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WINTER 2014/15

WINTER 2014/15


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CONTENTS WINTER 2014/15 09 EDITOR’S LETTER Athina Macpherson introduces La Vida’s first national magazine with the new winter issue.

FEMALE FASHION 11 FEMALE FASHION TRENDS This season brings with it a Pandora’s box of new shapes, colours and covetable items. From slick tailoring that need not be restricted to the confinements of a boardroom, to notions of ethereal fairytale fashion, and the shoes you really ought to be wearing, it’s time to welcome the winter air with a newly updated wardrobe! 12 A SHADE OF VALENTINO We explore the enigmatic influence of Valentino’s signature shade of red. 17 FEMALE EDITORIAL SHOOT Proof that winter doesn’t have to be dull and dreary, our cover model makes it electric. 29 THE UGLY 70’S Casting our thoughts back to an era of questionable fashion choices, we explore the re-emergence of the 70’s influence on fashion today. 34 THE RISE OF BALMAIN As Balmain grows in prominence, we look back at how this fashion house began, as well as the brand’s new creative director, Olivier Rousteing.

FEATURES 33 SUSAN CAPLAN La Vida sits down with vintage jewellery expert, Susan Caplan. 36 EDITORIAL SHOOT The New Kind of Raw: We capture the unpolished essence of luxe dressing against life’s stripped-back setting. 53 BIPOLAR SUNSHINE Features editor Jsky chats to music’s rising star, Bipolar Sunshine. 71 COMER DIARIES Our photography directors Matt and Lee, let us into the crazy world of COMER. 88 NEON JUNGLE Four fierce young ladies with an attitude to match, Neon Jungle talk to us about releasing their first ever album and their “don’t care” approach to fashion. 99 LULU GUINNESS Our fashion director, Sabina Emrit, sat down with the iconic handbag designer to discuss her charity jewellery collaboration, eponymous label, road to success, and of course, lips! 102 FASHION & PROTEST: THE INDUSTRY’S ONGOING DEBATE Fashion’s commentary on social and political issues has long been a hot topic of debate, but can it really be an honest platform for genuine protest?

104 FITNESS BLOGGER: CARLY ROWENA Need some motivation to kick-start your healthy lifestyle? There’s no one better for the job than hit YouTube blogger, Carly Rowena. 114 THE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE With Christmas looming, we’ve picked some of our favourite gifts, stocking fillers and home comforts for him and for her this festive season. 116 THE DANIEL J EXPERIENCE We introduce our new contributing men’s lifestyle editor, Daniel Johnson. 128 SALI HUGHES Beauty’s wisest owl imparts her words of wisdom to the La Vida ladies.

MALE FASHION 55 MALE FASHION TRENDS The shift in temperature means that now is the perfect time to update your look. With a palette of reds, military greens, burgundy shades and cool camel accessories, entwine each into your winter wardrobe to help put a new spin on classic colours and style. 62 THE ALLURE OF SPREZZATURA As menswear returns to its gentleman roots, we turn to the Italian art of perfect imperfection: sprezzatura. WINTER 2014/15


CONTENTS WINTER 2014/15 69 TIME TELLERS More than just time tellers, watches have become an anchor of style. Choose right, and you too can be timeless.

LIFESTYLE 107 ‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE ILL It might be the season of persistent coughing and blocked sinuses, but we have some clever prevention habits to get you through scathe-free. 108 NO TIME? NO PROBLEM! We put together the best fitness hacks to save you time whilst still getting a decent workout. 110 WINTER CIRCUITS FOR DAMAGE LIMITATION Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean we should forgo keeping fit. These circuits are easily transferable from the gym to your home. 112 COULD YOU HAVE A CASE OF: S.A.D? The prospect of snow-filled nights by the fire might thrill some, but for those suffering from S.A.D., depression can quickly kick in. 137 THE WHERE TO... GUIDE Want to know the best spots in the UK’s biggest cities of London, Manchester and Liverpool? Look no further than to our carefully selected ‘Where to... Guide!

BEAUTY & GROOMING 119 MOVEMBER: WHAT THE MOUSTACHE DO WE DO NEXT? When all the fun of tirelessly growing your facial hair for a good cause comes to an end, the question is: what next? 121 HIS NOT HERS We put together the essential male grooming guide so you don’t have to. 122 THE BEST OF BEAUTY TRENDS From your perfect red lipstick to natural, iridescent complexions and the graphic lines of eyes, we present the best in female beauty trends that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with .


130 WINTER ESCAPISM Escape to the sun this winter as we select some of the best winter retreats for the sun chasers and those who just want to unwind. 134 HAUTE VERBIER If you’re more of an Alpine adventurer, then perhaps a ski trip that strikes the perfect balance between an adrenaline rush and luxury relaxation is for you? 136 SKI FASHION ESSENTIALS Don’t pack your suitcase for the slopes without our ski essentials, or you might be left out in the cold!

ART & CULTURE 148 THE NORTHERN BOOM We talk to the talent behind troublehouse theatre, as they take on the North-West. 149 THE CULTURE GUIDE Our favourite books, exhibitions and top art intallations in the world of art and culture.

DIARY 91 LA VIDA DIARY We round-up the hottest events over the past weeks from London, Manchester, and Liverpool 6

WINTER 2014/15

150 IMMERSIVE THEATRE: THE NEW CULTURAL VOYEURISM We look into the concept of immersive theatre that’s taking the industry by storm; but where does it leave us, the audience?

152 INVESTING IN CONTEMPORARY ART Chris Brooks from Atelier Rose & Gray gallery talks to La Vida about art and ideal investments. 154 CARRINGTON’S FINE WINES Carrington’s Fine Wines disseminate between the plethora of white and red wines available.

BUSINESS 156 FINDING THE FUNDS There has never been a better time to start your own business, especially with these enlightening hints and tips.


158 THE PANAMERA PREVAILS The Porsche Panamera is back, and this time, we actually quite like it... 160 DISCOVER LAND ROVER’S NEW SPORT As we wave goodbye to the trusty Freelander, we say hello to Land Rover’s new Discovery Sport.


162 THE UK’S FINEST PROPERTIES Fancy a change? Take a look at some of the best properties on the market.

WINTER 2014/15


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WINTER 2014/15

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EDITOR'S letter


s we bid farewell to La Vida as a quarterly, North-West publication, we now welcome with open arms this fantastically fabulous piece of art: our first issue in London and our first as a national, bi-monthly magazine. It’s big, it’s loud and it’s just going to keep on blossoming – I just love this issue! Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t love our previous creations, I love y’all too, but this one, this mammoth of a magazine is just… well, I think you get the gist. You’ll notice as you first flick through the pages – before you take back and indulge in the wonders I’m decreeing – that a constant theme prevails, one that I’m actually sporting right now: the colour red! Red is our colour of choice for this season, and a spectrum in which many, many designers seemed to adorn their AW14 collection with, too. Red is awesome, it’s powerful, it’s rich and it’s strong (not too sure how many more adjectives I can fit in there). I mean, if you asked me a few months ago about my conceptions towards this bold hue, I most likely would have exclaimed some profanity about once being referred to as Mick Jagger for my choice of red lipstick on an evening out. And although I hold no reservations to the man that is Jagger, my moves were less like his, but in turn more revert from the ill-placed comparison. Since then I’ve held an odd relationship with the colour red, wearing hints of it, but not upholding the confidence to really wear it. But then, whilst compiling this issue, I realised that that’s what red, on any garment, and as any colour accent is supposed to conjure; a sense of confidence. So

in hindsight, I guess this issue is more our ‘confidence’ issue than it is our red issue… We’ve developed the confidence as a team and a magazine to do exactly what we said and wanted to do, and I think we’ve done a damn good job! The team – and a strong one at that – as always, forms the building blocks of any successful endeavour, so you’ll notice the many new additions to our contributors list, all of whom worked their little socks off to really make the most of our opportunity to take La Vida nationally. And in true La Vida form and that of many of my editor’s letters, I now will go on to express how stressful it was putting this issue together, yet how much fun we had – it just never changes. The late nights that formed into one big blur, and the coffee runs that fashioned as the only moment of solitude from the hectic office. But now that that’s all been put to bed and we have an issue right here, something we are all extremely proud of, we cannot wait for you to continue turning the pages. On that note, I’ll let you get on with tackling this bustling issue, filled with magical content ready to sweep you through winter in true style, health and form, right up until the bittersweet end of 2014, and the ever-exciting New Year when we next return. So, from everyone here at La Vida, we wish you a merry, merry Christmas and a happy start to the New Year!

Athina Macpherson Editor-in-Chief

WINTER 2014/15



WINTER 2014/15


No.1 The world’s most influential man in fashion, A Shade Of Valentino No.2 From scarlet to crimson, be the Lady in Red No.3 New City Tailoring for the contemporary sophisticate No.4 Fashion escapism with Modern Fairytale No.5 Coats & Jackets to protect you from the elements this season No.6 think Better Sweater for the warmest Season, what we’ll be wearing No.9 Relive The Ugly 70’s No.10 The season essential: The Winter Boot Edit No.11 Our covetable The Accessories Department.

Viktor & Rolf

winter No.7 We take on an old classic; but do you Dare To Denim? No.8 Shoes Of The

WINTER 2014/15


A Shade of


VALENTINO ou may think that ideas of glamour, passion, romance, and self-assurance cannot be attributed to a particular formula. And yet, Valentino’s signature hue of poppy red (an exact combination of 100 percent magenta, 100 percent yellow and 10 percent black) has been making those precise assertions for over five decades. According to the man himself, it’s the only colour worthy of competing with the classic monochrome; a bold statement, but one not many would argue with. Instrumental to his success as a designValentino with er, the history of Valentino’s sweeping scarlet Anne Hathaway, 2007 Academy can be traced back to one night in a Barcelona Awards Opera House, where a glamorous spectator wearing a red velvet dress captivated a teenage Garavani to the point of inspiration. With the fiery image forever fixed in his mind, a career that has now spanned over half a century was sparked, seeing him establish his eponymous label, Valentino. Having quickly risen to fame by establishing a reputation amongst the elite of the Dolce Vita, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani’s title as the top designer in Italian Haute Couture has seen him become the goto man for dressing Hollywood’s glitterati. From Emma Watson to Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley, each have swooned over his


WINTER 2014/15

designs and worn them with relish. You could even go as far as to say that Garavani’s path to becoming a master of his craft has been one laced in red from the start. First appearing in the designer’s debut 1959 collection, the trademark shade has been celebrated in almost every Couture show, hence marking its relevance every year. Despite his departure from the eponymous label in 2008, Valentino Garavani’s name has forever been immortalized in fashion’s golden hall of fame, that much is undisputed. But now, the label’s head designers Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Chiuri, are sustaining the tradition of the red dress and bringing it into the modern era with their romanticised fairytale interpretations. Seen in both the spring/summer 2013 Couture show and the autumn/winter Ready-to-Wear shows, the heart-stopping shade prevails. However, the mystery behind the colours power remains. Its significance and what it symbolizes when a woman wears it has become a thing of legends. Could it be that red is the colour a woman chooses when she wants to turn heads? When she wants to exude a notion of power and assertion? Irrespectively, red has become her arsenal, timeless no matter the season helping her channel pure screen siren allure. Yes, red truly is confidence embodied.

WORDS by Anna Smolovyk


An exploration of Valentino’s signature red and the enigmatic influence it continues to hold over women.

LA VIDA | FASHION Paint the town red this season with bold and elegant staples, which demand attention both on and off the catwalk.

Zara, £89.99


J Mendel

The Kooples, £175

Valentino, £360 (My Theresa)

Lanvin, £1,885

Jigsaw, £229 (John Lewis)



Dolce & Gabbana

Wal-G, £38 (House of Fraser)

Moschino, £455 Michelle Keegan for Lipsy, £70


Kurt Geiger London, £270

Bottega Veneta, £310

Wear this season’s hottest trend in all its colours. Mix powerful and compelling scarlet reds with burgundy, carnelian and cherry shades for an intensely sophisticated take on the ‘Lady in Red’.

From the striking scarlet furs seen at Versace, Prada and J.Mendel, to the elegant crimson overcoats from Elie Saab, Dior and Sacai, each designer epitomized luxury through the rich shades of this season’s hue. Seen flowing down the AW14 catwalks, designers took this sanguineous shade and applied it to signature coats and gowns, offering a dazzling fascination with the incorporation of delicate detailing and embellishments, particularly within Dolce & Gabbana’s romantic fairytale collection. More dazzling than deadly, there’s no need for over accessorising, as you will be left empowered by the simplicity of your fiery, bold colour statements. So, whether you choose to push this trend to the max by stepping out in a ruby red dress, or you wish to simply add accents of colour with eye-catching accessories, red will be your first point of call when you want to project a confident aura to the world with the least amount of effort.

WINTER 2014/15


Malene Birger, £215

Whistles, £20

Valentino, £690 (Stylebop)

The Row

Chloé, £390 (Net-a-Porter)

Karen Millen, £235



Tohum Design, £245 (Wolf & Badger)

This season’s tailored offering takes a step back from the austere androgyny of past seasons, and instead is verging on the feminine. With loose, slightly tailored cuts adding fluidity to a formal style, designers such as Gucci, Christian Dior and Hermes not only presented a master class in chic, but also proved that striking shades of viridian, dove grey and dusty pink can take you from the boardroom to a cool city bar in one easy transition.

Marks & Spencer,£149

Suzannah, £750


The AW14 runways may have been trouser suit dominated, but think outside the realms of corporate wear and look upon these pieces as wardrobe investments. After all, beautifully cut and draped separates will never go out of style. 14

WINTER 2014/15

The Row, £3,440 (Net-a-Porter)

H&M, (blazer) £29.99, (trousers) £24.99


Newlook, £19.99


Sandro, £215

Topshop, (blazer) £68, (skirt) £42

Ottoman Hands, £42 Moda In Pelle, £99.95


Choose simple and contemporary pieces when accessorising to ensure versatility and sophistication within your working wardrobe.

Givenchy, £1,465 (Selfridges)

Maison Martin Margiela, £775 (Stylebop)

French Connection, £195

Dune, £75


Giambattista Valli, (top) £505, (skirt) £725 (Stylebop)

Giambattista Valli, £1,390 (Matches Fashion)

Nina Ricci

Dolce & Gabbana

Jennifer Behr, £252

French Connection, £110



It may be a rebel against the modern minimalism and strong tailoring we’re seeing from designers, or just a desire to escape into a whole other fantasy world, but the autumn/winter catwalk saw many fashion houses turn into storytellers with their opulent take on traditional fairytales. Think sumptuous fabric choices, embellishments, floral motifs and a whole menagerie of woodland creature imagery to get an idea of where this season is heading.

Red Valentino, £820 (Matches Fashion)

With Dolce & Gabbana offering up their interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood in the form of billowing capes, owl appliques on lace shift dresses and feather-light floor-length chiffon creations, it was a collection that very well could have stepped out from the pages of a gothic fairytale. Valentino also encapsulated the creative imagery of the trend with achingly delicate gowns embroidered in dreamy floral scenes, and pieces that resembled ornate tapestries. The catwalks were a master class in craftsmanship that made for a preeminent AW14 trend.

Accessorize, £29



Lavish Alice, £12

Miss Selfridge, (top) £35, (skirt) £45 Topshop, £22

Miu Miu, £2,570

Fashion director: Sabina Emrit Photographer: Condry Calvin Milio Model: Natalie Morris (Storm Models) Make-up artists: Min Sindhu Hair: Tuesday Rose Mullings Styling Assistant: Domenica Szczerba Post production: Tin Li & Eva Jin Mustard Top: Sofia French Mini Crini Skirt: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Velvet Shoes: Sorapol Rococo multi-coloured yellow gold pendant necklace; Cascade de Fleurs Emerald earrings; Emotion in green ring (left); Cascade de Fleurs Emerald ring (right): all FabergĂŠ

AURORA As the winter season takes hold we find ourselves inspired by the colours of the Aurora Borealis. With proof that winter doesn’t have to be dull and dreary, step out and make it electric.

This Page; Metallic blazer: Sofia French Metallic trousers: Sofia French Emotion in green ring; Rococo multi-coloured yellow gold ring: both FabergĂŠ Opposite Page; Black & white sequin dress: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Red ‘Love’ tartan jacket and shorts: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Purple shoes: Sorapol

Hat: Ashley Isham

Hat: Ashley Isham Corset: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Velvet crop pants: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Rococo multi-coloured yellow gold pendant necklace; Emotion in green ring; Cascade de Fleurs Emeralds ring: both FabergĂŠ

Metallic green dress: Sofia French


COS, £115

Miu Miu

Strong lines have been replaced with soft curves and full-volume shapes, for a woman who wishes to cocoon herself from the outside world this AW14. Rounded shoulders and a three-quarterlength sleeve seem to be the staples of the oversized look, providing an ideal middle ground between androgyny and defined femininity.



Giambattista Valli, £1,635 (Farfetch)

WE ATH ER PR O OF Fierce and functional seems to be the motto of the season as designers play with water resistant fabrics: chic, yet suitable for the harshest of weather conditions that this winter may throw at you. Look towards Miu Miu for inspiration on how to play with colour and make your habitual raincoat pop.

Oasis, £80

H&M, £49

Marks & Spencer, £49

Topshop, £79

Eudon Choi

Zara, £59.99

Moncler, £685

TEX TUR E A fur jacket has often been a staple of the season, and with this year’s designers showing no sign of relinquishing the fascination of luxurious texture, the allure for all things body-engulfing has resulted in even more shearling, feathers, and fuzzy textures on the AW14 catwalks.


WINTER 2014/15

Drome, £1,559 (Farfetch)


T H E C A PE Valentino

Add drama to your AW14 wardrobe with help from the trusty cape. Seen at the Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino RTW shows, the cape is a chic alternative to your everyday winter coat. Choose the silhouette wisely, and you could even transition your cape as a dress during those crisp winter mornings – with tights and boots, of course.

Joseph, £625



Choosing your new season jacket is one of the greatest dilemmas. Thankfully, we have condensed the best trends to emerge from the world of outerwear, so that you don’t put a sartorial foot wrong this season.

New Look, £44.99

Dsquared2, £715 (Flannels)

Mango, £89.99



Languid shapes and the soft draping of woollen coats replace last season’s conservative lines for a lesson in nonchalant style, making the wrap around and belted style the ideal ‘throw on and go’ staple. Choose something similar to Altuzarra’s version with statement lapels for added interest, preventing any dressing gown confusion.

Reiss, £245 Great Plains, £100

Oasis, £98

WINTER 2014/15


Bershka, £25.99

Marc Jacobs

Hobbs, £65

The Row

Uniqulo, £29.99

Saint Laurent, £400 (Net-aPorter)

In fashion land, it feels as though we’ve been waiting an eternity for the autumn/winter looks seen on the catwalks to travel into our favourite stores. But the time has finally come for us to clear that space previously occupied by breezy kimonos and strappy camisoles, and instead sink our teeth into a new set of autumnal staples: knitwear. Whilst Marc Jacobs’ woollen trousers may have been the talk of the town for the better half of the fashion calendar, you only need to adopt a sublimely simple silhouette in neutral hues of camel, navy, black and grey to achieve the same elegance, as portrayed with Jonathan Saunders’ matching knit-and-scarf ensembles. Team your new sweater with anything from a silk shift to a pair of tailored Bermuda style shorts for a great juxtaposition of cosy winter comforts and smart day-to-evening dressing.


WINTER 2014/15

Acne Studios, £252

COS, £79

Jonathan Saunders


Margaret Howell, £385



Marc by Marc Jacobs


mbellished, ripped, painted or adorned with patches, the only rule for denim this season is that there are no rules. Led by the models on the Marc by Marc Jacobs catwalk, sporting boyfriend jeans plastered in patches and other transfers, we can only suspect that this is a resurrection of the patchwork denim hype created by Junya Watanabe earlier this year. So, whether you snag one of our crazy-cool recommendations, or decide to DIY a pair of your own, everyone can add a bit of punk-y glamour to their wardrobes this season.

Tommyton Street Style


RUNWAY TO WARDROBE Get your Marc by Marc Jacobs graphic motif jeans straight from the catwalk, £370.

Editor’s picks

Isabel Marant, £375 (MyTheresa)

Levi’s, £110

Stella McCartney, £495 (Farfetch)

Topshop, £42

Ashish, £950 (Net-a-Porter)

WINTER 2014/15


theSHOES of the





From daytime decadence to evening sophistication, the strappy stiletto is defying the odds this season and secures its place firmly on our autumn/winter shoe rails. Choose a classic Mary Jane for an injection of elegance, a closed-toe T-bar strap for a more demure look, or for full glamour, choose a gladiator style.




1. Zara, £49.99 2. Topshop, £46 3. Dune, £99 4. River Island, £50 5. Gianvito Rossi, £598 (Farfetch) 6. Jason Wu, £770 (Net-a-Porter)

Backstage at Christian Dior, AW14 Paris Fashion Week.

Rouge Brouge Play around with the different styles of brogues to achieve casual elegance in your everyday attire. Emulate androgynous-chic this season by pairing your trusty brogues with an ultra sharp two-piece suit for a clean and classic silhouette.

COS, £115

Balenciaga, £475 (Matches Fashion)


WINTER 2014/15

H&M, £49.99

Topshop, £52

ASOS, £50

Marni, £405 (Selfridges)



he 70’s was a terrible disaster in the history of clothing – sorry, but it was. The favoured silhouette flittered between bell-bottomed trousers and unflatteringly oversized blouses, to skirts that came either scarily close to revealing everything, or sat awkwardly just below the ankle. And we can’t forget the fact that nearly everything seemed to be made from polyester, and only ever available in two colours; burnt orange and olive green. Why then, you might ask, is everyone from Nicolas Ghesquièr at Louis Vuitton, to Ricardo Tisci at Givenchy infusing their collections with a touch of the Ugly Decade? Well, what we must first understand when it comes to style, is that sometimes the things we perceive to be the ugliest turn out to be the most beautiful. And just like those battered old boots your friends keep telling you to throw out, or that weirdly hideous painting you have hanging up in your hallway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the 70’s hold a wealth of sentiment, in-spite of the questionable fashion. The other thing to appreciate is that the 70’s were perhaps one of the most individualistic decades for fashion ever seen. People yearned for variety and comfort, and experimentation with newer styles meant that they wore anything they wanted, resulting in an amalgamation of influences that ranged from the hippie movement of the late 60’s and 1940s glamour, to John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever disco look. There were however, a few unmistakably great things about the decade, too. For one, the seventies was a time of Yves Saint Laurent, great diversity – Beverley Johnson was the first black model to feature on the cover of American Vogue – and, of course, a time that brought us some really, really great icons. Take Jane Fonda for example, Yves Saint one of the biggest names Laurent 1976 in Hollywood during haute couture women’s tuxedo the decade. Her affinity for high necklines and pussybow blouses still exert influence on the AW14 runways, with silk scarves tied close to the neck and billowing long-sleeved blouses making an appearance in several shows. Nonetheless, it was also a decade of real contrast in the West. Whilst the global political

Jane Fonda, 1970’s icon


‘UGLY’ 70’S

And how they are just oh-so right for AW14.

disruption was stabilised by the tension of the WORDS by Anna Smolovyk Cold War, both Britain and the other European countries together with the United States, experienced internal political turmoil and widespread movements for social change, resulting in the intense involvement of people in their twenties. Their desire to exert real influence on popular culture was felt more so in the area of fashion and clothing than anywhere else. Women especially, were tired of having fashion dictated to them, causing them to invent new clothing styles of their own – styles that were liberating and comfortable. But even then it was hard to escape the fact that the 1970s was a nostalgic era; an era that looked to the past for fashion inspiration. But then, everything modern and genuine always carries an element of the past with it. Case in point would be Miuccia Prada’s offering of loose seventies shirt dresses this season, cleverly cut with interesting Art Deco geo prints in surprising – yet WINTER 2014/15


Diane Von Furstenberg jersey wrap dress AW14


WINTER 2014/15

wonderful – colour combinations. They very much felt as though they were for a new breed of woman; headstrong and a feminist not afraid of her sexuality – a tough amalgamation to achieve, in our opinion. And then you look at Woody Allen’s 1977 film ‘Annie Hall’ starring Diane Keaton, and compare it to Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Anti-Dior’ look of the time – a look that blazed a fashion trail for women who dared to dress differently – to see where Alberta Ferretti’s Pre-Fall collection of masculine cut trousers, boxy jackets and chunky boots got its inspiration from. Or, how Diane Von Furstenberg’s jersey wrap dress, first designed in the late 70s, is still very much a classic and timeless cut that has revolutionised how women have been dressing for decades, making it a staple in every wardrobe. Here we start to see exactly how fashion’s terrible blip in history has come to inspire decades of reinvented and beautiful clothing, perfect for this autumn season. However, leave it to luxury powerhouse Gucci – who’s collection sat firmly between a 60’s London vibe, and a 70’s Upper East Side Manhattan look – to show how the era’s notoriously bad fashion can be dissected and re-worked, creating extremely covetable pieces wearable for 2014. Remember those hideous powder blue tuxedos paired with that garish ruffle shirt? Yes, we do, too. They were unflattering on any frame and always managed to look cheap. Yet somehow, shomehow, Frida Giannini managed to take elements of the ruffles, the subdued palette and double breasted cut, and incorporate each into modern pieces. Whether an A-line leather dress with bibbed front, a duck egg blue fuzzy Mongolian shearling coat (another hit trend this season), or a dusty pink mohair pea coat, to make them new and desirable. But her biggest success was arguably bringing the square heeled knee-high boot firmly back on our fashion radar by producing them in an array of wonderful python prints and colours.

Not only do we expect to wear these knee-high’s through this drizzly autumn/winter season then, but we also intend to rock the variation of the iconic platform shoe and chunky heeled boot that the high-street is replicating so well, such is the influence of the seventies – and modern design. But whilst some modern platform shoes can be stylish today – take AF Vandervost’s suede and leather creations for reference – the genuine platform shoes from the 1970s are best left in the pages of history. But rather than sneering at the past, we should try and see things through the eyes of the future and recognise that what is most fashionable now, is what will appear to be most uncool in 50 years time – unless you’re Kate Moss of course, who makes the seventies look like the coolest thing in the world. Conversely, in order to prevent style disasters such as the Ugly 70’s from returning, should we have to succumb to dressing with one eye on how future generations will mock us? No. Not only because it would be impossible, but also because even the seemingly silly fashion trends can live a second life within our wardrobes. It might just take the right set of eyes to appreciate it. With that being said, we wonder what ‘iconic look’ will define our decade, to that of the next…

Alexander McQueen, £815

Orsay, £20


70’s inspired AW14 collections from Prada (below) and Gucci (right)

Dune, £65 New Look, £65

Zara, £79.99

What’s About Town, £14.99

Littlewoods, £99


Dolce & Gab bana


Gianvito Rossi, £578 (Farfetch)

French Connection, £125


They’re a sophisticated addition to your seasonal wardrobe, and the perfect office-to-dance floor shoe. Yes, shoe boots are most certainly kicking up a storm on and off the high-street.

Daniel Footwear, £459


BOOT edit



Topshop Unique, £195

We would say knee-high boots are back for AW14, but they never really went away. Spotted on the runway of BCBG Max Azria, they’re the perfect leg lengtheners, and add just the right amount of attitude to any look.

Our top picks for the season’s most crucial wardrobe purchase. No matter your style, or occasion AW14 ‘s vast offering has something for everyone.

Missguided, £34.99

Saint Laurent, £885



Christian Louboutin, £1,175 (Net-a-Porter)

Tibi, £369 (Revolve Clothing)

French Connection £145


Take cue from this season’s top stylestars and invest in the fall staple shoe: the chunky-heeled ankle boot. Their go-with-everything appeal means you can wear them now and through to next year.

WINTER 2014/15


MARNI Trunk leather bag £1,130 (Matches Fashion) ASOS Camel fedora £22

& OTHER STORIES Faux fur leather gloves £45

It’s true what they say; accessories make the look. With this season’s wardrobes focusing on a sophisticated simplicity, the need for a considered selection of accessories is that much more important.

MANGO Voileta hinged belt £17.99

Adorn, layer and envelope yourself in luxe fabric choices in sumptuous colour combinations utilising wide brimmed hats and soft leather gloves to tie all elements together with a Parisian finesse.

GUCCI Leather gloves £325 (Net-a-Porter)

Look out for pieces that will infuse your look with touches of camel and forest green, as it is these shades that act as the basic building blocks for an autumnal palette. Similarly, gold tones will help warm up and bring out those moody hues, ensuring you can wear, tweak and repeat these items all season long!

BILL SKINNER Gold hare pendant necklace £60 (Lavish Alice)

PAUL SMITH Swirl silk scarf

KOTUR Smartphone clutch


£255 (Net-a-Porter)

MANGO Faceted crystal earrings £14.99

MAURICE LACROIX Eliros edition watch £535 (The Watch Gallery)


WINTER 2014/15

DOLCE & GABBANA ‘Sicily’ shopping tote £1,375 (Farfetch)

LA VIDA | FEATURE 1980s Vintage Chanel Roman Coin Pendant, £995

1970s Vintage Modernist Pendant, £135

1970s Vintage Monet Tassel Lariat, £295


Susan Caplan Vintage jewellery expert, curator and founder of, La Vida talks with Susan about what it takes to be a luxury jewellery buyer. What sparked your passion for vintage pieces?

turns around so quickly that I am always buying.

My parents really encouraged an interest in art and design when my sister and I were growing up, so from that I just started collecting my own little treasures on trips around the world when I was working as a beauty therapist on the QEII [Queen Elizabeth II]. My passion grew from there.

How do you spot a fake, and are there any tips you could give our readers?

How do you go about choosing the pieces you want to stock? I always have the Susan Caplan woman in mind and I curate my collections for her. Further to that, I base my choices on certain standards of mine – quality, condition, design and craftsmanship. If the pieces don’t meet my standards, they don’t make it into my collections. So who is the Susan Caplan woman? The Susan Caplan woman has a good eye for style and likes to be individual. She appreciates vintage jewellery for its heritage, quality and design. Our woman is any age - she understands that vintage jewellery is timeless. Is it a difficult process sourcing vintage jewellery? How often do you find pieces to stock? I have spent over 30 years honing the skills required to source vintage jewellery. Our stock

Look for the manufacturers’ stamp; research how designers’ stamps changed over the years and pay attention to the quality of the piece – the weight, materials used etcetera. These are good indicators as to whether a piece of jewellery is counterfeit or not. What is your personal favourite from your collection? I love our Vintage Monet tassel lariat necklace right now. It’s just great with a casual tee and a pair of jeans. There are some beautiful yet surprisingly affordable pieces on your website. Do you always need to spend a fortune to get something special?

I felt very proud. I’ve been very lucky in that the press understand the heritage and individuality of the products. They have been very kind to my brand and I appreciate their support. How do you recommend looking after vintage pieces to ensure their beauty and condition is maintained? Store your vintage jewellery flat and avoid contact with liquids. Wrapping embellished pieces in tissue protects them even further. You have recently launched Susan Caplan for ASOS, tell us a little about your approach to working with the online fashion and beauty store? I curated this collection with the ASOS customer at the forefront of my mind. I think that the styles in this collection embody the fashion forward, fun-loving 20-something customer.

1980s Vintage Chanel Quilted Earrings, £495

I believe that the right piece of jewellery, whatever the price tag, can transform your look in seconds. I like to make sure that there is something for everyone in our collections and that everyone can buy a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery, whatever their budget. Your jewellery has been featured quite widely in the press recently; do you remember what you felt like the first time your name was mentioned?

1950s Vintage Regency Blue Crystal Earrings, £135

All available at

1980s Vintage Trifari Black Enamel Flex Bracelet, £85 WINTER 2014/15


The Rise of

BALMAIN A fashion house credited with restoring French fashion to prominence post-war, Balmain has quickly risen back to eminence under new creative director and socialite, Olivier Rousteing.


WORDS by Helen Zamorski

n iconic brand of the 21st century, Balmain Paris has seen a highly successful few years, with a renewed hysteria around the French fashion house and an influx of stars rushing to Balmain for their red carpet looks. Leading Balmain into the spotlight has been the brand’s new creative director, Olivier Rousteing. At 28-years-old, Rousteing provides an alternative to your typical Parisian fashion house creative director: mixed-race, young and beautiful, with a bad boy image to match, Rousteing is a surefire sign that the exclusive world of French fashion is changing for the better. It would seem that this is a burden he is happy to take on, too, previously declaring, “My job is not just to design clothes, but to also give a new vision to fashion.” Pierre Balmain founded Balmain Paris in the autumn of 1945, as the Second World War came to an end. After studying under some of the greatest couturiers of the time, Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, Balmain set up his own couture house in the Rue François 1er, and Balmain Paris was born. Pierre soon built up a loyal female clientele, who embraced his new post-war image of the opulent and luxurious French woman. Hollywood stars including Bridget Bardot, Marlène Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn, all started to flock to the Couturier to be dressed. Becoming a treasured French couture house, Balmain enjoyed centuries of success, led by Pierre Balmain’s successors including Erik Mortensen, Hervé Pierre and Oscar de la Renta. However, skip to the early noughties, and the story of Balmain shows something quite unexpected; Balmain was becoming near dormant and struggling financially. Nevertheless, that all changed when Christophe Decarnin


WINTER 2014/15

took the reins in 2005 and revived the struggling fashion house. Decarnin was leading Balmain to ‘Balmainia’ with his sharp change in design aesthetic. Departing from the classic silhouettes and simple-yetluxurious pieces, Decarnin brought loud crystal encrusted designs and ever increasing price tags, drawing on Balmain’s couture past and mixing it with rock-star influences. Incidentally, it would be Decarnin’s influence that would attract Olivier Rousteing to Balmain. Born in Bordeaux, France, and raised by his adoptive parents, Rousteing lived a very ordinary but loving childhood: “my father was a port manager, my mother an optician; but they were very modern (…) they taught me to be open-minded and to express myself”. Following his parent’s wishes, Olivier took steps to begin a career in law but soon became restless, leaving education after only two months to pursue his fashion dreams. After studying at Paris’s École Supérieure Des Arts Et Techniques De La Mode, a young Olivier Rousteing travelled to Rome to intern for Gianni Serra, a small couture house. At 18-years-old, he joined the house of Roberto Cavalli, and making quite the impression, he quickly worked his way up from intern to right-hand man of then head designer, Peter Dundas. Although he was happy and supported, Rousteing had been at Cavalli for five years. He wanted a change and was drawn to Paris and, in particular, Balmain. Rousteing has since gushed that he “loved what Christophe was doing”, and moreover, that he “loved his shows, his creativity and strong personality”. He wrote directly to the creative director and sure enough, was successful. Hired as an assistant, Rousteing spent over two-and-a-half years working beside his idol,

Pierre Balmain dresses actress Ruth Ford (1947)

LA VIDA | FASHION Joan Smalls walks for Balmain - SS15

until Decarnin left in 2011 amongst whispers of a nervous breakdown. Looking back, Rousteing has remarked that it was “a stressful time. Christophe left, Emmanuelle Alt [then head stylist] left too. I was 25 and managing the whole studio.” Even then Rousteing never imagined he would soon be taking Decarnin’s place. However, in the spring of 2011, whilst holidaying in Barcelona, the chairman of Balmain, Alain Hivelin, called to offer him the position. Rousteing of course said yes, and thus became one of the youngest men to preside over an established Parisian fashion house since Yves Saint Laurent became head designer at Christian Dior aged 21. Miraculously, Rousteing successfully put his first collection together in just two months for the brands 2012 Resort Collection.

“My job is not just to design clothes, but also give a new vision to fashion” Olivier Rousting’s ‘Balmain Army’

Rousteing had big shoes to fill, but he was an instant hit. And although he has kept the Balmain aesthetic sexy and full of attitude, he has explained that he and Decarnin “exist in two different worlds. He’s rock ’n’ roll; I’m hip-hop. He’s more street wear; I’m more couture. He’s into jeans; I prefer a tailored suit jacket and pants. We both like a girl to look sexy, but we express it in different ways.” Essentially, his decadent vision and flair for Baroque embellishment is refreshingly different from the minimal looks the majority of his young counterparts offer, with his structural collections blurring the boundaries between Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture. Rousteing has his own voice and is not afraid to follow his heart. Confessing his love for both Italian and French style, Rousteing admits Balmain has been criticised for “being the most Italian French house”, yet he explains, “it’s what I am and I am not scared. I was born with Yves Saint Laurent shows and I was watching them and I was crazy for him, but I wanted to go to Italy to get the richness.” Précising the fashion house, Rousteing supports, “Balmain is all about attitude, not only clothes. If you’re really strong and audacious and fearless, just come to Balmain.” This vision is brought to life in his highly publicized ‘Balmain Army’, which includes models-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Ysaunny Brito, Issa Lish, Kayla Scott and Binx, encapsulating “the beauty of different ethnicities” in true Balmian style. His vision is further pushed in Balmain’s latest campaign, which features Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Iman. Rousteing considers that “these women are inspiring to so many different people, bringing them together represents the concept I’m working towards.” There’s no doubt that Rousteing is creating a name for the brand as more inclusive of different ethnicities, cultures and definitions of beauty: “I actually think the face is the sexiest part of a woman’s body, because I think the ‘sexy’ is more in the emotion”. This attitude to beauty is stimulating and typical of Rousteing who repeatedly stresses that confidence is the epitome of beauty and fashion. All things considered, Rousteing is not only a talented designer, but he also has a personal quality that makes him sincerely relatable, allowing him to connect with a wider and much younger audience in comparison to other established fashion houses. In short, Olivier Rousteing is his own best advertisement.

WINTER 2014/15


the new kind . of raw RAW Photography & post production: Matthew Comer Make-up & hair: Sean Maloney Styling: Athina Macpherson & Anna Smolovyk Models: Max Boon, Milly Holmes (Nemesis), Barney (J’Adore) & Raphaella (J’Adore) Barney (left): Jumper: Tiger of Sweden at Selfridges Jacket: Label Lab at House of Fraser Jeans: All Saints Shoes: model’s own. Max (right): Jacket: New & Lingwood at House of Fraser Jumper: Reiss Trousers: Linea at House of Fraser Shoes: Topman


WINTER 2014/15

Max: As before

WINTER 2014/15


Barney: Jacket: H&M T-Shirt: Criminal at House of Fraser Jeans: Label Lab at House of Fraser Shoes: Ted Baker Millie: Jumper: Mango Skirt: Sacai at Selfridges Trainers: Adidas Stan Smith Max: Shirt: Hugo Boss | Boss Green Trousers: Vans Shoes: model’s own

This page - Max: Shirt: Reiss Collar bar: Reiss Jumper: Linea at House of Fraser Trousers: Tiger of Sweden at Selfridges Raphaella: Jumper: Zara Skirt: Designers Remix | Carlotte Eskildsen at Selfridges Barney (and opposite): Jumper: Jack Wills Trousers: Tiger of Sweden at Selfridges Millie: Jacket: Self Portrait at Selfridges Trousers: Stella McCartney at Selfridges

WINTER 2014/15


Clothing as previous.

WINTER 2014/15


This page - Millie: Jumper: Mango Dress: Self Portrait at Selfridges Boots: Zara Opposite - Max: Jacket: New & Lingwood at House of Fraser Jumper: Blood Brother at Selfridges Trousers: Alexander McQueen at Selfridges


WINTER 2014/15

This page - Barney: Blazer: New & Lingwood at House of Fraser T-shirt: H&M Jeans: Model’s own Opposite - Raphaella: Jumper: Marks & Spencer Trousers: Zara Necklace: Tatty Devine at House of Fraser

Millie: Coat: Max Mara at Selfridges Jumper: Topshop Jeans: model’s own Max: Coat: Valentino at Selfridges Jumper: Label Lab at House of Fraser Jeans: Label Lab at House of Fraser

WINTER 2014/15


Max & Millie: as before




rt infused audio illustrations against an emotional canvas of deep thinking and outward expression. Adio Marchant, better known as Bipolar Sunshine, has distracted from typical pop conventions to create something much more bespoke and interesting. But is it any good? Strip away the frivolities of emo-angst against hipster fashion choices that heighten the appeal of this new act, and let’s look at the content: Bipolar Sunshine is musical marmite, and those that love him, swear by him. His unorthodox style of performance has gained mixed feedback, however it is clear that he has a great love for live shows. “I just enjoy performing in general. It’s fun! Even though it’s deep, or it can feel that way, I do try and give people that light at the end of the tunnel; something to grasp onto. That’s something that draws me to music, and they’re the kind of artists I like. The ones that leave you with something to take away.” Catching up with Adio backstage at Parklife Festival, I quizzed him on his fondness for festivals, and why bad weather does not deter the crowds. “The rain comes down, but it’s the same old Manchester; you get used to it. If you go to a festival in England and think it’s going to be hot all the time, you’re deluded. It’s nice to play at Manchester, as well as other festivals all over the place.” Adio first rose to fame in the Manchester band Kid British whose hits included Sunny Days and Our House Is Dadless. I remember watching their farewell performance at Intro Clothing on Deansgate back in 2012, with no real understanding as to why this group, who seemed to be growing in popularity and demand, would disband. They were just at

tipping point, and they were all good friends. I never envisioned the product that would be Bipolar Sunshine, nor did I anticipate what the future held for the remaining members. “There are a lot of us. I’m just the first from the old Kid British bunch to do something. There are many more that are making great stuff and eventually we are all going to be in that same space. It’ll be nice to have someone else whose music I admire start to do well.” Numerous rumours ensued following the break-up, but Adio surpassed expectations and began his own record label with Manchester producer, Jazz Purple. His single ‘Where Did The Love Go’ was a songwriter’s dream and boasted a music video as vivacious as an episode of Skins. Many criticisms of Adio’s style of singing however, echo the critique once etched onto UK rapper Mike Skinner. Nonetheless, it is Adio’s dry vocals and sepia take on life that has amassed a cult following. “In regards to writing, sometimes ideas for lyrics can come from washing up. Your mind’s just a free spirit, and the next minute… Bang!” Nothing comes close to the pride and support he has received from his family, though. Adio lights up when talking about them. “My family are really over the moon. They’re really supportive. My mum has been one of the most supportive people of what I do and she’s been behind it all from the start and really pushed me to do it. Even when my last band didn’t work out, she was still telling me to keep going.” It’s not just the message derived from the vocal body of each transcript that culminates to form the framework of a Bipolar Sunshine production. Bipolar Sunshine is another example of an artist from this generation whose

music goes hand in hand with their sense of style, and far beyond any audible depiction. “My inspiration comes from many things. I see a lot of different styles and I’m admiring a lot of different street styles. I try and find things that I feel comfortable in and that reflect myself because clothing is just an extension of who you are.” I wanted to know what artists excited him, other than his former Kid British bandmates. Who in the charts was on Bipolar Sunshine’s radar? And who if anyone could we expect to see a collaboration with? “I think sometimes it’s about discovering new stuff; when you stumble across something and it’s pretty sick – you know what I mean? MNEK’s a sick artist. He writes some sick tunes. There are a lot of people making some good stuff at the moment. You never write off working with someone that’s great. Whenever the stars align, it will just work.” I was beginning to see beneath the façade, but what was the dream? What was Adio in search of throughout this musical journey of insatiable advancement? “I think it’s hard to say when I’ll feel like I’ve made it. I know a lot of people would think at this stage that I’ve done something, but I still see this as a very small step towards the many places that I want to go to. I’m not going to be content. I understand my achievements but I understand I have a long way to go. My aim is to be the type of act that can command playing at a stadium in more places than where you’re from. When you can play around the world consistently, like the top artists do, that for me would be the moment when I could say that I’d done something. I’m looking forward to the push. As long as things keep building and I’m moving in the right direction and people keep getting behind me…” INTERVIEW by Jsky

WINTER 2014/15



WINTER 2014/15


No.1 We’re Seeing Red this season No.2 Do you have what it takes to be a Military

Man? No.3 Calling all men: take a walk on The Dark Side No.4 Explore tailoring with the The Intrepid Traveller No.5 We unravel the secret behind The Allure of Sprezzatura

your wardrobe in line with the Check List No.9 The Time Tellers you shouldn’t go without No.10 Become a modern gent with The Accessories Department.

John Richmond AW14

No.6 The most stylish Winter Warmers No.7 learn the art of Tonl Dressing No.8 Keep

WINTER 2014/15




WINTER 2014/15

LA VIDA | FASHION Considered one of the most commanding colours, red’s associations with danger, and passion, will project a fierce and fiery spirit, however you choose to wear the trend.

ASOS, £20

Saint Laurent

Givenchy, £400 (Harvey Nichols)

SEEING Valentino, £445 (Selfridges)


Choose deeper and duskier hues of maroon and rust, to contrast against jet black or navy pieces until you’re ready to experiment with some of our favourite red pieces, and work your way up to a full colour explosion!

Topshop Design

Red McQ, £295 (Matches

Richard Nicoll

H&M, £29.99

P by Paul Smith, £180

River Island, £90

Saint Laurent, £490 (Matches Fashion)

Following on from the bright splashes of red we saw during the spring/summer 2014 menswear collections, designers have continued to integrate the strong and powerful colour within their autumn/winter pieces, ready to warm up your wardrobes.

Saint Laurent, £530 (Matches Fashion)

Whether you choose to wear this season’s rouge hue as a pop of colour through accessories, detailing and footwear like Prada and Burberry Prorsum, or you wish to make the bold decision by stepping out in a full head-to-toe ensemble like Lanvin, Richard Nicoll, or Topman, red is one of the easiest ways to fire up your dark and dull winter wardrobes.

WINTER 2014/15


Zara 29.99

Polo Ralph Lauren, £445 (Mr Porter)

Calvin Klein

Dior Homme

Richard James

Belstaff, £550

Next, £22

MODERN Zara £29.99

River Island, £32

Fendi, £1,620 (Matches Fashion)


WINTER 2014/15



here’s no need to conceal this AW14 staple. Like a true chameleon, military green can blend into any modern man’s wardrobe with ease of sophistication and functionality. But forget those spring pastels and zesty neon brights, this season’s camouflage obsession represents a sprawling forest landscape and tree-lined foliage soon to be absent during the stark winter months.

Raleigh Denim, £235 (Mr Porter) Balmain, £815 (Matches Fashion)

Many designer’s opted for head-to-toe looks with army inspired design details. Calvin Klein experimented with proportions, layers and textures, presenting overcoats, tops and quilted pullovers in brigades of green and thistle. Londonbased designers Richard James and Gieves & Hawkes, demonstrated sharpness and precision expected from Saville Row tailoring, but with modern, stylised twists in hues of khaki and olive. H.E by Mango, £119.99


Topman Design



eeling nostalgic? Get ready for an injection of 90’s darkness and rebellion as designers channel an era that witnessed the rise of the sub-culture, incorporating elements of both punk and gothic iconography. Taking inspiration from films such as ‘Edward Scissor Hands’, ‘The Crow’ and ‘The Craft’, this season’s catwalks helped us explore our inner dark side. Colour palettes were reduced to navy, eerie blacks and dusty greys, contrasted with stark white for a dramatic effect. Witnessed on the catwalks of Matthew Miller, with his dishevelled patchworks and thick fabrics, Topman Design, with their mix of matte and shiny fabrics, and by KTZ, with their exaggerated use of icons and symbolism with accents of metal for a futuristic take on darkness.

Balenciaga, £1,395 (Matches Fashion)

All Saints, £138


Dark Side

Exemplaire, £750 (Mr Porter)

Matthew Miller

Label Lab, £20 (House of Fraser)

Zara, £45.99

Zara, £65.99

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, £540 (Matches Fashion)




An Adventurous Take On Tailoring

Suits You

, Sir

ith a nod to the past, but its feet firmly in the present, this season’s tailoring took the well-versed, distinguished gent on a voyage of fashionable discovery. The heritage-inspired collections drew reference from a host of literary and historical greats who made their mark on the world through exploration, detection and creativity. Think along the lines of Sherlock Holmes, Phileas Fogg and David Livingstone, and your heading in the right direction for this season’s formal attire. The concept of the journeyman saw a mix of traditional fabrics including flannel, tweed and herringbone, all representing elegance from a much simpler time. Designer’s combined the bohemian nature of the traveller alongside the traditional twopiece and three-piece suits, adding alternative cover-ups from belted cardigans and roll-neck sweaters, to voluminous outwear, remaining both practical and effortlessly stylish. Going against the grain, suiting followed an unconventional mix and match of patterns, allowing men to purchase individual pieces that can be tailored to suit their personality. The basis to styling this trend is through layering and the inclusion of only key accessories. For the modern man on the move, the catwalks showcased tailoring through over-sized bags, felt fedoras and puritan hats, whilst adding a sense of decadence to ensembles with silk-printed scarves. So, fellow men, it’s time to dust those hidden treasures off, and embrace a modernised vintage look that will transform your wardrobe from tired boardroom attire, to the most dapper man of the world.


WINTER 2014/15

Gieves & Hawkes Jacket, £695 Trousers, £250

Ted Baker Jacket, £260 Trousers, £130

Paul Smith Jacket, £585 Trousers, £135

Richard James

Ede & Ravensroft


Salvatore Ferragamo

E. Tautz

When commencing your journey in selecting the perfect winter suit, choosing tailored items that fit both you and your lifestyle are key. Investing in a well-made suit will see you through the long winter calendar; from meetings in the office to casual evening drinks. Take inspiration from the autumn/ winter 2014 men’s collections, which made particular impact on the catwalk and really set the tone for a season of experimentation:

Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani - Adopting a more athletic, relaxed, and form-fitting approach – taking away from the previous rigid structures and dominant shoulders – Armani has shown an evolution towards the modern man whilst still retaining the classic elements. The colour palette was reasonably sober with blues, blacks and greys, yet this made the collection more wearable for men who are not so confident with colour. The success of this collection came from its simplicity and figure hugging shapes that kept the pieces elegant and refined. Ede & Ravenscroft - As one of the oldest tailors on Saville Row, there is no questioning that their skill, quality and expertise stands the test of time. Whilst their dedication to the brands heritage is continually evident, this never impedes their ability to stay modern and appealing to the distinguished and discernable gent of today. Steering clear of the more modern, slim-fitting silhouettes that have dominated recent collections, Ede & Ravenscroft went for a wider leg, whilst sticking with seasonal hues and winter fabrics of wool, tweed as well as notable pinstripes. E.Tautz - Pushing the boundaries and breaking through the norm, E.Tautz took inspiration from the Victorian era, adding unconventional twists to traditional Saville Row tailoring. The collection showed modern layering, Tetris-like prints and over-sized silhouettes for a contemporary sartorial look, made for the confident risk-taking gent.

Autumn/Winter 2014 Collections STYLE TIP

For those not so confident with mixing prints, fabrics or colours: Try adding interest to your outfit by using varying shades of the same colour.

Etro, £320 Zara, £95

Hackett - Using more rural inspired notes from their AW14 collection, Hackett channelled the country bumpkin with Scottish plaid two-piece suits, oversized checks, houndstooth and earthy neutrals, mixed with a splash of rich cobalt blue and burgundy. A nod to the traveller of yesteryear was evident through the boxy leather briefcases on shoe, whilst the inclusion of beanie hats added a youthful vigour. Richard James - Termed the “New Edwardians”, this collection celebrated the dawn of British street style during the early 1950s. Notably the rise of the exceedingly stylish dandy, this time was famed for bravery and dedication to self-expression through fashion. Whilst still maintaining a sleek Saville Row appeal, this collection added city-chic sophistication with the introduction of luxe brown, khaki and burgundy, juxtaposed with the odd splash of look-at-me colour. The fit was surprisingly lean and narrow, once again demonstrating James’s move towards a “New Establishment”. Salvatore Ferragamo - The epitome of Italian luxury and refined elegance, Ferragamo’s AW14 collection was sharp, clean and exquisitely tailored. As one of Italy’s premier leather shoemakers, the collection unsurprisingly featured an abundance of leather mixed with wool, adding warmth to this otherwise cold material. The use of pinstripes, varying textures, rich navy, browns and reds created an air of classical, modern sophistication, which has become synonymous with Italian style.

WORDS by Dean Duggan

Etro, £320

Style The


S TYL E TI P Hackett, £180 (John Lewis)

Don’t feel like you have to stick with the same formal shoes. Have fun with footwear; opt for monk straps, high gloss or chunky soles. But remember to keep the look sharp and office ready.

Suitsupply, £49

Goodwin Smith, £95

London Undercover, £65

Cerruti, £1,620 (Matches Fashion)

Globe-Trotter, £1,295 (Mr Porter)

Hugo Boss, £129 River Island, £40

WINTER 2014/15



o one has perfected the art of impeccable dressing more so than the Italians – a sweeping statement if there ever was one, but a true one nonetheless. If you haven’t envied their obvious charm or startling good looks, you’re probably kidding yourself. But in all seriousness, you have at least envied their natural sartorial style. What is it though about this difficult-to-pen, air of sophistication? Well if you haven’t heard, those brilliantly imaginative Italians coined a word for it: ‘sprezzatura’. The term first originated from Italian couturier and Renaissance author, Baldassare Castiglione’s 1528 Book of the Couturier. He defined a style that was polished-witha-flicker-of-indifference as, “a certain nonchalance, so as to Alessandro Squarzi conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.” Confused? In layman’s terms, this simply means appearing to have a careless approach to dressing, when in fact every aspect of your look has been studied with great consideration. (Or as Yeezus might say: “What? This old thing?”). This effortlessness is not just summed-up by ease of dressing, but by a unique lifestyle which Castiglione caught onto and very much promoted, resulting in the word entering the English Oxford Dictionary under the definition “studied carelessness.” An oxymoron it might be, but this pinpointing of a principle has influenced and helped inspire generations of men to aspire to a more European way of dressing, where the words ‘tracksuit’ and ‘bucket Noun: studied carelessness, hat’ are most certainly especially as a characteristic, not in their dictionary. quality, or style of art or Although sounding literature. simple, this new style Lino Ieluzzi philosophy is trickier to achieve than first thought. Rather than dressing for the status Have restraint however; there is a fine line between quo, sprezzatura is about subverting expectations; it’s about concealing your efforts and simply having none at all. For knowing how to bend and not example, the fit of clothing is extremely important, and not break established style rules, just for sprezzatura, but for life. It’s also not always about and the only way you can do what you wear, but rather how you wear it – the manner in this is if you firstly understand which you execute a shirt that is slightly crumpled and livedthe rules that govern good in for instance, can be just as important as the shirt itself taste. If you hold a good grasp or how much it cost. Learn to have measure and grace in on colour, texture and fit, only everything that you do; you do not have to over complicate then can you go about letting your look, but rather limit yourself to one, two or three details. certain rules slide. After all, You only need glance towards those men who are sprezzatura is about putting revered for their individualistic flair to really appreciate the your personal spin on an kind of bravura it takes to pull-off sprezzatura convincingly. established network. With the Gianni Agnelli is one such example. An Italian industrialist right attitude, any man can and president of Fiat, he was, according to many, one of the summon a little sought-after best-dressed men of his era. Recognised for his trademark Italian finesse – yes, every man. style flourishes such as suede driving shoes, peak lapel

The Allure of

Baldassare Castiglione


WINTER 2014/15

double-breasted suits and, most notably, the wearing of his watch over the cuff of his shirt, Angelli was somewhat the godfather of casual elegance. For a more modern apprise on an icon, simply look within the same family tree (see, it’s in the blood), and toward Agnelli’s own nephew Lapo Elkann, for a lesson in modern dandyism.

WORDS by Anna Smolovyk


So, it’s time to indulge your inner man-of-the-manor aesthetic. Drag plaid and dogtooth patterns out from the countryside and give them a city makeover with a healthy dose of sprezzatura. See yourself as an artisan and master the art of perfect imperfection by taking certain nuances from Lino Ieluzzi’s impeccable palette and making them entirely your own. Whether that’s by twisting your tie knot, going sockless with your unbuckled monk-strap shoes, or stuffing your blazer’s breast pocket with a pair of leather gloves rather than the standard pocket square, sprezzatura is all about a forgotten approach to dressing.

“I hate when men try to look perfect. Human beings are never perfect on the inside, so they must never be perfect on the outside. To me, imperfection is never a mistake – it is a sign of humanity. You must break the codes, break the perfection” And for those style rules we’ve all been told to abide by: ‘do not contrast prints’, ‘black and brown make you frown’ – sound familiar? Well, it’s not to say these aren’t good mantras, but once you have learnt the rules, there really is nothing to stop you from breaking them down and bending them to your own taste. You are, after all, the man you make. Adapt this attitude, and the easy-going charm will soon follow. As Lino Leluzzi put it himself: ‘’I hate when men try to look perfect. Human beings are never perfect on the inside, so they must never be perfect on the outside. To me, imperfection is never a mistake – it is a sign of humanity. You must break the codes, break the perfection.’’ You might choose to call it artful dishevelment, or simply natural flair, but sometimes it is better to take a more blasé approach to defining something as allusive as sprezzatura.

Lapo Elkann

THE ART OF STYLE: RECREATE SPREZZATURA LIKE THE MASTERS Alessandro: Undone with sport-inspired touches, confidence shines through in all that Alessandro Squarzi wears. Lino: classic and refined, Mr Ieluzzi keeps it all in the details. Lapo: The modern equivalent of dandy fashion, Lapo takes the flamboyant and makes it his own.











WINTER 2014/15



AW14 designer collections brought subtle, understated refinement, bold and eclectic prints and new twists on classic silhouettes and structure. One of the biggest trends featured on the runway was a double-breasted overcoat, which carried both military undercurrents and 1920s Boardwalk Empire inspired cuts. E. Tautz and Hackett were amongst the designers to incorporate this look with more traditional tailoring, whilst Costume National, Kenzo and Saint Laurent added a new dimension expressed through quirky colour combinations and bold prints. Feeling the arctic chill? Designers including Christopher Raeburn and KTZ channelled a unique take on an expedition across the ice caps with oversized trek coats and parka jackets with faux fur lined hoods. Elsewhere, the inclusion of shearling dominated the outerwear trend for autumn/winter, adding an extra degree of warmth and luxury to the cold months ahead. Most notable were Dior Homme’s knee length duffle, Burberry’s brown and beige sheepskin coat, and Balmain’s aviator jacket.

S T YL E T IP Keep the casual look stylish by mixing different textures including wool, leather and corduroy, or try freshening them up with a bold pop of colour.

Saint Laurent

The cover-up: a statement piece or a style essential? No matter what your perception of outerwear is, this season’s coats and jackets are not just your run-of-the-mill protective gear, but rather they can act as a versatile canvas, become the centerpiece of an understated look, or add the finishing touch to an outfit. This adaptable and transitional piece of clothing can take you effortlessly from day to night; from casual attire to office-chic; from weekend retreat to a wild night on the town.


We bring you our top outerwear picks to see you through the autumn/winter months

Casual Day-To-Day Attire For the days when men require a comfortable, relaxed and warm casual piece of outerwear, don’t look further than the parka, duffle coat or quilted jacket – three options that continue their prominent reign on both the catwalk and the high-street. These styles serve the cool, slick city boy and the fashion savvy country gentleman.

Continuing with a more practical and laid-back aesthetic, cropped leather jackets, printed bombers and padded jackets all breathed cool new life onto the runways. Take inspiration from collections by Common, Dries Van Noten and Alexander McQueen for street wear-inspired perfection. Overall, the keynotes to take away from the runway were: don’t be afraid of mixing textures, having fun with colour and playing around with different variations of length. As men are becoming more confident, daring and self-assured when it comes to fashion, designers are having to up the ante in order to meet the demands of the modern, fashion conscious gent. One thing is for certain when it comes to selecting a coat or jacket this season: men are spoilt for choice – never a bad thing, and we must say it’s about time, too. But do you feel like you need some help to narrow down the choice? Well La Vida has it covered with our selection of outerwear fit for any occasion.


WINTER 2014/15

Khaki jacket; Superdry, £114.99. Quilted Jacket; Ted Baker, £189. Thermal Parka; The North Face at John Lewis, £290. Faux fur duffle coat; Zara, £179.

LA VIDA | FASHION Neil Barrett

Smart, Polished & Refined Although not typically paired with suits and fine tailoring, the double-breasted coat and single-breasted overcoat received a somewhat re-birth on this season’s runway. Developing a sleek sensibility in fabrics of tweed and herringbone, this look forms a timeless classic that can be worn to the office, a social event or to put the smart in smart-casual.


Whilst opting for a coat that stops just below the knee is great for taller men, shorter gents should select a cropped pea coat to help elongate the torso. If you want a more weightless option, try a classic trench coat; a style fit for any shape, size or height.

Whilst classic colours and silhouettes remain popular, why not add an updated twist with shearling collars, bold graphic prints and modern colours such as green, grey and navy.

Salvatore Ferragamo


Double-breasted coat; Next, £110. Navy wool coat; Reiss, £295. Checked overcoat; AMI Alexandre Mattiussi, £493.98.

Leather & Bombers Leather is a perennial favourite amongst designers and street wear enthusiasts alike. Its classic Rockabilly quality can help toughen up a smart look or add that extra degree of grit to a more carefree, relaxed outfit. Not feeling leather? Be the pilot of your own street wear-inspired ensemble with a bomber jacket. Made popular by the hip-hop movement, this casual number can create a statement and serve as a staple for any mans wardrobe. Leather sleeved bomber; Jigsaw, £245. Zipped leather jacket; H&M, £149. Floral bomber; Boohoo, £18.

WINTER 2014/15




Effortlessly stylish and entirely accessible, this season is all about mixing shades and hues from one colour family for an interesting play on colour that is easy on the eye, yet certainly not boring. Seen countless times at London Collections: Men for AW14, the trick is in juxtaposing shades and textures to provide contrast between pieces. So, whether you choose to go down a classic navy route, or be bold and experimental with an emerald green shade, set the scene this winter by wearing your tonal ensembles with confidence and watch others follow in your footsteps.


2 1

BEIGE 1. REISS, £295 2. H&M, £14.99 3. TED BAKER, £129 4. DANIEL WELLINGTON, £179 5. RIVER ISLAND, £40





1. MARKS & SPENCER, £79 2. PAUL SMITH, £530 (Matches Fashion) 3. TED BAKER, £95 4. LOEWE, £1,600 (Farfetch)

1. BURBERRY PRORSUM, £1,995 (Matches Fashion) 2. POLO RALPH LAUREN, £65 (Mr Porter) 3.REISS, £115 4. BOTTEGA VENETA, £495 (Mr Porter)


1 2



4 3


WINTER 2014/15








BURGUNDY 1. MISSONI, £450 (Mr Porter) 2. TOD’S, £325 3. RIVER ISLAND, £25 4. FAÇONNABLE, £845 (Mr Porter) 5. COS, £29

6. PAUL SMITH, £85 7. REISS, £95




1. NEWLOOK, £4.99 2. DOLCE & GABBANA, £248.54 (Farfetch) 3. KOMONO MAGNUS, £84.95 (ASOS) 4. MARGARET HOWELL, £225 (Mr Porter) 5. ZARA, £29.99

6. MARKS & SPENCER, £399 7. RICK OWENS, £2,690 (Mr Porter)






WINTER 2014/15


Agi & Sam paid tribute to the Kenyan Maasai tribal check with outerwear, trousers and short-sleeved sweaters in a stark, monochromatic colour palette.


Saint Laurent, £615 (Mr Porter)

Etro, £295 (Mr Porter)

Agi & Sm

Neil Barrett, £155 (Harvey Nichols)

Newlook, £19

Marc by Marc Jacobs, £455 (Matches Fashion)


Kenzo displayed checks with subdued exuberance in x-ray style prints atop tailoring, knitwear and outerwear. Burberry Prorsum, £395 (Matches Fashion)

An enduring favourite in men’s fashion, the check shows no sign of fading anytime soon. We saw AW14 celebrate the heritage of chequered and colourful prints, harking back to its sense of rebellion and anarchy but with a contemporary twist. From graphic square prints to tartans and plaid, their presence made bold statements on the catwalk.

Alexander McQueen

Ted Baker, (jacket) £279, (trousers) £130

Representing the subversive punk culture, Alexander McQueen mixed head-to-toe plaids with crow-feathered head pieces that were vampiric in nature.


WINTER 2014/15

3.1 Phillip Lim

Burberry Brit, £195 (Matches Fashion)

Using a more vibrant palette, Etro, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent all injected a spectrum of colour into their plaids, creating a cool update on an old classic.

Alexander McQueen, £330 (Matches Fashion)


LA VIDA | FASHION More than just time tellers, watches have become an anchor of style within the world of menswear and the perfect sartorial accessory to any outfit. Everything from the face, the finishes, to the strap you choose can communicate your own personal style and make it individual to only you. Choose right and your watch can even become timeless.


Created for their Overseas Collection, this sleek and sporty Vacheron Constantin timepiece is ‘’intended for all those who love complications that are useful in everyday life’’ and is a product of the renowned Swiss manufacturing process that has seen over 200 years of experience poured into it.

From the very first pieces created by Blancpain in the 18th century, the brand has built itself with tradition and innovation in mind, highlighted perfectly with this rose gold manual timepiece. Featuring a transparent caseback that allows the wearer to view the intricate details of the watch mechanism, and a sapphire crystal case cover with a scratch hardness of 400 - it’s a demonstration in both build and style excellence.

4 3 2




Jaeger LeCoultre’s Reverso Collection combines classic Art Deco design aesthetics with a sleek contemporary feel. When combined with the alligator leather strap and personalised engraving service, it is testament to the power of luxury watchmaking. 8

The Piaget Gouverneur’s silver-plated guilloché “sunburst” motif dial is embellished with gold threads and boasts 18K rose-gold hour markers and window. Sitting in a striking 18K case in the same rose-gold, a sapphire case back finishes this watch off to a premium standard for the extrovert in you. 1. BLANCPAIN,, Villeret, £27,440 (The Watch Gallery) 2. VACHERON CONSTANTIN,, The Overseas Collection, £16,350 (Watches of Switzerland) 3. TAG HEUER, Carrera Bi-Metal Automatic, £2,895 (Beaverbrooks) 4. ZENITH, ElPrimo 410 Ltd Edition, 7,000 (Jamieson Carry) 5. PIAGET, Gouverneur, £26,500 6. FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, Index Slim Automatic, £720 (The Watch Gallery) 7. RAYMOND WEIL, Freelacer, £1,225 (The Watch Gallery) 8. JAEGER LECOULTRE, Reverso Grande, £5,500 (The Watch Gallery)

GIANNI AGNELLI “THE UNCROWNED KING OF SPREZZATURA” Gianni Agnelli, celebrated for being the embodiment of sprezzatura just as much as he was for being the head of car manufacturer Fiat during the 1960s, Agnelli made watches his signature by incorporating them into his impeccable style. Recognized for wearing his wristwatch over his shirt cuff, he is a true example of

how a timepiece can define a man and elevate him into the stylebook stratosphere. With that being said, you too can become a style hero in your own right by investing wisely in a wristwatch that tells not only the time, but also a lot about you. Read more about sprezzatura on page 50.

WINTER 2014/15


LOCK & CO HATTERS Voyager Felt Trilby £225 (Mr. Porter) ZARA Monk Strap Shoes

TED BAKER Embossed Leather Holdall



ZARA Tarten Dickie Bow REISS Silk Dot Pocket Square £69.99

MULBERRY Leather Gloves


This season’s accessories incorporated a mix of simple and traditional styles with punchy and updated twists. Designer collections paid tribute to the modern workingman, presenting a cohesive uniformed look. Layering is the keynote to successfully integrating accessories into your wardrobe; think felt fedoras, silkprinted scarves and luxurious leather gloves for urban sophistication. Bigger is also better this season with oversized boxy bags, portfolios and chunky knitted scarves in checked, jacquard and Fair Isle prints. Classic footwear was given a revamp as well with monk-straps, chunky athletic soles and highgloss or metallic sheens. Boots, a staple of winter fashion, took inspiration from the military and the great explorer. DANIEL WELLINGTON ‘Grace London’ Watch

£185 (Mr. Porter)

£69.99 TIGER OF SWEDEN Rodolfo Cufflinks £49

H&M Ribbed Snood Scarf TOPMAN Leather Belt SAINT LAURENT Leather Wallet


BOTTEGA VENETA Woven Leather Briefcase

PAOLO ALBIZZATI Textured Striped Tie

£1,655 (


WINTER 2014/15

£340 (Harrods)





In our last issue, we introduced you to COMER: a Manchester based, awardwinning international photography company and an illustrious team whom have taken the industry and flipped it – and its norms – completely upside down since they first came together. Matt, the talented eye behind the lens; Lee, the managerial organiser behind the enterprise; and Dimetri, the fire spurring Matt’s creativity, have created an inimitable portfolio that ranges from the shores of California to the back streets of London, and everywhere in between – literally.

Now taking on the role as photography directors for La Vida, we couldn’t possibly further elucidate what goes on in the world of COMER – let alone Matt’s head. So, we bring ‘The COMER Diaries’; a glimpse into their crazy universe of fashion campaigns, portrait shots, fly-on-the-wall snaps, fashion editorials and, well, anything else they could think of…



behind the camera, Two Halves becoming one under Matt’s lens, Topman getting the COMER touch with Your Own Clothing and South Beach letting the boys take over their social media (very brave), it’s been a crazy time for COMER – and we invite you to get in on the action…

The result: one hell of a spread! With Private White looking wickedly transformed, Dimetri embodying the glam of Rodeo Drive, Cobra Snake finally stepping out from

RODEO DRIVE Dimetri Hogan joined the COMER team about a year ago as our producer specialising in the American market – he also transitions as a model! We work very closely with Dimetri on the campaign shots for Supply & Demand as he is the face of the brand, but we also try and work on other projects; creating stories and editorials at every opportunity. Most recently, we shot out in the Mojave Desert after a wild night in Vegas and flexed out Topman in Beverly Hills!

WINTER 2014/15


DROP DEAD Our most recent endeavour was with Oli Sykes, from Bring Me The Horizon, for his clothing brand Drop Dead. He asked us to shoot the new male and female range. The brief: fun, playful and colourful – and that’s just what we did! We teamed up with Josh Woods from Feature Phonic Media to create a cool video that we shot at Victoria Warehouse using models from Manchester’s Nemesis and J’adore. Styled by Sophie Benson with hair and makeup from Dominique Desveaux, we took over the place in true form and created some amazing shots. The best part: we ordered pizza for one of the shots – we love to include food wherever we can – and once the frames were complete, it was devoured! We’d never seen four models eat so fast! The shoot went so well we planned a second at the Drop Dead factory in Sheffield with Hannah Pixie Snowdon, Oli’s girlfriend who owns Black Stabbath Tattoo. We shot the collection with Hannah and her friend Luke in the attic of the warehouse, and then Hannah kindly tattooed us with our TCB (taking care of business) tattoos – great day all-round! 72

WINTER 2014/15


WINTER 2014/15


PRIVATE WHITE We called on the Private White factory in Salford – where everything is sourced and created – to see owner James Eden, who wanted us to shoot a range from the brand’s new collection that was to be styled by Nick Ashley, the company’s creative director, around Salford and Manchester. He thought it was about time we all met considering we shoot for the brand regularly. Some of the work was even published in Le Book earlier this year! We used some great locations around the area, but we must say, our favourite and the most famous spot, was Salford Lads’ Club. So we all set-off looking like a bunch of well-dressed English folk – of course not without the office mascot Brutus, who belongs to James. A couple of weeks after the shoot, we were invited back to the Private White offices to discuss another shoot involving a royal visit: Princess Anne came to the factory to see just what was going on. Manchester modelling agency J’adore, were kind enough to supply the models for the shoot.

WINTER 2014/15



Cobra Snake is a well-known photographer in California. We met him out there and thought instead of him taking the pictures, it would be fun to make him the subject of the shoot...


WINTER 2014/15



We’ve been busy again this year with JD Sports brand Supply & Demand. We went to NYC in February to shoot a summer campaign and, based on the amount of snow they had and the shit visibility, let’s just say that we did a great job. We went back in June to shoot the full summer collection and hired the Statue Of Liberty out – yeah, the whole Statue Of Liberty! Who else can say they’ve done that? Styled by Gemma Silcock, models Dimetri Hogan, Valeriya Plänidina, David Wallace, Jared Simms and Val. WINTER 2014/15


YOUR OWN: TOPMAN We set off on a rainy morning for Macclesfield Town Football Club, which was to be the location for the Your Own Clothing AW14 photoshoot in collaboration with Topman. We had the whole grounds to ourselves for the shoot and even had a kick about – that was until the goalkeeper actually broke his thumb – oops! This shoot was really cool. All the football terraces and the textures really mixed well together, giving great variation and depth in the images. Photo assisted by Ema Crompton, styled by Christopher Donnelly and assisted by Gemma Silcock. Models from J’adore – plus a few friends! 78

WINTER 2014/15

SOUTH BEACH September comes around quickly and we’re dying to get away, so we visit our friends at South Beach and start planning to shoot in California and Nevada. And away we go! For two weeks, team COMER took over the social media for South Beach, as we shot across California and Nevada. I think one of the highlights was getting the guys involved in L.A.: we used our friend Kirk Whisman’s boat and spent the day on the lake shooting. We then hired the famous PinZ Bowling Center and shot there as well! Our creative director Dimetri, flew in from NYC to oversee the shoot and add his creative spin. Styled by COMER and DEVJOP, with hair and make-up also courtesy of DEVJOP. Big thanks to Wilhelmina and L.A. Models for the talent! WINTER 2014/15



WINTER 2014/15


From the pages of glossy magazines to the flat screen of our televisions, newlyweds Josh Beech and Shenae Grimes-Beech return to the spotlight, bringing their passions of fashion, art, photography and music with them, as they introduce us to their successful blog and new clothing line, Two Halves. PHOTOGRAPHY by COMER



henae Grimes-Beech may have been watched and known by millions as 90210’s girl next door Annie Wilson, but the newly married “badass hippy” is more than ready to shed her proverbial squeaky-clean feathers and pursue dreams of fashion, whilst focusing attention on her new husband, Josh Beech. Not unaccustomed to his own fair share of the limelight, despite racking up pretty impressive modelling credentials shooting for the likes of Valentino, Thierry Mugler and Burberry, Josh’s passion for music is one that has been ingrained from an early age, seeing him succeed not only within various bands, but also as a solo artist. But now, with fashion such a huge part of who they are as individuals, and as a whole, the pair have come together in mutual excitement to venture into the latest stage of their lives as one: their alternative clothing brand, Two Halves. La Vida caught up with the duo to learn more about fashion, music, love and friendship with photography’s newest talent insurgence COMER, as they really do live the American Dream. Shenae, let’s start with the obvious: 90210. So, you’re most famously known as Annie Wilson from the hit TV show, but you’ve said in the past that you didn’t really identify with her as a character. Was it difficult playing a role you felt so far removed from? S: Not at all, that’s what acting is; being able to adapt to a wide range of diverse characters that are more than likely different from your own. The hardest part in doing that on television is that you’re in people’s homes every week as that character. They identify the person playing pretend with the person they see on their screens, and that makes it difficult to transition into other roles or career paths when that time ends. I may be ready to move on to the next chapter of my life, but fans of Annie Wilson may not be invested in supporting me, Shenae, in doing that. It wasn’t just some ‘under the radar’ project; your role was extremely high profile. Were you prepared for that spotlight? S: Absolutely not. Everyone kept saying it was going to be huge, life changing, but I felt exactly the same as always. I just had this new and exciting job, so I couldn’t grasp the gravity of the journey I was about to embark upon. I was not prepared for the limelight and the baggage that came with that new job. It was a major struggle at first but I learned to separate myself from the bullshit and I think it all made me stronger in the end. I’m proud of how I handled it and although I wouldn’t necessarily wish it on someone else, I wouldn’t have it any other way; having to evolve as a person amidst that bizarre experience made me who I am today. Now that 90210 has come to an end, what do you plan to do? Do you want to continue with a career in acting or do you want to focus on your new clothing brand and other ventures? S: I’m not actively pursuing an acting career at this point in time. I’ve had other dreams for many years that I simply did not have the time to pursue while on the show. When the show ended, I finally had a moment of calm and clarity. I knew I could sign myself up for another five years of acting jobs that I wouldn’t find fulfilling, or I could take a risk and dive into the unknown headfirst. My husband gave me the confidence to pursue the latter, and I’m so glad I am. I’m currently working day in, day out with him on our brand, whilst pursuing a career in the fashion/lifestyle hosting space. It’s scary, but I wake up every day motivated and hungry, and end every day feeling satisfied, accomplished and excited for the next day to start. That’s much more than I could have said for myself two years ago. That just tells me that I’ve made the right call. Have you ever thought of collaborating with Josh in music? S: Ha! He sure has! I have too in my drunken karaoke stupors: get a few drinks in me and you can’t fight your way to the mic when it’s in my hand. Unfortunately, I have zero balls when it comes to live performance on a stage. I may be okay in a karaoke bar full of friends, but as soon as I’m raised a foot with strangers’ eyeballs piercing into me, I get a burning hot sensation from the core of my chest and completely freeze. Maybe if I pulled a Jim Morrison and closed my eyes with my back facing the audience, I’d be all right, but I’m not cut out for the stage the way my husband is. He gets up there and it’s like the whole world shifts on its axis. You’re born to do it or you’re not, and I learned at a young age my dreams of being the next Britney Spears were pretty unrealistic with my severe stage fright. Now Josh, modelling and music inevitably brings a lot of media attention, but how does that focus differ between the two? Do you find one to be more intense or scrutinizing? J: For me, music media is a little more harsh and critical and you really need to earn respect through talent and hard work. Modelling press is based on you having a pretty face, which ultimately is a gift from your parents, so it’s not as rewarding for me.


WINTER 2014/15


Josh: I Died Tied - Grunge Party, $60. Shanae: I Died Tied - Custom Crop Top, $70. Warrier Ring Antique Finish, $55. Charmer Ring Antique Finish, $55. Warrior Bangle Antique Finish, $65. All Two Halves. WINTER 2014/15


You’ve modelled for the likes of Moschino, Just Cavalli and Valentino; what was the most surreal moment from your career? J: There have been so many surreal moments. I’ve had an absolutely blinding modelling career which many people dream of, so for that I feel very lucky, as modelling was never something I actually wanted to do. One shoot that really sticks out was one for The New York Times: I climbed a pyramid on that trip and rode a horse with no saddle across the dessert – I can’t even ride a horse with a saddle, so this was a pretty epic challenge. What can we expect in terms of your music in the near future? J: I’m currently in the studio writing solo material in-between Beech albums. This will be the first time I have ever released music in the USA, so I’m really excited. I also start touring my solo material in January in the USA, which is pretty exciting, too. Your new single ‘Dance For The Money’ has recently been released. How was it writing and recording your album ‘Letters Written In The Sky’, does it get easier with time? J: ‘Letters Written In The Sky’ was a fun album to make. It is an accumulation of songs that I had written on my own over the past two years and then new songs, which I wrote with Oli Som after signing to Universal Records. I never find writing hard to be honest, maybe one day I will run out of things to sing about and that will be my challenge! Are there plans for you to pursue solo music more? J: Hell yeah! That’s what I’m in the middle of doing right now. I’m going back to my stripped-back sound on these songs, which I’m really excited about. Expect Jonny Cash, Dylan and Jeff Buckley’s love child to be born through these songs! So let’s talk a little about your clothing brand. How did the idea and name behind Two Halves come about? S: We really are each other’s other half and this project is certainly a 50/50 project, so the name just made sense. Plus, a lot of the products on the store are unisex, so I guess each product is half dude-inspired and half chick-inspired! Can you describe the brand in one sentence? J: Badass threads, made for lads and ladies in Los Angeles, CA. What are your favourite pieces from the collection? S&J: We love it all as it’s kinda like our baby. But if we had to choose, it would be the Warrior Necklace and The Charmer Ring. Everyone’s style changes over time, how would you describe yours right now? J: Together it’s pretty boho-punk – whatever that means! Shenae is kinda like a badass hippy, and I’m pretty South-Londonpunk. What are the trends you’re most looking forward to? S&J: A trend that’s not based on Topshop’s latest lookbook!


WINTER 2014/15

LA VIDA | FEATURE Shanae: T-shirt Logo Tee, $30. Warrior Bangel Antique Finish, $65. Warrior Necklace Antique Finish, $75. Josh: T-shirt Logo Tee, $30. Tree Chopper Necklace, $75. All Two Halves.

WINTER 2014/15


Anything you’re particularly looking forward to next year? S: Loads! Josh’s solo material is to be released, we’ve got the new collection, a trip to India, and our niece is being born! Who are your music and fashion heroes? S: Steven Tyler and Jim Morrison. J: Young Jonny Depp and Kings Of Leon. What’s high on your playlist right now? S&J: Foo Fighters - ‘Something From Nothing’. How is it to work and live so closely with your other half, do you come to a head often? S&J: It’s incredible, we feel so lucky to get to spend all day together. We butt heads occasionally on design ideas, but that’s what helps us make our designs stronger. What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given? S&J: Never argue in the bedroom. How did your collaboration with COMER come around? J: Matt is one of my best mates and I’ve worked with him and his brand for years. He was in L.A. and wanted to get together and it just happened. He is such a talented dude with a crazy big heart.... Magic happens when you’re around that guy! For information on Josh’s tour and album, head to: facebook/joshbeechmusic


WINTER 2014/15

“Our priorities in designing these pieces have been creating ontrend but timeless pieces for both men and women that guarantee quality at minimal cost. We only make things we want to wear and we can’t wait to see other people wearing them too.” -The Beeches aka Two Halves


WINTER 2014/15




sami Zdrenka, Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy and Jessica Kate Plummer, collectively known as Neon Jungle, have taken the pop world by storm. Four fierce young ladies with an attitude that airs similarities reminiscent of the early Spice Girls, submerged with a unique sense of style that rivals that of Girls Aloud during their peak. It’s all about youth culture; that sense of rebellion and experimentation with new sounds and styles; that tangible sense of excitement and confidence to take on the world with a renewed embodiment of girl power. But what does the future hold? Neon Jungle are no ordinary girl band. They weren’t formed for the masses before a baying and brutal execution-style reality music-making machine. They were however, formed for the masses under the guise of a slightly different animal. The concept in a nutshell is simple: four girls from four backgrounds. Four solo artists to make a hybrid, modern pop group for maximum youth appeal. Something for the rebellious youngsters hungry for adolescence that would be enthralled by a visual explosion of fabrics and colours and fashion. The true genius is in fact in the implementation; individually unique, yet seamlessly woven into the tapestry of a solid force, like four sides to a square, or four limbs to a torso.


WINTER 2014/15

LA VIDA | FEATURE Jessica: I guess if people didn’t like us then our label would tell us “People don’t like you…no album”. Considering we didn’t come from a TV show or anything and literally people’s opinions of us are from what we’ve given them, the fact that everyone has been so lovely is really nice.

La Vida’s JSKY interviews the girls from Neon Jungle

Their performance ignited an unruly crowd like a match being struck, or a school dinner bell ringing. There were clear signs of early pop hysteria developing. Girls were crying, and security was on standby. There was jumping, and chanting, and mobile phones capturing every moment. The atmosphere was electric and Instagram became frantic. As young women embracing adulthood, I was intrigued to see if they preferred to perform to younger audiences. Their response was pretty neutral. Amira: I just love to perform to anyone that’s going to have a good time and be responsive. As long as they enjoy themselves, that’s all that really matters.


hey empower their inner child to be courageous with their clothes and go wild with their wardrobe. Actively fuelling bravery (much akin to their single ‘Braveheart’), Neon Jungle are not afraid to experiment with bold and often abrasive looks and statement styles. Through each performance the audience is invigorated to find themselves as they would on a journey of self-discovery of style. A ‘why not?’ attitude is adopted and the fear of looking stupid is assaulted as Asami, Shereen, Amira and Jessica combat safe outfit choices. Asami: If you like something, wear it. All girls: Yes! Amira: Even if you’re not sure yourself, just do it. Make it work and learn from your fashion mistakes. Shereen: Just be yourself. Don’t look at someone else’s style too much. Wear whatever suits you. If it suits you, then it’s your thing. It was a joy to speak to the girls again. We were backstage at HMV Manchester for the launch of their album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’. The sound of screaming teenage fans was escalating in trepidation of their impending in-store performance, and my interview was delaying the process. I could feel the atmosphere outside building, every second of antagonising revellers who had most likely put this event ahead of their homework. This was a big deal. Few new artists, particularly girl bands, make it as far as to release an album nowadays. A lot of acts focus instead on releasing singles and festival performances. I wanted to know how important releasing an album was to them, and how they had found the whole experience.

This was the third time I’d caught up with the girls in Manchester. As a proud advocate of the city, I wanted to know what Neon Jungle thought of it here. Jessica: Manchester is just crazy. People are so up for it. Even when we were just walking past and they could only just see the figures of us they were screaming their heads off. Amira: It reminds us of London just how multicultural it is. I would definitely move to Manchester if I weren’t living in London. Neon Jungle have performed during a Victoria’s Secret fashion show and have also charted in America. They have an army of fans around the world that continue to perpetuate them into the stratosphere of pop culture. I asked my favourite member, Jessica Kate Plummer, if there was anything she’d like to say on behalf of the girls to the fans. Jessica: Thank you! We love you so much! Neon Jungle’s debut album ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ is out now, and available from most retailers and iTunes. For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter @NeonJungle.

Asami: It’s been crazy. It’s been a whirlwind. We just can’t believe we’re doing an album signing in HMV. Amira: An album was always something we wanted to do. We didn’t know whether we would get there or whether we would just keep releasing singles. It happened quite quickly for us. Shereen: We’d been recording the album for just over a year. For us to have it out now is like the moment of truth.

WINTER 2014/15


M AR Y K A T E & A S HLE Y OLS E N R E L E A S E A F FO RDABLE J EW E L L E R Y L I N E The most stylish duo are expanding their design and fashion empire once more with a capsule collection of affordable jewellery pieces (nothing in the collection costs more than $39.99), to join their existing collection of Ready-To-Wear basics on Named AMK x SM (standing for Ashley and Mary-Kate x StyleMint), the range has been inspired by, and named after, celestial formations

and is set to include minimalist choker necklaces, delicate hand chains, ear cuffs and wonderfully simple lariat necklaces, together with two different clutch shapes. The essence of sophistication and simplicity, the design of the pieces truly encapsulates the essence of the sister’s now famous personal style. Items will be available from November 1st on


One word: phenomenal! An outstanding, creative newbie designer who pushes aesthetics to their limits and works towards a signature we’d familiarise with designers such as Gareth Pugh, Rai Kawakubo or Issey Miyake. With bold, statement pieces to prove her creative flair, we decided to introduce you to Sade English – a Londoner (part Peruvian, part Colombian, part Jamaican and part Chinese) to try find out, more or less, everything there is to know about this upand-coming brand. Intrigued? Read the interview online.


WINTER 2014/15


Often attempted – yet very rarely executed well – the art of mixing patterns successfully is a telltale sign that a man has flair and a natural eye for dressing. No longer restricted to merely the mixing of different tweeds and heritage fabrics, the recent spike in popularity for contemporary urban wear has meant that male fashion is taking things up a few notches. This season’s favourite camo print is a good contender and surprisingly easily incorporated into a myriad of other prints and patterns, as are checks – a classic that never truly goes out of style. A Sauvage for example, although preferring to stick to a statement print or pattern within his runway collection, perfectly demonstrated how prints are easily workable for any men’s wardrobe (we particularly like the mix of tartan trousers and graphic print sweatshirt).


A style extravaganza to extravaganzas, the North-West is set to play host to some of Britain’s greatest style influencers from across the world of fashion, beauty, and photography. Luxury fashion designer Matthew Williamson will join the likes of renowned photographer Tim Brent Day (who’s work will also be on display at the iconic Liver Building) and make-up artist to

the stars, Cassie Lomas, together with experts from; Matalan, Boodles, Nails Inc, and Cricket at the three-day major event. Celebration of Style also b rings an enthralling exhibition with the work of legendry artist Andy Warhol, at the Tate Liverpool.



Welcome to La Vida Diary, an insight into our recent social calendar over the past weeks. Featuring events hosted in a selection of vibrant locations within London, Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire; from the glamorous Monte Carlo back drop of The Crème de la Crème Ball, to the quirky back-street gem ‘2022NQ’, we bring you the people and places with whom we welcomed in our busy winter evenings, and most importantly- party season! ABOVE: The late designer Oscar de la Renta, showcases his final womenswear collection at SS/15 Fashion week WINTER 2014/15


Fashion Week SS/15

Louis Vuitton


As Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Fürstenberg, and Louis Vuitton all offered up different interpretations of a seventies theme in a continuation from this season, Altuzarra, Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors were bitten by the gingham bug with predominantly pink and blue hued offerings in both micro and macro scales of the playful fabric. Elsewhere, Rodarte gave feelings of an unworldly, ethereal place, where glittering frocks and utilitarian detailing met in a collection inspired by the sea and all that lies beneath it. Topshop Unique too, amongst a collection of modern athletic wear, showed us that shimmering silks and subtle beadwork will add textural delicacy to barely-there surfaces within our spring/summer 2015 wardrobes. But whilst Céline and Marni explored new and complex concepts of purity with simple silhouettes and softly belted swathes of fabric, if the shows proved anything, it was that the upcoming season will be a Pandora’s box of bold prints, exciting colour combinations, and a whole host of unique trends to inspire those fashion filled dreams of ours.

Topshop Unique

A whole season’s worth of fresh new fashion trends and exciting creative direction condensed into a four week flurry of shows, after parties, and even a dance presentation. The SS15 Fashion Week’s opened our eyes to a new set of spoils that we can’t help but start dreaming about already.

Vans Movement MANCHESTER October saw us celebrate the underground movement with Vans Classics through creative expression brought to life by plenty of live music and art. On show were a host of modernist drawings to match the wave of music racing through the city of Manchester. The venue 2022NQ – a hard to find but thoroughly worth discovering spot – gave us a private view of the gallery show as curated by VNA Magazine, featuring key players of the art scene including Aylo, Ruby, CBloxx, and many more.


WINTER 2014/15

Live music was provided by Levelz, The Mouse Outfit, Werkha plus a very special set from a prolific innovator deep within the UK music scene, DJ Rich Reason. We found ourselves entranced with a mix of salsa, house, and jazz and free styling MC movements through the night. For anyone looking for something fresh, yet with a touch of underground artistic intrigue, this was an event not to miss.


Vogue Ball LIVERPOOL The dance event to end all other dance events. The Vogue Ball took audiences on a vogueage to the darkest depths of the galaxy on Saturday 4th October with The Space Oddity. Audiences at this year’s event, which took place at The Rum Warehouse, which forms part of the Titanic Hotel at Liverpool’s iconic Stanley Dock, were treated to an exceptional evening at the dance event like no other in the UK – where club culture meets high art. Darren Suarez and his house, House of Suarez, opened the evening with their spectacular piece - AI Vogue (Artificial Intelligence). The visually stunning performance saw storm troopers take over the stage and amaze the crowds with their fierce vogue moves which included accompanying music from cult sci-fi movies. The competition was more intense than ever with all the competing houses battling it out for ultimate dance supremacy with House of Lipa facing off strong competition to be crowned champions at the end of the evening - impressing the judging panel which included Aviance Milan, one of New York’s most celebrated voguers, fashion designers Philip and Tony Armstrong, and independent artist and choreographer Gary Clarke. The evening was also a night for celebration for House of Suarez as it received the honour of Legendary Status; with Aviance Milan announcing the news live on stage to a roaring crowd and an overwhelmed and delighted Darren Suarez.

PHOTOS: House of Suarez, Fotocad, Michael Repec Photography

Ending the event in celebrated style, brave and willing audience members were then given the opportunity to strut their stuff along the catwalk and show the crowds their best moves. The show took us all on a journey through the cosmos where extra-terrestrial beings and space crusaders all engaged in fierce dance combat for the audience’s sheer entertainment on the most messed-up catwalk in the universe. The Vogue Ball is set to come to Manchester on Febuary 7th 2015, more details online. WINTER 2014/15


Little Black Dress MANCHESTER

The ‘Carrie’ Dress from the feminine collection

Early October, La Vida were kindly invited to celebrate the launch of the debut, own-label collection by Little Black Dress. Situated on the twelfth floor bar of Manchester House, the collection hung against the backdrop of the city lights as guests pondered which mood and icon they could associate with. Inspired by icons, and the “affinity all women share with the LBD,” the collection is split into five moods that every girl can associate with – ‘Glamorous’, ‘Unique’, ‘Feminine’, ‘Sexy’ or ‘Classic’. With each dress within these moods, named and styled upon an iconic female. We had that much fun in Manchester, that we went to the London one too! “Versatile, flattering and synonymous with timeless style, to this day the LBD remains a girl’s best friend. It’s this sentiment that inspired us to launch Little Black Dress, a new premium fashion brand and collection of luxury LBDs that combines our namesake with contemporary design, sumptuous fabrics and unexpected detailing.”


WINTER 2014/15


LONDON Taking place at the sumptuous surroundings of the Hotel Café Royal, the London LBD event was equally as decadent as its Manchester counterpart. Gathered at the hotel’s Oscar Wilde Bar, guests sipped on champagne and cocktails as well as nibbling on delicious canapés. Model and X Factor dancer Danielle Peazer and Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson also made the event to witness the debut 20-piece collection by Little Black Dress.

Lucy Watson attends wearing her very own LBD

Guests take a closer look at the new collection

PHOTOS: Thanks to Fluorescent PR

WINTER 2014/15


Girl band Alula take to the stage to perform.

Hosts Ashley and Dawn Ward with John and Claire Caudwell

Crème de la Crème Ball CHESHIRE

The Miss Manchester girls show their support.

Danielle Lloyd looked dazzeling at the Monte Carlo themed event.

Pixie Lott performs at the Crème de la Crème Ball

The fifth annual Crème de la Crème Ball took place on Saturday 13th September in the grounds of Warford Hall, the stunning private residence of the event hosts, Ashley and Dawn Ward. Hundreds descended upon the starlit marquee for what has become one of the most prestigious events in the Cheshire Social Calendar. Organised by Entertainment Today Events Ltd., this years glamorous event took guests on a journey to the French Riviera to experience the luxury and glamour of the playground of the rich and famous at Crème de la Monte Carlo. The red carpet was buzzing with the glitz and glamour of Monaco. Stars attended in abundance with a VIP guest list including Kym Marsh and boyfriend Dan Hooper, Danielle Lloyd, Kate Thornton, Samia Ghadie, Brooke Vincent, and Anthony Cotton amongst many more. Guests entered into an atmosphere of casinos and glamour with buzzing blackjack tables and glittering chandeliers before witnessing a spectacular line-up of entertainment including upcoming girl band Alula, X Factor’s Amelia Lily and current Strictly come dancing contestant Pixie Lott who wowed gets with a mesmerising performance. The event raised £130,000 for Caudwell Children, an incredible charity who work to improve the lives of children living with disabilities or fighting against terminal illnesses.


PHOTOS: Thanks to Entertainment Today

WINTER 2014/15

Antony Cotton and Sheree Murphy

30 James Street LIVERPOOL A host of famous faces including Spice Girl’s Mel C attended the White Star Ball to mark the launch of Liverpool’s new luxury hotel, 30 James Street, a Titanic–themed Hotel.

Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner

Mel C performed her greatest hits at the starstudded bash, which also saw Atomic Kitten’s Liz McClarnon, Ray Quinn, Joe McElderry, Les Dennis, Antony Cotton, Alex Gerrard and The ‘Carrie’ Dress from the feminine Sheree Murphy grace the red carpet. collection

The hotel is the latest project by developers Signature Living. More information can be found at

Jorgie Porter and Stephanie Davis arrive.

PR Daniel Hughes and Les Dennis

Jude Cisse and Liz McClarnon

Radio City DJ Pete Price and Ray Quinn

30 James Street owner Katie Kenwright and Mel C

WINTER 2014/15


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WINTER 2014/15


There’s Something About...


As Lulu Guinness celebrates her 25th anniversary in the fashion industry, it’s her recent collaboration with the National AIDS Trust that has caught our eye, creating a limited edition Red Ribbon brooch, complete with Lulu lips. La Vida’s Sabina Emrit sat down with the iconic handbag designer to discuss her charity jewellery collaboration, eponymous label, road to success, and of course, lips. WORDS by Sabina Emrit WINTER 2014/15



ulu Guinness has had quite the remarkable career. This year has marked the 25th anniversary of her ever-growing eponymous label, has seen her open her first flagship store in the Middle East, and take her ‘The Lulu Perspective’ collaborative exhibition (alongside Polaroid) around the world. It’s incredible that in such a busy year she has still found the time to support and be an ambassador of various charity projects, including a very special collaboration for the National Aids Trust. She is invited to grace every red carpet that fashion rolls out, with fans wanting to see Lulu as much as they want to covet her iconic creations. Lulu’s first, and one of her most memorable bags, the ‘Florist’s Basket’, sits carefully encased in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum as part of their permanent collection. There isn’t a bigger accolade for British fashion royalty – well, apart from her OBE.

cause there wasn’t that understanding then. Now it’s all about the high-street collaborations. I bowed out. But all the designers that stayed, they all have a house in the south of France – and I don’t. For me [working with the high street], was like a university. They paid me enough to get a full time assistant. And I learnt, and I got to undo my house in their office. And they loved it. I had to go and buy graph paper and I learnt how to draw specs. I’d been used to working constantly with the person making the bags. I’d usually see the bag eight times in the process, but this was only one time. I learnt about costs, I learnt about both ends of the market - and I love to do both.”

The first time we met Lulu Guinness was at a master class held by The Industry (a private members club for those based in London working within the fashion business), where she spoke about her journey of becoming a designer and launching a fashion business. She passed honest stories and advice on how to be, and run, a successful business in 2014, and how to do so with longevity and integrity. Amongst the crowd of fans, many of whom had small and upcoming fashion brands of their own, voiced questions such as: “How long until I should expect to break even?” It seems to be the thing every budding fashion designer wants the answer to these days, and her response was key: “Do you really ever break even? Because once you reach one goal, you set your sights higher and your goals change.” And I guess that’s the ethos and driving force behind Lulu Guinness – the woman, the team and the company. They just keep going, and growing, and I truly believe they’re pushing the boundaries across digital platforms and social media with engaging, fun, interactive content across YouTube, Instagram and the blog ‘Lulu Loves’ – and wherever else they find. You only need to click on to see how innovative and connected she is with her customers and her ability to reach new audiences. Honestly, once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll be hooked to the visual feast and will want to buy everything you can.

The list of collaborations Lulu has been involved in is endless. From Uniqlo, to luggage, to the new Autographer bag – yes, she is the first designer to create a bespoke bag for a camera that automatically takes photos of your day, a personal documentary device – again, she’s leading the fashion, tech and innovation trail as it’s something fashion and tech fans alike love.

However, it didn’t always work like this. Lulu Guinness, the handbag brand, was launched way before the days of social media back in 1989:

Love, Paddington x Lulu Guiness


WINTER 2014/15

“When I started as a designer it was impossible to grow your business because stores would want exclusivity. You’d spend a lot of time deliberating and then they’d only order three bags. Buyers were furious about me working with Debenhams [her collaboration with high street retailer] be-

Today, if you’re not being approached by a high-street store, it’s like you’re not on the hot list.

Growing The Business “We put dogs and kittens on bags and they loved it! I went in to one store and got licensing very early. The Japanese loved it and that helped immensely. I’ve been through an awful lot of licensing in my life, good and bad. I’ve done everything wrong once in each country, and I hope I don’t do it twice, so I hope I’ve learnt.”

Collaborations “The weirdest thing I’ve ever been asked to design was a toaster.”

For November 2014 Lulu Guinness has also come together with a host of names including Emma Watson, David Beckham, Boris Johnson and Chelsea Football Club as one of the designers to create her own unique Paddington Bear for children’s charity, NSPCC. 50 Paddington Bears can be found across London and, obviously, we cant get enough of Lulu’s silver bear who comes complete with his very own briefcase that says, “I Heart Marmalade, Love Lulu x” and a kiss on his raincoat. You can even make a bid for him via auctioneers, Christies.

The Fans Again Lulu was established as a brand at a time when celebrity endorsement didn’t have the same relevance as it does today. But her first endorsement was a very special one. Her “first celebrity client” was Madonna and they only realized when they were handed her credit card with the star’s full name, ‘Madonna Ciconne’. Unlike today, where celebrity fans can share their photos with a Lulu lips clutch to Instagram, or you can Google photos from a red carpet event, there was no photo evidence of Madonna wearing the bag – but it was still an amazing moment for Lulu as a designer and for the business. It’s been an amazing 25 years. Do you have a favourite bag? “I do think we’ve surpassed ourselves. I think that my 25th anniversary handbag, a mirrored lips clutch, is actually the most beautiful bag I have ever made. Metallic and shiny and it has been added straight on to my wish list. In the early days I used to try and be all things to all people. Someone wise said to me, get your signature and stay there.” Lulu, what are your tips on how to make a name in fashion? “You need to be able to adapt to any situation. Roll up your sleeves and get along with anyone. We’re driven [in fashion] by something we don’t quite understand. I think it’s just something that’s in you. Put all your energy to it and say yes to everything – something just may come out of it. However, don’t start your own business the moment you leave college. Try and work for someone else

| FEATURE Photos from the National Aids Trust event: Lulu with her designs (left); Sabina Emrit, Shaun Leane, and Raye (bottom left); performers Raye and Mark Roadnight (below).

because the more time you spend worrying about paying the rent, the less time you get to be involved in what you’re actually talented in. Watch and listen and see the good things and the bad things. Get a job for the money and work in the evenings – I was a waitress in Paris. Try and learn as much as you can from other people whilst you can.”

A Very Special Project Lulu Guinness has partnered with the UK’s leading HIV and AIDS charity, the National AIDS Trust, to create a limited edition Red Ribbon brooch to help increase awareness of HIV in the lead up to for World AIDS Day which takes place on 1st December 2014. Having been awarded an OBE for her services to the fashion industry in 2006, Lulu was the perfect choice for the charity. She has created a stunning piece with a modern twist to the traditional red ribbon. Designed with an antique gold trim and embossed with the Lulu lips motif and Lulu Guinness stamped on the back. As the curator of the project, it was an honour and very exciting to ask Lulu to create her own red ribbon for the National Aids Trust. It was so important to use fashion as a tool to really inform people about the real facts and help to break down some of the walls that still surrounds AIDS and HIV. I remember wearing my first red ribbon at school and knew that Lulu would make a piece that fashion fans and supporters of the charity could cherish for years to come, which also helps to encourage conversation about HIV. London’s exclusive ‘The Groucho Club’ hosted the announcement event where Lulu told us: “I’m so happy and very proud to be here tonight. I’m of an age, where I was young in the eighties and I remember the devastation of AIDS in the fashion business and I haven’t forgotten it, hearing the NAT statistics I was amazed and think that the level of ignorance is terrible. I think what we need to do is bring new energy, create awareness, take away stigma and hopefully with this badge that I’ve designed… It’s quite big, I didn’t want it to be too discreet and it’s got a little flourish in it, how it’s drawn and I just want as many people as possible to buy them and wear them so that they are a conversation starter and that’s how we will stop ignorance among these young people. I was delighted to get the opportunity to be involved in designing such an integral symbol for the charity. I hand drew the design and wanted to make sure that was portrayed in the design, to give it a bit of a flourish. I feel honoured to be involved with such a wonderful charity in my 25th year of design and my main aim is to help lift the stigma and raise awareness through my involvement, whilst ensuring the spotlight is on the charity and all it is doing to help fight the cause! Please encourage everyone to buy them and enjoy them…”

Lulu Guinness lives by the motto of her hero, Surrealist couturier and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, ‘Dare to Be Different’ and the women who wear Lulu Guinness do just that. She is the living, breathing personification of her brand: you will never catch her without her trademark red lipstick. The central motif, the distinctive Dali-esque lips clutch, remains the brand’s staple accessory, transporting the surrealist art movement into the hands (and onto the shoulders) of strong women with a hot sense of style around the world. The limited edition brooch, which is Lulu Guinness’s only charity jewellery collaboration, is on sale now in Lulu Guinness boutiques, her website and through the NAT shop for £19.99. Image credits and thanks to: Social Playground; Rex Features; Kit Lee, NAT & NSPCC.

The Bags

Small Polished Calf Paula, £350

Flora Backpack, £325

Naomi Abstract Lips Clutch, £225

Perspex Chloe Clutch, £245

Lipstick Clutch, £350

Red Lips Clutch, £245

Small Red Edie Cross Bag, £295 WINTER 2014/15


Chanel SS15

fashion protest &




WORDS by Anna Smolovyk

ollowing the spring/summer 2015 shows at Paris Fashion Week, the world of ready-to-wear saw a new take on the seventies revival and ‘normcore’ style of dressing that has dominated the runways these past few seasons. Now, these prêt-à-porter fashions have come accompanied by a political message, or protest placard á la Chanel’s SS15 ‘Boulevard Chanel’ spectacle. With signs that read “Make Fashion Not War”, “Boys Should Get Pregnant Too” and “He For She” in reference to Emma Watson’s UN speech, it is not the first time we have seen fashion attempt to convey both a serious, as well as sartorial message. But the discussion still begs to question: can fashion be an honest platform for genuine protest and reflection, or does it simply co-opt real concerns that people are out in the streets fighting for, into a light hearted joke? Vivienne Westwood for example, the country’s highly regarded punk designer, has often used her fashion shows to publicise her political views. Commentating on issues that spill beyond the realms of work as just a designer, we all remember her fall 2008 Red Label collection that carried the slogan “Fair trial my Arse!” in reference to the incarceration of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, or even her SS14 iconic “Climate” T-shirts. But, as the British designer weighed in on the recent Scottish Independence Referendum by giving models ‘YES’ badges and ‘Democracy in the UK’ statements to those in attendance at her SS15 catwalk show, a voice still couldn’t help but ask: is the catwalk a hallow outlet that trivializes real issues to sell clothes? Venture into even the most progressive of designers’ stores and you’ll be disappointed to find mostly branded, logo-friendly clothes, and plastic accessories made somewhere in Eastern Europe, at best. Within many of these there is no mention about actually using eco-friendly fabrics, recycled materials, or a sustainable and ethical business model in sight. But even if fashion itself doesn’t carry a political meaning, clothing has long played a symbolic role in society as a tool used to express the beliefs of the wearer and even their socioeconomic status. From the punk culture of the 80s, to the peace-symbols of the 1960s, fashion gained a political message when certain groups of people adopted that ‘uniform’ and moved within the same circles. Fashion was a distinct part of our culture; you could instantly see the political affiliation of people by the clothes they wore, but these types of associations have since diminished with the ever-increasing pace of the industry’s trend-led output. Pioneered by the very people who present themselves as carrying out pseudo-political commentary, does fashion only deal with political themes by way of creating an artificial spectrum in which to carry out such conversations?

Well, yes and no. Undeniably, fashion is one of the platforms people most readily understand and identify with, but we still have a hard time believing any corporate fashion has anything substantive to say beyond aesthetics. Take Jeremy Scott’s iterations of fast food worker uniforms for Moschino’s AW14 collection. Was it a satirical exposure of the consumerism overriding the apparel industry, or was it a tactless example of the brand poking fun at the very people feeding their massive annual profits? Or, does it even matter; maybe this conversation will still be taking place in a year’s time? Jean Paul Gaultier comes into question, too. Although the extravagant designer is seen as someone who has used his fashion shows to address socially and politically charged issues of female beauty by using transgender, plus size and even older models to showcase the season’s new collections, it appears as though he still fails to continue the dialogue past the dimming of the show’s lights. And herein lies the problem: unless a brand, or their designer, leads the dialogue with which they have bombarded us through overblown branding and shoutin-your-face statements, what do we do with that information to stop it from becoming valid revolutionaries trapped in meaningless garments, or a 12-minute conveyor belt of the latest ‘IT’ products? Maybe that’s why sometimes the revolution needs to be imbedded into a company’s process, not performance. For example, Benetton with their socially and politically charged advertising campaigns that seemingly hold no relation to the company’s product, have committed themselves to a number of worthy causes such as the UNHATE Foundation that spreads a powerful message of human rights to the public. Or Stella McCartney, who you would be hard pushed to find examples of overtly publicising the sustainable aspects of her brand in any of her advertising campaigns, but she still champions animal rights and environmental protection by committing to never using animal products in the production of her pieces, instead using biodegradable and organic materials wherever possible. So is this then the truest kind of protest? Yes, the fabric of social change and cultural activism has long intersected with fashion and clothing, therefore it could have the capacity to engage with serious issues affecting our lives and the industry today. But, fashion needs to treat social and political causes as more than a marketing stunt which undermines the real dialogue that needs to take place, and have it play a bigger role than just as an undercurrent that runs through disposable garments. Because after all, even nudity can make a statement…

WINTER 2014/15


Carly Rowena. Welcome to the fun and colourful world of Carly Rowena, the refreshingly honest and inspiring fitness blogger who is motivating over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube to live a happy & healthy lifestyle…. INTERVIEW by Mimi Gunn Hey Carly! First things, first; what inspired you to start blogging? I was working in the motor trade and although I had worked my way into a fantastic career, I just knew it wasn’t ‘the one’ – I had always dreamt of having a job that I truly loved but had never been able to pinpoint what is was, even to the point of trawling the internet in hopes of it jumping out at me. I went to dinner with a friend who suggested I started making videos on YouTube, an outlet where I could be creative and perhaps come across my talent. My fitness videos seemed to get the most exposure and soon after that, e-mails and tweets were piling in from followers thanking me for helping them to change their body. It wasn’t long until people started asking me to train them – and that was it. I knew fitness was my calling! What can someone expect to find when logging onto your channel? It’s a mixed bag of sorts, but I’d like to think it caters for everyone – men to women, young to old, and from each level of fitness. I talk about what inspires me and how to feel your best at all times.

CARLY’S FITNESS ESSENTIALS... Lorna Jane sports bra, £41 (Active In Style)

Nike Lunarglide 6, £87.46 (Nike-ID)

Customize your own!

Tea Pigs matcha green tea powder, £25 (30g box) Reebok exercise foam roller, £15 (John Lewis)


WINTER 2014/15

What’s the response and feedback from your channel been like? Incredible! I can’t believe how lucky I have been. I’m still yet to receive the negative comments that I know so many successful YouTubers around me have suffered from, but I guess that comes with the job. I honestly cannot thank those who have supported me enough – without them I never would have found my dream career. You are known for being incredibly motivational, but what is the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out? Relax and remember it doesn’t happen over night. Getting the body and lifestyle you crave is all about preparation: prepare your food, prepare your workouts and prepare your body. Don’t forget everyone and everything has to start somewhere! Exercise and diet, is it really and equal balance? 100 percent. I see so many people at the gym training once or even twice a day without any physical changes because their diet isn’t right for them. On the other side of that, I also see people with incredible figures who are so unfit they can barely make it up the stairs. If you get both right, you can really enjoy yourself – a little bit of everything is the best way! So what is your average daily routine like? I wake up around 5:30am and make scrambled eggs with veg and head to work for my morning clients. I usually train mid-morning once my clients have gone to work. I start with a HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] session, followed by a bodyweight circuit and then go on to concentrate on a particular area of my body with weights. I then head home to shower, have lunch, reply to emails, answer comments on my videos, prepare tomorrows lunch and that nights dinner and then head back around 3pm for the evenings clients, finishing around 9:30pm. It’s a long day, but I’ve never felt more energised. It’s amazing what happens when you love what you do! What are the worst habits you have see in your clients? It’s all food based. Honestly, I think it’s worse than a drug addiction. People either over-eat, under-eat or abuse their food. Most of my clients don’t eat enough and the other half, spend their time binging and hiding it. It’s incredibly hard to crack, but it can be done. Food is supposed to nourish us and give us pleasure, not leave us stressed and unhappy.


Carly’s Blog is filled with lots of vibrant and colourful imagery which is sure to motivate you to enjoy living a happy and healthy lifestyle

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You’ll find nutritional information about food along with loads of healthy recipie ideas

Learn how to look after your body’s wellbeing and have fun with fitness and excersicing without having to join a gym

Your blog is filled with loads of yummy, yet healthy recipes. What is your ultimate favourite weakness? I am obsessed with apple and peanut butter, plus if you add a little manuka honey into the mix, it really hits that sweet tooth. I’m also prone to mixing peanut butter, cacao powder and honey to make a ‘healthy Nutella’ – and you can dip anything into it! So what’s your stance on protein shakes and supplements? I’ve never really used them as I try to get my protein through my food – after all, it’s just a supplement. I’m a strong believer that you should first try and sort you diet before using and supplements. There seems to be this myth that as soon as you join the gym you have to be guzzling down protein shakes, and that really isn’t the case. Your YouTube success must have brought about a lot of commercial interest, how do you decide which products to endorse? I’m incredibly lucky to receive some amazing products and offers from companies but I don’t ever want my followers to think I have ‘sold out’. I tell all companies that I would happily try their products but if their product is not something I would buy myself or recommend to my friends or family, then I won’t promote or talk about. You have to be so careful. I have some very young followers and I would hate to have influenced them into something unnecessary. What is your personal style in the gym? I’m all about colour and comfort. I’m a huge Nike Free Run fan – I love how they fit like a sock and you can customise them to your hearts content. Sports bra-wise, I usually get them from H&M or Nike. When it comes to leggings though, they need to fit like a second skin. My bum seriously sticksout and I have long legs, so I like to find a nice pattern and shape. ActiveInStyle is my top online pick along with lorna Jayne for vest tops!

A little birdy tells us your boyfriend is also an avid fitness blogger, do you guys compete for followers? He is indeed! Leon began his PT journey five years before I did and his YouTube channel a year before, so I feel a little like his stalker. We’ve never competed for followers as I’ve always been so far behind and our demographics are so different, but the best part is that although we both technically have the same jobs, we’re heading in such different directions! Who inspires you the most? My boyfriend. He’s also a personal trainer and I’ve watched his progress over the last five years and it’s inspired me to be excited for the future. With this career you never know where you’re going to end up. Personal training and YouTube is just the beginning, you really can think BIG. What is your fitness mantra? One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one good meal won’t make you slim. What is the biggest thing you’ve learnt from your experiences? Listen to your body. One of the biggest factors for clients not getting the results they want is down to stress. You have to let your body relax as naturally your body has a homeostasis [its natural shape/size] that it is comfortable at. Give your body the right tools and environment and it will happily bring you back to that. What’s next for you? I wouldn’t even know where to start! At the moment I’m just concentrating on being the best personal trainer I can be. I have the most amazing clients who put 110 percent in, so I have to be there to give them 110 percent back. I also have some amazing collaborations and opportunities coming up, plus a top-secret idea, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to pull it off!



WINTER 2014/15



We often discuss how the way you dress transmits a message about who you are, what you do, your word vision and much more. Within this, we’ve stuck to tailoring and those who sport the more classic apparel with their own twists, of course, making each man individual in his own right. However, the modern gentleman isn’t just about tailoring. No, the modern man knows how to dress down and express himself through individualistic looks and break the mould and boundaries set in the world of fashion. Within this, we have street wear.

G E T YO U R S KATE S O N, S P INNING F IE LDS I C E RINK IS BACK! From Thursday 6th November until Sunday 4th January, Spinningfields will once again play host to the city centre’s only outdoor ice rink, with The Lawns and Hardman Square transformed into a festive hub of activity this winter. Open to all, seven days a week from 10.30am-9pm at the weekend, and from 3.10pm-9pm Monday–Friday. Tickets start at £9.

SHA RE A N D S HA R E ALIKE: U N I S E X S C E NT S FO R A U T U M N With winter well and truly here, it’s time to change-up your fruity and fresh fragrances, in replacement for something more reflective of the dipping temperature. To help you with this tasking thought, we have handpicked five scents to compliment the brooding weather outside. And if that wasn’t good enough, they’re all unisex, too!


WINTER 2014/15

H O W TO : G O G O TH IC FO R AW14 Beautifully dark and mysterious, the gothic beauty trend that swept catwalk shows for AW14 feels like an open invitation to wonder into the shadowy realms of fantasy make-up and make it work for reality. Dramatic yet seductive, unconventional yet wonderfully feminine, the eerie gothic vibe can easily be translated into modern sophistication with something as simple as a swipe of a deep red lipstick. Forget looking like the corpse bride, and instead go for a flawless porcelain finish with a minimal play on make-up and maximum impact lipstick; from deep burgundy, intense cherry, vampy plums, or cool aubergine shades, there’s a colour out there that will easily work into your current beauty routine. Compliment your ultra glam look with slicked back hair and metallic eyes for the ultimate in night-on-the-town chic.

FACE BO O K’S G RAND 1 0 Y E AR P LAN RE VE ALE D Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has recently revealed his plans for growth and expansion of the multi billion pound social media company, and it’s quite enlightening. With the growing popularity of alternative platforms such as Twitter, the risk of Facebook’s users becoming apathetic is seemingly

high, but as Zuckerberg talked about aggressive talent and ad-tech investments, contextualising it with an average 16 percent increase year-overyear in typical monthly users, it seems Facebook is far from fading into the internet’s forgotten black hole. Get the full scoop online.


‘Tis The Season to be JOLLY ill Boy oh boy can it be tricky to be jolly when suffering the sniffles. Persistent coughing, runny noses, blocked sinuses and headaches – these are among the many symptoms that leave you feeling helpless when the dreaded flu season comes to town. So as tricky as it can be to stay healthy during this time of year, a few good ol’ cold and flu prevention habits can get you through without dragging you down... Wash your Hands

Get Plenty of Z’s

Hand hygiene is key, people! The common cold virus can live on water-resistant surfaces for more than 24 hours and on hands for more than an hour, meaning you may want to invest in a trusty hand sanitizer whilst on-the-go, and wash your hands properly and frequently – especially after using public transport. This will help kill those germs you pick up during your daily activities and stop them from entering your body, which means no more nail biting! Your hands have a habit of finding their way into your mouth, nose and even eyes during the day, all of which are areas where germs can entre the body. So we’ll say it again: wash your hands!

Making sure you get eight hours of sleep each night is one of the best defences out there against falling ill. Getting enough shuteye has been found to boost our immune system, with an insufficient amount of sleep or poor quality of sleep associated with a lowered immune function. Whilst we sleep, our body starts an important process of restoration and strengthening; so if you want to keep your immune system up, you need to keep your body strong.

Drink your Water Although plenty of water should be consumed regardless of whether it’s flu season or not, be especially vigilant about drinking your six to eight glasses of water daily when flu season comes around. Why? Well, water keeps your digestion working, flushing the system of toxins and hydrating your body, which is key if your body is desperately trying to prevent the bug from taking over. If you are starting to feel a little run-down, try and avoid caffeinated drinks as these can actually dehydrate your body. Instead, opt for a natural herbal tea, which can have benefits of their own when it comes to warding off germs. Digest the Good Stuff We’ve told you not to put germy things in your mouth, but one thing you should be digesting is vitamins and probiotics. Taking your daily vitamins whether in the form of healthy foods or supplements, has been shown to help fight colds – and you may even want to up the ante by taking extra vitamin C, vitamin A and Zinc (in moderation, of course). Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that can help keep your body healthy and protect it from the ‘bad’ bacteria, so consider stocking up on foods containing probiotics, too.

Keep Fit Although our days typically entail a lot of running around, you may overlook the fact that you need to exercise, too. The best way to make sure you fit in some well-needed exercise is by scheduling a gym session or an afternoon run in your diary. Exercise not only makes us feel great by boosting those endorphins, it keeps us fit and lean, and it also boosts our immune system and helps our body defend against those lurking germs. Keep in mind though that overdoing it at the gym can have adverse effects, so give yourselves plenty of time to recover. Chill Out We’ve already established that our days can be hectic, so it’s vital that we create some downtime for ourselves. Some well needed R&R can help decrease our cortisol levels – a stress hormone that weaken our immune system – and in turn, maintain a healthy immune system for when the cold weather really kicks in. To Jab, or Not to Jab? The flu jab has been quite the controversial topic with flu season looming. Getting a seasonal flu vaccine is said to be one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves against the flu virus. Unfortunately though, the flu vaccine can’t completely prevent flu in everyone. We recommend you do your research and speak to you GP before deciding on the flu vaccine.

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WORDS by Saf Ashraf ILLUSTRATIONS by Tom Davidson


If I had a pound for every time someone told me that they didn’t have time to exercise, I’d be a very rich man indeed. Personally, I find it hard to understand how, out of 168 hours in a week, so many people can’t even find three spare hours to get a little exercise done – especially when the national TV viewing figures suggest that most people watch an average of three hours a day! Not having time for exercise is similar to a child using the age-old excuse that their dog ate their homework; it may have been true once, or even a couple of times, but if you genuinely think you never have time to exercise, then there is a bigger issue that needs addressing such as your priorities, your time management skills and your chosen career! Of course, there are times when you might not have as much time as you’d like for exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should skip your workout entirely. In actuality, short workouts can be as, if not more, beneficial as hour-long aerobics classes or weight training marathons. Short workouts make you focus on what is important and naturally eliminate that which is not. For example, if you only had 30 minutes for weight training, you’d need to focus on just a few compound exercises such as squats, pull-ups and bench presses to work all of your major muscles in such a limited time. Ironically, such a limited choice of exercise means you automatically cut out superfluous and ineffectual exercises like triceps kick-backs and crunches. If you swapped your 60-minute Zumba class for 20 minutes of burpee intervals, you’d not only burn more calories, you’d trigger a greater calorie afterburner effect and also work every major muscle in your body. Sometimes, shorter is better. So, to that end, here are some tips to help you get around the whole “I don’t have time” issue, and get your exercise fix even when the demands of the day conspire to rob you of your health and fitness!


WINTER 2014/15



Supersets involve doing exercises in pairs, which means you get more work done in less time as you halve your rest periods. For example, do a set of press-ups and then a set of squats. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat. Not only does this save time, it also really cranks up your heart rate so you get a cardio workout for free.


Why go to the gym and do cardio when you could simply work more brisk walking into your day and get your cardio workout done when you’d normally be driving or sitting on a bus. Walking is hugely underrated and yet offers so many benefits. Walk for 30 minutes a day and forget about doing those hour-long aerobic classes – this way you will have more time to focus on quality forms of exercise such as strength training.


Compound exercises use multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time, which means they eliminate the need to do lots of ‘little’ isolation exercises for minor muscles as they are used anyway during compound exercises by default. No need to do biceps if you worked super-hard on pull-ups, and no need for triceps when you’ve done a few sets of dips. Take this one step further by doing complexes – exercises that are linked together and performed as a single, unbroken sequence. Front squats with an overhead press, burpees, stiff legged deadlifts with a bent over row, and lunges with a biceps curl – all great time savers.


If you are short on time, don’t waste valuable minutes by stretching. Stretching is important, but you can do it at home in front of the TV. Delaying your stretches by an hour or so won’t cause your muscles to shorten dangerously, and if time is really that much of an issue, spend your training time as constructively as you can.


Training at a gym is very convenient in terms of equipment and available space, but travelling to the gym, getting caught up in locker-room chit-chat, doing your workout – punctuated by more conversations over the water fountain, showering, and then driving home – all take up very valuable time. Instead, work out at home. Spend your usual monthly gym membership on a suspension trainer, a couple of kettlebells, an exercise mat, a jump rope and some resistance bands, and you have everything you need to stay in shape at home. You’ll save hours per week by training at home instead of at the gym.


Early morning training is not for everyone, but it’s amazing what you can get used to. Training first thing in the morning means that you are less likely to get hijacked by extra work or family commitments during the day. You can then relax knowing that your workout is done and that no matter what else the day throws at you, you have invested some time in your health and fitness. Twice a week and one day at the weekend is all you need.

EXERCISE AT LUNCH If you get an hour break at lunch time, rather than sit in the canteen reading the newspaper or watching lunchtime soaps on TV, get a brief workout in. You could do a 30-minute tempo run around the local area, a bodyweight circuit in the car park, run up and down the steps of your building, or even go to the gym if it’s nearby. Maybe negotiate with your boss a slightly longer lunch break in return for finishing work 30 minutes later to give you time to train. After all, a fit employee is a healthy employee and less likely to have time off work from illnesses!

OVERCOME FITNESS PLATEAUS WITH THESE SIMPLE TIPS: Did you hit a fitness plateau? Are you struggling to build muscle, but your efforts are in vain? Whether you’re an athlete or a fitness buff, you’ll eventually hit a plateau in your training routine. After gaining strength and losing fat, progress naturally slows. Over time, your body will get used to the exercise routine and burn fewer calories. Your muscles will adapt to routine if you’re no longer challenging them. Here are a few tips for overcoming plateaus in fat loss and muscle gain:


The first thing you should do is to clean up your diet. Forget about your weekly cheat meal for a while. Limit your daily sugar intake, eat more protein, and watch your portions at meal times. Have your first cheat meal after three or four weeks of clean eating. Your diet should include green leafy vegetables, small amounts of fruit, lean meat, fish, seafood, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.


Your muscles won’t grow unless you keep challenging them. To get started, lift heavier weights, increase number of reps, or add new exercises to your workout. Hit your muscles from different angles and try different grips. Do a full body workout once in a while. To overcome a fitness plateau, increase or decrease the frequency of your workouts and vary your exercise order.


Do your favourite exercises differently. For example, if the squat is part of your workout routine and you use the bar every time, try using kettlebells or a dumbbell strapped to your waist the next time you do this exercise. You may also try different squat variations such as the sumo squat, the deep back squat, the front squat, or the box squat. When working out, use resistance bands, free weights, handgrips, chest expanders, ankle weights and other accessories to really push yourself that little bit further.


The amount of carbs you eat daily has a major impact on your body weight as well as on your physical performance. When you hit a workout plateau, assess your diet and adjust your daily carb intake. You might have to play with your carbs a little bit to rev up your metabolism. For example, if you’re on a low carb diet or a ketogenic diet, start eating ‘normally’ again. Increase your carb intake and see what happens. Even though you might gain a few pounds, you’ll also get stronger. This will allow you to workout harder and pack on muscle. On the other hand, if you’re already eating plenty of carbs, reduce your daily carb intake and have more protein. Try not to exceed 50 grams of carbs a day. This should help you lose fat and excess water.


Protein plays a major role in muscle growth and fat loss. Whether you want to build muscle or lose a few pounds, increase your protein intake. At the same time, add more healthy fats to your diet and eat fewer carbs. Increasing your daily protein intake is as simple as having an extra protein shake or a handful of nuts between meals.

WINTER 2014/15


The winter faux-pas we all inevitably suffer from… Until now. There is no shortage of warning about Christmas; from the incessant Coca Cola advert, through to highly premature, crass snow infused shop fronts. Surely we should use this as a warning to begin our holiday exercise preparation?


Studies have shown that not only do we eat more when it’s cold, but we naturally put on weight due to natures way of insulating our bodies. However, this does not mean body-conscious humankind is destined to suffer the faux pas of turning ‘godlike to gorilla’ after a few weeks of turkey stuffing and potato peeling. Here are some useful tips and exercises to incorporate when you’re not lounging around from a Christmas food coma. With many not able to access their usual gym, or just pure unwillingness to get frostbite, we have also incorporated some workouts you can do at home. To combat the heavy meals and sweet treats, you should boost your training frequency and intensity. By scheduling extra training sessions during the week, and focusing on complex carbohydrates, your body will automatically support extra training and short-term overconsumption by temporarily increasing your metabolic rate.


This part of the circuit will raise your metabolic rate, increase your strength, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Rest for 30-60 seconds only after you’ve finished all the exercises. Repeat this part of the circuit twice more.

CARDIO Perform each exercise for one minute, and rest for 30 seconds after every three movements. Interval training is one of the best ways to boost your fitness level and maximize post-workout fat burn. It enhances your cardio fitness, and helps increase your core stability and your agility level.



BODYWEIGHT LUNGES 1 set of 15 reps

2 110

PUSH-UPS 1 set of 15 reps

WINTER 2014/15

PULL-UPS 1 set of 15 reps

DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS 1 set of 8 reps

This circuit combines aspects of accelerating your metabolism, boosting your cardio, and maximizing your core strength. Not specific to men or women, you can both tailor this to your own goals by adding or reducing weights per exercise. Our advice is to pick and choose 10-12 of these exercises catered to your goals.


WORDS by Nikos Norman ILLUSTRATIONS by Tom Davidson



MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS Max reps in 1 minute

SKIPPING Max reps in 1 minute


3 4

BURPEES Max reps in 1 minute

5 6


JUMP LUNGES Max reps in 1 minute, Rest 30 seconds




SKIPPING Max reps in 1 minute

SQUAT JUMPS Max reps in 1 minute


LYING LEG RAISES 2 sets of 15 reps

REVERSE CRUNCH 2 sets of 15 reps

DECLINE TWISTING SIT-UP 2 sets of 15 reps

CORE This section is meant to help improve your core strength. It will challenge your abdominals by combining strength with balance. Do each exercise in a superset, and rest for 30 seconds between each superset.




PLANK ON AN EXERCISE BALL 2 sets of 30-45 second hold WINTER 2014/15


Unfortunately, those who experience major depression will know that the misconception of being able to “snap out of it” is just that, a misconception. It isn’t that simple. Your energy levels fall, you have a tendency to isolate yourself and oversleep, leading to a constant lethargy. You have difficulty concentrating and in turn become so frustrated, that you simply cannot function. You lose interest in things you once loved doing, and instead prefer to comfort yourself with carbohydrates. Does this sound somewhat relatable? Familiar? If so, you may be suffering from S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder. S.A.D. is a mood disorder that literally follows a seasonal pattern. It systematically appears and disappears at the same time each year. Those who are affected by S.A.D. experience the depression-like symptoms mentioned previously, instigated in autumn when the days shorten, continuing at times for five to seven months until spring returns.

ms: Sympto

ess opelessn h f o s g n - Feeli ity il Irritab But why- do some people rgy from this disorder? One of the enesuffer of decrease Lotossthe reasons is ofadaylight exposure in the aul - due w l withdra ia c o S - sleeping ies you - Over interest in activit f o - Loss joyed thus, e c on en te and, ti e p p a ased - Incre gain weight ating concentr y lt ght of u c iffi , the thou - D s e s a c e trem - In ex id suic e.


WINTER 2014/15

But why do some people suffer from this disorder? One of the reasons is due to the decrease of daylight exposure in the autumn months that trigger the human brain to go into a somewhat cerebral confusion. Here the human body clock, the cardiac rhythm, is thrown off balance. Why this occurs exactly is not thoroughly understood, but many scientists believe that the role of sunlight in the brain’s production of certain vital chemicals is affected such as serotonin and melatonin – key elements in mood regulation. When we are exposed to sunlight, our levels of serotonin increase. Accordingly, serotonin is linked to elevated mood and, with this, lower levels with depression and anxiety. Conversely, melatonin is linked to sleeping which increases on exposure to darkness. So, shorter days and less light increases the production of melatonin causing lethargy and oversleeping, which significantly changes our mood. You’d think we would all be used to darkness and dull days by now living in the UK and all, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Some people are just more affected than others with approximately 1 percent to 10 percent of people experiencing S.A.D. Most common in teenagers and those in their early 20’s, it can also vary from region to region with the higher latitudes – countries that experience longer winters and decreasing amounts of sunlight – most affected. What must be noted though is that just like the many types of depression, the symptoms of S.A.D. can range from mild to severe and must be taken seriously. If left untreated, S.A.D. can inevitably impair social and occupational functioning no matter how hard you try to power through it. These ailments can snowball into isolation, withdrawal and sometimes, incapacitation. If you feel you may be suffering from S.A.D., speak to you GP for a full diagnosis and advice. For now, here are some tips to help you cope better:

WORDS by Athina Macpherson and Didi Anastasiou


inter comes and the prospect of snow, nights by the fire and, of course, Christmas, thrills some. For others however, the story goes somewhat differently. A bout of sadness comes with the cold darkness and the thought of any festivities becomes a treacherous ordeal. Depression takes over as quick as the darkness conquers the cold nights.


Spend Time Outside

Chances of waking to the rising sun are slimming, but it’s still worth going outside as often as you can. Try going for a leisurely walk every day and, if you can, wrap up warm and take you lunch outside. On the weekends, aim to plan activities that entail you being outside; the more daylight you are exposed to, the better.


If you can combine exercise with the outdoors, even better! But for those really cold evenings set to come our way soon, any physical activity – whether at home or at the gym – will do. Physical activity not only produces endorphins in the brain that perk you up, but exercise also helps focus the mind on your body, shifting your focus from your sadness.


Another way to truly separate your mind comes in the form of meditation – a natural remedy. Now, meditation isn’t for everyone, but it may be just what you need so don’t knock it until you try it.

Speak to Someone

The taboo associated with seeking help must be altered, as the best way to get things off your chest, as we all know, is to talk to someone. A trained therapist specialising in depression is the perfect option. They can help you examine potentially distressing aspects in your life that may be contributing to the S.A.D. A therapist or counsellor can help change your negative thinking patterns and issues that are exacerbating your worries.

Light Therapy

Make your environment lighter and brighter. Open windows and blinds, and remove any obstacles that may block light from entering your home or office.

Natural Vitamins

Another viable aspect to note when trying to moderate S.A.D. is nature’s natural additions: vitamins. Vitamin D, aka the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is required in a multitude of bodily processes making it one of, if not the most important vitamin for your body to produce. The crucial vitamin is produced within the body after we’re exposed to the sun’s rays, particularly of the ultraviolet B variety. Despite the importance of this vitamin for key functions such as regulating blood sugar, supporting healthy bones, cardiovascular and immune system health, many of us don’t get enough of it because we are exposed to very little sunlight in the UK during the winter months, leading to S.A.D. While getting vitamin D from diet isn’t ideal, it can be an excellent way to supplement our vitamin D production via sunlight exposure, especially if living in the higher latitudes during the autumn/winter months. Most of the top food sources of vitamin D are fish, ranging from the larger breeds to the smaller ones, many of which are overlooked completely by us. You may not know this one, but vitamin D can come in plant form too, particularly as mushrooms.


(Or Fermented Cod Liver Oil) The natural vitamin D and other nutrients in cod liver oil or fermented cod liver oil can help to support healthy teeth and bone production. It is believed that one serving of this oil can help the body produce several times the daily value of vitamin D that is needed, making it an especially worthwhile supplement for people living in Northern climates.


Regarded as the top food source of vitamin D, it is of particular importance to make sure you’re buying your salmon wild-caught as opposed to farmed. Most farmed salmon in the UK is fed an unnatural diet of GMO corn pellets and other bits and bobs, whereas wildcaught salmon eats a natural diet and gets plenty of sunlight as well. It may be no surprise then that wild-caught salmon (3.5 oz) has around 600-1,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D, while farmed salmon has only 100-250 on average units.

Portobello Mushrooms

Undoubtedly the best vegan option out there, portobello mushrooms can have over half of your daily value of vitamin D, plus some: 493 international units when grilled which is actually more than the DRV (Daily Recommended Value) of 400. Other mushrooms with high levels include maitake and morels, the latter of which is often found on mushroom hunts by foragers and prized by restaurants for their flavour.


Small and not too appetising to many, these tiny fish pack a whole lot of punch with more than 43% of your vitamin D requirement per serving, meaning you can get by on less sunlight and still thrive by working these into your diet.


With over 10 percent of the daily value, fresh pastured eggs are an excellent way to supplement vitamin D into your diet – just don’t get tricked into buying “cage free” and go for truly organic eggs from a trusted local farmer. Note: the higher quality organic eggs will have a deeper yellow colour to their yolk.

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Christmas GIFT GUIDE



Haig Club Single Grain Whisky (700ml), £44.99

Baxter of California Shaving Kit, £75 (Mr Porter)

Hugo Boss Timy Silver Tie Clip, £60

Paul Smith Three-Pack Striped Cotton-Blend Socks, £40

GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camera, £369 (Jessops)

Menu Knowledge In The Brain Head Bookends, £120 (Harvey Nichols)

The Godfather Trilogy £16.75 (Zavvi)

Kah Tequila Mini Gift Pack, £45 (Harvey Nichols)

Chanel Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum Spray (100ml), £80

Czech & Speake Leather Bound Manicure Set, £335 (Mr Porter)

Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones, £169 (Selfridges)

WINTER 2014/15

Our pick of Christmas gifts, stocking fillers and home buys this season.


The Shoe Book by Nancy MacDonell, £32 (Net-a-Porter)

Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier WE9005Z3 £35,700 (The Watch Gallery)

Chanel N°5 La Crème Corps, £60

Anton Heunis Gold Plated Amethyst and Swarovski Crystal Earrings, £175 (Harvey Nichols)

Givenchy Atelier De Givenchy Bois Martial, £140 (Harrods)

BaubleBar Heartbreaker Bib, £36

Charbonnel Et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, £23 (Harrods)

Myla ‘Maisy’ Bra, £110 & Thong, £60

Saint Laurent Monogramme quilted card holder, £160 (Selfrdiges)

Nails inc. Autumn/Winter Collection, £29 (Feelunique)

Twenty Seven Personalised Ceramic Bauble, £18 (Selfridges)

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going strong, Daniel’s aims remain the same: “I set records and do what others don’t.” And it’s with this passion and drive that he has formed a sound client base along the way. Daniel has managed to completely diversify his business and take hair styling a step further continuing with his bespoke service by following clients around the world to events, hotels and football grounds. As a style designer based in London, clients call him ‘James Bond’ and have no boundaries for a haircut or styling, “It’s all about creating a look for that individual. No copies, just something for them.” From Mario Balotelli, Wayne Rooney, Jermain Defoe, Gareth Bale and Ashley Young, amongst many more, it’s not just football stars Daniel styles, but musicians and other sports legends that are also frequent patrons of the ‘Daniel J’ experience.

Photo credit: Domenica Szczerba

What strikes me as most remarkable with this client base is that millions of people on TV, in the media, and in person, see his work. I wondered what that was like and whether he longed for a signature of his work to become synonymous: “I pride myself in being discreet with my clients. I won’t post on social media or tweet about who I’m styling. After all, changing someone’s hair is as personal as it gets, and I wouldn’t dream of sullying that.” It’s refreshing really, someone so close to the ‘stars’ yet so humble when discussing them, but then that’s why this service is bespoke, because Daniel offers and respects that degree of privacy. What he will say though is that this has been a fantastic journey in his career so far, “so much has happened.” His business has grown from strength to strength; he styles, consults and provides fashion advice to his clients up and down the country and, in some cases, internationally.

Daniel Johnson on Style, Call of Duty, and Living a James Bond lifestyle

INTERVIEW by Athina Macpherson

My interview with Daniel marks a certain nostalgic milestone for La Vida, the man in question, and myself. Over two years ago I first met Daniel Johnson, he first met La Vida, and La Vida first met the world. Our first ever issue, and possibly my first ever interview, I sat with the talented celebrity hair and image stylist chatting away about hair – obviously – his clients, his past, present and future – and to no surprise, this time was no different. Arranging to meet at London’s slick hotel, The May Fair, I sat in the ambient bar sipping on my espresso, reading over the aforementioned interview whilst waiting for Daniel to arrive. It had been quite a while since I last saw the entrepreneur, and a never ending scheduling battle between our diaries certainly didn’t help; but he is a busy man after all, drifting between New York, Dubai, London and Manchester. Today however, he was in London and walking into the hotel lobby in a sea of black denim and leather, as well as an accent pop of red Manière De Voir sneakers, Daniel looked remarkably relaxed considering he had been styling until late the night before – styling Mario Balotelli, may I add. Yes, those iconic hairstyles are courtesy of Daniel J. But, back to the day in question, it was great to see Daniel, all tattooed and not a single hair on his head, we picked up the interview pretty much from where we left off all those years ago… Now with 20 years of experience under his belt, and certainly still


WINTER 2014/15

This notion of internationalisation brought me to something he said in our last interview, something I will honestly never forget. The multitude of his work isn’t a simple cut and style. No, it’s a whole lifestyle package and not to be confused with the stereotype many hold of stylists – trust me, they work damn hard. Anyway, I remember Daniel once telling me that he would get a call from a Sheikh in Dubai, drop what he was doing (unless he was with another client, of course), jump on a plane, cut the Sheikh’s hair, then jump back on the plane and head home! Now, I know what many of you will be thinking: “Wow, I want to do that!” or, “That sounds awesome, where can I sign up?” and “That’s an actual job? As if!” being the typical reactions whenever I’ve mentioned this story. However, Daniel doesn’t see it as “easy” or any other wrongly attributed connotation. In fact, it’s tiring, hard, long and, well, never-ending, “I enjoy it and love what I do, but it’s not as easy as people think it is. People have this idea that I’m going out all the time, living the life, but it’s work and it’s my business at the end of the day which makes it that more strenuous. I literally have to drop whatever I’m doing, no matter the time or day, and meet my client when he calls.” But what does Daniel do in his spare time? “I’m half Italian and my weakness is Italian food. I’m a foodie, so going to a nice restaurant, eating some fine Italian cuisine with great company is my ideal evening,”, how very civilized, “and I hate partying” he adds – remarkable! Halfway through our interview/catch-up/chat (whatever we call this meet), I realised I hadn’t even asked what Daniel had been doing recently other than creating Balotelli’s new orange Mohawk. His reply actually left me a little dumbfounded: “As you know, I love to explore and push the boundaries of my technical limits, so last month I did something a little different. I fronted a campaign for Braun, creating well-known global landmarks in the chest hair of four models.” Yes, you read that correctly, in the “chest hair”! This ‘manscaping’ trend is sometimes short-lived – understandably so – but the interest


Between fronting campaigns, cutting and styling celebrities, appearing on TV, and winning numerous awards, you would be forgiven for thinking that Daniel was taught his talent, or more so, handed the opportunities in life. The truth is quite the contrary. Now a well-known name within the industry, Daniel started from a young age, “I’ve been cutting from about 12-years-old”, fuelled from the frustration of no one able to cut, let alone style, his afro-textured hair (from his Jamaican side), he opened his first barbershop at the age of 16, and owning four others by the time he was 24, makes Daniel one of the notorious male grooming stylists around. In the name of style, I asked Daniel to talk to me a little about his latest style tips for this season: “Style for me is everything; you only get one shot at being the best you can be. Whether I style for the pitch or a red carpet event, one thing is for sure: no matter how much you spend on one outfit or who you’re with, it all comes down to hair.” And in the name of fashion: “Fashion-wise, this winter is all about black, for me,” evident from his choice of attire: “black and leather are big looks this year”. I hope you all agree with Daniel’s thoughts, considering you’ll all be seeing a bit more or this style saint now that he has joined the La Vida team as our contributing men’s lifestyle editor! So, to talk more about lifestyle, we present Daniel Johnson...

Below: Daniel with football star, Gareth Bale. Right: Ramires gives the Daniel J experience, a thumbs-up.

Right: Mario Balotelli’s ever-changing hair is now an orange mohawk, courtesy of Daniel J. © Liverpool FC via Getty Images

and individuality of the campaign “sent it viral”. I couldn’t think of anything more ghastly than a hairy-man’s chest, but Daniel was ever the professional informing me “it’s work”. But what were the four landmarks he designed freehand? “Sydney, Stonehenge, The Pyramids and the NYC skyline. Each ‘design’ took me approximately two hours to complete using the Braun CruZer” – in case any of you want to try it at home. But be warned, it is tricky: “there were varying degrees of difficulty; the hair’s so delicate and thin, it just kept falling off. But looking at the end result, I think you’ll agree, it was worth it” – strange, but I conquer.

Above: Daniel in action. Right: Daniel often flys over to America to style the Lakers players.

Welcome to my new lifestyle segment, specially catered for the men who love life and live it. I’ll impart to you my favourite new trends in the world of male grooming, design, fashion, food and my travel experiences. I style, consult, and provide fashion advice to countless celebrities, sportsmen and musicians up and down the country and around the world. But let’s get one thing straight first and foremost: style will always be a personal choice with a man’s style evolving throughout his lifetime. Many things from a man’s surroundings, age, occupation, and cultural background can influence his style. But the most important thing, regardless of these influences, is to feel comfortable with the way you look so as to go out and do the things you want or need to do, to the best of your ability and of course, confidently and happily. Over the next few issues, I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with you and my thoughts on all this lifestyle. Keep up-to-date with the man himself: Twitter/ @DJohnsonstyle Instagram: @DJohnsonStyle

HAIR CARE Maybe a tad biased of me, but I’m actually very proud of my hair care products that are set to launch in the New Year and to be sold online and across stores in London, Dubai and Paris. Consisting of hairpaste and hairgum products, they’re already used by most of my clients due to their incredible versatility. Everyone’s hair is individual – like a fingerprint – and my hair products can be used on all types of hair; it’s non-flaky, non-greasy, easy to wash out and yet still holds the hairstyle perfectly. WINTER 2014/15


PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES I love to explore and push the boundaries of my technical limits; I fronted a campaign last month for Braun, creating abstract designs of well-known global landmarks on the chest hair of four models. Now this would mount to a men’s grooming trend, but the interest and individuality of the campaign sent it viral. It wasn’t so long ago that a term was coined for a man that takes an interest in personal grooming. Remember the ‘metrosexual’, a term from the late 90’s describing any man that moisturised or took a personal interest in grooming? Thankfully times have changed and evolved, and now studies have shown that over 60 percent of men ‘manscape’ their body hair in various ways such as waxing and shaving, and right through to the use of depilatory creams – even electrolysis is now widely available for us men. We are now more comfortable about making personal grooming choices, and the designs I created for Braun highlighted just this and what is possible today. I created designs based on four iconic landmarks: Sydney, Stonehenge, The pyramids and the NYC skyline. Each design took approximately two hours to complete using the new Braun CruZer with varying degrees of difficulty, but the end result was awesome.

MANIÈRE DE VOIR One of my favourite brands at the moment, I love the textures of every piece and, although these are in black, the pops of colour added work so well with the worked leather. It’s all in the detail and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into making each Manière de Voir piece.

DINING IN BERKELEY SQUARE Moving onto another great love of mine, food. I popped into Pan-Asian Restaurant and Bar, Novikov, in Berkeley Square a few weeks ago and truly found the whole experience exhilarating. The restaurant has a choice of either Asian-cuisine or Italian. Being half Italian myself, I chose my home comfort. The décor had a rustic feel and I was made to feel right at home as soon as I was seated, which is always great. Starting with a seafood salad comprising of scallops, Sicilian prawns, squid, octopus, fresh chili and sweet paprika, it was absolutely delicious, leaving me wanting more and anticipating my main course of grilled sea bass – which left me thoroughly satisfied. As expected, the service was first class and I’d thoroughly recommend it for a romantic evening. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to wining and dining, insisting that my food looks as good as it tastes, and that I’m served appropriately. My evening in Berkeley Square definitely did not disappoint.


WINTER 2014/15




fter witnessing the growth in beards (pun intended) we have now approached the month where men are encouraged to forgo the overgrown ‘Duck Dynasty’ inspired facial fuzz, and instead pay homage to a facial hair trend of yesteryear; the moustache. Call it a fad, a spectacle, or whatever else you wish, but for this one-month-only basis, _sporting a ‘tache’ is both aesthetically cool and a great way to promote inner health on behalf of a worthy cause. So, why become a ‘Movember Mo Bro’? Well firstly, it’s your civic duty as a man to advocate and help build awareness for men’s physical and mental health. Committed to changing the face of men’s health, Movember encourages men around the world to grow moustaches to spark conversation, giving a voice to health issues otherwise left unsaid. And with this growing and awareness, comes mo’ money for prostate and testicular cancer charities, as well as mental health charities. Secondly, your participation will enable you to escape the mundane, and instead inject some fun into your grooming routine by experimenting with various moustache styles. But what trend do we adhere to for December? Not to say that supporting such a cause as prostate and testicular cancer is ‘trendy’, but it has become a way to stand out from the crowd. However, as with all ‘trends’, once its popularity grows, it begins to lose its appeal. In fact, it increasingly seems that foregoing facial hair is a better way of standing out as every hipster and his dog now comes complete with some form of facial fuzz.Not facilitating the beard’s decline in popularity is the fact that it has now become a somewhat parody in itself. The world-weary traveller-look has turned into the go-to ‘gap year’ cliché, and older men attempting to buy into their youth, or even just as a pure fashion accessory, are increasingly sporting the look. In the words of Nicki Daniels in her open letter to bearded hipsters: “The beard has turned into the padded bra of masculinity. Sure it looks sexy, but whatcha’ got under there? There’s a whole generation running around looking like lumberjacks, and most of you can’t change a tire.”

WORDS by Dean Duggan and Nikos Norman

Beard to the left of me, baby smooth to the right… razor or clippers? Almost by default, man has found himself between stages, vis-à-vis creating a new trend. Don’t be fooled though, that middle-of-the-road style requires just as much upkeep, if not more. One must not fall into old habbits of letting loose at Christmas, just because you’re in the comfort of your own home – that does not mean The Year Of The Yeti is upon us, so keep trimming! However, the polar opposite with the chiselled-cheek look, is just as enticing as a Spam sandwich over the cold seasons; let’s be honest, it is not for everyone (maybe, just maybe you will be one day Spam). Maintaining the edge over both is an arduous but worthwhile routine if you are looking to stay ahead of the game without the gentle jibes of co-workers and know-it-all’s. Give close attention to the parameters of your jawline. In doing so, you can maintain the chiselled affect while keeping yourself looking fresh. This will also allow for a certain sharpness over the ‘manbush’ many have become so accustomed to, separating yourself from the so-called hipsters whom lead the way for the closest Lord Of The Rings doppelgänger’s. Tailoring your beard gives you that sartorial groomed chic-ness many went for when the beard came to be; a look that in hindsight, we can see trended due to the simple lack of beards. But let’s be honest gents, we don’t have to guestimate the number of beard-bearers sick of others touching their beards on nights out, and those who are still not able to venture into the hedge clipper stage. However, we would bet our best razors it is a large majority of us fad-followers looking for the latest and greatest in jawline accessories, who fall into this category. So perhaps, the moderate beats the extravagant? Who’s to say a closely trimmed jawline with a bit of extra fluff around the chin is not the next craze? Our advice: buy some gradient clippers, give it a whirl South of the ear-line, and increase the length starting from the base of the jaw up to around your mouth. As for the ‘tash’… lets just see what St. Nick brings this year?

WINTER 2014/15


You feel the pull the moment you see its curves. But when you get behind the wheel, instinct really takes over. Driving you to experience the 170 PS direct injection turbo-charged Diesel or the 211 PS 2.0l turbo-charged Petrol engine. Forcing youmoment to feel the You feel the pull the youvisceral see pleasure of world-fi rst Direct Adaptive its curves. But when you get behind Steering. It’s timereally to follow heart the wheel, instinct takesyour over. and give in to your instinct. Driving you to experience the 170 PS

Infiniti Q50


direct injection turbo-charged Diesel your now at Petrol orBook the 211 PS test 2.0l drive turbo-charged infi engine. Forcing you to feel the visceral pleasure of world-first Direct Adaptive Steering. It’s time to follow your heart and give in to your instinct. Book your test drive now at

INFINITI CENTRE STOCKPORT, Bailey Road, Stockport SK1 2BT. 0844 858 2546

Official fuel economy figures for the Infiniti Q50 range in mpg (l/100 km): urban 29.4 to 50.4 (9.6 to 5.6), extra urban 53.3 to 76.3 (5.3 to 3.7), combined 41.5 to 64.2 (6.8 to 4.4). CO2 emission: 159 to 114 g/km. Official EU Test Figures. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. 120

WINTER 2014/15

INFINITI CENTRE STOCKPORT, Bailey Road, Stockport SK1 2BT. 0844 858 2546


HIS NOT HERS The essential male grooming guide


Power Brightening Serum £46


L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme £48

Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and skin discolouration.

A vibrant scent that holds notes of Sandalwood, Cinnamon nutmeg and Yuzu for a signature masculine fragrance.


Eye Rescue Formula £28 Reduces under-eye puffiness and works to increase elasticity and firmness to combat the damaging effects of free radicals. Available at Naked Man Shop.

AMERICAN CREW Fiber Moulding Cream £11.85

Adds texture with a strong, pliable hold for thicker looking hair and a matte finish.


Micro Pedi Man £34.95

LIZ EARLE Face Scrub £13.75 Perfect for use after shaving. The combination of eucalyptus essential oils, exfoliating pumice and jojoba beads buffs away any dead skin cells.

The easy to use roller spins 360 degrees to buff away the hard and rough skin on the soles and heels of the feet. Available in Boots.

MALIN + GOETZ Detox Face Mask £29

A five-minute purifying facemask designed to gently deep cleanse your skin without causing dryness.

WINTER 2014/15



CURLING Lackluster lashes can finally be a thing of the past with these curling mascaras. Enhance the look of your eyelashes and give them beautiful shape that will last for hours!

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara, £23 | Clinique High impact curling mascara, £18

Elie Saab


The staple of all beauty staples, it seems like we reach for that trusty wand morning after morning, almost without thinking. It’s the one thing we ladies couldn’t live without. An instant confidence boost with the power of an eyelift, a good mascara is not unlike a best friend. But, if you are in search of the said wand that can magically expunge all your eyelash woes, or even if you have found your one, your only, it’s always nice to switch things up from time to time, right? Thankfully, with so many formulations out there on the market, a well-chosen mascara is one of the simplest ways to transform your look, and all in a single swipe. Alternate between the three staple forms: lengthening, curling, and dramatizing, depending on the occasion. Those residing under the title of ‘lengthening’ are great for everyday wear, adding definition and attracting attention whilst remaining chic and natural. Mascaras with ‘curling’ capabilities are perfect for targeting those flat and straight lashes, instantly giving body and widening the eye for a more ‘awake’ look. And then let’s not forget ‘dramatizing’, doing exactly what it says on the tin (as the saying goes), reserve this mascara for special occasions to achieve maximum impact and draw all the attention to those gorgeous, fluttering lashes.


WINTER 2014/15

Dior Addict it line Eyeliner £24.50 | Yves Saint Laurent mascara volume effect faux cils, £24.50 | Lancôme Hypnose star, £22.59

Who ever said drama was a bad thing? Create a dazzling fullblown effect with our choice of products that add definition and volume to your lashes.

Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture perfect £17 | Jane Iredale Longest lash thickening mascara, £28

LENGTHENING Achieve the falselash effect with these mascaras that guarantee a gorgeous frame to your eyes and will mesmerise anyone in sight.






For warm skin tones, go for shades of red with orange or yellow undertones. These shades tend to be a deep, sumptuous hue of red.


Naeem Khan







WORDS by Michael Brennan


3 6


Still not convinced? Think of it this way: there are 285 shades of red on the colour spectrum, so surely there is a red lipstick out there just waiting to adorn your kissers. Don’t worry though; you needn’t scurry off to sample 285 lipstick shades. La Vida like to keep things simple, so to find your next tailored beauty weapon, pucker up and read on…

We’ve narrowed the choices down to nine lipstick shades. Each one chosen with you and your skin tone in mind.


If you sit inbetween, you can enjoy more variety with vampy reds and fresh scarlet undertones.

Red lips make one hell of a statement. A statement we all have the right to make! There is still that age-old myth looming over us that red lips only work for certain skin tones or hair colours. Not so! Let’s trample that beauty fable now and make it known that anyone can boast an iconic red pout.

The first thing you need to identify is your skin tone. There are two categories of skin tones: warm and cool. Cool, fair skin tones tend to have pink undertones, whereas warm skin tones carry more yellow, peachy hues. Make sense? Another good way to determine this is by trying on jewellery. Whichever metal, silver or gold, makes your skin look the freshest, will verify your skin’s tones. So if gold matches your skin nicely, then your tones will be warm, comprising of yellow, peach, orange and brown. If silver is better on you however, your tones are cool, with pink, blue, green or lilac shades the ideal. Of course, you could be really lucky and suit both, which means your skin tone is more neutral.


COOL SKIN TONES For cooler skin tones, brighten your lips up with gentle shades that carry undertones of pink. 1. Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss, #19 Pirate, £26 at House of Fraser. 2. Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick, #101 Red Siren, £10. 3. MAC Viva Glam I, £15.50 4. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #337 La Flamboyante, £26 at House of Fraser. 5. Clinique High Impact Lip Colour, #09 Citrus Rose, £17.50. 6. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery, £15 at Harvey Nichols. 7. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick, #22, £5.49. 8. Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge, #132 Caprice, £22.50. 9. Guerlain Rouge G, Geneva, £31.50 at House of Fraser.

WINTER 2014/15


For a complexion that looks truly flawless, buff on foundation with a brush rather than your fingers.

IRIDESCENT COMPLEXION A natural and healthy look that’s perfect for the girl on the go, the key to an iridescent complexion is not to cover your natural beauty with a thick layer of foundation, but to let it shine through. Now, winter light is never the most forgiving, often giving make-up that ‘caked’ feel. This season therefore pleasantly welcomes iridescent skin, focusing on the base of your make-up to ensure your skin is prepped and thoroughly moisturised from the harsh and cold weather. Skin will radiate with luminosity and health as opposed to blending into the dull backdrop. This look is all about the glow, so highlighters and luminisers are your new saviours. To give your complexion a real lift, don’t forget about the details: sweep highlighter over the top of cheekbones and define those brows!

Ralph Lauren

For a chic understated evening look, work iridescent skin with blushed cheeks and a sleek pony.



A certain British model has become synonymous with the wow brow, making it one of the key beauty trends of the past few season’s – and it shows no sign of diminishing anywhere fast. Maxi brows are the key tool when it comes to shaping and framing your face as Benefit Cosmetics’ aesthetician Jared Bailey advises: “the perfectly arched brows can almost have and anti-aging effect on the face – an instant eye-lift.”


The structured and strong brow works seamlessly against this season’s radiant skin. So if you’re lacking in natural volume, use a pencil to fill-in the shape of your brows, but be sure to match the colour for a natural, feathered look. Stella McCartney

Giorgio Armani


1. Topshop Glow Stick in Play Up, £10. 2. Stila One Step Illuminator, £24 at Harvey Nichols. 3. Chanel Chanel Limited Edition Camélia de Plumes (Highlighting Powder) Platine, £47. 4. Dior Glow Maximizer Primer, £28.50. 5. Benefit Speed Brow, £13. 6. Trish McEvoy Eye Brightener Shell, £16. 7. Clarins Pro Palette eyebrow kit, £33.

WINTER 2014/15


BEAUTY trend

Give yourself an instant brow-lift by dotting highlighter above the brow and sweeping lightly below the brow arch and out.





To keep those brows in place, spray some hairspray on an eyebrow brush and swipe on.





Be sure to line the inside of your lids too, to really get a defined eye.

Jean Pierre Braganza

Starting with the more defined flicks, Antonio Vaccarello and Rag & Bone created the perfect feline flicks, but in a dramatic affect. Doubling the lines and adding colour accents, the sharp cat-eye was modernised. For an even more graphic look, Dries Van Noten extended the winged look over the entire eye-lid.

Topshop Unique

Eyes fell privy to the use of liner this season – and plenty of it – with designers choosing a multitude of depths, experimenting with clean lines and lived-in-liner for AW14.



Can we note that you don’t actually have to sleep in your make-up or rub those peepers to achieve the morning-after liner look. Simply apply liner as usual, and blend with a cotton bud. So, whether you prefer a heavier eye like that at Roberto Cavalli, a softer variation seen at Tom Ford, or a sleek winged effect a la Jean Paul Gaultier, the bottom line: creating definition is key.

COLOUR WASH There is nothing like a pretty wash of colour over the eyelids to brighten your effortless daytime look and give you that youthful feel. Amongst our favourites were pops of lilac placed in the centre of the eyelid at Chloé, and metallic green at Christian Dior.


Christian Dior


Tom Ford

On the other end of the liner brush comes the anything-but-pristine lived-in liner. This 90’s inspired look adopted by Tom Ford and Topshop Unique takes ‘panda eyes’ to the utter most luxe heights, blending and buffing liner to an almost smoky-eye effect.

Spotted backstage at Giles, Christian Dior and many, many, more designer shows, blue was the shade du jour. Whether it’s used discretely and simply under the eye or in full glitter mode, don’t be put off by this season’s bold hue – it’s a surprisingly flattering colour. 12 13

8. Tom Ford Noir Absolute For Eyes, £26 at Selfridges. 9. Clarins 3-Dot Liner, £20. 10. Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara, £24.50. 11. Eyeko Me and My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner, £15 at Selfridges. 12. Yves Saint Laurent Eye Pencil #12, £19.50 at Harvey Nichols. 13. Yves Saint Laurent Eye Pencil #13, £19.50 at Harvey Nichols.

WINTER 2014/15



OFF-DUTY BALLERINA Timelessly classic and oozing elegance, the ballet-inspired beauty trend stormed the AW14 catwalk shows of Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana. Incredibly easy to achieve, the look gives a glamorous edge to an otherwise nonchalant look. However, forget the ultra-groomed and polished appearance synonymous with the dancers on stage, the muse behind the offduty ballerina gives understated ballet beauty a modern update. Inspired by the undone, I’ve-just-left-the-studio look, softly tousled hair gives the classically feminine and sophisticated look a contemporary revival and a rock ‘n’ roll edge. The premise behind this trend is ‘less is more’ making everyday make-up low maintenance and effortlessly chic. Dolce & Gabbana

As featured in the AW14 shows, the understated make-up is complimented by natural hair in the ballerina’s uniform style: the ballerina bun. Hair at Prada was styled into a traditionally sleek, low ballerina bun at the nape of the nape, whilst the models at Dolce & Gabbana sported a more tousled look with hair falling loosely around their face.

BRAID IT UP Carried through from last season is the milkmaid braid. The essence of innocence twisted, quite literally, with a punk edge, the braid took a more refined, high fashion makeover this season. Our favourites include the double braid seen at Givenchy, and the classic halo style at Bora Aksu. However, you might need a few extra sets of hands to achieve some of the looks.



Bora Aksu

Slicked-back and wet was noted on most catwalks this season; a usual trend amongst the fashion shows with its simplicity and luxe element. Prada went for a middle parting for their slicked-back look, whereas Alexander Wang took it to the side. Which look you choose, is completely up to you.



Barely-There Nails: With layers of sheer pink polish at Carolina Herrera, and nude hues chosen at Kate Spade and Stella McCartney, barely-there nails are no longer just a summer staple, but a permatrend for AW14. Michael van der Hamm

Carolina Herrera


14. Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Lasting Nail Polish in Eau de Rose, £18.50. 15. Barry M Nail Paint in Grey Cream, £2.99. 16. Deborah Lippmann Glitter nail polish, £18 at Selfridges. 17. Dior Diorific Golden Shock Top Coat, £21 at Harvey Nichols.


Cool Blues & Greys: These down-toearth colours just scream winter. Featured at DKNY and Michael Van der Hamm (to name but a few), nails were refined in these cool hues. But let’s face it, everyone loves to razzledazzle come party season! So for that added sparkle, add some glitter over the nail or a metallic polish to finish.



Sali Hughes

Expert in all things beauty.

La Vida sat down with beauty’s wisest owl as she prepared to deliver a comprehensive talk at Selfridges Exchange Square, to find out everything from her new book, Pretty Honest, to the products you’ve been missing out on. INTERVIEW by Athina Macpherson and Anna Smolovyk


Beauty guru: Sali hughes

ali Hughes ran away from her Welsh countryside home to the dizzy heights of London at just 15-yearsold to pursue a career in beauty. Starting out as an assistant make-up artist and transforming the looks of The Pet Shop Boys and George Michael, her move into editorship and features writing for some of the top publications (including: Red, Grazia, and ELLEgirl), was just a natural evolution that came from her love of journalism. Now The Guardian: Weekend beauty columnist, and a regular on numerous television and radio shows, Sali has built quite a following of beauty and make-up enthusiasts who eagerly look towards her for honest reviews and considered recommendations. Tell us about your new book, Pretty Honest, and what inspired you to write it? All the beauty books out there just seemed like coffee table books; full of pictures of ludicrously beautiful models, but not something you would actually pick up and read. I wanted to write something that women of all ages and with different types of concerns could find helpful. That’s why my book covers tips and tricks for maturing skin, people undergoing chemotherapy, and redheads, as well as something for the 20-year-olds out there.

What was the most challenging thing about writing your own book? Probably writing 80,000 words! Someone actually messaged me one day saying they had pre-ordered the book, at which point I kind of freaked out because I hadn’t written anything yet – I had sold a book that didn’t even exist yet, and that made me doubt it. But my publisher sat me down and said, “Look Sali, don’t see this as an 80,000-word book but see it as lots of smaller features and write two chapters a day instead.” I didn’t really stick to that, but I did manage to finish it in about four big bursts! How did you become interested in all things beauty, was there someone that inspired you? Like with most people, there’s always an aunt or a nana, but it was my mum who was – and still is – very put together. We weren’t very wealthy, but I remember she always had her lipstick on. Who inspires you now? Probably Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor. Madonna is a huge inspiration, especially as no one in history has used make-up as such a tool and to such effect as she has. After years in the business, what is your beauty secret? It’s not really even a secret, but it’s the thing women refuse to listen to: cleanser! I hate make-up wipes – never use them. They’re great if you’re traveling and not near a shower, and I use them when on shoots for cleaning my hands, but you need a proper cleanser that you remove with a hot wet flannel, and one that doesn’t foam. A great one is Aromatherapy’s Associates Soothing Cleansing Balm.

What are your Holy Grail products; products you couldn’t live without? I honestly wouldn’t have been able to answer this question if it wasn’t for a couple of weeks ago when I missed my train home. I had to stay the night in a London hotel with absolutely no products with me, so I had to wake up really early the next morning – a full day of important meetings ahead – and run straight into Selfridges to buy a few things, something I haven’t had to do in years. I realised that I had to just stop and calculate the products I’d actually want to spend money on and the ones that I really needed. So, my ‘Holy Grail’ products would be the Dior Glow Maximizer Primer and Clarins Instant Concealer. How do you transition your look into autumn/ winter? I hate summer anyway because all the products just seem to have that horrible neon look to them, but I love autumn because you can start wearing smoky eyes, darker colours and richer tones – Charlotte Tilbury’s eye shadow palettes are great for that. What are the biggest nonsense products we shouldn’t buy into? Cellulite creams are a big one, but bust enhancers are the biggest load of crap. It’s hilarious how people think the beauty industry has this magical product that can grow fat cells. I mean if that were possible, the medical industry would be using it to help premature babies. Red is a huge trend for AW14, how do you go about choosing the right red for your lips? A lot of it is working with a consultant and trying things on, but if you are so lost that you don’t even know which counter to go to, you need to think about a


1. Sali Hughes “Pretty Honest”, £22 at Waterstones.


2. Dior Glow Maximizer Primer, £28.50. 3.Charlotte


Tilbury Colour-Coded eyeshadow, £38. 4. Clarins

Instant Concealer, £21. 5. Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy in Brzen, £24. 6. Aromatherapy Associates

Soothing Cleansing Balm, £37. 7. Charlotte Tilbury

7. 1.

Lip Brush, £18. 8. Vaseline, £1.79. 9. Origins Super


Spot Remover, £15.



WINTER 2014/15



Service with a smile as Sali introduces her new book Pretty Honest

Guests receive a beauty makeover at the Sali Hughes event, Selfridges Exchange Square La Vida lifestyle editor Anna Smolovyk and editor-in-chief Athina Macpherson

couple of things first: do you want a matte or satin finish, or something in-between the two; or do you want something very sheer and glossy. If you want matte, I would go to somewhere like Charlotte Tilbury, Lancôme, or MAC. If you want something in-between I would go to Estée Lauder. If you want something kind of sheer and glossy… Well, you could go anywhere.

a nice shimmer to it. The light reflection from the shimmer will make it look like a much more complex eye make-up look than it is. Go for something like Chanel’s cream eyeshadow in Mirage What are your thoughts on cheap vs. expensive beauty brands? Would I buy a cheap pencil? Absolutely! But would I buy a cheap foundation? Probably not. Actually, definitely not. My rule tends to be: the more space it takes up on your face, the more you should be investing in it. I think you should spend money on perfume and foundation, but you don’t necessarily need to spend loads on mascara.

Why do you think women are so attracted to red? Women wear red for themselves. It’s a strong and powerful colour. What do you think of matte lips? It’s interesting; I think of all the different make-up trends, a matte lip is something that women are a little frightened of. Women feel that matte lips won’t work for them because it won’t be flattering, or it’ll make them look old. The thing though about matte lips is that most brands have actually done a matte product that is soft on the lips. A matte lip does need to be quite neat, though. Unlike a gloss, which glides on and you can forget about it, a matte lip needs to go on quite precisely. When you’re applying your product, your lips need to be in good condition. Ensure they’re not flaky, but nice and moisturised. Do you need to keep the rest of your make-up simple if wearing a matte lip? A little sparkle on the eyelid is enough – you want some light on your face if you’re taking the light away from your lips. You could even put Vaseline over your eye to give it a nice sheen – there’s a neat trick for you!

So the old trick of toothpaste on spots doesn’t work? No way. All toothpaste is doing is drying your spot out. Get a product high in salicylic acid, something like Origins Super Spot Remover. Going back to winter, how should we be preparing our skin? A good hydrating serum is key. Everything from the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling collection is great and you can use the serum both day and night.

What’s the most annoying thing you hear in regards to beauty? When people say that their skin has become used to a product – that’s just nonsense! Your skin doesn’t know you’re using the same product. The reason something might stop working is because your skin has changed – it’s that simple.

What is the difference between a face oil and serum? Oil will not fade dark spots, nor will it treat wrinkles; oil is a natural product. What an oil will do is treat, plump, hydrate, and smooth the skin. A serum on the other hand, is a fixer and it’s there to fix a problem. You’ll see the results very quickly with oil, whereas a serum is a long-term product.

Tell us your thoughts on those controversial ingredients used in products. There are loads of ingredients that are just a good tabloid newspaper story. Like silicones are fine and parabens are fine. The things I hear about parabens are so incredibly ill-researched it’s unbelievable. People write to me all the time saying they can’t have parabens. Well, guess what? You eat parabens every single day in your food!

Can you use facial oil on oily skin? Yes, yes, and yes! My biggest irritant has to be women being told that they can’t use oily products on their skin because they have oily skin – it’s ludicrous! If acne disappeared by starving your skin of oil, then there would be no acne in the world because that’s what every single person with acne does. It just doesn’t work.

What do you recommend for people suffering with scars and severe acne and want to disguise it? Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer is great

What is your top tip for eye make-up on the go? I carry a cream shadow in one colour, again with

as it has very high coverage. Of course, only use it when and where necessary and don’t just cover your face with it.

What else have you got planned? Is there a possibility for book number two? Yes! Book number two is on the cards, but I haven’t started it yet. It might be something on beauty icons, but I’m not exactly sure yet… We’ll see!

14. 10. M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Lady Danger, £15.50. 11.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £36. 12. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Sexy Sienna,


£23. 13. Origins Plantscription Face Oil, £39. 14.

Givenchy Flash Luminescence Serum, £42. 15. Estée


9. 10.



Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, £48. 16.


Estée Lauder Stay-In-Pace Flawless Double Wear Concealer, £21.50. 17. Chanel Illusion D’Ombre


Luminous eyeshaddow in Mirage, £25

WINTER 2014/15




Winter ESCAPISM Looking for a winter getaway? From beautiful beaches and powdery slopes for the thrill seekers, to spa retreats for the wellness addicts, as well as unprecedented cultures and experiences, we select the best winter retreats for the sun chasers, those who just want to unwind and the frivolous piste patrons.


A luxurious Christmas of pure relaxation...

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

For those looking for a more luxurious Christmas, one secluded from the world on an idyllic island, this five-star luxury approach to holidaying may be just that! The Maldivian luxury resort surrounded by powdery white-sand beaches and clear azure waters will touch your soul – an escape and an immersion, all in one. The freedom to discover and connect with the natural beauty of the Maldives is reflected in the never-ending panorama of the ocean. The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi offers relaxation, culture, exhilaration and flavour, all on one small island.

Relax and indulge at The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi’s, The Spa. Offering a myriad of treatments – many of which incorporate the island’s traditional therapies and world-renowned wellness practices – the expert practitioners combine finely honed knowledge with a naturally healing touch. The Spa ensures a complete relaxation experience, which the whole family can enjoy with the Male Spa Menu and Sweet Pea Spa for kids! All ‘Villa’ guests can personally tailor their accommodation with the introduction of pillow and fragrance menus for a home-away-from-home feel,

WINTER 2014/15


Take in the beautiful sunset with a glass of champagne, or enjoy the most magical time of the day on a sunset cruise. Watch the wild dolphins dance and play in their natural habitat, whilst admiring the breath-taking sunset as it dips below the Indian Ocean.

while ‘Retreat’ accommodation guests will receive the added benefit of a foot massage on arrival and services of a 24hour butler. For those looking for a more cultural angle to their paradise escape, explore the local community by visiting a local fruit farm and learning first-hand the secret origins of a local village grandmother’s recipe, used in the hotels restaurant kitchen. Use your time on the island to broaden your horizons and truly experience the local Maldivian culture.

Looking for something a little more energetic...? Sunbathing isn’t for everyone, and we appreciate that. So for those of you who fancy seeing a little more of the island, there are some incredible activities available. You can explore the Noonu Atoll in your own time or, for the full experience, join one of the island’s nature experts for a guided walk through the 52 acres of island landscape where you will be introduced to the rare and indigenous plants and wildlife the island has to offer. The beauty of the Maldives isn’t limited to just the beaches however. No, it goes much deeper and further; take a plunge below the waves and explore a whole new world. Yield the courage and partake in an unparalleled experience of a snorkelling safari. Here, you can revel in the beauty of the Maldivian underwater world; dive and explore the pristine Enjoy a gourmet dinner specially prepared by your personal chef, which can be prepared anywhere on the island with destination dining. Select a beautiful beach spot next to the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, or an intimate dinner over the water on one of the private jetties boasting panoramic ocean views. And for the families, you can enjoy the dedicated family dining area.

turquoise lagoons and plentiful reefs surrounding the island. Underwater scooters are also available in the resort to enhance the diving experience, allowing you to explore the beautiful underwater scenery with less fatigue – it is Christmas, after all! For a truly unique experience, try a Reethi Faru Kayak Adventure and take to the seas in a jaw-dropping glass-bottomed kayak made for two – or one, if you dare – and revel in the marine life and the islands beauty in your own time, without even getting wet!

For the thrillseekers... For the adrenaline junkies, try your hand at the latest in thrill-seeking technology:

Flyboarding! The ultimate water sports experience, simply strap your flyboard on, power-up, and off you go! The powerful water that jets from the flyboard allows you to zoom in and out of the water, hover meters above the surface, and get your heart pounding in the stunning clear water of the Indian Ocean. A paradise beach resort located in the Noonu Atoll Maldives, The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi features 221 luxury oceanfront villas including 70 over-water bungalows, a choice of 11 bars and restaurants, a 20room tropical spa, and a range of activities and local explorations. The resort is committed to offering a boutique service on a grand scale, balancing exceptional facilities and heartfelt service with a wider dedicated focus on the surrounding community.

For more information visit

WINTER 2014/15


Mountain Meditation & Candlelit Yoga Launch At Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay,Turkey Tucked away in the Turkish Riviera surrounded by olive gardens, bougainvillea, and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is the idyllic location for the complimentary candlelit yoga and mountain meditation the hotel offers to each and every guest. Building upon the hotel’s reputation as an exclusive retreat, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is embracing restorative stays through classic yoga and meditation techniques for the 2014/2015-winter season.

Tapping into two health and fitness trends that have firmly gripped the globe, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay’s new yoga and meditation offerings seek to engage both mind and body. With yoga and meditation being prescribed as alternative methods of healing, gone are the days of gruelling detoxes and torturous juice cleanses and, in their place, sits inner peace and mental wellbeing. With therapeutic mind and body treatments on the rise too, yoga and meditation remain at the core of relaxation. Offered at dawn is the hotel’s brand new ‘Mountain Meditation’. The 45-minute session takes place on the hotel’s serene outdoor terrace, carved into the craggy Turkish mountains and facing the turquoise Aegean Sea, a calming feeling will wash over you as you concentrating on inner wellbeing and interior tranquillity. A trained instructor will guide you through a range of walking meditative techniques, exploring the depths of mental capacity. Allowing the body and mind to totally relax, you will walk away with a newfound inner peace. You can then take your newfound ‘zen’ feeling to the hotel’s silent

Aside from these new meditative offerings, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is the perfect place to unwind. Chill-out with a cocktail on the Sublime Sundeck while watching the sun set, accompanied by the chilledout beats of the hotel’s resident DJ. For those wellness addicts out there, the spa is a heavenly sanctuary of calm, housing a heated indoor pool, sauna, and two marble traditional Turkish Hammams showcasing traditional Ottoman glamour.


WINTER 2014/15

Harking back to the basics for a rejuvenating stay, the tranquil setting of Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay has embraced its sleek location. Encompassed by sweeping vistas of mountain scenery and enhanced by the clear coastal air of the Aegean Coast, the restorative powers of nature are ever present.

beach – no children, no music, no mobile phones – or outdoor infinity pool. Also beginning at dawn, you can rise to enjoy intimate yoga and meditation classes, with the hotels’ resident yoga expert. Through gentle postures and simple stretches, mental stresses and physical strains are wholly targeted. The tranquil experience doesn’t stop there. Revisiting the yoga terrace at dusk, you can also enjoy a candlelit session facing the Aegean Sea set to soothing music within stunning surroundings; pure relaxation can be attained even before dinner, eradicating all tensions accumulated over the past few months. With a selection of 24 suites and 149 bedrooms, the hotel offers beautifully appointed rooms for those looking to get away from it all.

To book contact Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay +90 252 3110303 or visit


Families, foodies, and intrepid travellers keen to discover the local side of south Portugal will delight in Conrad Algarve’s new Clam-Picking Experience. One of the most unique and exciting activities in the Algarve, guests at Conrad Algarve now have the opportunity to experience a true taste of local flavour by enjoying the assembly of the exquisite resort and its surrounding area. Staying at the Conrad Algarve, you are invited to rise with the sun – just as the local fishermen do – and accompany the head-chef to the clam-picking marshes set in the depths of the stunning Ria Formosa National Park. On the drive to Olhão or Faro Marina – the fishing towns from where the marshes are reached – you will relish the views of the colourful local fishing houses and traditional Algarve living while enjoying a gourmet breakfast of freshly baked pastries.

Conrad Algarve’s Clam-Picking Experience The award-winning luxury Spa offers tailor-made treatments using products by Aromatherapy Associates and Intraceuticals.

Upon arrival to Olhão or Faro Marina, an eco-friendly, cork-insulated catamaran will take guests to the fishermen who are already busy at work. The fishermen then educate guests on the skills it takes to coax the wily clam out from the sand – a remarkably satisfying skill once it has been mastered.

This area of the Algarve is renowned for its amazing selection of seafood, freshly caught each day and brought to the shores for locals and visitors to enjoy. Serving up famous Algarvian dishes such as Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (a regional favourite clam dish) and Cataplana, this simple yet delicious shellfish dish dates back to Moorish times. The Clam-Picking Experience is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding activity that will allow you to experience the bespoke luxury of Conrad Algarve and get in touch with the rustic nature of the traditional side of the Algarve. Once the experience has finished, you can continue to enjoy the incredible facilities and flawless service at this award-winning hotel.

Having worked up an appetite, the head-chef will escort each and every participant back to the hotel where you will see first-hand how to create a lunch masterpiece with your freshly caught clams. The chef will guide you through the process of how to cook the famous Conrad Algarve Rio Formosa Spaghetti Clam recipe, a true delectable dish that you will undoubtedly devour with relish. The dish is complimented perfectly with an accompanying crisp glass of the Algarve’s local white wine, exclusively picked for Conrad Algarve’s wine cellar.

Designed for today’s savvy and sophisticated traveller, Conrad Algarve allows for an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional and bespoke experience within a contemporary Portuguese retreat. Built in the style of an 18th Century Portuguese palace, the striking property features 154 exquisite guestrooms spread over six floors. In addition to the hotels Louro restaurant, Conrad Algarve’s gastronomy is worldclass and features five other dining experiences including Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck’s restaurant, Gusto. The Clam-Picking Experience costs from €115 per person and includes return transfer from Conrad Algarve to Faro or Olhão Marina, wellington boots, the boat trip, an experienced guide to explain the Ria Formosa unique Ecosystem and clam-picking techniques, a culinary master class with the head-chef and a glass of wine – a priceless experience. WINTER 2014/15


Haute VERBIER What could be better than an exhilarating day carving up the slopes in the Alps? Well, not much. The thought of mulled wine – or vin chaud as they call it – crepes and hot coco between piste runs is incomparable – of course, we bare in mind that you actually enjoy doing so. If not, just skip the slopes and roam the town of Verbier, or pamper and explore the indulgent hotel. With luxury ski operator Haute Montagne, you can do either with the launch of their new Alpine Estate, Verbier’s most sublime luxury mountain-living experience. Known for raising the standards of the luxury chalet experience, the Alpine Estate is an extravagant mountainside retreat, comprising of two ultra-opulent chalets, with a third available on request to host guests’ household staff and entourage. This new addition to Haute Montagne’s portfolio is set to become the most exclusive address in Verbier this winter, so get those salopettes ready!

The Estate Linked by a private outdoor courtyard, the Alpine Estate boasts over 1,500m2 of residence between two main chalets, and can sleep up to 20 people in 10 deluxe en-suite double bedrooms, each with mountain-view balconies or terraces. The bedrooms have been individually designed and finished to the highest standard, combining traditional Swiss materials and leading interior design to create a new definition of luxury interiors and furnishings. Chalet Levan-


WINTER 2014/15

to, the third chalet positioned separately within the Alpine Estate, offers comfortable accommodation for guests’ entourage – if needs be, or just your clothes – and sleeps up to eight people. Its location ensures that your privacy is maintained, whilst ensuring help is a stone’s throw away, whatever the weather.

Features But if hitting the piste isn’t quite your thing – both literally, and metaphorically – or you’re in need of a recharge after a day on the slopes, the Alpine Estate boasts a hamman, sauna, two swimming pools, waterfalls, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a fitness facility and private spa treatment rooms that will help you unwind and relax. Unsurprisingly one of the Alps’ finest in-house spas, Haute Montagne can arrange for skilled and dedicated staff to deliver top relaxation treatments for whatever pampering and rejuvenation treatment you need. Equipped with the latest high-tech fitness machines, it’s not the Estate’s sophisticated gym that tops trumps, but the stunning views across Verbier’s mountains, giving a scenic workout experience like none other – it really couldn’t get any better motivation that that. Alternatively, you can explore the Alpine Estate’s two impressive wine caves, sit back and enjoy a movie in one of the cinema rooms,


“Haute Montagne’s new Alpine Estate, provides the ultimate platform for you and your guests to experience unparalleled views of the village below and the majesty of the surrounding mountains, combined with a luxury service to make everyone’s ski holiday unforgettable.” or make the most of the opulent living areas fitted with state-ofthe-art Crestron entertainment systems. *Prices in Pound Sterling are subject to change. Photography by Yves Garneau

Service For those of you inkling to rent the Alpine Estate this winter, you can anticipate expert five-star service from Haute Montagne’s fully trained team of staff, which is overseen by the Alpine Estate’s chalet manager, who acts as a personalised concierge service. The chalet manager is available throughout your stay to attend to your every need, on hand to ensure that your chalet experience runs seamlessly. Throughout your stay at the Alpine Estate, you can enjoy access to your own Michelin-star trained chef, available to cook the finest of banquets on a tailor-made basis each day for you and your friends, family or backup singers. Prepare for the day ahead with a hearty breakfast, indulge in an after-ski afternoon tea, or for those of you with discerning tastes, try fine dining with a sumptuous ten-course tasting menu, complimented by an extensive wine list provided by a renowned Verbier wine supplier or selected by the chef from the Alpine Estate’s own wine cellar.

Occupying an impressive position in the dreamy heights of Verbier, Haute Montagne’s new Alpine Estate, provides the ultimate platform for you and your guests to experience unparalleled views of the village below and the majesty of the surrounding mountains, combined with a luxury service to make everyone’s ski holiday unforgettable.

Prices start from £11,101* per night, excluding food and alcohol and VAT. A minimum stay of 7 nights is required, and 14 nights over the New Year period. Chalet Levanto can be hired as an additional staff quarters. Prices start from £3,016* per night on an accommodation-only basis, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.

For more information visit

Haute Montagne’s dedicated late-night private chauffer service, as well as daily housekeeping is also included, and in one of the hottest ski resorts in the Alps, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this late-night service. WINTER 2014/15


E P O SL le sty

Style and substance: can the two really co-exist when it comes to skiwear? It used to be an eitheror situation: choose to look like a Bond film character at the risk of hypothermia, or go for the more technical gear that wasn’t exactly stylish, but certainly did the job. Luckily, the two aren’t so mutually exclusive any more with designers constantly tweaking ski kit, there’s now more choice than ever to express yourself with. Hitting the slopes in style need not mean you have to blend into the backdrop of the snowy mountain slopes, but rather offers the perfect opportunity to stand out with our guide of wellchosen snow-sports attire and must-have accessories. Even if snow sports aren’t your thing, who doesn’t like roaming the mountain villages in style to indulge a vin chaud at après ski? Snow style is easy to attain if you carefully craft your look around a particular colour scheme, or choose statement items. So have fun with it, and avoid any pitfalls on the slopes by ensuring you have all the essentials covered.



1. Maison Kitsuné Alpaca Sweater, £365 at Matches Fashion 2. Rossignol Sin 7 2015, £370 at Snow & Rock 3. Schoffel Men’s Irving Dynamic II GTX Pant, £199 at Snow & Rock 4. Oakley O2 XL Goggles, £53.68 at Snow Fusion 5. Whitby & Co Hand Warmer, £15 6. Sun Mountain Combi-Stick, £7.25 7. Ugg Shearling Sidewall Glove, £140 8. UV Control Clipstick, £5.30 at Little Skiiers 9. Rimowa Topas Suitcase, £715 at Selfridges 10. Sorel Caribou Boots, £140 at Matches Fashion 11. Prada Sport Luna Rossa Extreme Eau De Parfum, £42.50 at Feel Unique


2. 5.

4. 7. 9. 6.


11. 10.

2. 3. FOR HER


5. 7.

6. 8.

11. 9. 136

WINTER 2014/15


1. Moncler Grenoble Padded Ski Jacket, £1,302 at Farfetch 2. Ren Skincare Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, £32 at Net-a-Porter 3. Ski Atlas of the World, £35 at Waterstones 4. Elimis Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow, £36.50 at Feel Unique 5. David Web Diamond Cut Ring, £24,000 6. Woolrich Fur pompom Hat, £66.36 at Farfetch 7. Rossignol Temptation 75 2015 £320 at Snowfit 8. H&M Ski Pants, £49 9. French Connection Faux fur Mittens, £25 10. Versace Metal Cat-Eye Sunglasses, £156 at ASOS 11. Ugg Becket in chestnut, £220





BE W I T H T H E E L E G A N T AND S TYLIS H BESPOKE CLUB: DSTRKT Decadent and chic are just some of the words that best describe DSTRKT. From its fantastic cocktails, state of the art sound system and revolutionary stage (ideal for performing artists and dancers alike), to the elegant and stylish finishings of the seating and bar areas, DSTRKT provides an enticing experience. For the most discerning clientele, DSTRKT London created the world’s first V.I.P. lounge with a precious stone bar and a bespoke seating arrangement that caters to even the most exquisite of tastes. An extraordinary, show–stopping, aweinspiring, graphic interior design, with a

dramatically lit Perspex cascading staircase leads to the main club. Also featured are two bars, a rising stage placed strategically in front of the central-angular DJ booth and even a DJ to delight your senses in the VIP toilets! State of the art lighting and music system as well as two large screens, perfect for presentations, complete the space. But DSTRKT isn’t just a club. No, it’s also been voted as one of the best new restaurants in London. George Yaneff – a top American chef (formerly at the Bazaar Restaurant by José Andrés, SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills) – along with his team, presides over the elegant and glamorous venue which will impress even the most discerning gourmands with its all-organic blend of continental cuisines. It’s this space that transforms each and every evening as diners stay to party until the early hours.

The à la carte menu is available for dinner, as are the tasting set menus. Where: DSTRKT, 9 Rupert Street, London, W1 6DG. What: The most sophisticated club in London, enjoy an eclectic range of music and drinks. Alternatively, dine at the gourmet Yaneff restaurant and enjoy a selection of continental dishes accompanied with some expertly mixed cocktails. With: Be sure to dress smart and carry your ID, for an enjoyable and memorable night out with friends whilst rubbing shoulders with some famous names and faces. To book a table call 0207 317 9120 or email WINTER 2014/15



B E PA RT OF A F AR E A S T M O V E ME NT THE MAYFAIR OASIS: CAFÉ KAIZEN Inspired by days of browsing at Spitalfields Market, Café KaiZen brings East London to Mayfair with an added twist of Asian fusion. A fresh new concept in socialising, dining and shopping has been brought to Hanover Square by Dan Kapp and his team. Escape busy London and unwind in Café KaiZen, a beautifully unique space to eat, work, shop and revel, all under the same roof. Open daily from 9pm until late, Café KaiZen offers a Spice Route inspired menu featuring delicious dishes such as dim sum and bao buns, sashimi and

gyoza, as well as fresh mint tea and the traditional Middle Eastern sweet baklava. Signature cocktails are served by London’s leading mixologists in the cocktail lounge, and are purposely all priced at £8.88 – the Chinese lucky number. The ‘Bar’ket’ is Café KaiZen’s indoor marketplace and is an eclectic shoppers paradise showcasing 20 young designer brands including Pinky Laing, iamVibes and Nichole De Carle to name a few. Featuring a mix of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, ready-to-wear fashion, accessories, lingerie, upcycled interior pieces and pet clothing, Café KaiZen offers a unique and exciting shopping experience. Once all shopping desires are fulfilled, grab a drink and relax at the ‘bar’ket’ fresh juice and smoothie bar. Art lovers should be sure to check out the revolving ‘ART’ gallery with upcoming exhibits

G ET BEA C H R E A DY OPULENT SWIMWEAR BRAND: HEIDI KLEIN Opening their doors in 2002, the Heidi Klein brand is not only the result of two great female minds merging together, but it’s also the ultimate one-stop shop for the perfect holiday wardrobe, that will leave you wanting to retreat within the cabana-like confines of their Chelsea and Westbourne Grove stores. Where: Sloane Square, 257 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, London, SW1X 0BP | 174 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London, W11 2RW. What: Find bikinis, one pieces, sarongs, kaftans, accessories and other holiday necessities such as beach bags, flip-flops, sunglasses and skin care and beauty products. With: Take your friends and enjoy a truly girly and fun shopping experience. To make an appointment call 020 7259 9418 (Chelsea) or 0207 243 5665 (Notting Hill).


WINTER 2014/15

scheduled from Schoony, a talented sculptor who has worked with the likes of Paloma Faith, Cara Delevingne and Maximillian Wiedemann. A fresh revitalisation of the social experience, Café KaiZen is a stylish environment to enjoy all of life’s little pleasures under one roof. Where: Café KaiZen, 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HU. What: The Spice Route inspired menu has something for everyone and we highly recommend the Hearts and Daggers cocktail. With: Anyone who loves shopping, good food and cocktails. For reservations or enquiries call 0207 493 6411 or email



RELA X , RE- C HAR G E & UNW I ND spectacular Ajala Spa, and the private Grange Health and Fitness Club equipped with a gym and an 18 meter swimming pool. The hotel also has two expansive floors of meeting and events spaces, as well as a dedicated Business Centre with PC workstations, print and fax facilities for business travellers.

LUXURY HOTEL: GRANGE ST PAUL’S The Grange St Paul’s Hotel is a luxury 5-star establishment, nestled beside St Paul’s Cathedral within London’s bustling business district. Its contemporary glass interior houses 433 guest bedrooms, an array of bars and restaurants, the

The Grange St Paul’s also boasts a spectacular glass Atrium, housing an extensive selection of bars and restaurants where you are free to drink and dine at your convenience - whether a guest or not. For those who are staying at the hotel, popular local attractions include St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and designer shopping destination, One New Change.

The stunning Ajala Spa at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel is a luxury day spa offering an indulgent range of beauty and holistic therapies from Karin Herzog, Dermalogica, and Ajala Spa’s own signature botanical range. Where: Grange St Paul’s Hotel, 10 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5AJ. What: Relax at the hotel and re-charge your batteries at the Ajala Spa whether you’re a guest or not. The terrace is also a great spot for those sunny days – one to keep in mind come summer. With: Located in the heart of London, this is the perfect hotel to holiday in, or for business travellers, an ideal stopover between meetings. To book a room call 020 7074 1000 or e-mail

Italian restaurant – but that’s all part of the Mr Chow experience.

EAT L IKE A N E M P E R O R THE EPITOME OF ELEGANCE: MR CHOW On Valentines Day 1968 in Knightsbridge, the first Mr Chow restaurant opened its doors to introduce a new concept of fine dining, serving authentic Beijing Cuisine with elegant European style service. Designed by Michael Chow – who was one of the first to display important original works of art in a dining room – it remains one of the most uniquely beautiful and illustrious restaurants in London. Over the years the creative chefs started to

develop and introduce new and original recipes of Mr Chow such as the Green Prawns, the famous Chicken Satay and Mr Chow Noodles. It is also the first restaurant to bring out a chef to perform original hand-pulled Beijing style noodles making it a nightly entertainment. Known as an institution in London, Mr Chow draws the generations of the young and fashionable by consistently serving excellent food prepared by executive chef John Ng, for over 30 years. However, Mr Chow is not any ordinary restaurant and certainly not what you would be expecting; the cuisine is Mandarin, but the service reminds you of an old fashioned

Where: Mr Chow, 151 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X7PA. What: Anything and everything. Each dish has it’s own unique attributes. For those who love meat, the Ma Mignon is perfect. Marinated for 48 hours, this succulent beef will stay with you for a long time. For the fish lovers, the caramelized prawns served with caramelized walnuts. This is a very sweet dish, but oh-so yummy. With: Go with anyone who enjoys good food. Maybe even someone who already knows the menu, that way you wont take as long deciding. Just ensure you’re all as hungry as a king. To reserve a table call 0207 589 7347. WINTER 2014/15



GO, W A T C H, L AU G H AND BE MO VE D BEST WEST END DESTINATION: OFFICIAL LONDON THEATRE Official London Theatre is the perfect destination for the latest in the world of theatre. See comprehensive show listings, book tickets for the best shows and browse special offers on hotels, theatres and restaurants, as well as a map of all the major theatres and how to get to them. Official London Theatre allows an easy and helpful way to see what’s going on and recommendations for a magical evening for you to go, watch, laugh and be moved. From the musical phenomenon that is Wicked, to Shakespeare in Love and The Lion King, there is a show for everyone.

Where: Go online at OfficialLondonTheatre., visit The Clocktower in Leicester Square or run by the Society of London Theatre. What: Take advantage of West End Wednesday’s with half price tickets to the hottest shows in town until the end of November. One musical not to be missed is Rupert Goold’s heartwarming, puntastic and very British hit Made in Dagenham starring Gemma Arterton at London’s Adelphi Theatre. With: Depending on the show, take your family, friends and partner to enjoy the theatrical talents on stage. Go online to for more infomation and listings.

FIND U T OPI A A CITY OASIS: USHVANI Voted the UK’s Best Day Spa by both Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller, Ushvani is just that; an oasis of tranquillity situated in the heart of Chelsea. With a philosophy guided by the principles of nurture, total well-being, relaxation, and healthy indulgence, the quality of treatments on offer and the exotic beauty of the spa, a long with the impeccable service, is outstanding. Experience the perfect blend of spa indulgence, restorative therapies and supreme service at every level as well as an abundance of unique


WINTER 2014/15

additions. From contemporary mandi baths to specifically commissioned Malaysian artworks throughout the spa and delicate aromas of ginger, nutmeg and pandan leaves, relaxation starts from the very beginning with every detail in mind. Ushvani creates a unique environment in which to luxuriate and revitalise. Where: Ushvani, 1 Cadogan Gardens, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2RJ. What: Yoga, pilates, treatments and a spa pool, Ushvani is a utopia catered to your needs no matter what or how you want to get away from it all. With: Spa treatments available for both men and

women, just be sure to go with someone who actually is the relaxing kind. For reservations call 0207 730 2888 or email




TRA V E L T O T HE O R I E NT NEW ON THE BLOCK: SAKANA New addition to the bustling city of Manchester, Part of a £1million renovation, Sakana sits on the former location of Chicago Rock Café on the up-and-coming destination of Peter Street. And although Sakana is the newest addition to the bustling city of Manchester, the Pan-Asian restaurant has already been tipped to become one of the best restaurants in Manchester. Derived from the meaning ‘enjoy alcohol with food,’ Sakana is certainly a venue for just that, with seating available for 400 diners between their split-level floors. On the first floor you will find a spectacular PanAsian fine dining restaurant, as well as a ‘resident’ bar area to enjoy an array of rare and vintage wines whilst looking onto the beautifully openplanned restaurant. This open-floor assimilated by Sakana, allows the flow of energy to pass through the venue and take you with it.

Starting with the open-air seating area at the front of the restaurant, you look onto the swanky bar – both a perfect and stylish welcome. Upon entering the restaurant floor, the open space allows full 360’ views of the chefs and their stations. Complete with sushi bar, robata grill and two teppanyaki areas, diners can watch whilst they become intoxicated with aromas and flavours. A key feature within the lavish space comes in the form of a six-meter-high steel tree that climbs its way to the second floor of the split-level restaurant. With views of the revellers below, this balcony will form another unique aspect of the restaurant. The main areas of the venue are ready for your taste buds, whilst the balcony level will be ready late November. Where: Sakana Pan Asian Bar & Restaurant, 23 Peter St, Manchester, M2 5QR. What: From small bites to bigger meals and fine cocktails, enjoy authentic Pan-Asian cuisine in a modern setting.

With: No matter the time of day, pass by Sakana and enjoy some food with your friends, colleagues or other halves. And with Club Liv located just next door, it’s the perfect starting point before your Manchester night out. To reserve a table call 0161 8321 400 or e-mail info@ WINTER 2014/15



R A IS E T H E B A R MANCHESTER’S HOTTEST CLUB: CLUB LIV Every city in the world has its one emblematic hot spot that defines an era, a place that becomes the main attraction for generations of beautiful people and the centre of their nightly desires. In Manchester, that special place is LIV. Designed to impress through its amazing decor, an eclectic mix of internationally known artists draw a sophisticated crowd each weekend. LIV is exclusive, luxurious, selective, and meticulously designed. This is the place where the stylish people meet; ready to enjoy an atmosphere that is unique.

Let the Kanye-inspired, leather kilt-clad barmen impress you with the clubs royal-class cocktails. And as for music, the hottest DJs in the UK play R&B and funky house which thumps away under the clubs distinctive LED ceiling. Where: Liv, 23 Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR What: Order Ace Of Spades champagne whilst sitting in the Ace Of Spades-themed section. With: As long as you’re over 18 with ID and dressed smartly, you’re more than welcome to join the club. For reservations call 0161 834 4154 or e-mail

G E T T H E GE NT L E M A N ’ S C UT THE ULTIMATE BARBERS: CLOSE MALE GROOMING With four salons now dotted around Manchester, Close Male Grooming claims the title of the first truly bespoke male grooming experience in the city. Created by Alex Shore after an inspirational trip to Australia, Close Male Grooming specialises in luxury haircuts, hair colouring, traditional cutthroat shave, facials and Indian head massages for the discerning, cosmopolitan gentleman. Spotting a gap in the Manchester market and keen to take advantage of the metrosexual


WINTER 2014/15

boom, Close Male Grooming also offers a range of clinic treatments from peels to facials, and manicures to waxing. These treatments, coupled with a dashing new haircut, shave or beard trim, provide a totally unique experience in a Northern city steadily embracing the male grooming culture. Where: Close Male Grooming, 22 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M4 5AZ | 539A Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0UE | The Lock Building, Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5BD | 69 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BQ. What: Get a traditional cutthroat shave whilst sipping on a cool beer and playing on the stores X-Box – every man’s paradise.

With: Leave the ladies at home for this one, and go with the boys. To book an appointment call 0161 228 0701 (Northern Quarter), 0161 637 2806 (Chorlton), 0161 237 1619 (Whitworth Street), 0161 834 2226 (Bridge Street).


P AMP E R YO U R HAI R GRA B T H A I S T R E E T F O O D RECENT ADDITION: THAIKHUN Thaikhun is an exciting new casual dining experience from the owners of Chaophraya Thai Restaurant group. The interior is authentic, offering an interactive dining experience with open kitchens and traditionally rustic surroundings. The only catch, learning to pronounce the name. The Thai word ‘Khun’, means ‘your’, urging you to feel a part of the Thaikun family when you dine. Thaikhun is your Thailand – a place to remind you of amazing personal journeys or to ignite the dream of exploring a new destination. One thing is for sure; great tasting Thai food is at the heart of this experience. It’s the place to

excite and educate your taste buds, experience real, Thai eating as you would on the streets of Bangkok. Where: Thaikhun, Unit 16-16A, The Avenue, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3PL. What: ‘Thai-Go’ is perfect for someone who fancies something a little different, but doesn’t have time to sit. Enjoy Thai food on the go in true street-food style. With: Whether you’re passing during, before or after work, Thaikhun is a place to meet, sit and dine, or pay and go with anyone ready to explore food from the streets of Bangkok.

LUXURY SALON: UMBERTO GIANNINI As a multi-award winning hair team, Umberto Giannini sits proudly in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols. With a deluxe central location, Umberto Giannini is the perfect destination to translate the latest styles, prepare and preen for a big weekend ahead, or simply a pamper and a pickme-up; regardless, you’re in very capable hands. Where: Umberto Giannini, Harvey Nichols, 21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester, M1 1AD. What: Try the Blow Dry Bar for a quick fix-meup during the day. With: Anyone and everyone! Enjoy a pamper and some champagne.

To make a table reservation call 0161 819 2065.

To book an appointment call 0161 828 8840.


THE NEW LOOK: DON GIOVANNI’S The Don Giovanni’s Restaurant serves simple, yet authentic tasting Italian cuisine, cooked for you by expert Italian chefs. Using only local suppliers, produce is sourced locally wherever possible and holds the upmost quality. In terms of Italian gourmet food, Don Giovanni’s sets the standard in Manchester. From fresh lobster thermidor, fillet steak and Dover sole, to delicious pizzas and a selection of decadent pastas and risottos, there’s something for everyone. Don Giovanni’s has a fresh and modern look, with a polished interior and traditional good quality service in an atmospheric environment.

With: Be it intimate or celebratory dining, the restaurant is perfect for all occasions.

Where: Don Giovannis, 1-2 Peter House, Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 5AN. What: Enjoy a selection of unique cocktails alongside the delicious Italian menu of modern re-imaginings of timeless classics.

To book a table or the function room call 0161 228 2482 or e-mail reservations@ WINTER 2014/15


MANCHESTER From the customary Italian favourites of pizzas and pastas, to the exceptional and sublime meats and fishes, the wealth and choice of the à la carte menu caters for the most simplistic of tastes to the most extravagant Italian-food evangelists. Where: Rosso Restaurant & Bar, 43 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BG. What: Our favourite dish has to be the ‘Orzo’. A barley and sweet potato salad with French beans, spiced dressing and topped with a chargrilled tuna steak accompanied by one of Rosso’s exquisite cocktails. With: Rosso Restaurant & Bar is great for any occasion whether it be with your family, friends, business meeting or romantic dinner.

REVEL IN IT AL I AN C U I S I NE ITALIAN FINE DINING: ROSSO Rosso Restaurant & Bar has long been associated purely as Rio Ferdinand’s restaurant, with many overlooking the wonders of Rosso in favour of the celebrity status the restaurant holds. Since the restaurant first opened its doors four years ago, many have crossed the beautiful threshold with the hope of being seen with celebrities, footballers and other famous names and faces, and certainly this has been the case. But it’s time to step back from the preconceived notions and comprehend that, whilst Rosso may

still very well be a place to be seen, it is also a place to experience traditional Italian fine dining – after all, it is a restaurant.

To reserve a table call 0161 8321 400 or e-mail

Located in the heart of Manchester at the top of the prestigious King Street, the 116-year-old Grade II listed building in which homes the restaurant, is breathtaking. Once an old bank, the exquisite architecture of both the exterior and interior offers something a little more extraordinary to our metropolitan city with its high dome ceiling, sea of marble and beautifully stained glass windows all complemented perfectly by Rosso’s signature red (the translation of ‘Rosso’ in Italian) and black/grey décor.

JO I N A PRIVAT E M E M B E R S C LU B WHERE THE STYLISH MEET: THE MILTON CLUB The Milton Club is a contemporary members club located in the heart of the city of Manchester. Offering exceptional service and ambiance within its elegantly designed amber and charcoal grey interior (created by top designer Bernard Carroll), The Milton Club embodies the style and warmth that is the signature of this great city. Enjoy a classic drinks menu including rare whiskies and cognacs, juxtaposed with modern cocktails and, of course, a superb wine list. For those who appreciate a chilled glass of the finest champagne, The Milton Club has its very own champagne bar. Situated just minutes from the thriving Spinningfields business district, the contemporary Media City and within walking distance from the city’s key upmarket restaurants, bars, nightclubs, luxury shops and top hotels, it’s an idyllic location to start or end your evening. Although The Milton Club is predominantly a private members club, non-members may sign up for booth bookings or guest-list (dependent on availability). With a variety of private booths available for reservation, a premier booth is also


WINTER 2014/15

available for those looking for that extra bit of privacy, complete with a personal bar and oneto-one service. A concierge service is also on offer to guests when booking at the club that includes car collections upon availability.

range of music. With: Dressed to impress and willing to become a member, just carry your business card and ID and you’re good to go with friends, colleagues or even for a drink with your other half.

Where: The Milton Club, 244 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4BQ. What: Book your own private booth complete with an exquisite drinks selection and an eclectic

To enquire contact 0161 850 2353 or email



EXP ERI E N C E L I F E O N T HE T I T A NIC RICH IN HERITAGE: 30 JAMES STREET Formerly known as Albion House, 30 James Street is known as the home of the Titanic Hotel, a new and exciting addition to the thriving city of Liverpool. Located on the corner of James Street and The Strand, the Grade II listed building from the 1950s sits opposite the famous Pier Head. Honouring both RMS Titanic and the White star Line, this recently restored luxury Titanic-themed hotel utilizes authenticity with a modern twist, which will undoubtedly entice you to appreciate Liverpool’s maritime history. The hotel holds a rich heritage, which becomes apparent once you step over the threshold. Built in the late 18th century, the building was originally constructed for shipping company the White Star Line who created the eminent RMS Titanic. Her port of registry was in fact the White Star Line headquarters, insuring that the lavish hotel embodies a sense of home for the star-crossed

vessel, all of which you can revel in once you visit the heart of Liverpool yourself. Now finally, the Kenwright’s have restored the stunning building to its former beauty, in the shape of 30 James Street hotel, a destination you can enjoy for weddings, conference events and even to make that everyday afternoon tea that little bit more exciting between shopping trips. You can choose from 64 Titanic-themed bedrooms, re-charge your batteries at the luxurious spa, or even indulge in a glass of champagne at Liverpool’s first rooftop bar, the Carpathia Bar, offering remarkable views of The Three Graces. Where: 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic Hotel, 30 James Street, Liverpool, L2 7PQ. What: A unique combination of modern day Liverpool and the glamorous history of the White Star Line, celebrate on the rooftop bar with a cocktail and beautiful views. With: Share with your partner, friends or colleagues, this hotel caters to all. The lavish decor and sound heritage of the building truly resonates within every nook and cranny.

For room reservations and general enquiries call 0151 236 0166 or email | For wedding reservations and Carpathia Restaurant bookings call 0151 236 9659 or email weddings@ and restaurant@rmstitanichotel. WINTER 2014/15



FEE L L IKE A T R U E I T A L I A N LIVERPOOL HOT-SPOT: IL FORNO As difficult as it is to find an Italian restaurant that is as authentic as the genre assigned to it, Liverpool holds one of the few and most admired restaurants, Il Forno. Named one of the Top 10 Authentic Restaurants by The Times, Il Forno first opened in 2005 and has since become a destination for those who wish to indulge in high-quality, real Italian cuisine. Boasting an array of authentic Italian recipes, these classic dishes contain a modern element

and are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from the finest local and artisan Italian producers. The simple rustic menu on offer at Il Forno, asserts outstanding and real flavours, textures and aromas, all of which are intensified with the extensive and carefully selected wine list, the Italian speaking staff, and the relaxed environment. Il Forno is unquestionably the finest Italian in town. Where: Il Forno, 132 Duke Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 5AG. What: From pizzas and pastas to the most

exquisite sea bass we’ve ever tried, there is something for everyone at Il Forno. With: Dine out at Liverpool’s hot-spot with all the family, or none of the family – the call is yours. Just make sure those who join you are true Italian-food evangelists as this restaurant is a cut above the rest. To make a reservation call 0151 709 4002 or e-mail

SA T I S F Y YO U R S W E E T T O O T H GELATO HEAVEN: P&D Paolo and Donato’s Italian Deli resides in the heart of Liverpool’s thriving Williamson Square, and is known for being the only authentic Italian deli around. Offering a selection of homemade Italian cakes, specialist Italian beverages, a selection of light bites, paninis and pizzas, it’s P&D’s homemade gelato that will transport you to sun-drenched Southern Italy. With over 20 flavours each made daily, you can select from old favourites such as Madagascan


WINTER 2014/15

vanilla, Belgian chocolate, and organic strawberry as well as P&D’s special creations: Cremino (hazelnut chocolate), Pistachio di Bronte – where only the best Sicilian organic pistachio’s are used – and Amalfi Lemon Sorbet, made from sweet lemons only found on the Amalfi Coast. There is truly something for everyone when it comes to gelato at P&D’s. Where: Paolo & Donato’s Deli, 24 Richmond Street, Williamson Square, Liverpool, L1 1EF. What: The homemade Italian gelato and sorbet is a true must-try for those with a sweet-tooth. Alternatively, a light bite if you’re on the go. With: Located in the heart of Liverpool’s business district, this is the perfect spot for an out-ofoffice meeting over Italian coffee and homemade

cakes. Alternatively for those shopping in Liverpool’s district, a delicious stop to recharge. Call 0151 708 7117 or email for more information.


TAS T E N EW W O NDE R S UNIQUE DINING EXPERIENCE: SAPPORO TEPPANYAKI Typically associated with sushi, Japanese food is much more than sashimi and seaweed. The renowned Liverpool and Manchester based restaurant chain Sapporo Teppanyaki, holds a variety of Japanese cuisine including sushi and teppanyaki. Cooked before your very eyes by their talented chefs, teppanyaki is a healthy, exciting, modern style of cooking, with dishes prepared right before your very eyes on a hotplate – part barbeque, part flaming grill and a whole lot of entertainment. Located in the heart of Liverpool in East Village since November 2003, and another opening later in 2005 on Manchester’s Liverpool Road, Sapporo Teppanyaki offers you the chance to

experience glorious and delicious Japanese cuisine, introducing Northerners to the magical art of Teppanyaki and the beautiful tastes of sushi. Next to the taste of the fresh ingredients sourced from the finest local suppliers, the most enjoyable aspect of teppanyaki is the lively and friendly environment. The unique seating arrangement of the horseshoe-shaped table that surrounds the chef and his hotplate, lets you enjoy the chefs tricks and impressive culinary tricks with your party and fellow diners also sat with you. As well as teppanyaki, the menu hosts a range of sushi and sashimi dishes, premium platters including whole lobster, turbot, brill, porterhouse steak, chateaubriand and wagyu, the very best in beef. With a superb interior and atmosphere to accompany the delectable dishes, the drinks


menu is another must to indulge in. From unique cocktails such as the Senji Caipirinha and a selection of Japanese whiskies, you don’t even have to visit for the food. For couples, groups, parties or family meals, Sapporo Teppanyaki has a lot to offer: entertainment, atmosphere, great service and delicious food. Where: Sapporo Teppanyaki, 134 Duke Street, East Village, Liverpool, L1 5AG | 91-93 Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JN. What: Take advantage of the excellent special offers of Express Lunch (two courses for £9) and an Early Diner menu (three courses for £15.95). With: Anyone and everyone not just sushi lovers, but fun food lovers. To make a reservation call 0151 668 0010 (Liverpool) or 0161 979 0574 (Manchester).

E XP E RIE NCE CU LTU RE A LITTLE PIECE OF MOROCCO: KASBAH Liverpool has embraced many different cultures and tastes, offering new experiences and cuisines for people to learn and love. Kasbah is part of this cultural assortment, bringing Moroccan food to the heart of the town. Emanating the profound culture through all aspects from the cuisine itself, to the restaurants matter of time and location, you enter into a world that brings together the East and West in perfect harmony. Where: Kasbah Cafe & Bazaar, 72 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HR. What: Devour any of the modern Mediterranean recipes and experience a true cultural shift. With: This little piece of Morocco attracts and mixes locals, families, businessmen and travellers by providing a feast not only for the stomach, but for all five senses. For more information call on 0151 707 7744. WINTER 2014/15


The Northern Boom ‘Imagination means nothing without doing’... –



ith this ethos, Rick Bithell and Heather Carroll – both Northern-born and based actors – created their theatre company troublehouse theatre. Rick and Heather graduated from ALRA North in December 2012, and upon leaving, were given the choice to either move to London, or to stay in the North and begin building their careers as actors. They chose the latter, and stayed in Manchester, a city that already meant a great deal to each of them personally. When asked why they hadn’t followed the path of so many other actors down to the capital, they simply said: “Because we both love the North.” Heather commented that, “the North has a buzz about it that you can’t help but fall in love with. This is something that reflects greatly in troublehouse.” Rick noted that, “We’d either go to London and start afresh, or we’d build on the foundations and nurtured connections we have here in the North. With a lot of work now being produced here, and with the BBC now having made their move to MediaCity in Salford, it seemed right to stay here in Manchester.” So why start a theatre company when there’s so many actors out of jobs and so much theatre out there right now? “At ALRA we were taught that as an actor, you can’t just sit around and wait for your agent or a director to call you with a job. You need to be out there actively looking for work, and if there’s no work, you need to make your own work. So that’s what we did. We gave ourselves a platform to create and produce work.” But what does Heather think? “troublehouse to us is a token of what we’re about as actors. We want its work to be naturalistic and truthful. I hate it when people play stereotypes; no person in real life is a stereotype, so why would we be that when we’re on stage? Of course in comedy some characters are larger, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be genuine people.” Troublehouse’s debut show opened in July of this year as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival with ‘Equal Partners’ written by David Tomlinson and directed by Paul Elsam. For the pro-


WINTER 2014/15

duction, troublehouse was nominated for ‘Best Newcomer 2014’ at the Fringe, something neither Heather nor Rick had thought could happen from their debut show. Their next production is Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Time Of My Life’ to be hosted at The Great Northern Playhouse. An exciting venue, The Great Northern Playhouse is the brainchild of Jenn Trethewey, a Manchester School of Art Graduate, with a pop-up theatre in an abandoned lighting showroom on Deansgate, Central Manchester. The space was an empty shop unit, which had been left to collect dust. However, The New Playhouse’s black box theatre will bring the disused space back to life for fifteen weeks with a program of art and theatre pieces, including that of troublehouse’s show in November. The New Playhouse revealed that, “the space aims to provide a much needed mid-size venue for production companies in Manchester, and gives a high-level of marketing support to independent North West talent. We aim to take away the barriers of a ‘theatre’ environment and engage new audiences with risk-taking, immersive productions, quality writing and brilliant showcase evenings.” This is something that fell right in line with troublehouse’ beliefs about theatre: bringing professional quality theatre to venues other than the established theatre spaces. The venue allows for the creation of a real, intimate space, giving the audience a hands-on experience. The project is rumoured to be the first in a series of ventures from Trethewey, who is already looking for future spaces to expand the ‘pop-up’ theatre venues in the North-West. Ayckbourn’s ‘Time Of My Life’ runs from Wednesday 19th - 22nd November at 7.30pm at The Great Northern Playhouse on Deansgate, Manchester. Tickets are £10 (£8 for concessions).


Michael Anastassiades

The Contemporary Craftsman The Cypriot born, London based designer’s aesthetic resides somewhere between industrial design, sculpture and decorative art, often working with light reflective materials and unassuming geometric shapes to create pieces reflective of modern architecture. The results although seemingly simple, employ meticulous detail in their execution and provoke dialogue about the craft and skill involved.




By Klaus Biesenbach & Cristiana Perrella To be released in 2015 Made recognizable through artwork that explores celebrity culture, fashion, and film in an interconnecting relationship with art, Italian-born Francesco Vezzoli’s work is a constant commentary and reenvision on the illustrious imagery within our society. The book, which has been produced in close collaboration with the artist, is a fascinating compendium of works and projects, each of which are introduced by prominent art critics, curators, or chroniclers for a truly insightful look into his hallmark style.

3 1. ONYX LIGHT (2007) Onyx, black silk braided flex dimmer, £2,500 available at Michael Anastassiades. 2. BALL LIGHT PENDANT (2006) Polished Gold, Black Patinated, Polished Nickel, brass, £660 available at TwentyTwentyOne. 3. FACETED TABLE (2009) Solid oiled walnut, Limited edition (of 13) available upon request at Michael Anastassiades.

Ming: 50 years that changed China

British Museum (18th September 2014 - 5th January 2015) Open daily 10.00am-17.30pm, Fridays until 20.30pm Adults: £16.50, 16-18yrs: £13, Under 16yrs and members: Free

A cloisonné jar, decorated with dragons and imperial mark. China, Ming dynasty, Xuande mark and period, 1426–1435.

Starting September 2014, the British Museum is currently hosting a major exhibition that delves into the history of ancient China and the time when the Ming dynasty governed this superpower. Particularly looking at how Chinese artists absorbed influences during this golden period and created some of the most interesting and beautiful objects and paintings ever made, the exhibition features a collection of these truly spectacular items. From sculptures, textiles, paintings and furniture, to jewellery

and exquisite examples of porcelain, all of which have been collected from museums across China and the rest of the world. A must-see for anyone interested in how the world’s most powerful country developed important connections with the rest of the globe, together with how it formed its societal culture. Highlights from the exhibit include paintings of the Xuande emperor, examples of jewellery and furniture that once belonged to the princes, and the sword of the Yongle Emperor. WINTER 2014/15


ImmersiveTheatre The New Cultural Voyeurism


ith immersive theatre taking the London theatre scene by storm, I’m left contemplating when we, as audience members and punters, decided that we no longer wanted to be observers of the performances we paid to see, but rather dictators of such.

their debut show ‘The Moon Slave’. In this show one solitary audience member discovered a parcel addressed to them on an empty stage and their journey began from there; taking them to an old mansion, through candlelit paths in a forest, and on a quest to unravel the twisted fairytale. Since this, they have produced over 20 other immersive and promenade pieces of theatre, with Punchdrunk rising to theatrical fame with their show ‘Faust’ in 2006. Taking theatre experiences out of the average setting is very much a shift that has gone hand-in-hand with immersive theatre. Punchdrunk’s latest production, ‘The Drowned Man’, was housed in a former sorting office near London’s Paddington Station; they have taken over entire warehouses and former tobacco factories in their quest to take audiences out of the preconceived experience of theatre. They are not alone

The audience in immersive shows have the power to control and shape the performance as they partake in them. They can now decree which way they would like a story to unfold, what journey they want to take, and which actors they wish to follow. Immersive theatre breaks down all the conventional boundaries of theatre, as we know them, not even the red wine or an interval are left as friendly comforts. It submerges the audience into the story as both character and writer. As a spectator you are given a ‘part’ in which to play in the story of the performance. Immersive theatre has gathered momentum in the last decade making it one of the newest trends with young professionals in London. I wonder if the advancements we have seen in counterparts to theatre such as the cinema with 3D, and now even 4D experiences have pushed the theatrical world to blur the lines of ‘performance’, in order to give the audience the thrill and gratification they now so obviously desire when it comes to their entertainment. No longer are we happy to be outsiders of such an event, we now want to be physically involved. Although the popularity of immersive theatre gathered pace in the 2000s, we can date back origins of the style to the 19th Century with the interaction of audiences in a more pantomime style ‘set call back’, and ‘response’ to actors on stage. In the UK a theatre group called Punchdrunk were the pioneers of this style of theatre. They came to the cultural forefront of London scenes in 2000 with

in this movement, however. In fact, most immersive theatre takes place nowhere near, let alone in a theatre. The locations exude, like the rest of the experience, controversy, and seek to heighten the exploits of the audience members, pushing them to think outside the box. Performances have taken places in locations such as abandoned buildings and car parks, to railway junctions – nothing is too niche for these thrill seekers. One group currently creating a buzz in the London theatre scene is the Secret Cinema – unsurprisingly, their tagline is ‘Tell No One’. Nevertheless, Secret Cinema is an immersive film ‘experience’ company in which they focus on the stories of cult films, such as their latest production of ‘Back to the Future’ directed by Robert Zemeckis, in which participants take part in an event based upon the story which culminates in a screening of the film for them to enjoy. You have to register for tickets and all locations are kept secret from the participants until the last hour. The crux of Secret Cinema is that no one who has attended is supposed to pass on any details. The secret societal feeling to Secret Cinema, and to a lot of immersive theatre companies, makes the experience all the more desirable with trendy Londoners who attend their events. Ones to try, if you dare: CoLab Theatre’s show ‘Fifth Column’ runs until Saturday November 15th in the style of Homeland-meets-007 as an espionage thriller. Here the time, location and even flights – if you sign up for the international option – are kept on a need-to-know basis. Or, if you want to bring the whole family along and dip your toes into the world of immersive theatre, try ‘The Hidden House’ at Westfield Stratford, which runs from Thursday November 20th until Sunday January 4th.


WINTER 2014/15

WORDS by Heather Carroll


“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” - Finley Dunne

WINTER 2014/15


Investing In

Contemporary Art


ontemporary art is becoming increasingly popular and desirable, however the choice of work available can be daunting. Since opening up our first gallery almost five years ago, one of the questions I get asked most is: “What art should I buy?” The answer to this is fairly easy: “Whatever you like.” This answer is usually followed by: “But what should I buy as a good investment?” Well, the answer to this one is also easy: “A House.” I of course understand what my potential clients are asking me for, but advising on art as an investment is always a tricky business. Many galleries will tell you that the artwork they are selling is a great investment, but like stocks and shares, the price of art goes down as well as up. So if you are new to the art market and you are looking for a nice piece of work that is likely to retain it’s value, what should you look for and what should you steer clear of? A simple guideline is to look for artists in major collections. This might be the Arts Council Collection, The Government Art Collection, British Museum, V&A, Tate Collection – you get the gist. If the big institutions are collecting these artists, then why shouldn’t you? Members of the Royal Academy will always be worth a look. This establishment was set up by King George III in 1768 and is restricted to 80 practising artists at any one time, with

some of Britain’s finest artists elected Royal Academicians. Most recently, it’s The Turner prize that has given notoriety to many young British artists whom were nominated for, and have won this prestigious prize. However, when it does come to investing in art, it’s not just about paintings. Original artists’ prints are also extremely collectible. Look for original etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, silkscreens, lithographs and even potato prints – yes, potato prints. Nonetheless, be wary of ‘giclée’ prints. Giclée is the French word for spray (digitally printed), and the majority of these prints are reproductions or copies of paintings, and thus have little resale value. If you are considering a print, a valuable thing to note is that the smaller the edition size, then the scarcer the print will be. Ideally, the edition should be below 100 – the smaller the better. © Chris Thornley & Atelier Rose & Gray

Chris Thornley ‘How Soon is Now’ Simple art combined with classic literature and the Smiths for only £150 - a great start to collecting.

Find a gallery that is approachable and ask the right questions. You should feel confident in the gallery owner, the artist, and the work you intend to purchase. Never feel railroaded into making a purchase just because you are told a particular artist always sells out and won’t be here next week…

Damien Hirst ‘She Walks In Beauty’

There are so many pieces from Damien that we really love in the gallery that it’s difficult to choose just one. I’ve picked this fantastic etching, which is from a series of six – bright, Simple and fun | £7,000*.

© Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers ‘Where Things Land Down’ We’ve been a big fan of Stephen’s work for some time now. His ‘Big Country’ project at the Royal Academy and his recently huge exhibition at the Pera Museum in Instanbul were both warmly received by the critics. This huge oil painting perfectly shows Stephens excellent use of colour, pattern and original subject matter | £48,000*.


WINTER 2014/15

WORDS by Chris Brookes from Atelier Rose & Gray Gallery

© Damien Hirst & The Paragon Press

LA VIDA | ART & CULTURE Gary Hume ‘Magda’ The texture that the lino creates in this huge print, together with the soft imagery and bright colours, makes this a joyous piece to see when I first walk in the gallery each morning | £6,000*.

© Eileen Cooper

Eileen Cooper RA ‘Under Lavender Skies’ Eileen produces beautifully balanced oils, etchings, silkscreens and woodcuts, but this hugely detailed linocut has been a favourite for a long time. I could be watching the stars on a hot roof in some far-flung land... I’m not, I’m in Manchester and it’s raining, but that’s the beauty of art, it can transport you | £700*.

© Gary Hume & The Paragon Press

“Many galleries will tell you that the artwork they are *Prices correct at time of publication. They are subject to change.

selling is a great investment, but like stocks and shares, the price of art goes down as well as up.”

Atelier Rose & Gray Gallery will be exhibiting over 30 Royal Academy and Turner prize artists in it’s annual winter exhibition. Albert Irvin ‘Crosstown’

© Albert Irvin & Advanced Graphics

There has been a huge interest in abstract art in the media lately. Albert is one of the masters, and this silkscreen is one of his most recent, and shows perfectly his recognizable style & vivid use of colour | £600*.

15th November to 31st January 2015 | 1 Cambridge Road, Hale WA15 9SY WINTER 2014/15


PICPOUL DE PINET Produced by Pettite Roubie Grape: Languedoc Notes: Green, golden, apples £9.99


s a wise man once said, appearances can be deceiving. Such circumstances have been known to apply to wine. The plethora of labels, producers, grape varieties and regions can, in itself, be intoxicating. This is something that we hope to disseminate at Carrington’s, shedding some light texture, balance and pairings of food with wine. With this in mind, we thought we’d shed a little light on three of the French bottles we stock, and love. Take our Cristia, a blend of both Syrah and Grenache grapes that creates a wonderfully full bodied red. The Syrah variety is one that caters for most palettes, bringing a earthy, peppery flavour that is fantastically appealing, and the Grenache provides an all together different quality that boosts not only the alcohol content, but also adds depth to the wine’s flavour and texture. This creates a dark and rich wine with a hint of spice and plum – the latter from the plum skins included in the fermentation process. It is important to note that this wine is produced by a Châteauneufdu-Pape – an institution in the world of wine – and at its price, an absolute steal. The rosé we’ve chosen is classic, pale salmon pink in colour and incredibly delicate: Le Saint André. To the nose it provides strawberries, apples and fragrant herbs, whilst the palette begins with a gentle fruity acidity, leading to a long, rich finish definitive of Provence, spice and sea air reminiscent of that Mediterranean freshness. This wine is ideal with fish and shellfish, yet equally as delightful with white meats and roasted vegetables, or even on it’s own. Produced in the heartland of rosé, Aix En Provence, an area that produces truly delectable wines in this variety, and in some views, the best rosé to be had. To touch on the white wine we’ve selected, our Picpoul De Pinet is made from the Languedoc grape and is a biodynamic wine, which is to say it is produced with simplicity in mind. Little to no industrial process is employed during fermentation, and the grapes tend to be handpicked and naturally pressed, which make for a particularly balanced structure. Produced by the Petite Roubie vineyard, this wine is superb. Green, golden and clear visually, it holds a soft and rounded texture with a full flavour that is distinct of apple and citrus whilst being exceptionally crisp and delicate.

In the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s, Carrington’s will be hosting a series of tasting events, which will explore a broad range of handpicked products in further detail. Each event will focus on specific products, covering a range of both red and white wine, champagne, port, sherry and madeira, in addition to whiskies and a specific event focusing on what to drink throughout Christmas Day. These events will be producer led, showcasing wines from around the world and discussing the identity and heritage of their produce. Alongside this, tasting notes will be supplied with suggestions for different occasions and food pairings, as well as answering any questions or queries that you may have. The events will be held in a private space at our Chorlton branch and a handful of off-site locations in the area. Tickets are priced at £30 per person, restricted to twenty people per event to ensure an insightful and engaging evening for all attendees. For more information on each event, to book tickets or to check availability, visit Carrington’s website.

LE SAINT ANDRÉ Produced by Saint-André de Figuiere Grape: Cabernet, Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault Notes: Earth, pepper, depth £10.99

Carrington’s was established when two brothers began selling a selection of directly sourced wines from a range of small growers alongside the classic, established producers with an ambition to supply a diverse array of quality alcohols to the North-West and beyond. That was over twenty-five years ago and our locations in Manchester continue to stock a myriad of wines, a wonderful and unusual array of rare and sought after spirits as well as world, continental and local beers, something in which Carrington’s was instrumental by bringing German and British beers to the mainstream UK market in the mid 1990’s. In providing superior bottles at a reasonable price, sourcing innovative products and placing an emphasis on customer service and follow-up, Carrington’s continues to supply quality products, engage with customers, and build on their history as wine, spirit and beer merchants.

Carrington’s Chorlton: 322 Balow Moor Road, Manchester M21 8AY +44(0)161 881 0099

Carrington’s Didsbury: 688 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 2DN +44(0)161 446 2546

CRISTIA COLLECTION Produced by Domaine de Crista Grape: Syrah and Grenache Notes: Fruit, sea air, crisp £6.99

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Love Life and Live It



There has never been a better time to start your own business or grow your existing one! La Vida Business welcomes back Paul Cheetham from SEDULO Chartered Certified Accountants and Business Advisors to tell us exactly where we should be looking...

have been in business for over 15 years so far, and during this time I have worked on hundreds of projects. Most recently I have teamed up with former Henleys Clothing co-owner, Simon Peters, to form the Menswear brand Simon + Simon. I am also working with an independent young designer to launch the street wear brand Fi5th Clothing, as well as a pair of celebrity private instructors to launch their new gym wear brand ManUp. I honestly believe that there has never been a better time to setup your own business, or for your existing business to grow, than now, and it is down to 2 factors:

higher at the start of the cycle with house prices on average doubling every 16 years, emphasizing my point in hand.

1) The economic improvement and resulting funding opportunities

With this general economic improvement, comes optimism in the corporate world, and consequently lending opportunities begin to expand. There are currently a number of ways to fund your business, with these methods increasing continuously:

2) The latest technology opening low cost marketing opportunities worldwide In this issue of La Vida I am going to talk about the financial developments that have surfaced and the funding opportunities that these have brought, following on from this by discussing low cost, newly developed marketing channels in the next issue.

THE ECONOMY It’s undeniable that the UK endured a recession for almost five years from 2008. Yet whilst there was plenty of negative press around the turmoil of the economic downfall, what many fail to remember is that prior to this, the economy and its entrepreneurs enjoyed around 10 years of unprecedented success and prosperity. This is no different to what happened in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, such a pattern can be traced back using house prices as a guide, since 1944 and the end of the Second World War. From this, we can see that every 15 years or so we experience an improvement in confidence and consumer spending, with house prices increasing and the British Pound strengthening. This is then followed closely by a slower improvement where the economy tails off and then a decline back down occurs. The decline always ends significantly


WINTER 2014/15

The good news for anyone currently in business and those looking to venture into their own business endeavour is that 2015 is the year of the next cycle. History shows that it will take the form of the previous ones, already signified by increasing house prices, the increasing mortgage offerings that are released each month, the resultant equity releases, and the improved consumer spending – all of which is beginning to fire-up the economy once more.

GRANT OPPORTUNITIES These are great as, well, you don’t have to pay them back! It’s free money. Grant opportunities tend to be lower in value, but if you research them sufficiently, you’ll be surprised by what options are out there for you. The Princes Trust for example, will give you access to money in order to kick-start some small funding. My advice here would be to spend time looking at these avenues yourself; a professional advisor, although within their capabilities, is unlikely to hold grave knowledge on these grant opportunities given the number of them, and the varying criteria attached to each one, from geographical location, to specific industry sectors.

DEBT FUNDING Despite reassuring you that 2015 will be looking up for us, the banks are still on the cautious side when it comes to lending via loans and overdrafts, but that is unless you qualify for an Enterprise Guarantee Loan (EFG). An EFG is money borrowed from your bank, however the government guarantees almost all of it. Now this form of funding is not applicable for new businesses, and there is a relatively strict criterion in which your business must fall under if you wish

LA VIDA | BUSINESS to acquire this loan – it’s great if you can get one though, so just ask your bank. Other loans and overdrafts at the moment still appear to require a director guarantee and need to be supported by security, which tends to be an asset such as property. There are however other methods of bank funding such as factoring of invoices or stock. This approach speeds up cash flow by effectively funding upon the delivery of your product, rather than having to wait for your customer to pay. In a growing business this is a viable financing product, growing as your business develops as opposed to a loan, which is reducing as your business grows. Also be sure to look out for other methods of debt finance. There are plenty of funds out there that lend, even when the banks won’t: the Business Growth Fund and the International Growth Fund for example, or Finance Wales. If these schemes are not in your area, don’t worry. It’s likely that there will be one similar that tends to lend when the banks will not.

EQUITY FUNDING Should none of the above be applicable to you, then we move on to equity funding, where a number of venture capital (VC) options are available. A VC will invest in your business for a share in the business – a similar concept to that of ‘Dragons Den’. The major downfall of such a method – you may have noticed watching the show – is that you will struggle with an unproven concept. The VC tends to favour an investment in which they can take the concept ‘to the next level’, as opposed to simply backing your idea. There are copious amounts of these fund types, but I direct

you to have a look first at ones such as Balderton Capital, Zeus Capital and AXM to get an idea of what these guys do. If you do get a VC on board, they will often have individuals already within your business sector that have achieved success in a similar environment, and these individuals can therefore offer significant value and contacts to your business.

CROWD FUNDING A recent addition to fill the ‘funding gap’ is crowd funding. Crowd funding comprises of publicising your business case on a chosen domain (website), where lots of small investors can approve to fund your project by loaning monies for an agreed interest rate, or an agreed equity stake. Generally you need to have an established business of two years, although there are new versions of this being launched all the time. The more established crowd funding sites tend to get you to your funding requirement much quicker.

OVERSEAS INVESTMENT Finally, don’t disregard overseas money. The UK economy is awash with money from the Far and Middle East right now, and the US has so many funds in position, that their problem is often competing to get it out to projects. In Scandinavia you have funds such as ‘Kinnevik’ and ‘Rocket Internet’, which have had some remarkable success stories across Germany and Central Europe. One thing is for sure: if you have a great idea and you work hard at sourcing the finance, there should be a channel for you over the next three to four years. But be warned, these sources may have started to dry up by then, so get out there now and start looking. Best of Luck!


This platform provides loans between £5k and £1m with a relatively painless application process, but a rigorous vetting pre-listing. Repayment terms range between six months and five years, and interest rates are set as an average of the individual investors requirements (anywhere between 6% and 12%, depending on the risk involved in the project). A company must also have two years worth of filed accounts and a minimum turnover of £50k to qualify for a listing here.

Companies listing on this site offer incentives (non-financial or equity based) to those willing to contribute to the project. This tends to be in the format of a contribution, so that a £10 investment gets a different reward than one contributing £100. These incentives take many forms, and often it’s the product itself that’s offered.

This site offers funding in return for an equity stake in your company, the parameters of which are set by you at the onset. There are minimal requirements for listing here compared to the previous site, however a detailed business plan following a set format is required which could be extremely time consuming. Seedrs is another similar site to Crowdcube, and a relatively new site at that which is always a great time to join these sites, when they are trying to establish themselves.

WORDS by Paul Cheetham

WINTER 2014/15


The Panamera Prevails


ould the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ love affair Porsche has always been proud to showcase have come to an abrupt halt? Usually a sublime exterior powered by a voracious motor has been more than enough to keep customer loyalty strong. However, in a recent interview with Australia’s Motoring, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller told readers “mistakes were made” in the first-generation Panamera. When a Porsche chief executive admits the interior and exterior design of the company’s four-seater could be better, alarm bells start ringing. Despite poor faith from the CEO, Porsche have announced that the limited edition of the four-door executive GT will be exclusive to just 100 examples, and is in fact based on the Turbo S Executive model. Reserving our judgement until closer inspection (it does seem pretty ugly), if you are one of those more faithful than Mr Mueller, it will be unveiled in November at the LA Auto Show, and will be the first model to feature the new rear-seat entertainment system by Porsche. Thanks to its 570hp engine, The Panamera is already a fairly fierce car, and being the first Porsche to feature the two-colour graduated exterior paintwork only adds to its power. The paintwork blends from metallic black to chestnut brown and must be applied by hand to ensure that the effect is achieved. Inside the car, the seats and door panels are trimmed in Poltrona Frau Leather – hand-picked, of course. The same colour palette of chestnut brown blends to black milled nappa leather dressing the cabin, complete with contrast stitching. The same futuristic effect is replicated on the dashboard and console panels, blending walnut burl with piano black veneers.

By choosing the luxury model, you’re granted the choice of an optional bespoke five-piece luggage set made from only the finest quality leathers, and of course, that isn’t all! Finally, the limited edition car is completed with an interior tag displaying its example number and a handmade exterior badge stating that the car is a creation of the Porsche Exclusive Factory. The car, which will only be offered as a left-hand-drive model, is available to order now at prices starting from €249,877.


WINTER 2014/15

WORDS by Nicolette Georgiou

Despite the model being restricted to just 100 examples, luckily enough for Porsche fans, the car’s new rear seat package will soon become an available feature on all new Panameras. Consisting of two HD 10.1-inch touch screens, integrated cameras and DVD players, you will be able to video call and watch films whilst being linked to the cars Burmester surround sound system.


WINTER 2014/15


Discover Land Rover’s New Sport


e bid adieu to our old friend; a friend that carried us through a good 17 years of road trips, tricky English weather, multiple terrains (and girlfriends), pregnant spouses and dreaded school runs. Spanning two generations, we are both saddened yet also super psyched that the Freelander has come to a bittersweet end. Instead, we welcome the new Land Rover Discovery Sport! A justified vehicle with a handful of clever tricks, you’ll be left feeling rather 007 as you pull up to the Waitrose car park – trust us. Sleek, aerodynamic in silhouette, and with those legendary Land Rover capabilities and flexible interior makes this one fine looking piece of – motor. Yes, a fine looking piece of motor. But how exactly does the new Discovery Sport fit into Jaguar Land Rover’s line-up, plugging the gap where the Freelander used to stand proudly? Well, in order to warrant its Discovery tag, the technologies were tested on all-terrain for more than 18 months in the most gruelling conditions and in over 20 countries. A trouper of the off-road terrains, the company assures that this bad boy will be able to heave itself up one-in-one slopes and wade through 600mm of water effortlessly. Maybe this means our fellow Brits will finally be prepared for the rain? And if not, you can at least show them how it’s done fuss free, just go for the seven-seat version of the Discovery Sport and fit all your friends in (it falls 4cm shorter than the Audi A5, if you were interested). Or for a smaller crew, you can choose the five-seat model. Regardless, the flexible seating, legroom and load space will make you feel more in control than in your own home – nice contrast from the awkwardly stiff and uncomfortable Freelander of yesteryear. With a sliding second row that can offer similar


WINTER 2014/15

legroom to a Range Rover, and a third row you can adapt to meet loading or seating needs, finding all this space wasn’t hard at all. The Freelander’s MacPherson strut suspension has been replaced with a more compact multi-link set-up that fits beneath the floor, while the engines are mounted transversely rather than longitudinally (like they are in the Q5), allowing the front seats to be moved further forward towards the sleek, and super high-tech dashboard. The cutting edge controls evoke (but not as in-you-face as the actual Evoque) a sleek, uncluttered dashboard, featuring Jaguar Land Rover’s all-new operating system and hardware. Controlled by an eight-inch touch-screen with full intuitive interaction, you can access several apps and a range of voice-commands – no eject button or ‘mute’ for the passengers unfortunately, however we’re still to play around with it, so you never know… But we haven’t mentioned the ‘Sport’ appellation. We’ve noted how it remains in par with the Freelander, differs from the rugged Discovery, but what brings the ‘Sport’ name? Firstly, the new rear suspension set-up is claimed to boost on-road composure, while the front-end construction is borrowed from it’s friend, the ubiquitous Range Rover Evoque. Yet, as with most ‘Sport’ models, the proof is in the engine. With a four-wheel drive system – a Haldex centre coupling linking front and rear – it’s the 2.2-litre SD4 187bhp turbo-diesel engine, another aspect transferred over from the Evoque. Although this is all that’s available on launch, the Discovery Sport will gain further options in the form of a 150bhp eD4 diesel, which will power a front-wheel drive model. Further down the line we will be introduced to Land Rover’s new, curiously-named, family of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, “Ingenuim”. With a plug-in hybrid also in the plans, it’s safe to say JLR really don’t do things by halves.

LA VIDA | MOTORING With prices starting from just over £32,000, if all the above hasn’t got you picking out your driving gloves, maybe the intuitive interactive technology will…

SEE-THROUGH BONNET Previewed earlier this year, ironically on a preview of the company’s Freelander replacement, the latest raft of innovations will find their way onto the next generations of Range Rover, Land Rover, and Jaguars. This function is characterised to perfect and aid your off-roading line. However, it may just stop you from running over your child’s ill-placed bicycle.

VOICE ACTIVATION We’re not extremely confident when it comes to voice recognition – dear Siri is a prime example – unless of course you. Speak. Like. This - let’s not. For Land Rover though, the speech commands are more natural, picking up on key conversational words. So, if your partners telling you their cold, the car will offer to turn up the temperature – how very efficient!


WORDS by Athina Macpherson

Potentially the oddest addition to any interactive operational system: gesture control. For those who found that flicking the indicator was super hard, all you need do now is flick your finger in the direction you wish to go. Et voila, your indicators are on! Who needs to put their windows down manually in today’s age? Just sweep your hand over the glass and it’s done for you. As for actually getting into this state-of-the-art vessel, swipe your hand outside the door. We know, it doesn’t sound too safe, but fear not, your key must be in your pocket to do so. However, you may want to refrain from doing the hokey cokey whilst driving…

SELF LEARNING Catered truly to you, the JLR’s clever, robotic-like technology takes information from your calendar and learns your driving habits, predicting your behaviours and, in turn, offers advice from it. From topping up with fuel before road trips and keeping an eye on traffic to ensure you’re on time to your meeting – and if you’re not, it’ll text your colleagues to let them know. And, for those of you a little cautious, you can track your car and set speed restrictions just in case a family member has had one too many speeding tickets.

VIRTUAL WINDSCREEN Something that looks like it’s been pulled from GTA, this virtual window screen allows images to be superimposed for both your own fun, and safety, with virtual braking points and turn-in cones.

POWER BOOST Ok, so no ejection button, but at least we’ve finally been offered the power boost that we’ve so patiently been waiting for since 1989. Sourced from energy recovered from the engine, it gives hybrid models a temporary 50bhp power shot when you want to take over (safely, of course). Eat dust little Ford Ka.

WINTER 2014/15


RANDOLPH ROAD LITTLE VENICE, W9 A substantial white stucco fronted period house located on one of the finest roads in Little Venice. The property, which is found in stunning condition, backs directly onto arguably one of the best communal gardens in London, which includes a children’s play area and tennis court. The home offers two elegant formal reception rooms and a wonderful kitchen breakfast room, principal bedroom suite with his & hers dressing rooms along with a further three/four bedrooms and three bathrooms. 162

WINTER 2014/15


ACCOMMODATION & AMENITIES Entrance Hall • Guest WC • Dining Room • Drawing Room • Kitchen Breakfast Room • Family Room • Study Area • Utility Room • Principal Bedroom Suite with En Suite Bathroom and His & Hers Dressing Rooms • A Further Three/Four Bedrooms • A Further Three Bathrooms (Two En Suite) • Bedroom Three boasts a West Facing Roof Terrace with Two Walk In Closets and a separate Kitchen • Private Rear Garden with Direct Access to Communal Gardens and Tennis Court

HAMILTON TERRACE ST JOHNS WOOD, NW8 A beautiful Grade II listed Georgian house located on the favoured Eastern side of Hamilton Terrace, one of St John’s Wood’s finest road. The detached double-fronted house has been authentically restored whilst being refurbished to the highest standard, and features the finest materials and finishes throughout. The addition of a new basement extension introduces a modern element of living to this period home.



ACCOMMODATION & AMENITIES Laid out over five floors and offering over 5,250 sq. ft. / 486 sq. mt. of accommodation, the house provides well-planned living space comprising five sizeable bedroom suites, formal reception room, formal dining room, study, kitchen/breakfast room, impressive leisure area incorporating gym, cinema and bar area and magnificent 100 ft. landscaped garden.



BELGRAVIA OFFICE 1 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JX +44 (0)20 7235 8861



BELGRAVIA OFFICE 1 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JX +44 (0)20 7235 8861 CREDIT TO: MO SAMBA


TEL: 0161 832 1400 E M A I L : E N Q U I R I E S @ R O S S O R E S TA U R A N T S . C O M T W I T T E R : @ R O S S O R E S TA U R A N T FAC E B O O K : / R O S S O R E S TA U R A N T S


Introducing the Thea collection, exclusively designed & made at Phillip Stoner the Jeweller. A collection that encapsulates the grace, beauty & strength synonymous with Thea, The Goddess of Light. Featuring a dusting of diamonds that dance and scintillate at every turn, each piece has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted to encompass the stone that sits at its heart. Discover more about Phillip Stoner’s design process and onsite workshop at




0113 242 7888

0113 234 3003



0161 833 1751

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Official fuel consumption figures for Maserati Ghibli range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 18.0 (15.7) – 37.2 (7.6), Extra Urban 38.7 (7.3) – 56.5 (5.0), Combined 27.2

Official consumption for THE Maserati range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 18.0 figures (15.7) 37.2 (7.6), Extra Urban 38.7 (7.3) for – 56.5 (5.0), Combined 27.2and may not reflect real FOR MORE INFORMATION ON GHIBLI, CALL 01943 OR–are VISIT MASERATI.CO.UK (10.4) –fuel47.9 (5.9). COfigures emissions 242MASERATI – Ghibli 158 g/km. Fuel consumption and871660 CO based on standard EU tests comparative purposes 2 2 (10.4) – 47.9 (5.9). CO2 emissions 242 – 158 g/km. Fuel consumption and CO2 figures are based on standard EU tests for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. Model shown is a Maserati Ghibli S at £69,638 On The Road including optional pearlescent paint at £1,776, 21” Titano design alloy wheels at £3,670 driving results. Model shown is a Maserati Ghibli S at £69,638 On The Road including optional pearlescent paint at £1,776, 21” Titano design alloy wheels at £3,670 andRed Redbrake brake callipers at £432. and callipers at £432.

Official fuel consumption figures for Maserati Ghibli range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 18.0 (15.7) – 37.2 (7.6), Extra Urban 38.7 (7.3) – 56.5 (5.0), Combined 27.2



La Vida Magazine | Issue 7  

We are very proud to present our latest WINTER issue of La Vida Magazine! Bursting with fabulous content including the very latest fashion t...

La Vida Magazine | Issue 7  

We are very proud to present our latest WINTER issue of La Vida Magazine! Bursting with fabulous content including the very latest fashion t...