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Music Dream Millions of musicians chase the same dream. Only a very rare few get to live it. Most people see the music industry as a way to be rich and famous, but what they don’t see is that the artists have to be recognized in a way that makes them truly unique. Even artists that make it to the top struggle; they know that once you get there it’s hard to stay there. Rodrigo Fernandez is an EA senior. He’s also a prodigious boy in search of the music dream. He has a unique talent when it comes to playing his guitar. He starts getting into his music and forgets all about the real world and its issues. Rodrigo Fernandez enjoys his God-given talent and plans to continue his “dream career” by learning from the best at Berkley School of music. This all started 7 years ago when Rodrigo first noticed the power of the guitar. “I saw a dude playing the guitar, a close friend of mine, and I was immediately enthralled by it”. When he first witnessed his talented friend play the guitar, he knew it was his calling. He was completely impressed and shocked by what six strings could create: incredible and unique melodies that would bring smiles to the world. “At age twelve my grandmother gifted me an acoustic C-40 Yamaha guitar,” he remembered. She had noticed that Rodrigo wanted to learn how to play the guitar. So she encouraged this by giving him his first guitar. It was a great model for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of how to play the guitar. Rodrigo, or “Roro” as his friends call him, first began learning the fundamentals by receiving classes from a friend of his. He taught him a series of methods in order to advance quickly. After only two months of lessons Roro decided it was time to work on his own and dedicate a large amount of his time into learning new things using the internet. He investigated new websites that would help him read and understand the music language in order to progress.

“I searched for things on the internet and learned how to read music tabs…and well I guess that playing with other musicians and friends of mine also helped me significantly.” He also looked for inspiration in iconic artists and other rock musicians. “In my opinion Stevie Ray Vaughan was the best guitarist in the music industry.” After a few years had passed and his skills had almost been perfected, Rodrigo decided to take the next step in his music career. He knew that it would take a lot of heart and dedication, but he was in search of his dream so he was in search for ideas of how to progress. “A friend of mine, Tomas Garcia, told me about the Berkley scholarship, so I reacted quickly and I recorded a few songs, played by me, and I wrote an essay and sent it.” He applied for the Berkley school of music scholarship in Boston, a worldwide recognized school of arts that especially focuses on music. “After three months of waiting I got a response that said that they would give me the scholarship. ” . They noticed his talent and were willing to help him achieve his goal as a musician. The music industry in undeniably tough, but with Rodrigo’s talent and will he has a large possibility of making it and living the music dream. 62EM&feature=related

generate extremely important components in a music career.

Music Dream  

An article about a young boy in search of the musics dream. Rodrigo is working hard to achieve his dream by practicing and recieving a full...

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