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“ Bullies are sick people” Mrs. Cristales “ I'm the most Twitted person in El Salvador” Rodolfo Salazar “ That’s why you need to hear- I hate repeating things” Mr. McConnell “ Okay maguey” Mrs. Sindy “ De choto” Will Salgado


“ I don't hate women….sometimes they just make me mad” Eminem

Why are bathroom passes necessary ? Are we in kindergarten or what? What's the deal with people stealing books? Are those cameras just for decoration? I bet no one ever wants to sit in a long assembly again, my butt looked like a aspirin after the “Internet Safety” talk: flat and with line in the middle.. Beautiful green grass covers up and hides the real face of the soccer field. Con Rugamas la selecta si anda reventada

Raves Here comes the sun…. Finally! Halloween is right around the corner... candy! Every EA sports team has high expectations and great talent.

Got Baktun?

By: Federico Machado

Rants and Raves  
Rants and Raves  

To make people laugh, good humor