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Sebastian Alvarez Block D November16, 2010 Seño Ochoa “It’s so impressive how those 51 years of working in this school have passed so quickly.” That was Seño Ochoa’s remark when she was told that she was going to be interviewed about her magnificent work in school. She has worked in Escuela Americana for more than half of her life. She knows most of the parents and some of the grandparents of almost all the students that attend Escuela Americana. Every student that comes through school has to know Seño Ochoa. “At the beginning of every year I ask for the list of students, and try to remember if I know any of their family members. Usually I know lots of them.” She recently was having problems with one of her eyes and she didn’t want to get operated on because she wanted to keep coming to school to work and see all the kids. Until she understood it was absolutely necessary for her to get the operation. The doctor said to her that she could not start working again for 1 month and a half and she didn’t pay attention to him. After the first 4 weeks she came to school again. Even though she wasn’t working full time from 7:30 to 3:30, she was doing 7:30 to 1 and doing it with the same dedication. “I get bored at home and I don’t know what to do. I love this school and the kids, it’s just amazing.” That’s why she didn’t wait for the time to pass.

She is so well-loved that that when students pass to sixth grade they ask to the teachers if they can go to Seño instead of going to the middle-school nurse. “I miss Seño, she is so wonderful, and every time I went to her office she would be happy and ready to help me,” one eighth-grader said when asked what she thought of Seño and if he missed her. Once a student was told by her mom that Seño was retiring and never coming back again to the school. He started crying and went to Seño’s office and hugged her and asked her not to retire. Seño said when asked if she could remember one of the sweetest things she had heard through her 51 years of work, “I can recall a student asking me if he would be able to come to my office when he was in middle school.” Seño’s dedication and passion to this school has been shown through all this great moments she had lived in this school. Seño will always be remembered as the greatest nurse of the school.

Seño Ochoa  

Seno Ochoa

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