your original, familyfriendly art work in Hemming Plaza, please review and complete the 2010 Online Artist Application. Hard copy applications are no longer accepted. All interested artists must apply online by the first Friday of the month, one month prior to the Art Walk they would like to attend. For example, to be approved for February's Art Walk, an artist must apply by the first Friday in January. We hope to see you at the next Art Walk! Information excerpt via paintings to the left: Argie Mitra top: "Pitchers can be replaced." bottom: "Rita says 'Hello!â€?

THANK YOU! Letters to the Editor can be sent to: Editor: Sonia Garza Also, Please contact us with inquiries about being featured as a/an: Artist of the Month Cover Model Editorial Fashion Spread Closet Raid Fashion Journalist Company Advertisement PHOTO ABOVE BY LAUREN GHERARDI FEATURING MELANIE KAY GRIFFIN

Au Revoir‌

photography: toni smailagic designs: Ehui Charles featuring: gemma fottitigirl


SG Sonia Garza


The winter issue of Fraiche Magazine.