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Kristen Seibel Mr.Gentry, Journalism September 15, 2010

The clock is ticking, each time you look up it is moving closer to the unknown. The students around you share the same suspense, waiting for inspection. You can’t concentrate on the lesson your teacher is teaching you. You hear the faint click-clacks of heels from the end of the hall, the clacks of heels are getting closer to your class room. The sound of the noisy heels stops and you see Ms.Monje in the door frame. One word for you: ‘inspection’. Everything stops in the class, the teacher stops her lesson. The heads of the students pop up like ‘whack-a-mole’. Girls fix their ties, shift skirts, and situate their belts and socks. The guys fluff their hair out of their collars and button their shirts. Ms.Monje tells the students to go and line up against the wall. There is a huge relief when Ms.Monje passes you and gives you the thumbs up. Escuela Americana has been enforcing the rules for school uniforms more strictly this year than last. There have always been rules of uniform enforcement, but there was less people violating the dress. Now, girls wear their skirts extremely short. The guys’ shirts are unbuttoned almost halfway. Their hair is long and unprofessional looking. This year is the first to have class inspections. All the previous years they would do the inspections in the halls as the students passed by. However, the uniform inspections aren’t a surprise. Almost everyone saw that it was coming; it was just a matter of time. Is it that hard to obey the rules? You guys would be saving a lot of trouble if you chose to follow the uniform rules.

School Uniforms Rule  

Uniforms are stressful

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