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Welcome to issue no 142 It’s a wonderful time of year when all sorts of activity springs up across the parish from parties in the Pavillion to the ‘glitter footprints’ emerging from schools and village halls, brightly coloured creations peek out from plastic bags tightly clutched. Not forgetting the sporting calendar: muddy footprints as the football season gets serious, and tennis, netball and hockey... Let’s not forget Bonfire Night on Nov 5th and Remembrance Day on Sun Nov 10th. Oh, and the School Christmas Play/Concerts (the St. Edmunds Staff Panto is legend). Old Sarum Community Rooms step up the pace with activities of all shapes and sizes (something for everyone). The damson have all been picked, the sloe gin is fermenting.... The Community Farm will be offering a stream of events and produce for the Christmas table—pop in to the farm shop for seasonal offerings. It’s also a time to be neighbourly and look out for them as the dark nights and cold weather draws in and a time to be mindful not to get sucked in to the mad rush and panic that can sometimes take hold in the run up to Christmas. Don’t worry! There are plenty of people to be found in our adverts section ready to help you unwind and relax a little, from beauty treatments to hypnotherapy, to emergency plumbers and electricians —we’ve got it all in this Parish! Don’t forget to visit for more news and info. If you want to submit pictures , celebratory messages, or articles for inclusion in the parish news tweet us @ParishMagazine or email us via or you can pop a note (with your contact details) in our letterbox at the Community Farm. Merry Christmas everyone!

The Parish Newsletter is published by the Parish Council six times a year for the benefit of parish residents. However, articles written do not necessarily reflect the views of the Parish Council.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Inside your Parish Newsletter . . . 4. Firework Safety 5. MySociety and Next Parish Council meetings 6. Back-to-work scheme by Radian 8. The facts about ‘Food Waste’ from LoveFoodHateWaste 9. Salisbury Farmers Market 10. Facts about Fireworks 11. Around the Parish: Mysterious Invasion in Ford 12. Sports Bulletin 13. BFRA News 16. Laverstock Gardening Club 17. News from River Bourne Community Farm 19. Laverstock W.I Teddies for Tragedy 20. Laverstock Ladies Open Group 21. SpireWeather report 22. News from Old Sarum: Old Sarum Army Cadets 23. The Beautiful Game 24. News from BDAC at Old Sarum 25. Local Churches info 26. Lest we forget... 28. St. Andrews Christmas Bazaar, Evergreen Club Autumn Fayre 30. Around the Parish in pictures 33. Art and Aviation 34. Advert Section 35. Small Ads 55. Parish Council Contacts 56. Local Websites 57. Contacts around the Parish 59. Wiltshire Helplines, Newsletter Contacts, Venues around the Parish 60. Parish Diary Dates

Thank you to every one who filled out the Parish Survey. Looking towards Christmas the Parish Councils attention is very much fixed on keeping a weather eye on ‘the various proposed developments’ around the Parish, Persimmons have five in for Old Sarum this November. The Summer saw a flurry of planning applications from developers, possibly trying to catch out Wiltshire Council and Parish Councillors taking their annual leave which means Parish Councillors are now dealing with a barrage of appeal documents and proposals that will see yet more housing planned on our green field (see website for Parish Council summary of activity and their view). Residents of Hampton Park and Ford were surprised in September when diggers arrived at Green Lane and Pearce Way ready to start work on the still hotly debated Hampton Park II and it did seem that ‘due process’ had flown out the window for a while. The proposed Airfield site development was particularly disappointing, Old Sarum Airfield is a unique and vibrant part of our parish community—where else can you see art exhibitions, vintage planes dropping off occupants for tea and cake or to peruse an historic aviation collection? Sky divers from all over the world raising money for charity, micro-lites a-buzzing and where you can take the opportunity to rifle through vintage memorabilia and antiques all in the space of one morning! It may feel like we are powerless to stop our community being destroyed by illplanned and over-sized development but one look at ‘they work for you’ (see page 5. ) should help you realise your voice does count and people power matters. Don’t forget that Old Sarum Residents Association and Bishopdown Farm Residents Association (BFRA) are also a place for residents to collectively discuss and raise issues about the communities we live in and both play an active role in their local areas. We have a lovely Parish, let’s make sure that it grows with the best interests of the people who live here and will move here at the heart of its growth.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Firework Safety Make sure you’re not one of the 900 people injured by fireworks last year by following these few simple rules. Never play with fireworks - They are explosives and can hurt you. Only adults should light or hold fireworks. When you are watching fireworks stand well back. Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off, could still explode.


Fireworks will frighten your pets and animals, so keep your pets safely indoors. If you are given a sparkler: Always wear gloves. Hold it at arm’s length. When your sparkler goes out, DON’T TOUCH IT. It could still burn you, so put it in a bucket of water.

Before they explode read the code! Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114. Keep fireworks in a closed box. Follow the instructions on each firework. Light them at arm’s length using a taper. Never go back to a lit firework. Never put fireworks in your pocket. Never throw, or allow fireworks to be thrown. Too busy to bother? Live locally, work far away? In this Parish we have a dedicated Parish Council who work very hard on your behalf to keep the Parish functioning and to represent your views and interests to the local authority, government and businesses (amongst other things) but you can also support the voice of your local councillor by using a range of ‘people power’ tools created using digital technologies to help make your community a better place. MySociety has a range of projects that give you a direct line to the people in charge.

FixMyStreet: Report, view, or discuss local problems FixMyTransport: Euston, we have a problem TheyWorkForYou: Keeping tabs on the UK Parliament WriteToThem: The easy way to contact your representative WhatDoTheyKnow: Make or browse Freedom of Information requests

Mapumental & Mapumental Property: Maps that show time and help you find a property based on commuting time. If you want to ensure your community is a place worth living in and that you have a voice in what happens where you live then take a look at mySociety.

NEXT Parish Council Meetings Monday November 18th, 7pm at River Bourne Community Farm Monday December 16th, 7pm at Old Sarum Primary School

Your Wiltshire Area Board Southern Wiltshire Area Board meetings: 5 December 2013 Downton Memorial Hall 6.30pm for 7pm start 30 January 2014 Alderbury Village Hall 6.30pm for 7pm start Salisbury Area Board (Bishopdown Farm) meetings: 14 November 2013 Alamein Suite, City Hall 6.30pm for 7pm 9 January 2014 Alamein Suite, City Hall 6.30pm for 7pm

email Tom Bray for Southern Area Board info (see Parish Contacts) Or Marianna Dodd for Salisbury Area Board 01794 341 028


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Success of back-to-work scheme In the last edition of the Parish Magazine I talked about the Welfare Reform and how the changes might affect members of our communities and what action Radian is taking to help its residents. Since the article was published it has been announced that the introduction of universal credit in some parts of the country has been delayed so if you think that this might affect you please contact the Department for Work and Pensions for more information. In this edition I would like to give you an insight into another area of work that Radian is engaging in which is around Employment and Training. At Radian we have a department called EST (Employment Support and Training) and the role of the staff is to support residents in our communities into training and employment. We’re pleased to announce the success of an innovative back-to-work scheme called ‘Proving Talent’. The project, delivered by A4e, a training company, and Radian plus the Department for Work and Pensions, is committed to tackling youth unemployment by taking on 18-24-year-old jobseekers and giving them the support and skills they need to get off benefits and into work. Successful employees have even been invited to the House of Commons earlier this year by Employment Minister Mark Hoban to talk about their experiences. The scheme has helped Daniel, in particular, to get his life back on track after a series of tragedies and challenges had derailed him. Having gone straight to work at 16, Daniel was only 18 when his mother died and just a month later he and his young wife had a baby. The grief, stress and pressures led to depression. Daniel dropped out of his college course, lost his job, his relationship broke down and he found himself homeless. “I was finding it impossible to concentrate on trying to find a job and my life was pretty chaotic.” Daniel recalls, “I had been on Jobseekers Allowance for six months when I was told to go to A4e. I wasn’t expecting a lot but within a couple of weeks I was sent for an interview with Radian. I had been for an interview with them before and although I didn’t get the customer services job I went for, the training manager remembered me.

He told me he would give me a chance but I would have to put in some hard graft if I wanted a job at the end of it. I was so grateful. I wasn’t going to blow it.” Chris Adams, Radian’s Employment and Training Manager, said: “The quality of candidates from A4e has been excellent, we have discovered some fantastic local talent and many have become most valuable assets to the company.” Daniel is now one of the stars of the first group to come through the pilot. His dedication and diligence have led to a permanent job in Radian’s Technical Services team, a job he loves. He is now proudly working to support his wife and family: “My wife could see that I was getting my life together again, I was in work and settled. It feels amazing to be back on track, in employment, providing for my family and feeling good about myself.” Matthew Barton—Community Development Officer—Radian

Corporate Members of BFRA Afon House (Chiropractic Clinic), Mrs S. Thorkeldsen, 01722 820 400 Aquagas (Plumbing & Heating Engineer), Mr G. Sainsbury, 07966 156 197 Aquajet (Exterior Property Cleaning), Mr R. Donnington, 01722 415 583 Bassets (Estate Agents), Mr D. Clayton, 01722 415 141 Bishopdown Pharmacy, Mr I. Wood, 01722 324 462 Boswell Bros (Building Supplies), Mr J. Boswell, 01722 333 781 Country Landscapes (Gardening Services), Mr T. Cooper, 01722 334 491 Parkwood (Health & Fitness Club), Mr G. Sheppard, 01722 330 077 Salisbury Medical Practice (NHS), Mrs S. Burgess, 01722 334 402 Radian (Housing Association), Mr M. Barton, 0300 123 1567 Salisbury City Church, Mrs J. Carter, 01722 333351 Simon Tubb (Decorator), Mr S. Tubb, 01722 500 292 Trethowans (Solicitors), Mrs E. Webbe, 01722 412 512 Utility Warehouse (Discount Club), Mr S. Tubb, 01722 500 292 Ridgeway BMW, Mr G. Surrey, 0844 558 3344

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter



The facts about food waste DID YOU KNOW... Almost 50% of the total amount of food thrown away in the UK comes from our homes. We throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year in the UK, and more than half of this is food and drink we could have eaten. Wasting this food costs the average household £480 a year, rising to £680 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £50 a month. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT If we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 5 cars off the road. DIDYOU KNOW? The waste of good food and drink is associated with 4% of the UK's total water footprint. WHY IS IT WASTED? There are two main reasons why we throw away good food: we cook or prepare too much or we don't use it in time. Of the foods we waste the most are fresh vegetables and salad, drink, fresh fruit, and bakery items such as bread and cakes. DID YOU KNOW? We throw away more food from our homes than packaging in the UK every year. THE GOOD NEWS! Between 2006/07 and 2010 food waste has reduced by around 13%, over 1 million tonnes...this amount of food would fill Wembley stadium! REMEMBER... With rising food prices, Love Food Hate Waste really can help you save money every week.

SALISBURY FARMERS’ MARKET 9am – 2pm Every Wednesday at the Poultry Cross

Local Farmers with fresh, local produce vegetables, breads, cakes, eggs, meats and meat products, cheeses, crab and fish fortnightly (sometimes lobster) Seasonal and new stalls for added variety.

Close Harmony Charity Concert in aid of Salisbury & District Guide Dogs Saturday 2nd November 7.30 until late £6 per ticket (group rate available) Harnham Community & Social Club, Parsonage Green, Harnham SP2 8LA For more info or to book tickets contact Debbie Furnell on 01722 335755 or by email

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Facts about Fireworks The first fireworks were probably made in China, around 2,000 years ago. Chinese crackers, as they are known, are still used in China today to celebrate weddings, births and religious festivals - and to scare away evil spirits! Fireworks were used for centuries in ancient Indian and Thai religious ceremonies. Some of the rockets were 8-10 feet long and were attached to bamboo sticks that were 40 feet high. Italy and France were the first European countries to have fireworks, in the 1300s. The first recorded fireworks in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486. They gained popularity during the reign of Henry VIII and by Elizabethan times (1558-1603) there was a fireworks master. Queen Elizabeth I created this post so that someone would be in charge of organising firework displays for great occasions. James II even knighted his fireworks master after a particularly excellent show of fireworks at his coronation. Fireworks weren’t coloured until the 1800s. The word for firework in Japanese, 'hanabi', means 'fire-flower'. Half of all firework accidents happen to children under the age of 16. The first fireworks recorded in America were set off by an Englishman, Captain John Smith, famous in the story of Pocahontas. Three sparklers burning together generate the same heat as a blow-torch. At family back-garden displays, sparklers cause more injuries than air-bombs, bangers, rockets and roman candles combined. The world's largest single firework was set off at a festival in Japan in 1988. The shell weighed over half a tonne and the burst was over a kilometre across. Throwing a firework in a street or public place is a criminal offence, with a maximum fine of 5,000 pounds. Fireworks can be great fun. Unfortunately, every year, people get hurt because they fool around with fireworks.

Something worth Celebrating... Congratulations! Rae Hughes from Laverstock Football Club on his new role with Salisbury City FC. We would like to wish Rae all the best. Email by October 30th for entry in our next issue - Jan/Feb 2014

Around The Parish Mystery Invasion in Ford! Here at the Parish News, we don’t very often give ourselves over to the dramatic except for a brief few days when the print deadline is nigh, and during the occasional technology meltdown we might allow ourselves the odd ‘moment’ (in fact, Andrew the Parish Clerk and David Law who oversee the PN both remain incredibly cool and calm in any crisis so it may just be me) but during September when a mysterious sign was spotted along the bridleway in Ford, a copy was sent in for our attention— entitled “Check point 7” it instructed the reader thus, “Using your call sign you need to send a fire mission...” Terrorist attack? Alien Invasion? Paintballers?? Luckily Adam Reavill from the Old Sarum Cadets was able to offer some insight from his ‘Artillery’ days and suggested it might have been part of a Territorial Army exercise—we don't feature news from the TA HQ at Old Sarum because they never send us any but it seems they are definitely ‘out there’. (Dog walkers and Horse Riders beware ;0). Of course the other invasion in Ford is that of Otters. Previously spotted downstream in Laverstock, after many years absence it seems they have returned to the Ford stretch of water beyond the Mill, which means that any remaining Mink will have been seen off! For more information and facts about the Otter in our rivers see here: homeandleisure/wildlife/110740.aspx

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


......SPORTS BULLETIN............................... Laverstock & Ford Football Club: @laverstock_fc In September the club beat Hengrove Athletic 0 - 1 at Bristol in an FA Vase match and won 4 - 0 to Andover NewStreet FC with goals coming from Tom Mundy, Paul Gulliver, Rob Gallagher and James Clifton and the under 18s drew 3-3 with Swindons New College Football Academy. In October they faced Shrewton for the Wiltshire Senior Cup and wessex team Verwood Town for the third qualifying round of the FA Vase.

Salisbury City Football Club: @SalisburyCityFC Calling all 4-8 year olds! Join the ‘Sports Stars’ a football foundation phase course all about having fun learning the beautiful game! Sessions held at Old Sarum Primary School 10 – 11am every Saturday for £2 a week. For more info or to join please contact or telephone 07833 296207 (Sessions led by Salisbury City Youth Coaches in a safe, fun environment). 16-19 and love football? Check out the new 16—19yrs SCFC Academy To find out more information on the course at Sarum Academy please visit our ‘Academy’ page or contact Chris Taylor (Academy Development Manager) on 01722 776655 or email

Wiltshire Cricket: @WiltsCricket @CricketCoach68 The village green cricket season may be over but coaching sessions continue throughout the county. Wilts CC are offering Coaching Courses here

Tennis: Riverside Tennis Coach Mihaly Burkhur left in August to join the National Tennis Centre in Cyprus but the club continues to offer youth coaching throughout the year

Want to get more involved in sports? Wiltshire Council @Sport4Wiltshire have produced an Active Wiltshire Sports, Physical Activity and Leisure brochure downloadable here (and also available from Libraries, Council Offices and Leisure Centres). sportandphysicalactivity.htm

BISHOPDOWN FARM RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION (BFRA) NEWS We hope you all enjoyed the return to a proper summer now that we are back in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It was a busy summer with the development at HP2 commencing without meeting the pre-conditions for the site. There is just time to remind you that the BFRA will once again be holding a Halloween event for children at The Pavilion from 5.30 pm to 7 pm. We have booked a new entertainer this year but please note that we cannot provide a child minding service! We are also delighted to welcome a new committee member, Gordon Baird, who has lived on the estate for several years. This is fortuitous timing as we will have said farewell to Hilary Davidson by the time you read this. Hilary has gained employment in Oman – we wish her well. Hartley Way Roundabout: We had not expected to report again so soon on the roundabout. Hopefully local residents will have noticed that it was given a very thorough tidy up during August. This followed direct contact, with photographs, between the BFRA and WC Streetscene who are now responsible for overseeing the maintenance work being carried out by the contractors, BalfourBeatty. Grass Cutting: In line with the above paragraph, it does seem that BalfourBeatty are now fully up and running , as a result our green spaces are looking much better despite the ideal growing conditions. Some residents have queried why there are areas of long grass, in particular the pasture behind St Teresa's Close. This is being maintained under a conservation cycle to allow wild flowers and the associated wildlife (butterflies in particular) to have a chance to become established. It will be cut twice a year in March and September. We understand that hedges on the estate will only be cut once a year, in the autumn. However, if hedges become overgrown to the extent that they are impeding progress along the pavement or have become a hazard to road users then a quick call to Streetscene should get it sorted (See contacts page ???). This does not excuse residents from being responsible for their own hedges which are starting to block the footpath in some areas. HP2: The developer started work on 5th August in advance of meeting any of the preconditions for development laid down by the Secretary of State. One requirement was for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to reduce the speed limit on Pearce Way to 30 mph which was required 'before development commences'. The blatant ignoring of this pre-condition resulted in the leaflet campaign led by WCllr Ian Mclennan and the BFRA. When the TRO finally went out for public consultation it was disappointing how relatively few people had

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


responded given that it would only have taken a couple of minutes. We clearly stated that the aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the illegal activities at HP2 to the highest level at WC and express to Barratts that the local community was not going to be literally bulldozed over! Close monitoring of the site prevented a potentially fatal accident as earth movers were driven across both the footpath and Green Lane with complete disregard for people using these public rights of way. While a hole was cut through protected trees in Green Lane further damage was prevented. We even caught the contractors helping themselves to the water supply which was particularly annoying as we all have to pay through our meters. Wessex Water were informed and were on scene within minutes. When the contractors denied taking water they were surprised to find that they had been photographed! Wiltshire Council were initially reluctant to take any action as they were following guidelines that said contractors should be dealt with a 'soft touch'. We were also told that the developers could proceed 'at risk'. The problem with this approach was that most of the issues that needed protection would have been destroyed so it was actually our risk not theirs! Matthew Barton of Radian social housing has given us the good news that they will be taking all the 200 social housing units on HP2. Given the excellent track record that Matthew has established with Radian's current holdings on Bishopdown Farm this is the best possible news. Poop! Following the article on the dog poop composter bin in the last Newsletter we had a number of messages of thanks for our efforts. The issue of dog fouling on the estate continues to be a problem in certain areas as we have a hard core of irresponsible owners. Wiltshire Council also have strong feelings about the issue and the following is a precis from their website. According to the Flush Doggy Poop Calculator, a 40-pound dog will generate over 250 pounds of waste in one year. A quick conservative calculation suggests that we are looking at a ton of un-scooped dog poop poisoning black spots of local soil annually. With (slow) rainwater dispersal and subsequent seepage into the local soil and streams, un-scooped dog poo is a serious health hazard to people (youngsters in particular) and other creatures (both wild and domestic). ‘Dog litter’ is yet another unnecessary burden to add to our already quite dangerously stressed local/national environment. Dog faeces are potentially one of the most common carriers of a variety of parasitic worms and a number of serious diseases. Worms are worth a special mention as they are virtually indestructible once they get into soil via casual dog litter dispersal habits. Legions of these tiny beings can lurk around in the substrate along walkies routes for up to a decade, waiting for their chance to spring unexpectedly into action on any potential host. Cont. over

As ‘dog litter’ is being topped up daily, it of necessity follows that its pestilence and disease cargo increases daily too. This accumulation in the soil is not helped by a common assumption that dog poo is the same as, for example cow poo; dog litter is distinguished from soil-nutritious cow pies by being nothing less than highly toxic waste. “Bag it, bin it” is much better than doing nothing, and more rational than festooning trees, or chucking bags of canine faecal matter into the long grass. We promote bag/bin as the very least that responsible dog owners can do. The ideal solution for dog poo disposal is to take it home (in a bag) and simply flush the poo down the loo (whilst retaining the bag for separate disposal (ideally, by incineration). The sewage works deals with dog waste as efficiently as our usual effluent. Binned dog poo carted off to landfill sites actually creates as many problems (maybe more) than it solves by centralising massive reserves of the stuff where it can leak back into the environment. Also, we have a global plastic bag pandemic of oceanic proportions to consider. Plastic bags wreak indiscriminate bio-havoc and can take 10,000 years to completely break down. However, there are ‘flushable dog poo bags’ (claimed to harmlessly dissolve in water). These are cost-efficient and available on the internet. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 states that “Dog owners must, by law, pick up any mess made by their pets in public places such as roads, footpaths, school playing fields, sports fields, parks”. Wiltshire Council enforcement officers can issue on-the-spot fixed penalty notices (up to £1000) and refer offenders for prosecution. If people spot someone not clearing up after their dog they can report incidents by ringing 0300 456 0100 or via the Wiltshire Council website. Police Update: The Police NTG meeting in September agreed the following priorities: 1. Non-dwelling burglaries (predominantly allotments and garden sheds) as these remain an issue. 2. The monitoring of parks and green areas and the gathering of youths will continue until the clocks change. 3. The issue around Culver Street Car Park have been revised to anti-social behaviour to cover both alcohol and skateboarding. We continue to live in a safe neighbourhood with a great Neighbourhood Policing Team.

BFRA Website: Don't forget to make regular visits to keep up to date with what is going on. The site is kept up to date and there are a growing number of useful links to other sites. Communicate with your Committee at:

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Laverstock Gardening Club On Monday 23rd September the club held it’s Annual General Meeting which is an opportunity to look back over it’s programme for 2013. As always the year began with the New Year’s Party in January; no charge is made for this event, the food was excellent and there were pen and paper games to keep members amused throughout the evening. In April members visited Andrew McIndoe’s Spring Garden at Sherfield English. This was followed by a club visit to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden at Wisley in May and in June the club visited a delightful garden at Ordnance House in West Dean. In July the club organised our annual Open Garden Day in the village. Six members and seven non-members opened their gardens with cream-teas available at the village hall. In addition a Coffee Morning was held to boost the donation to our chosen charity and we raised over £700 for Lucy’s Days Out. On August 31st we held our annual Flower Show at the village hall. This was our biggest and probably best show to date with nearly two hundred exhibits which could be viewed by members and visitors from 3pm. There was a friendly atmosphere and many encouraging comments were made. The club plants and tends the mixed border on the village green and two members delight all visitors with the colourful containers they plant outside the entrance to the village hall. Throughout the year we meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 7.30pm to enjoy a carefully organised programme of visiting speakers. On the 28th October we shall welcome Jim MacDonald whose subject will be growing ‘Sweet Peas for Exhibition’. Wendy Howden, who has won Gold Medals for ‘Flower Arranging’ at Chelsea Flower show, will be giving a talk about her experience of Chelsea on Monday 25th November. Are you interested in joining us? Annual membership is £5 and there is a £1.50

News from River Bourne Community Farm The farm has been recognised by Edexcel as a centre for BTEC qualifications What this means in practice is that in recognition of the high quality of education the farm provides it can now teach any of the BTEC courses and be able to validate those qualifications at the farm. Previously candidates had to be entered by their schools and the courses were subject to verification by external inspectors provided by Edexcel. We are now able to explore the possibility of providing BTEC qualifications as evening classes for adults in the community. The farm could offer BTECs in Countryside and the Environment at Level 1, Level 2 (GCSE level C) or level 3 (BTEC National, A level) if there was sufficient take up from the community. Why not let us know if there is a BTEC evening class which you would like us to consider (See website for more details). Salisbury Churches Together held a very successful Big Farm Day Out at the farm in late September. Over 1,000 visitors

enjoyed a wide range of activities on offer. The bouncy castles, church stalls and tractor rides proved to be very popular along with cream teas, performances including the St. Marks Church Choir and the Salvation Army Band and the appearance of Roly the Clown. This was a superb communitydriven event making use of all of the farm facilities and providing family based entertainment.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Sunday 1st December 10am-4pm Your chance to buy fresh farm-reared pork and lamb. Plenty of stalls, plus the farm shop, all offering great Christmas gift ideas and Father Christmas will be in his grotto.

The Art Trail at the farm in October got off to a roaring start with Laurence Rushby’s textile workshop which proved popular with all the young people who came to see their art work on display—beautiful butterflies clustered against the roof and brightly printed teeshirts—all part of the ‘Wear Your Art’ project with local schools. Artists Charlotte Moreton, Mary Rawlinson and Jennie Gilberts work all drew much attention from Art Trailers and visitors to the farm with Charlottes wire-sculpted animals grazing serenely at the entrance and Marys furniture crafted by hand from native timber inviting you to test it out, (just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears) and Jennies decorative pottery all worked so well together against the farms industrial backdrop. You just never know what you’re going to find next at the Farm!

Laverstock District Evening Women’s Institute Earlier in the year a speaker from Shopmobility in Salisbury made a request at our local Evergreen Club for knitted ‘Teddies for Tragedy’. These are needed for poorly children and will hang on their bed or cot. They will be able to play with them during the day but at night they will be put back in the bags. Each child is able to take the Teddy when they go home, so an endless supply is needed. We were keen to help and included it as a knitting class in our Summer Show in June. A total of 10 entries were made but many others handed in on the day. Our Craft Judge, Sylvia Carswell, also brought 7 toys from her own W.I. and a total of 32 have been made. A variety of coloured bags were sewn to hold the teddies and have been handed to Shopmobility in Salisbury. These will now be given over to The Trussell Trust in October, for forwarding to children in need, probably in Bulgaria. See centre page for photo showing the colourful array of Teddies and Bags. Maureen LaverDistrict W.I.

Smith, stock Evening

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Laverstock Ladies Open Group In the early summer of this year the group planted a tree in the grounds of the village hall. This is to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The tree we planted is an ornamental crab apple and the blossom and fruit are attractive to birds and other wildlife. We also added a plague and a metal cage around the trunk to protect the tree as much as possible. Some weeks after it was planted we were disappointed to find that the tree had been vandalised and the leader stem broken off. However, with the appropriate care the tree is now recovering and beginning to form new growth and we hope it will grow to enhance the appearance of the area and also help wildlife. Our meeting dates for our group for October/November are Monday 14th October AGM and sing-a-long with Carol Black ‘Singing for the Brain’. Monday 11th November a visit to Britford Farm shop at 7pm. Monday 9th December - Christmas evening at the hall. We meet at Laverstock & Ford Village Hall at 7.45pm (unless a different time is given).

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


News from Old Sarum... OLD SARUM ARMY CADETS The Old Sarum Army Cadet Detachment meets every Thursday evening from 7pm to 9.30pm at Old Sarum TA centre. We are a youth organisation open to children who are 12 years AND in Year 8. We cover a wide range of subjects over the year including map reading, first aid, weapon safety, shooting, field craft, self reliance, team work, camp craft and of course a bit of marching! Cadets can get involved in Field Training Weekends, the Remembrance Day parade in Salisbury and Annual Camps. Cadets are welcome to join us at any stage in the year. We are also recruiting Adult Volunteers to assist with the running of the detachment - no previous experience is required. Anyone interested in joining should phone the detachment commander on

07940 984886.

LEARN OR PLAY BRIDGE AT SARUM BRIDGE CLUB If you want to learn, play social bridge or take part in competitive evenings then Sarum Bridge Club is the place to go. The winter schedule is as follows: Monday 1900 - 2200 Competitive Duplicate (£2.50 non members) Tuesday 1330 - 1600 Improver Lessons (£5) Tuesday 1615 - 1845 Beginner Lessons (£5) **New** Tuesday 1900 - 2130 Improver Lessons (£5) Wednesday 1900 - 2200 Competitive Duplicate (£2.50 non members) (Held on Thursdays on 2nd week of each month) Thursday 1530 - 1800 Social Duplicate (£2) **New** Whatever your standard come and meet new friends, share a coffee and enjoy the best card game - ever. New members are always welcome , no partner is necessary. Further information at or email . Please register in advance.

Archie, aged 8 from Laverstock honing his ‘Pro footballer of the future’ pose at Old Sarum Primary School ‘There’s so little for the kids to do around here’ is an often repeated phrase by

The Beautiful Game parents of younger children. Well that’s certainly not true in this Parish. Drive along Sherbourne Drive, Old Sarum on a Saturday morning between 10 and 11am and it’s hard to miss the enthusiastic cries of girls and boys taking part in ‘footie lessons’ in the school grounds under the encouraging eye of their Coach Ivor Welfare and his son (who gives up his Saturday mornings to help out) even the School Caretaker is also a keen supporter (and is, I’m guessing a bit of a football player himself!). Aged from four to eight boys and girls have a great time getting to grips with co-ordination and ball skills that will help them not just on the football pitch but in their daily lives, building confidence and team awareness and improving hand to eye co-ordination . Proud parents look on and one mum was particularly misty eyed as she re-visited her days playing in an all-girls football team as a teenager. One younger sister was so taken by all the fun her big brother was having, she was allowed to join in for the ‘goal kick’ session and narrowly missed an ace of a goal thanks to a catch from demon goalie Harry. Her dad signed her up for the next session—Harry watch out! My grandfather was football mad and was made a lifetime member of Salisbury City Football Club, he never missed a match— it never really grabbed me as that exciting, but having watched the under 8s I have to admit it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning and I may just have been converted! If you want to give ‘football a go’ you can visit the Salisbury City Youth development website or see page 13 for contact details .

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Hangar 1,

news from the Boscombe Down Aviation


Volunteers at BDAC - Old Sarum Museum Airfield have finished restoring Hawker Hunter F6A XF375 and have repainted it in its original red and white colour scheme. Built as an Hunter F6 its first flight on 30th August 1955 was from the airfield at Bitteswell. Initially used as a test aircraft by Rolls Royce for engine development, and then by English Electric as a “target” aircraft for Lightning trials. XF375 was flow to Farnborough for use by the Empire Test Pilots School on the 21st December 1962. This started a long career as an ETPS aircraft and on 12th December 1967 she flew to Boscombe Down as part of the ETPS relocation. It is not clear when, but during the aircrafts time with ETPS she was converted to an F6A by the addition of the braking parachute pack and strengthened wings and was repainted on at least two occasions. On the 5th February 1982 the aircraft was delivered to RAF Cranwell by air for ground instructional use as 8736M with a total flying time of 4221.15 hours. At Cranwell the aircraft was painted in the “standard” camouflage scheme that all their Hunters wore. In October 1991 the aircraft was put up for disposal by tender and subsequently sold to the Old Flying Machine (Air Museum) Ltd, Duxford and registered G-BUEZ, but the registration was never taken up. The aircraft was sold again and moved to Spanhoe Lodge on the 18th November 2002. In April 2007 she was once again sold this time to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection then based at Boscombe Down airfield. XF375 was then moved by road to Old Sarum airfield on the 29th June 2012 as part of BDAC’s relocation. She has subsequently been reassembled and now repainted in her original colours (see also page 33).

LOCAL CHURCHES INFORMATION Several churches are listed as the civil boundary overlaps the church boundaries

St Andrew’s, Laverstock : 10 am Sunday, Holy Communion Every Sunday apart from 1st Sunday is a Family service with God’s Bunch (Sunday School) 9.30 am Wednesday is Holy Communion for both churches St Mark’s, London Road : 9 to 11 am Sunday 1st Together @ 10 (9am HC followed by informal family service) 2nd Holy Communion : 3rd Morning Worship : 4th and 5th Holy Communion Various groups for children and youth spanning crèche to teenagers on 2nd – 5th Sundays in term time 6.00 pm 1st No evening service : 2nd Evening Worship : 3rd Holy Communion 4th Evening Worship : 5th No evening service 9 am 7 pm

Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri Morning Prayer Mon Weekly Parish Prayer Meeting for both churches

Vicar, (St Andrews & St. Marks) Rev Jim Findlay Associate Priests, Rev Jill Offer and Rev Diane Roberts For further details of services or for any other information please contact the Church Office on 01722 340368 or

St. Michael and All Angels, Winterbourne Earls : Sunday service at 11.00am Team Service (5th Sunday in month), Wednesday Holy Communion 9.30am Team Vicar

Rev. Peter Ostli-East—01980 611350

Associate Priest Rev David Coates - 01722 325944 Bourne Valley Team Associate Priest Rev'd Penny Joyce—07808 181885 email: Rev Wendy Pugh (part-time) 01722 501443 Churchwardens Mr Terry Hall—01980 611681 and Mrs Becky Baker—01980 611343 Roger Morgan—01980 611474 website The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham at Holy Redeemer, Bishopdown Mass 11am every Sunday, Wednesday 6.30pm. Evensong 6pm (2nd Sunday of month) Fr Keith Robinson—01722 504807

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Lest We Forget... At 11am on Sunday Nov 11th the nation will fall silent in honour of all our fallen soldiers. Elderly grandparents will watch the Cenotaph service on television, thinking about friends, fiancÊs and fathers lost in service. The pain will be all the more raw for the families who have lost loved ones in more recent years. But our image of the First World War, after which the first Remembrance Day events started taking place, is in danger of losing its sharpness. The Great War has all but dropped out of living memory, particularly with the passing of the last of our uniformed veterans, 110-year-old former WAF officer Florence Green, back in February this year*. With first-hand recollection all but gone, we risk that conflict fading, like a sunbleached photograph. So it is more important than ever for us to share the realities of the Great War – the poems, the paintings, the accounts and the artefacts – with every child in every part of Britain. Remembrance is at the forefront of our national consciousness, especially thanks to the Royal British Legion and their Poppy Appeal, which aims to raise millions of pounds a year for veterans and their families. From an article by Sayeeda Warsi, *Nov 9th 2012.

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St Andrew’s School

Sat 23rd November 2-4pm Visit Santa’s Grotto

Laverstock Evergreen Club Charity Number 1027430

Autumn Fayre Saturday 9th November Laverstock Village Hall 1 pm Soup & a Roll, Apple Crumble & Cream Tea and Biscuits 50p Cake Stall, Tombola, Bric-a-Brac, Books and Raffles This event is open to all, for more information contact:

Jill Kay on 01722 323407


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


in pictures... (Top) Wear Your Art at River Bourne Community Farm, Grace Seaman with her Silver Arts Award and Aviation Artist Rob Hames at

(Top) Produce from Laverstock Gardening Club’s Annual Flower Show

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


For artist Kim Fulton who organised the Art exhibition in the Conference room at Hangar No. 1 in Old Sarum as part of Boscombe Down’ Aviation Collections (BDAC) contribution to the Salisbury Art Trail it was a tentative step in introducing non-aviation art to an Aviation environment. Kim’s mixed media work was accompanied by textile artwork from Jennifer Stokes and Angela Ambrose . Youngsters who popped by on the opening day had a chance to meet and draw with BDAC’s ‘unofficial ‘ artist in residence Rob Hames who works at Winchester School of Art and is a member of the Guild of Aviation Artists. Also present was Grace Seaman from South Wilts Grammar School who was displaying her Silver Arts Award portfolio ready to share her experiences with budding young creatives (see photo in centre pages). It’s a relatively easy cycle from Old Sarum via Green Lane then through Bishopdown Farm and across the London Road at the traffic lights to Cheverell Avenue then along the Laverstock cycle path under the railway and right along Church Road to the River Bourne Community Farm where the parish’s other Art Trail venue was in full swing amongst the chickens and goats and pigs. Some keen walkers hiked between venues via our Parish trails, combining art and nature with a cup of tea at either end!

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


A Special thank you to all our volunteers, who sort and deliver the Parish Newsletter to three thousand homes and businesses in this ever growing Parish, have a merry Christmas, see you all in the New Year! Christmas Greetings to all our advertisers whose patronage helps us to bring you news and events from across the parish—free! And to all the community groups and organisations who work tirelessly to make the Parish the vibrant place it is, from Mother’s Union, the W.I, Uniformed Leaders, sports coaches, volunteers, teachers, carers, club committees, church teams and parish councillors and all those too numerous to mention who contribute to the Parish Life. Happy Christmas!



Ada Rose Holistic Therapies at Old Sarum Community Rooms, Partridge Way. Specialist in Hot stones, Ear candling, Sports, Deep tissue, Swedish Body, clothed seated massage treatments. Call Sally on 07789860188, e-mail or find me on Facebook &Twitter under ‘Ada Rose’.

CLEANING all types of domestic cleaning taken on. Please contact Felicity Hall on mobile 07916316620 Home 01722 340886 MATHS AND PHYSICS TUITION: KS3, GCSE, and A Level, Bishopdown Farm. For more information Stephen Collyer B Sc(Hons) Mathematics. Tel. 07504 200041 Email: FLUTE, FIFE & RECORDER LESSONS Lessons for all ages: beginners through all grades. Friendly, qualified, fully CRB checked teacher. For more info contact Sarah Richfield-Wyatt Tel. 07854040697 email.

NEW! Small Ads NEW! One Box 125cm x 2.3cm Landscape ONLY £10 for one issue (minimum order of three issues)

BOX: 125cm x 2.3cm (Landscape) leaving 2mm margins to edges of box— NO images, font can be bolded where required. Email your small ad to QUOTE “SMALL AD” with your name, address and contact number

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Deep Muscle & Soft Tissue Massage Sports Therapy Aromatherapy

Sandra Le Boutillier IIST, IHBC, IIHHT Dip, ICHT at Bishopdown Farm Tel: 07851601621

26 Bower Gardens, Shady Bower, SP1 2RL Telephone 01722 337870 Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


YOUR Advert Chartered Physiotherapy sports injuries and back pain clinic Treatment for a variety of conditions which include:

 Back pain and sciatic:  Joint and muscle pain  Arthritic conditions  Neck pain and headaches  Sports injuries  Pain relief and acupuncture  Post operative rehabilitation  Golf fitness screening and rehabilitation 22 Milford Street, Salisbury, SP1 2AP Tel: 07501868185 / 01722 238830 Email:

HERE? As our Parish expands this space is seen by more and more people. Currently we deliver 3,000 copies of the Parish News six times a year AND You’re supporting a valuable community resource by doing so. Contact:

TRANQUILITY BEAUTY THERAPY Treatments include Aromatherapy Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, St Tropez Tanning and Reiki Healing. Gift Vouchers, Pamper Parties, Corporate Events etc. All clients given the same Unhurried Care and Attention. Locally based in Laverstock / Mobile Service Possible. Flexible Appointment times including evenings and weekends.

Telephone: 01722 504576 or 07790731468

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter



CARPENTRY & BUILDING SERVICES  Built in Furniture  Kitchens  Bathrooms  UPVC Soffits, Facia, Guttering  All aspects of Carpentry 24 hour call out No job too small Free Estimates

Tel 01722 411643 Mob 07979 327 313 Email:

Dave Cannell Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting service All aspects of carpentry undertaken from replacement doors & worktops through to Full Kitchen Design. Planning & Installation. There really is no job too big or too small. Offering expertise & advice in designing your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and tailor made services to fit your requirements and your budget. From budget ranges right through to Bespoke Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms. Over 30 years experience in the trade. Reliable, trustworthy & honest tradesman.

Call today for an Honest, No Obligation Quote

07879 490953 — 01722 331616

Bourne Valley Electrical Services Ltd YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICIAN All domestic electrical services carried out, including wiring for loft conversions, new extensions and outbuildings, showers, extra sockets or lights (indoors or outdoors), complete rewires. All jobs considered. Qualified to current building regulations Providing a reliable and quality service Free estimates, No hourly rates Web: E-Mail: Want to discuss your requirements? Just ring for a chat – ‘phone: 07952-024118 / 01980-610635

Discount on labour charge for OAPS

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Please Call To Discuss Your Electrical Needs

Clinton Short 07780 610366 / 01722 335442 Email:


Mike Chambers

All types of garden tasks undertaken:

Cabinet-maker & Joiner for 30 years

Grass cutting Hedge trimming Patios Fencing Small building works Garden clearance Friendly, reliable and flexible service to suit you. Short and long term work undertaken

Design, make and fit to your requirements for those awkward places also fit kitchens and bedroom furniture

Fully insured

Contact Mike :


Mobile: 07763803508

01980 610651

Contact Matt on 07818 800 706 / 01980 594 764


TEL 01722 329163 MOBILE 0782 1340923 E-mail M. BACON FdSc Garden Design Mike is a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers

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Wallpapering Interior and Exterior Painting

NO VAT ‘Reasonable and Reliable Service’

27 Linden Close Laverstock SP1 1PN Tel: (01722) 322744 TEL: 01722 322744

PENN HILL GARDENING & ODD JOB SERVICE For all aspects of General Gardening including Lawn Care, Hedges, Fencing, Gates made, Top Quality Turf, Mulches - all types including safe-for-children-shingle, Play Bark, Coloured Gravels and Slate Ideal for low Maintenance Gardens All at very competitive prices Fully Insured For a free quotation and advice

call David on 01722 332920 or Mobile 07788438816 ALL OF THE ABOVE WE CAN SUPPLY OR INSTALL

DAVID GALLOP HOME & GARDEN MAINTENANCE Gardening, Grass Cutting, Garden Clearance, Hedge Trimming, Fencing Painting and Decorating Basic plumbing repairs All your inside and outside jobs Free Estimates, Competitive Rates

Tel: 01980 610969 or 07761075840 email:

Country Landscapes


Enquiries: 01980 590823 07977 173096 Email

All aspects of landscaping & tree work undertaken Low maintenance gardens Decking, Patios, Fencing Water features Turfing, Hedge/tree & grass cutting, Brickwork, Rubbish removal Fully insured Portfolios & References Free Estimates

E.Cooper Tel: 01722 334491 Mob: 07721 691489 Corporate Member of BFRA (Bishopdown Farm Residents Association)

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter



Lawn Maintenance, Digging and Weeding Tree Work, Felling and Stump Removal Hedging, Pruning and Clearing Fencing, Painting and Patios

Free Estimates

07825 295 328

SR HEAT SERVICES Woodburners, Fireplaces, Gas Fires, Chimney Lining, Flue Systems, Fire Servicing, Plumbing & Maintenance HETAS & GAS SAFE REGISTERED

Call STEVE on 07514 555 772 / 01722 500415

M R C Plumbing

Jason Turner

Looking for a reliable plumber?

(Est. 1996)

Look no further… For all your plumbing needs

Qualified in Pruning, Felling, Planting, Hedge Cutting, Site Clearance

FREE no obligation quote

Logs available all year round

No job too small Water- main work undertaken

01722 327055

Tree Surgery & Forestry

Based at Old Sarum

Call Michael Cookson On 07812 502 677 or 01722 340 239

IDC ELECTRICS 51 Lower Road, Salisbury SP2 9NF

Tel: 01722 410435 / 07748 636720 ELECSA REGISTERED


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Call Dave on 01722 334151 07925 100404

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Colin Froude LRPS SWPP Photographer     

Weddings Home portraits Lifestyle Studio Tuition

01722 506728 07722421610

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Laverstock & Ford Parish Council Contacts Ron Champion

Chairman: 3 The Steadings, Ford, SP4 6BH

Tel. 320408

Christopher Burnell

ViceChair: 35 Apostle Way, Bishopdown, Salisbury SP1 3GS

Tel. 5057222

Andrew Prince

Parish Clerk Tel. 411847 Email 3 Pilgrims Way, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 1RZ

James Dean

Tel. 335040 Milford Farm, Milford, SP1 1RJ

Derek Hayes

Tel. 332109 Meadow View, The Green, Laverstock SP1 1QS

Liz Dore

Tel. 500343 85 Church Road, Laverstock, SP1 1QZ

David Law

117b Church Road, Laverstock SP1 1RB

Vic Bussereau

Tel. 339571 5, Merrifield, Ford, SP4 6DF

Simon Byers

Tel. 410100 18 Osmund Walk, Old Sarum, SP4 6NE

Nigel Roper

9, Hartley Way, Hampton Park, SP1 3WS

Sally Pryke

Tel. 679229 4 Jay Drive, Old Sarum, SP4 6GR

!VACANCIES! Toying with the idea? Have a commitment to your local community? Thinking about it? Not sure but interested? YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU. Get in touch with any of the above to discuss further. Area of responsibility for each member of the Parish Council may be found on the Parish Website

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter



Bill Moss

For Laverstock, Ford & Old Sarum 01722 332233 47 Church Road, Laverstock, Salisbury SP1 1QY Email: @CllrIanMcLennan For Hampton Park 01980 862241 Long Orchard, London Road Winterslow. SP5 1BN

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT John Glen Member of Parliament House of Commons Constituency office: 01722 327080

MEP Member for European Parliament

Graham Watson

Southern Wiltshire Community Area Manager

Tom Bray

01458 252265 01722 434252

Local Websites : Old Sarum Aviation Museum @BDACatOldSarum Old Sarum Primary School Old Sarum Residents Association River Bourne Community Farm Salisbury/Southern Wiltshire Area Boards St. Andrews Primary School St. Michaels Church, Winterbourne Dauntsey St. Andrews & St. Marks Churches Salisbury Sixth Form @salisbury6form Salisbury City Football Club In the Community www. @SFCSFITC Salisbury Gig Guide Salisbury Medical Practice: Sarum Bridge Club Spireweather @spireweather St. Edmunds CE Girls School The Pavilion, Hampton Park Wyvern College Wiltshire Council @wiltscouncil Wiltshire Police @wiltshirepolice Wiltshire Citizens Advice Bureau @WiltshireCAB Community First @CommFirstWilts

Contacts around the Parish Clubs, Groups, Organisations, Venues and amenities Air Cadets (Old Sarum)


Army Cadets (Old Sarum)

Adam Reavill

BFRA Chair

Celine Le Boedec-Hughes

Bishopdown Farm Pre-School

Elaine Watkins

Bonsai Society

Grahame Alexander


Laverstock Art Club

John Gustard


Laverstock Brownies

Pauline Giles

01725 519216

Laverstock Cubs

Kate Knight

01980 622495


Parish Clerk


Evergreen Club

Sandy Small


Flora Mundi

Mrs D Stevens


Laverstock Gardening Club

Mr Stuart Dennis


Greentrees Primary - Head

Mrs Jan Bennett


Cricket Club

Mr Martyn Nokes

01980 611494

Hampton Park Pavillion

Hampton Park Vets

Mr S. Mangabhai


Laverstock History/Archaeology

Bryan Evans


Laverstock Ladies Open Group

Sue Mason


Laverstock Beaver Scouts

Jane Waspe


Laverstock Scouts

Alistair Riggs

07561 441116

Laverstock & Ford Sports Club

07940 984886 332 443 01722 411471


Laverstock WI

Thelma Green


Mother's Union Evening Group

Jenny King


Mothers’ Union Afternoon Group

Heather Ludlow

Old Sarum Primary School—Head

Mr John Jones


Old Sarum Aviation Museum



Old Sarum Community Room

Lucinda Hyman


Old Sarum Community Enabler

Penny Joyce


St. Andrews - Head

Karen Walker


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Old Sarum Beaver Scouts

Louise Thompson


Old Sarum Cub Scouts

Lindsay Killackey


Old Sarum Scouts

Neil Fotheringham


St. Andrews - FRIENDS - Chair

Ali Andrews

07403 774307

St. Andrews Toddlers - Chair

Alison Smith


St. Edmunds - Head

Miss Sarah Busby


St. Edmunds - FRIENDS

Kate Fry (Secretary)

St .Josephs - Head

Mr P Hughes


St. Josephs - FRIENDS

Mr Barry


Salisbury Medical Practice

Sharon Burgess


Sarum Bridge Club

TA Centre—Old Sarum

Capt Dave Oliver


Cheryl Beeney

The Duck Inn

Becki & Tim


Village Hall Secretary (L/stock &Ford)

Ian Haldane


Wyvern College Head

Mr Chris Tomes


Wyvern - FRIENDS

Mrs Joanna Charlton


via 328565


Parish Contact List If you’re a not-for-profit or charitable club, group or organisation within the Parish you could be listed here. We also list some community venue contacts and amenities. If you offer locally based classes or services please consider placing an advert or a small ad with us—our rates are very reasonable!

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE TEAM: Community Policing (non emergency) PC 1594 Henry Clissold, PCSO 6288 Stephanie Dutton and PCSO 6326 Rachel Gunn for Laverstock & Ford For Bishopdown Farm (including Hampton Park) PC 1928 Sam Dutton and PCSO 6314 Nicola Clark email

WILTSHIRE HELPLINES POLICE: Non urgent Crime 101 CLARENCE: Emergency Helpline 0800 232323 To report road, lighting defects and road hazards

WILTSHIRE POLICE: NON EMERGENCY dial 101 For reporting a crime, contacting local officers, crime prevention advice

FLOOD LINE 0845 988 1188 ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Emergency Helpline: 0800 807 060

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter: Juliet Brain editor: 01980 611203 email: advertising:


Laverstock & Ford Parish Website: David Law email:

VENUES AROUND THE PARISH Laverstock and Ford Village Hall Now only available for hire on Monday afternoons during the week. Casual hire available at weekends. Contact Louise Hatch, Hall Lettings Secretary Tel. 01722 500461 For details of regular events see

Old Sarum Community Rooms Main hall downstairs suitable for parties, business meetings and social events with kitchenette and toilet facilities. It is level for wheelchair access. Upstairs training rooms, kitchen and breakout rooms. Seven parking spaces are available for Community room users.

Contact Lucinda on 01722 329693 or email The Pavilion, Hampton Park The Pavilion is located on Ash Crescent at Hampton Park. It offers excellent facilities for both indoor and outdoor sport, as well as a meeting place for a variety of groups and organisations. For the latest info on availability and to hire the Pavilion for a party or meeting, please check the website: or email

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


PARISH D i a r y D a t e s

for events in Nov/Dec 2013


Tues 5th

Mothers’ Union Evening Grp, Curtis Room, St Andrews Church, 7.30pm

Weds 6th

Laverstock Evergreen Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall at 2.30pm


Ladies Open Group, visit to Britford Farm Shop 7pm

Thurs 14th Salisbury Area Board, Alamein Suite, City Hall 6.30pm Mon 18th

Parish Council meets at River Bourne Community Farm, 7pm

Mon 18th

Laverstock & District Evening WI, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm

Sat 23rd

St Andrews School Christmas Bazaar, 2—4pm

Mon 25th

Laverstock Gardening Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.30pm

Weds 27th Mothers’ Union Afternoon Grp – Curtis Room, 2.15pm Sales and Copy deadline for Parish Newsletter


Sun 1st

River Bourne Community Farm Christmas Fayre 10am—4pm

Tues 3rd

Mothers’ Union Evening Grp – Curtis Room, 7.30pm

Thurs 5th

South Wilts Area Board, Downton Memorial Hall 6.30pm

Weds 6th

Laverstock Evergreen Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 2.30pm

Mon 9th

Ladies Open Group, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm

Mon 16th

Parish Council meets at Old Sarum Primary School, 7pm

Winterbourne Food Festival SATURDAY 09 NOVEMBER Glebe Hall, 11am – 3pm Finest local produce, Christmas Gifts, treats! FREE PARKING

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter Issue 142 Nov-Dec 2013  
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