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TOP SECRET MMX Dance Production Warning no Trespassing.

They are risking their life and limb. Juniors are doing their best to create an unforgettable show, where imagination comes to life, by putting their health aside and jeopardizing their muscles. By creating amazing new and unique dance moves, the EA community will be shocked and awed to its core. The best is yet to come, and by keeping it secret, suspense is building and tearing down the school. Working together with Ginger de Ramirez, one of the most talented dance directors in Central America and possibly the world, the Class of 2012 believes that this Dance Production will be the best one yet. Ginger has created a mixture of genres that will give a unique style to the dances. By combining old fashion and classic moves with a new and hip modern style of dance she is creating an atmosphere that will make the audience feel that their eight dollars were worth it. Moreover, the choreography is accompanied by the top music hits from 1995 to the present. It is an event that everybody should experience and that nobody would want to miss.

It will all happen the 29 of October in the multipurpose gym. Keep in th

mind it may be the last Dance Production ever seen from Escuela Americana students, depending on how accurate the Mayan civilization is about their calendar. We assure you that it will be the best last memory imaginable, in case this actually happens.


The junior 2012 class dance producton is the best one yet and it has created a new image to dance productions.

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