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Welcome to issue no 141 Hope you all had a fantastic summer, good luck to all students starting a new school or moving on into the world of work and job hunting see pg. 17 for news from Salisbury Sixth Form. Accompanying this issue is the Parish Housing Survey please do take a look. If all of you take part this will help towards ensuring that young people growing up in the parish have access to housing within the parish, when they need it. Treats inside issue 141 include wildlife expert Penny Theobald’s guide to local wildlife (pg. 28) based on entries in the River Bourne Community Farm record book, local photographer Colin Froude has been out and about with his camera this summer and supplied the images for the front cover and our NEW colour centre pages. Matthew from Radian Services talks about the new Welfare reforms on pg. 14. We get sporty on pg. 24, there’s news from Old Sarum on pg. 22 and the latest Evergreen Club report is on pg. 18. A foul business is discussed in BFRA news on pg. 18 and on pg. 34 we explore twitter and social media as we launch our new Parish newsletter twitter @ParishMagazine (sadly Parish News was already taken!) do tweet and say hi if you’re a fellow twitterer. Don’t forget to visit for more news and info. If you want to submit pictures , celebratory messages, or articles for inclusion in the parish news tweet us @ParishMagazine or email us via or you can pop a note (with your contact details) in our letterbox at the Community Farm.

The Parish Newsletter is published by the Parish Council six times a year for the benefit of parish residents. However, articles written do not necessarily reflect the views of the Parish Council. Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Inside your Parish Newsletter . . . 3. Parish Footpaths and Hedgerows 4. IMPORTANT Parish Housing Survey—please read 5. Next Parish Council meetings 6. Welfare Reforms by Radian Housing Services 7. The Bobby Van Trust 8. Spire Weather 9. Community Defribulators—your views sought 10. Fond Farewells 13. Guide Dogs for the Blind Pamper Night 14. Learning for fun at Bishopdown Farm Per-School 15. BFRA News 17. Salisbury Sixth Form—exciting news! 18. Something worth celebrating 19. Laverstock Evergreen Club report 20. News from River Bourne Community Farm 22. News from Old Sarum 24. News from BDAC at Old Sarum. SPORTS BULLETIN (NEW) 25. Local Churches info 26. Wildlife around Laverstock by Penny Theobald 28. Grow it, Cook it, Eat Workshop at Old Sarum, Run for Charity 30. Around the Parish in pictures 33. Social Media - What is it and what do I need to know about it? 35. Small Ads 36. Advert Section 55. Parish Council Contacts 56. Local Websites 57. Contacts around the Parish 59. Wiltshire Helplines, Newsletter Contacts, Venues around the Parish 60. Parish Diary Dates

Our Parish Footpath & Hedgerows A Footpath and Hedgerow training day took place on Sat June 15th under the leadership of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (see also photo on centre page). It is hoped to survey all the parish footpaths and their attendant hedgerows along with the adjacent land use. This data will be sent to the Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Office as part of the WC project to map the whole county. Once complete the survey will tell us what we have in terms of footpaths, their condition and any other useful information. This will be invaluable when receiving planning applications which impact on our footpaths, show where new footpaths might be needed and, hopefully, get more people out and using them. In due course, it is hoped to produce a small booklet on the parish footpaths. To get involved contact Steve Hannath, or phone. 326714 The new spur to the boardwalk at Whitebridge Spinney is now complete (see picture below). It was paid for out of funds available from planning gains in the parish. The spur allows access to view the newly constructed pond which, in time, will mature and attract flora and fauna. It is hoped to add a further interpretation board for the pond along with Health & Safety information. If you are interested in wild flowers Plantlife has a useful website with resources and articles to help you get the most from the countryside and your gardens! @wildaboutplants

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Housing Needs – It’s Vital that EVERYONE Completes it!

It affects every one of us in the parish and secures our future Other than the census, this is the most important survey for every household in Laverstock (inc Milford), Ford, Hampton Park and Old Sarum to complete. Why? Wiltshire Councillor Ian McLennan and the Laverstock & Ford Parish Council have been, over many years, raising the issue of the huge house building allocations, in our parish without any ‘local’ rights to any of the affordable housing – a home for our changing circumstances and to give our sons and daughters the opportunity to continue to live in our parish. Past success has been the Duck Lane (Pilgrim’s Way development at Laverstock, where local rights were secured and local people continue to be housed). Many of us will be settled in our home with no thought of a change, others may wish to ‘downsize’ as children grow up, or need to cater for a change in circumstance. Some of us have expanding family needs. In many cases, we have family members who would, by choice want to remain or return to live in the parish and cannot afford it. If every household completes the survey, a true picture can be formed of the parish housing needs, even where it is no need! With everyone completing the survey, it is validated as a true record – if only a few with needs complete it, then the picture is distorted and may not be counted as true. It means we have let those with changing needs down. Please help your neighbours. We have vast housing schemes being built at Old Sarum, Longhedge and Hampton Park. Our parish residents deserve priority. Let’s get the mix right, by doing the survey. How We Can Get our young (and not so young) on the Housing ladder? The survey will help determine the housing mix. The more people wanting to purchase but without the means, the more Shared Ownership properties are built.

Any first time buyer with a joint income of less than £60,000 qualifies for a Shared ownership property.

An example of Shared ownership A brand new 3 bedroom house with a full value of £200,000 could be offered on a 40% share, meaning that the purchaser only has to raise a mortgage (including a deposit) for £80,000. In addition to the monthly mortgage payment, the purchaser would then pay a monthly rent to the housing association for the remaining share, which is normally around £275 pcm (actual rent will vary depending on the share purchased, and value of the property). In addition, the Government is looking at trying to reduce the deposit need, so taking the opportunity may become even easier. The percentage owned could be more or less – as low as 25% perhaps. Your circumstances and decisions determine that. Over the years, you can alter the mix. It gets you on the housing ladder and offers hope.

It has taken years for us to get this opportunity. The survey was delivered in a large brown envelope, along with this Newsletter. Please, please fill it in as soon as you can and post it back in the envelope provided. Help us improve all our lives for now and the future. Thank you. Your Parish & Wiltshire Councillors

NEXT Parish Council Meetings Monday September 16th River Bourne Community Farm, 7pm Monday October 21st Greentrees Primary School, 7pm

Your Wiltshire Area Board email Tom Bray for Southern Area Board info (see Parish Contacts) Or Marianna Dodd for Salisbury Area Board 01794 341 028


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Our thanks to Radian Housing for the following info on new welfare reforms, of interest to residents across the Parish. (Look out for more about Radian in issue 142).

Welfare Reform The welfare reform is a term that many of us have heard of but very few know something about and with the changes already taking place it’s important to be informed because you could be affected. So what is happening? For those residents living in our communities, who receive an income from the state, they are highly likely to see some changes, either because they will receive the Universal Credit or because they are now subjected to what is commonly know as the bedroom tax, which is a reduction in Housing Benefit payment for those living in a property larger than their needs require. These changes are referred to, collectively, as the Welfare Reform, a reform of the Welfare System. I have outlined below some of the changes which will not apply if you are aged 65 and over: Universal Credit: Previously anyone in receipt of state benefits would have received all their income separately, for example - job seekers allowance, Housing Benefit, Council Tax benefit, however Universal Credit means that the claimant will now get one payment which includes all that they are entitled too. There are some concerns about how the more vulnerable members of our communities will manage their money. Housing Benefit reduction (Bedroom Tax) This will apply to you if you are living in a property larger than you require. For example if you are a single person living in a three bed property and you have been receiving full Housing Benefit, under this change you are likely to see your benefit reduced for each extra room that you have and you will have to pay the difference. If you are claiming Housing Benefit and living alone in a three bedroom house then you will lose 14% of your benefit for the first room and 25% for the second room and third room if you are in a four bedroom house. Benefit cap: If you are a single person and your income is solely from the state then the most that you will be able to claim from now is £350 each week in benefits. If you are a couple or a single parent then the most you will be able to receive is £500 each week.

If you are a Radian resident then help is at hand from our Income Team whose job goes beyond making sure the rent is paid. The Team consists of Income Officers, Welfare Benefit Officers, Financial Inclusion Officers and Energy Advisors, all of whom can provide some advice if you are struggling to manage your finances. We also have some Tenancy Support Officers who can assist. If you would like further details please contact our Customer Service Centre, Radian Direct, on 0300 123 1 567. If you are not a Radian Resident and are affected by the changes, there are organisations in your community who can assist, so you may wish to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Centre for further details. Matthew Barton – Community Development Officer – (Radian)

Registered Charity No 1073127 The Trust provide a Courtesy Home Security Service for older, vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Swindon and Wiltshire, who have become, or are at risk of becoming victims of house crime or domestic abuse. Our Operators drive Police marked vehicles and dress as Police Support staff, their salaries, the security equipment we use and their vehicles are all funded by the Trust. Once we have been contacted, an appointment is made by the Bobby Van Administrator for an Operator to visit homes and conduct a full security survey and fire risk assessment. With the agreement of the client, appropriate devices are installed to secure the property. Time is spent offering reassurance to clients and advice is given on how to protect against house crime. Often the fear of crime is as damaging as the crime itself. We offer talks to community groups and clubs in a pro-active approach to securing homes for all over 60s or those vulnerable due to a disability. If you know someone in your community who would benefit from a visit please call 01225 794652 to arrange a visit. Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


SpireWeather Review: June-April 2013 Thanks in part to a very cold March, the meteorological spring of 2013 (MarchMay) was the coldest UK spring since 1962, 51 years ago! This bucks the trend of recent years when eight out of the ten previous springs have been warmer than average. In spite of this, for a change we enjoyed two fine, if not scorching, Bank Holidays in May with a high of 20.3°C (68.6°F) on the 6th and 16.2°C (61.2°F) on the 27th. Once again it was the coldest May since 1996 with a maximum temperature of 23.1°C (73.6°F) on the 7th which was unbeaten for the following six weeks whilst the minimum of just 1.4°C (34.5°F) was recorded on the 1st. After a dry April, for the UK as a whole May was a wetter than average month. In Salisbury we received close to the monthly average rainfall with a total of 49.4mm (1.9”), the wettest day being the 14th with 13mm (0.5”) – as this system cleared on the 15th, parts of Dartmoor and Shropshire woke to lying snow. Otherwise May was a fairly unremarkable month. June, the first month of meteorological summer, was also a rather uninspiring month, continuing to be slightly cooler than average but significantly drier. The month’s highest temperature of 25.4°C (77.7°F) was recorded on the 19th, just before the longest day, topping May’s warmest day set six weeks earlier. The lowest temperature of 4.9°C (40.8°F) occurred in the early hours of the 4th. June was a dry month with a monthly total rainfall of 24.8mm (1”), just 45% of average, the wettest day being the 27th with 6.2mm (0.2”) falling. This June was in stark contrast to June 2012 which was the wettest June since records began in 1910 and the end of the wettest three months on record – locally we measured a staggering 137.6mm (5.4”) in June 2012! In the first six months of this year we recorded 320.6mm (12.6”) which compares with 393.6mm (15.5”) in the first six months of 2012. Further to the cold winter of 2010, the wet summer of 2012 and the cold spring of 2013 there has been extensive press coverage recently about the possible reasons behind these unusual seasonal weather patterns. which, given the low temperatures, low humidity and a bitter east wind, produced some of the lowest wind chill or ‘feels like’ temperatures of the year. The following day was a notably cold day across Southern England with snow flurries and a high in Salisbury of just 3.6°C (38°F).

It is thought that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) of warm ocean currents and the warming of the Arctic may be playing a part but the interconnections are still complicated and poorly understood. Whatever happens, we are not expecting ten years of wet summers as reported in the media, as there are always variations, but the likelihood of hot, dry summers is reduced. Find out what the rest of summer 2013 had to offer in our forthcoming bi-monthly SpireWeather Reviews or follow us on Twitter for the latest weather news. For more local weather information visit but remember to check official sources of weather data where life or property may be at risk.

Simon (SpireWeather)

COMMUNITY DEFRIBULATORS Volunteer First Responders required This subject was discussed at the last meeting of the Parish Council. These machines are expensive but can, in some circumstances, provide a benefit to the community. There are a lot of factors to consider including the size of the community and its distance from other emergency services. In a shopping centre or school they can work well, but in a large diverse parish such as ours one has to weigh the considerable cost against the benefits. It was felt that the key to progressing this debate further was first to find out if there are volunteers within the parish who would be willing to become First Responders, and then to identify the community that they might serve. If you are interested in volunteering or have any views on this subject, please contact a Parish Councillor or your Parish Clerk.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


FOND FAREWELLS In recent months, several long serving members of the Parish Council have stepped down. The Newsletter would like to highlight these community servants and encourage others to be brave and step forward, either as a ParishCouncillor or for other community projects. Two of the longest serving members have both left for health reasons.

Vice Chairman Virginia McLennan Second longest serving member (12 years) and Vice Chair for much of that time. Laverstock based Virginia realised, very early on, that a tiny Old Sarum community needed support. When Old Sarum featured as a main contender for many new houses, in the Local Plan consultations, Virginia joined the working party which worked with the council, the developers and the original Old Sarum Residents Association to ensure a community voice was heard. The 2005 Local Plan also contained the Duck Lane, Laverstock housing and she served on that group too. They recommended to the main PC that St Andrew’s School in Laverstock should benefit from the planning gains and that the new school at Old Sarum should be for all the children of Old Sarum. This remains PC policy. Until stepping down, Virginia’s current responsibilities included Planning, Recycling, Schools Liaison with the Laverstock Campus school Heads’, playing an active role in the working party setting up the new Community Centre at Old Sarum and representing the Parish at WC’s Southern Area Board and its Transport Group. In speaking to the Newsletter, Virginia expressed her sadness at having to step back and offered thanks to her colleagues past and present for their support in together helping the parish improve all its communities. “There is still much to do. We must move the school traffic from Laverstock to Park and Ride – for the sake of the children not least. The traffic mounts the pavement and is dangerous to life. The mobile classrooms must be replaced by proper school facilities and we have a wonderful opportunity to deliver the main aspect of the Parish Plan – secure Parish ownership of its assets including the protection and acquisition of vast areas of green space throughout the Parish. We must all be brave and take every opportunity”.

Virginia’s final message to the Newsletter? “I never understood how important the Parish Council is to us all, until I attended a meeting and then joined. It has given me many new experiences and I know I have been able to join with my colleagues and make a difference in all our communities. If anyone reading this has the commitment and desire to help the PC in any way – just do it – you won’t regret it.”

Patrick Houston Patrick was inspired to join the Parish Council in 2004, after Cllr Ian McLennan undertook a vote, of all Laverstock households, to galvanise and represent the thoughts of local people, when it was probable that Salisbury City would place their cemetery on the church fields used by many young, local footballers at Laverstock & Ford Sports Club. “It looked to me as though it was a done deed and no one had a voice. Ian’s Newsletter with a vote came through my door. I voted and so did many of the people of Laverstock – we discovered that virtually everyone wanted to keep the land for the young people and not lose it to a Salisbury City Cemetery. That view was taken by Ian and the Parish Council, to Salisbury and they listened to the people of Laverstock. I knew then just how important it is to work together locally and so joined the PC” Patrick carried out planning duties and represented the Parish at Police consultation forums. His interests lay in community safety and Patrick also served as Flood warden. “Parish Councillors come from all over our parish and we do our best to improve things for us all – I encourage anyone who has some skills and commitment to join the parish or one of the many community projects – you will make a difference”

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Sarah Champion Sarah and husband Ron first became the eyes and ears of Ford in 2006, when the buses were stopped going along Manor Farm Road in Ford, owing to the landowners apparent ransom strip (still not clear!). Later Sarah attended the Old Sarum meeting held by Salisbury District Council, about the Airfield Conservation Area. The seeds were sown and attendance at the following Parish Council meeting meant she was hooked! “The PC covers so many topics and is consulted on so many things – it is so important that every community is represented and the combined Parish view represented.” In addition to the planning duties, Sarah continued to keep her eye on Ford, making sure all was well. Her parish duties also included work on the flood plan for the parish and ‘Footpath’ responsibility. Sarah worked with the WC Rights of Way officer to establish a ‘PIG’ grant (Pathway Improvement Grant) and one notable achievement is the upgraded surface on the footpath to Hurdcott, via Ford bridge. (Possibly as the Black Horse is en route?) That footpath can be linked all the way to Amesbury and on to Salisbury. “I am proud of what I have achieved, together with my fellow Parish Councillors. We all worked for the good of all our communities and I know Laverstock & Ford Parish will continue to flourish. I encourage all who can assist, to take part”.

Peter Maffey Several years service to the Parish Council commenced when Pete was approached by a friend (we won’t name him!) and persuaded that he had something to offer. Being a practical man, the initial contribution was to walk through Laverstock footpaths and walkways and spot where a trim was needed to make the walk more pleasurable and to keep things neat and tidy. Rather than report back the need, to the PC, Pete did the job himself. Later improved trimmers/cutters made life easier and the outcome even better. Arthritis got the better of his hands and so that contribution lessened. However, local knowledge ensured an eye was kept and reports of need maintained. In addition to his planning duties, Pete also served as the PC observing councillor, on the Laverstock Village Hall committee, ensuring all was well and feeding back progress to the PC. There is so much that can be done by anyone with some sense and a desire to make things a little better for us all. I know my work and local knowledge has been useful and now it’s time for others to make their mark – they will enjoy it”. Above: Peter in his role as Master Caddie for the British Open Golf Tournament

LEARN OR PLAY BRIDGE AT SARUM BRIDGE CLUB Sarum Bridge Club at Stratford sub Castle has now confirmed their Programme for 2013/14 and from Tue 10 Sep will be adding another Tuesday teaching session and a friendly social duplicate session on Thursday afternoons. If you want to learn, play social bridge or take part in competitive evenings then Sarum Bridge Club is the place to go. See contacts page and website for more info:

Corporate Members of BFRA Afon House (Chiropractic Clinic), Mrs S. Thorkeldsen, 01722 820 400 Aquagas (Plumbing & Heating Engineer), Mr G. Sainsbury, 07966 156 197 Aquajet (Exterior Property Cleaning), Mr R. Donnington, 01722 415 583 Bassets (Estate Agents), Mr D. Clayton, 01722 415 141 Bishopdown Pharmacy, Mr I. Wood, 01722 324 462 Boswell Bros (Building Supplies), Mr J. Boswell, 01722 333 781 Country Landscapes (Gardening Services), Mr T. Cooper, 01722 334 491 Parkwood (Health & Fitness Club), Mr G. Sheppard, 01722 330 077 Salisbury Medical Practice (NHS), Mrs S. Burgess, 01722 334 402 Radian (Housing Association), Mr M. Barton, 0300 123 1567 Salisbury City Church, Mrs J. Carter, 01722 333351 Simon Tubb (Decorator), Mr S. Tubb, 01722 500 292 Trethowans (Solicitors), Mrs E. Webbe, 01722 412 512 Utility Warehouse (Discount Club), Mr S. Tubb, 01722 500 292 Wood BMW, Mr G. Surrey, 0844 558 3344

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Around The Parish

Learning for Fun at...

Bishopdown Farm Pre-School Local parents are bowled over when they see what fun their youngsters get up to, in the Hampton Park Pavilion. Every day from 9-3, the sports pavilion is transformed. Everything from making music, getting messy, checking out the computer and dressing up to star in their own Nativity helps the young ones have fun and learn as individuals and with their fellows. Don't think they spend every day there though! Weekly trips to Greentrees school keeps them active on the PE equipment and prepares them for their sports day! The local play park and even park & ride get checked out and the first sign of snow and it's toboggan time! Their obvious energy was, recently, converted into a sponsored bounce. Funds raised, helped everyone have a wonderful time at our very own Riverbourne Community Farm in Laverstock. The fun starts again in September!

BISHOPDOWN FARM RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION (BFRA) NEWS JULY 13 We had a very successful car boot sale in June in glorious weather. There was a good turnout with some buyers active before the sellers had the items for sale out of their cars. After costs of over £80 (insurance is £76!) we made a small profit which we will use towards other community events. We continue to look for volunteers to assist with litter picks and other environmental issues – please do get in contact if you can spare even a small amount of time. FOUL BUSINESS! We must begin with grateful thanks to the resident who deposited the contents of their cat (or was it dog?) poo composter bin on the grass beside the public footpath across Pearce Way. This delightful deposit also contained a bright mix of plastic bottles and an old washing line! We had an enjoyable if sweaty 15 minutes shovelling approximately 25 kg of s..t in 30 degree heat and removing the plastic waste. This goes far beyond 'normal' littering and is completely unacceptable in civilised society. If you know anything about it or see someone committing a similar crime then please report it to the Police. Hartley Way Roundabout: We have admitted defeat with trying to improve the Hartley Way roundabout. The ridiculous list of restrictions that WC want to impose (not least of which is a £5m insurance policy) means that this weed infested hump will continue to be an eyesore. Quite rightly, given the requirements, the PC did not wish to take up the 'lease'. This is a prime example of red tape and 'elf and safety' strangling any attempt at self-help. Clearly far too many fat cat lawyers at large in the UK! HP Trail: While we await the installation of 'our' bench, the HP Trail leaflet has been completed and printed. It is also available on the Community Farm website (or via the BFRA website) and there is a further digital only leaflet which gives some more information. The damaged kissing gate has been repaired and the trail has been walked by Greentrees School who are involved in the interpretation board. Environmental Damage: A change of heading on the perennial subject of littering as it is less obvious with all the recent green growth. The sudden appearance of summer has led to impromptu picnics to enjoy the countryside and take the sun. Unfortunately, while people are more than prepared to carry food and drink to their chosen site they appear incapable of taking their litter home, notably on the Green despite the presence of numerous litter bins. This has also become a particular problem on the River Bourne especially by the footpath which crosses the metal bridge near Ford (so more than likely local residents). In one recent clear up we found that someone had been catching minnows, a harmless pastime, but then left the jar with minnows in it on the bank for the fish to dry by slow boiling!!

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


If some younger members of society treat our environment as 'throw away' then the future for our planet looks to be in poor hands. Parents please try explaining the need to protect and look after the precious resource, without which, life as we know it cannot be sustained. One Stop Shop: After many months, or is that years, of pressure from the BFRA we are delighted to see that the major repairs are being completed at the One Stop Shop. Unfortunately, the repairs are of poor quality with bricks already breaking away and the railings unlikely to last long. The BFRA have written to Shaftsbury to express our concern at the poor workmanship. Now we have to ask drivers to take more care with parking so that the railings are not once again trashed by cars. BP Garage: Everyone who uses the London Road on foot, bicycle or in a car will be aware of the hazards that were caused when the BP garage was refurbished. It appears that the increase in size was within permitted development but no-one considered the safety aspects. As a result, cyclists and pedestrians literally have to take their lives in their hands when using the pavement across the forecourt entrance (not to mention receiving abuse from ignorant motorists). There are hazards to motorists as well and a number of accidents have occurred, thankfully without injury as far as we are aware. The number of traffic hold ups caused by vehicles using the garage has also increased. Having initially raised the issue, it was passed to the Salisbury Area Board who in turn passed it to the Community Area Transport Group (CATG) who then passed a list of potential projects to Salisbury City Council (SCC) for consideration. The CATG provides some ÂŁ15000 annually for small projects in the Salisbury area (the whole sum would be required for a simple pedestrian crossing so you really do need to think small!). SCC unanimously gave the highest priory to sorting out the safety issues at the BP Garage by making clear that there is a pavement with pedestrian and cyclists and changing the priorities (see the Esso garage on the A36 if you want to know how it should work). We also asked for double yellow lines outside the garage to stop lorries and the more selfish motorists parking on the road to use the shop thus entirely blocking the view for motorists. Grass Cutting: You may be aware that WC recently outsourced the cutting of grass and green space maintenance to Balfour Beatty. Unfortunately, during the handover period a long period elapsed between cuts resulting in the Green looking like a meadow! We are pleased to see that cutting is back on schedule and we shall continue to monitor this to ensure that our green spaces continue to be well maintained. Cont. over

Police Update: The Police NTG meeting in June agreed the following priorities: 1. Non-dwelling burglaries (predominantly allotments and garden sheds) as these have gone up 25% above the threshold. 2. The monitoring of parks and green areas and the gathering of youths due to the longer and warmer days. 3. Culver Street Car Park as young skateboarders have started skateboarding there and are a noise nuisance to those living nearby. Which basically means that we continue to live in a great neighbourhood but if you have an allotment then consider the security of anything you leave there. BFRA Website: Don't forget to make regular visits to keep up to date with what is going on. The site is kept up to date and there are a number of useful links to other sites. Communicate with your Committee at:

Salisbury Sixth Form News Exciting news from the steering group who have successfully campaigned for a new Sixth Form college to serve the Laverstock Campus of secondary schools. Their new web site went live over the summer As the months go by more information and news will be added do take a look. You can keep up to date with news and info by liking them on facebook (SalisburySixthFormCollege) or following them via twitter @Salisbury6form Their first termly newsletter has just been sent out. Read it online at in our news section on the web site. On the 1st of September, David Howes project manager will start work and the prospectus will be ready for you to read first week of September. Open evenings in the Guildhall are booked for 6th November and 16th January. As a new fully inclusive 6th form, covering a wide range of subjects located in the heart of Salisbury, this sixth form aims to be different, distinctive and exciting! Applications open the first week of September for all year 11s.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Something worth Celebrating... Each issue we’re offering you the chance to celebrate something or someone special in just a few lines and a small photo. It cant be deemed advertising of any kind and there will be a limited number of spaces available, so whether it be a significant Birthday or a special occasion or event—share it with us and we’ll share it with everyone!

Congratulations! William and Kate on the birth of bonny George and to all those new parents on the birth of your prince and princesses, across the parish this summer! Congratulations! to new manager Mikey Harris and newest addition to the team Ben Wright from Forest Green Rovers from all the fans at Salisbury City Football Club. Email by Aug 30th for entry in our next issue

HISTORY ALERT! Ruth Newman, editor of the Sarum Chronicle—a must read for local history buffs is producing version 13 this October which will contain a section on the Laverstock Asylum. Look out for it in local bookstores to discover more fascinating facts about the history of Laverstock. Ruth contributed an article about the Potters of Laverstock Downs way back in issue 73 and this colour edition promises to be an interesting read (see our website for more details).

Laverstock Evergreen Club Charity Number 1027430 Since our last report we have had five very different, but very enjoyable, meetings of the club. In March we welcomed Abby Rakes from “The Golden Oldies” who lead a sing-along of old favourites, great fun and followed up with the usual tea, scones and cakes. John Pittman came to our meeting in April and gave a super presentation on “What the Butler Saw”, thoroughly enjoyed by our members. The May meeting was the AGM, the committee remained unchanged for another year, and, after the business matters we had a Bingo session followed by the normal refreshments. The Coffee Morning in May, held in Jill’s garden, raised £90 for club funds. In June we met at the lovely Grasmere House Hotel for the Birthday lunch, we had a very nice time and the sun was shining! We held a table sale in the Maltings in July; our first attempt was aborted due to rain but our second day went well and £368.22 went into club funds. Grateful thanks to the volunteers who organised this. Our meeting in July was in the village hall, the speaker was Janet Fitzjohn who gave a fascinating insight into the RNLI; our members were impressed and a voluntary collection raised £40 for the RNLI. The club meets in Laverstock Village Hall at 2.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

All over 60’s resident in Laverstock, Ford and Hampton Park are eligible to join as members – simply come along to any of the monthly meetings or contact Jill Kay on 01722 323407.


APPLE PIE MORNING Laverstock & Ford Village Hall THURSDAY 31st OCTOBER 10.30a.m. – 12.00noon Cost £2.00 To include Apple Pie with Coffee or Tea Various Stalls and Raffle Further information from Jill Kay 323407 Charity No 1028447

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


News from River Bourne Community Farm BTEC Success The farm held a Celebration Event to present certificates to all the students who have been studying at the farm for the past year. 100% of students who attended courses passed and gained either a BTEC Level 1 in Vocational Studies or a BTEC Level 2 in Countryside and Environment. The farm is delighted with these results and is pleased to report that all students are progressing forward to higher level courses on the farm next year or are attending colleges such as Sparsholt, Lackham or Wiltshire College. Sara- Jane with one of her successful BTEC groups

Sarah-Jane Jane Hancock, Education Co-ordinator at the farm said “I am looking forward to a full intake of students from September who will hopefully all continue to benefit from the agricultural, horticultural and animal-care facilities that we can offer."

Educational Visits From September 2012 to July 2013 the farm was able to offer over 75 free visits to local schools and community groups. The farm is in receipt of an educational access grant from Natural England which allows the farm to offer these visits free of charge. A number of the closer schools arrive on foot, in a traditional crocodile; those from further afield have only the cost of their bus to find. Where possible, the tours relate to the pupils’ syllabus, the environment, animal welfare, food production etc. For many youngsters, this will be the first time that they have come in to close contact with farm animals. Trained farm volunteers lead the visits and around 2,500 children a year benefit from a great learning experience at the farm. In addition, the farm hosts visits by special -needs groups, organisations for the elderly and the disabled.

Salisbury Art Trail – Saturday 5 – 13 October

The farm once again plays host to the biennial Salisbury Art Trail in October this year. The farm’s Long Barn will be transformed into a gallery and will be showing the drawings, prints, willow and steel sculpture of Charlotte Moreton and the unique wooden furniture of Mary Rawlinson. Mary makes items from British native trees lost naturally. These timbers, with all their imperfections, can only be worked by hand, making every piece unique. Also showing will be the results of ‘Wear Your Art’ an art trail project run with local schools. On Saturday 5 October the farm will be holding a drop-in natural tie-dye workshop from 1.30 – 4pm run by the farm’s resident artist Laurence Rushby where you can create your own piece of wearable art. Create a silk scarf or a patch to accessorise your clothing, bags, etc. Cost: adults £6, children (7+) £3 inc. materials. Contact the farm office for further details.

You can support the farm by becoming 'A Friend of the Farm'. Membership Benefits include: Bulletins and Annual Report, Car Sticker, Discounts on tickets for RBCF events, Priority booking for RBCF events, Social events PLUS the knowledge that you will be supporting young people connecting with agriculture and traditional farming.

It's easy to join : pick up an application form, from the farm office or shop, or phone us on

01722 330667

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News from Old Sarum... Community Spirit thriving th

The Old Sarum Residents’ Association hosted an open meeting on July 11 in

the school hall. Chair, John Wilkinson, and Community Enabler, Penny Joyce, gave presentations about several issues currently of interest to our community. A brand new, purpose-built community centre is due to be opened in spring 2014. Plans were presented to the meeting, and the need for residents to get involved with running and managing the building was explained. The proposal by Old Sarum Nursery to use one room to expand their provision received unanimous support. A number of local organisations appealed for interest and support at the open meeting. Kat Hill of Wiltshire Wildlife told the meeting about the Food Beds project in the community garden in the school grounds. There will be new raised beds installed for use by the community, with an opportunity for those with no garden to grow vegetables. Residents were also invited to get involved in planning how to lay out the garden. The new Neighbourhood Watch scheme at Old Sarum was promoted by coordinator Alex Lomax. Lots of households are signing up to the scheme and the community is benefitting from the close partnership with police. Keeping an eye out for what is happening can lead to important information in deterring and counteracting crime. Simon Byers, Old Sarum’s parish councillor, talked about the importance of joining the council in order to make a difference in the community. Simon displayed pictures showing how the new play area by the School will look – a project he has steered in his role as councillor. Several residents expressed interest in applying to join the parish council. John Wilkinson then updated residents on the progress of outstanding planning permissions to build recreation areas, shops and housing. Wiltshire Cllr Ian McLennan, also explained some details. Residents were encouraged to act on their strength of feeling by attending the next planning committee meeting. There was then a brief summary of outline plans submitted for the Longhedge development, which will neighbour Old Sarum to the north. The Residents’ Association’s AGM was next on the agenda. The Chair’s report and financial report were given, and nominations were taken for committee members for the next twelve months. Most existing members stood for a second term, and five new members were also elected. The committee is also able to co -opt members during the year and would welcome applications by email to

Ian McLennan took a few minutes at the end of the evening to thank the residents of Old Sarum for his re-election this May. He outlined his current drive to keep local families local, by ensuring they get a fair opportunity to afford houses in the parish.

Residents Swell City Hall for Planning Meeting On July 25th, three of the outstanding planning applications by housing developers Persimmon came up before the South Wiltshire planning committee. A large gathering of Old Sarum residents cheered speaker after speaker as they addressed Wiltshire Councillors at the 25th July Southern Planning meeting. They had to wait three hours for three Persimmon applications to be presented. In each case they believed Persimmon had no regard for resident amenities. Each speaker, including Parish Council Chairman, Ron Champion and Residents Association Chairman, John Wilkinson highlighted facts to demonstrate that Persimmon were failing to keep promises made when houses were sold or to legal agreements made with the council. So what are the reasons for residents objections? Area 12 would involve building on one third of the Country Park, lately made available for public use at the north -east end of the estate. Area 11 is land previously declared necessary for drainage, and forming a green boundary to the estate. Until December 2012, Persimmon led us to believe these areas would be public open space, but they then applied to build on them. Nobody living in Old Sarum wants to see houses built on these areas. Area 10 is likely to be built on at some point, and is already surrounded by housing. However, the current application crams in a high density of buildings, with 54% affordable housing. We are concerned that this would create a sub-standard neighbourhood for future residents. In addition to these specific objections, any more houses in the new estate will put roads, facilities and the school under considerable strain. Unfortunately this is not a decisive victory. Persimmon have appealed to the planning inspector, due to the delay in reaching a decision. The recommendations from the meeting will go forward to the appeal, and we trust the outcome will be on the side of common sense. The Residents’ Association will publish any further updates on our website ( From John & Joy Wilkinson

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Hangar 1,

news from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

The BDAC Museum at Old Sarum is now on twitter @BDACatOldSarum and also has a new Pop in to follow progress on the Hunter Jet and the Blackburn Bombardier restorations and you never know who else you might bump into! During the summer they enjoyed a visit from Spitfire Pilot John Campbell who flew with 165 and 263 Squadrons during the Second World War and Falklands veteran David Morgan DSC who arrived in a yellow Tigermoth! Don’t forget lovely cakes, english breakfasts and a good cuppa are also available at the airfield café just along from the Museum.

......SPORTS BULLETIN............................... Laverstock & Ford Football Club: @Laverstock_FordFC The U18s are now in the Wilts floodlight league and are looking for new players. Get in touch if interested.

Salisbury City Football Club: @SalisburyCityFC Calling all 4-8 year olds! Join the ‘Sports Stars’ a football foundation phase course all about having fun learning the beautiful game! Sessions held at Old Sarum Primary School 10 – 11am every Saturday for £2 a week. For more info or to join please contact or telephone 07833 296207 (Sessions led by Salisbury City Youth Coaches in a safe, fun environment). 16-19 and love football? Check out the new 16—19yrs SCFC Academy To find out more information on the course at Sarum Academy please visit our ‘Academy’ page or contact Chris Taylor (Academy Development Manager) on 01722 776655 or email

Wiltshire Cricket: @WiltsCricket @CricketCoach68 The Wiltshire U17 s beat the Isle of Wight U17 by 103 runs after a three day fixture on the Island in July. Mad about Cricket? see the website for details.

Want to get more involved in sports? Wiltshire Council @Sport4Wiltshire have produced an Active Wiltshire Sports, Physical Activity and Leisure brochure downloadable here (and also available from Libraries, Council Offices and Leisure Centres). sportandphysicalactivity.htm

LOCAL CHURCHES INFORMATION Several churches are listed as the civil boundary overlaps the church boundaries

St Andrew’s, Laverstock : 10 am Sunday, Holy Communion 1st Sunday is a Family service with God’s Bunch (Sunday School) 9.30 am Wednesday is Holy Communion for both churches St Mark’s, London Road : 9 to 11 am Sunday 1st Together @ 10 (9am HC followed by informal family service) 2nd Holy Communion : 3rd Morning Worship : 4th and 5th Holy Communion Various groups for children and youth spanning crèche to teenagers on 2nd – 5th Sundays in term time 6.00 pm 1st No evening service : 2nd Evening Worship : 3rd Holy Communion 4th Evening Worship : 5th No evening service 9 am 7 pm

Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri Morning Prayer Mon Weekly Parish Prayer Meeting for both churches

Vicar, Rev Jim Findlay: Curate, Rev Mark Castleton Associate Priests, Rev Jill Otter and Rev Diane Roberts Lay Ministers, Hugh Montgomerie and Philippa Smart For further details of services or for any other information please contact the Church Office on 01722 340368 or

St. Michael and All Angels, Winterbourne Earls : Sunday service at 11.00am Team Service (5th Sunday in month), Wednesday Holy Communion 9.30am Team Vicar

Rev. Peter Ostli-East—01980 611350

Associate Priest Rev David Coates - 01722 325944 Bourne Valley Team Associate Priest Rev'd Penny Joyce—07808 181885 email: Rev Wendy Pugh (part-time) 01722 501443 Churchwardens Mr Terry Hall—01980 611681 and Mrs Becky Baker—01980 611343 Roger Morgan—01980 611474 website The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham at Holy Redeemer, Bishopdown Mass 11am every Sunday, Wednesday 6.30pm. Evensong 6pm (2nd Sunday of month) Fr Keith Robinson—01722 504807

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Wildlife around Laverstock A wildlife recording book which is kept at the River Bourne Community Farm shop has been on the go for a year now. The recordings are from around the Farm and Trails. Trail no. 1 Farm and boardwalk - Trail no.2 Laverstock and Cockey Downs. Please do come to the shop, and add any wildlife you see. Here are some recordings from July 2012 - 13 compiled by Penny Theobald.

Animals Water voles are increasing, and have been seen on the Bourne from the boardwalk upstream as far as the Laverstock and Ford Sports Club. A dead otter was found in a riverside garden, and footprints were seen in the snow coming from the river and returning further along the bank. HedgeWater Vole hog, roe deer, grey squirrel, fox, rabbit and weasel have all been seen around the Farm and village. Hares were reported on the Downs and on the fields below. Various bats were recorded during bat walks: pipistrelle, daubentons, serotine, noctule. Slow-worms were found near the Farm Wildlife Field.


Birds A barn owl was sometimes been seen at dusk over the water meadows and a little owl has been in this area too. Other bird of prey to be recorded were buzzard, kestrel, sparrowhawk and red kite. Ravens are sometimes heard and seen over the downs. Both green and great spotted woodpeckers have been recorded, and also the occasional kingfisher was seen along the river. Heron and little egret used the water meadows and river as their feeding grounds. Grey wagtails liked the area by the White Bridge.

Winter visitors included fieldfare and redwing together with lapwing and snipe, all feeding on the water meadows. Yellowhammer numbers also increased in the winter, coming to enjoy the seeds on the Farm’s Wildlife Field, and they were joined by linnets and reed buntings. Skylarks started singing over the downs in spring. Barn Owl

Summer visitors included swallows (nesting in the Farm’s big barn), house martins, swifts and whitethroats. Along the Bourne by the boardwalk a pair of mute swans bred successfully, and there were plenty of mallard ducklings and fluffy black baby moorhens.


White Throat

Snowdrops made a good show along the boardwalk, and were followed by celandines and primroses in the hedgerows. In the water meadows marsh marigold, ragged robin, lady’s smock, marsh orchid, yellow flag, meadowsweet, purple loosestrife and monkey flower added lots of colour. The flowers on the downs start later, and there isn’t much out until May. Orchids included green veined, fragrant and pyramidal. The three different small yellow pea family flowers were: horseshoe vetch, kidney vetch and birdsfoot trefoil, all of which provide food for butterfly caterpillars. Cowslips and wild thyme flowered on Cockey Down. The three blue scabious flowers were: field, small and devils bit.

Insects Six Spot Burnett Moth

Butterflies seen around the village and Farm included meadow brown, brimstone, red admiral, speckled wood and common blue; while on the Downs marbled white, small heath, dingy skipper and hundreds of six spot burnet moths were seen. At the new pond by the boardwalk whirligig beetles, pond skaters and broad-bodied chaser dragonflies were present.

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Grow it, Cook it, Eat it Saturday 31st August 11 am to 1 pm Where? Old Sarum Community Rooms on Partridge Way, and local outdoor spaces

What? Drop-In creative activities for all ages, exploring the growing, cooking and eating of food. No unaccompanied children please. Try your hand at Cookery and find out more about your local Community Garden with The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s Food Champions Team. Get hands-on making your own plant and food themed artwork, and let us know what you want for the future of your creative community project, with 5x5x5=creativity artists James, Catherine and Susan. Find out what people ate at Old Sarum in the past, and how they caught and cooked it, with English Heritage. OLD SARUM ARMY CADETS The Old Sarum Army Cadet Detachment meets every Thursday evening from 7pm to 9.30pm at Old Sarum TA centre. We are a youth organisation open to children who are 12 years AND in Year 8. We cover a wide range of subjects over the year including map reading, first aid, field craft, self reliance, team work, camp craft and of course a bit of marching! Cadets can get involved in Field Training Weekends, the Remembrance Day parade in Salisbury and Annual Camps. Cadets are welcome to join us at any stage in the year. We are also recruiting Adult Volunteers to assist with the running of the detachment - no previous experience required!! Anyone interested in joining should phone the detachment commander on 07940 984886.

RESIDENTS PLEASE BE AWARE! The Rotary Clubs of Salisbury and Winchester are holding the annual

Clarendon Marathon on Sunday 6th October 2013 The marathon starts from Wyvern College.. Walkers set off at 8.30am relay runners at 9.30 am and the full marathon starts at 10.30 am. The route will be the same as last year and there will be minor disruption to traffic for approximately 15 minutes along Church Road from 10.30 am The runners will turn into Duck Lane from Church Road and thence onto the Clarendon estate.

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in pictures... Cream Teas at the Farm, River Dipping

Paddling and Footpath Training

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Social Media, What Do I Need to Know? Whilst social media began as a simple way to achieve instant, short communication with anyone, anywhere in the world that also had the internet, it has now become a moving feast of ‘smart applications’ used to communicate news, images, music and chat around the world. Social Media; pod-casting, video sharing, photo sharing, blogging has been attacked from all sides by marketing organisations and commercial interests and the first thing you should know is you are not alone. Unless you know all there is to know about IT, coding etc., everything you post or tweet is seen by potentially millions of others, it can be posted on and mis-quoted. Don’t use social media to gain attention without some skills and knowledge about how to protect yourself from unwanted interest. Do use social media to broaden your horizons, find out about other cultures, events, places, or to keep up with news from family and friends but always be mindful! Social media is quick, easy and free (but nothing for free really is for free right? Right! Someone, somewhere wants to make money from all this). Replace the word *online* with *public* and you’ll get the idea. Any photo you post on facebook or anything you say can be re-posted by facebook (and therefore complete strangers) wherever and whenever they choose—if that photo is personal don’t post it in the first place. Read the terms and conditions and the very small print—you might find by joining you have no rights of control over anything you post. Don’t talk about how old you are, where you’re going to be, give away personal details: Do be protective of your personal identity. Don’t befriend or follow people on FB or twitter without some research—read their previous posts/tweets (far back as you can) if anything strikes you as odd don’t respond. It takes minutes for pro’s to create false identities and when you block one, they will simply create a new one so be vigilant and cautious—it’s not that important to be followed by hundreds of strangers. Parents! Don’t ban it, understand it! Help your children to be responsible online— don’t just connect them to the internet and leave them to it, be there with them, and until you’re sure they know how to behave responsibly online USE those parental controls. @KenziaDigital (PR & Restaurant Marketer) “Use social media to interact with people and not sell to them, listen and be kind, give give give! “ @Cliffsull (Online & PC Security) “1st: remember that it's a person you're talking to (in most cases) 2nd: When you put something 'out there' - remember it's permanent.” @p_b66 (mum and aspiring author) “If a link that appears on a timeline looks even a little "odd", don't click on it, even if it appears to come from a trusted friend. “ @Robram (Content Manager-Age UK) “If you want to know why so many people enjoy social media, then GET STUCK IN, no point hanging about watching others have all the fun! There’s plenty of advice on ‘how to stay safe online’ available, once you’ve read this you can get going!”

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Like it or not over 75% of all young people with internet access are on facebook—if not via computer via their mobile phone; so are some amazing people, some incredible tools and resources and , people whom you wouldn’t want to meet under any circumstances. @Artsmonkey1 “Be respectful online, your future boss, spouse or in-law might be on there as well-watching and listening. In the theatre-world there is a saying ‘Be kind to everyone you meet on your way up the ladder, as you never know who you’re going to meet on your way down’, this is just as true in the world of social media”. Report bullying, in-appropriate contact and suspect behaviour to the API customer care (you can report spammers and block inappropriate followers on Twitter and Facebook). Finally, if your pc or laptop has an inbuilt webcam, cover it up. Some very clever people enjoy hacking into webcams and staring at your wallpaper or your precious possessions in the back ground. If you use skype, or like to web-chat or post pod-casts of yourself on your blog or you-tube, think carefully about where you do this from and always make sure you use a good security package to protect your PC from unwanted attack.

Social media? What is it? If you have a broadband connection and use the internet, then like spam email, social media is almost unavoidable. It could even be in your interests to understand it better, especially if you are a parent or have children in your care at any time. Social media arose from companies such as Compuserve and Tim Berners-Lee’s philanthropic vision for a shared community via the world-wide web. The late seventies idea of internet ’bulletin boards’ was mixed-up to create geocities, then out of that arose blogging and AOL and Microsoft developed an ‘instant message’ system where friends and relatives could keep in touch via quick fire messages, in particular younger users, curious and quick to explore and push the boundaries of the concept led to the creation of companies such as, Google, and Friends Re-united followed by Wikipedia, Myspace , Friendster , LinkedIn and the i-pod! In 2004 (yes as long ago as that!) Facebook began as a site for students at Harvard University, followed by Bebo (blog early, blog often), Digg and online photo storage sites such as Flickr, and of course YouTube. By 2005 there were more than 8 billion web pages In 2006 MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the U.S. Facebook took away that lead in 2008. Twitter was launched as a social networking and microblogging site, enabling members to send and receive 140-character messages called tweets. Facebook membership was opened to anyone over age 13. Google had indexed more than 25 billion web pages, 400 million queries per day, 1.3 billion images, and more than a billion Usenet messages.

Twitter created its own API and enjoyed similar success as a result. Facebook’s ‘Like’ button began appearing all over the internet. Now you can ‘like’ or “tweet’ just about everything even when you’re not on Facebook or Twitter. Realizing the power of social media, Google launched it’s own social network in 2011, “Google+” a social “layer” of the overall Google experience. Within just four weeks, G+ had gathered 25 million unique visitors. As of June 2012, it had a total of 250 million registered users and counting!



CLEANING all types of domestic cleaning taken on. Please contact Felicity Hall on mobile 07916316620 Home 01722 340886 MATHS AND PHYSICS TUITION: KS3, GCSE, and A Level, Bishopdown Farm. For more information Stephen Collyer B Sc(Hons) Mathematics. Tel. 07504 200041 Email: FLUTE, FIFE & RECORDER LESSONS Lessons for all ages: beginners through all grades. Friendly, qualified, fully CRB checked teacher. For more info contact Sarah Richfield-Wyatt Tel. 07854040697 email.

NEW! Small Ads NEW! One Box 125cm x 2.3cm Landscape ONLY £10 for one issue (minimum order of three issues) BOX: 125cm x 2.3cm (Landscape) leaving 2mm margins to edges of box— NO images, font can be bolded where required. Email your small ad to QUOTE “SMALL AD” with your name, address and contact number

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Deep Muscle & Soft Tissue Massage Sports Therapy Aromatherapy

Sandra Le Boutillier IIST, IHBC, IIHHT Dip, ICHT at Bishopdown Farm Tel: 07851601621

26 Bower Gardens, Shady Bower, SP1 2RL Telephone 01722 337870 Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Chartered Physiotherapy sports injuries and back pain clinic Treatment for a variety of conditions which include:

 Back pain and sciatic:  Joint and muscle pain  Arthritic conditions  Neck pain and headaches  Sports injuries  Pain relief and acupuncture  Post operative rehabilitation  Golf fitness screening and rehabilitation 22 Milford Street, Salisbury, SP1 2AP Tel: 07501868185 / 01722 238830 Email:

TRANQUILITY BEAUTY THERAPY Treatments include Aromatherapy Massage, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, St Tropez Tanning and Reiki Healing. Gift Vouchers, Pamper Parties, Corporate Events etc. All clients given the same Unhurried Care and Attention. Locally based in Laverstock / Mobile Service Possible. Flexible Appointment times including evenings and weekends.

Telephone: 01722 504576 or 07790731468

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CARPENTRY & BUILDING SERVICES  Built in Furniture  Kitchens  Bathrooms  UPVC Soffits, Facia, Guttering  All aspects of Carpentry 24 hour call out No job too small Free Estimates

Tel 01722 411643 Mob 07979 327 313 Email:

Dave Cannell Complete Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting service All aspects of carpentry undertaken from replacement doors & worktops through to Full Kitchen Design. Planning & Installation. There really is no job too big or too small. Offering expertise & advice in designing your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and tailor made services to fit your requirements and your budget. From budget ranges right through to Bespoke Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms. Over 30 years experience in the trade. Reliable, trustworthy & honest tradesman.

Call today for an Honest, No Obligation Quote

07879 490953 — 01722 331616

Bourne Valley Electrical Services Ltd YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICIAN All domestic electrical services carried out, including wiring for loft conversions, new extensions and outbuildings, showers, extra sockets or lights (indoors or outdoors), complete rewires. All jobs considered. Qualified to current building regulations Providing a reliable and quality service Free estimates, No hourly rates Web: E-Mail: Want to discuss your requirements? Just ring for a chat – ‘phone: 07952-024118 / 01980-610635

Discount on labour charge for OAPS

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Please Call To Discuss Your Electrical Needs

Clinton Short 07780 610366 / 01722 335442 Email:


Mike Chambers

All types of garden tasks undertaken:

Grass cutting Hedge trimming Patios Fencing Small building works Garden clearance

Cabinet-maker & Joiner for 30 years

Friendly, reliable and flexible service to suit you. Short and long term work undertaken

Design, make and fit to your requirements for those awkward places also fit kitchens and bedroom furniture

Fully insured

Contact Mike :


01980 610651

Contact Matt on 07818 800 706 / 01980 594 764

Mobile: 07763803508


TEL 01722 329163 MOBILE 0782 1340923 E-mail M. BACON FdSc Garden Design Mike is a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers

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Wallpapering Interior and Exterior Painting

NO VAT ‘Reasonable and Reliable Service’

27 Linden Close Laverstock SP1 1PN Tel: (01722) 322744 TEL: 01722 322744

PENN HILL GARDENING & ODD JOB SERVICE For all aspects of General Gardening including Lawn Care, Hedges, Fencing, Gates made, Top Quality Turf, Mulches - all types including safe-for-children-shingle, Play Bark, Coloured Gravels and Slate Ideal for low Maintenance Gardens All at very competitive prices Fully Insured For a free quotation and advice

call David on 01722 332920 or Mobile 07788438816 ALL OF THE ABOVE WE CAN SUPPLY OR INSTALL

DAVID GALLOP HOME & GARDEN MAINTENANCE Gardening, Grass Cutting, Garden Clearance, Hedge Trimming, Fencing Painting and Decorating Basic plumbing repairs All your inside and outside jobs Free Estimates, Competitive Rates

Tel: 01980 610969 or 07761075840 email:


Enquiries: 01980 590823 07977 173096 Email

All aspects of landscaping & tree work undertaken Low maintenance gardens Decking, Patios, Fencing Water features Turfing, Hedge/tree & grass cutting, Brickwork, Rubbish removal Fully insured Portfolios & References Free Estimates

E.Cooper Tel: 01722 334491 Mob: 07721 691489 Corporate Member of BFRA (Bishopdown Farm Residents Association)

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Lawn Maintenance, Digging and Weeding Tree Work, Felling and Stump Removal Hedging, Pruning and Clearing Fencing, Painting and Patios

Free Estimates

07825 295 328

SR HEAT SERVICES Woodburners, Fireplaces, Gas Fires, Chimney Lining, Flue Systems, Fire Servicing, Plumbing & Maintenance HETAS & GAS SAFE REGISTERED

Call STEVE on 07514 555 772 / 01722 500415

M R C Plumbing

Jason Turner Tree Surgery & Forestry

Looking for a reliable plumber?

(Est. 1996)

Look no further… For all your plumbing needs

Qualified in Pruning, Felling, Planting, Hedge Cutting, Site Clearance

FREE no obligation quote

Logs available all year round

No job too small Water- main work undertaken

01722 327055 Based at Old Sarum

Call Michael Cookson On 07812 502 677 or 01722 340 239

IDC ELECTRICS 51 Lower Road, Salisbury SP2 9NF

Tel: 01722 410435 / 07748 636720 ELECSA REGISTERED


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Call Dave on 01722 334151 07925 100404

O&E Carpentry & Joinery Ltd All aspects of building & carpentry undertaken

Kitchens Bathrooms Extensions Roofing Building Maintenance & Repairs Property Refurbishments Please contact Oliver Orcheston-Findlay 01725 510806 or 077 549 472 72 for a free estimate

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Contact us on


SB PLUMBING SERVICES For servicing, repairs and installation All work carried out at competitive rates, to a high standard, by a local qualified and fully insured plumber.

Please ring Stefan on 0777 050 2522 or 01722 331697

Colin Froude LRPS SWPP Photographer     

Weddings Home portraits Lifestyle Studio Tuition

01722 506728 07722421610

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Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


Laverstock & Ford Parish Council Contacts Mr Ron Champion

Chairman: 3 The Steadings, Ford, Salisbury

Mr Christopher Burnell ViceChair: 35 Apostle Way, Bishopdown, Salisbury SP1 3GS

Tel. 320408 Tel. 5057222

Mr Andrew Prince

Parish Clerk Tel. 411847 Email 3 Pilgrims Way, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 1RZ

Mr James Dean

Tel. 335040 Milford Farm, Milford, Salisbury. SP1 1RJ

Mr Tony Markham

Tel. 329151 13 Woodland Way, Laverstock, SP1 1SB

Mr Derek Hayes

Tel. 332109 Meadow View, The Green, Laverstock SP1 1QS

Ms Liz Dore

Tel. 500343 85 Church Road, Laverstock, SP1 1QZ

Mr David Law

117b Church Road, Laverstock SP1 1RB

Mr Vic Bussereau

Tel. 339571 5, Merrifield, Ford, SP4 6DF

Mr Simon Byers

Tel. 410100 18 Osmund Walk, Old Sarum, Salisbury

Mr Nigel Roper

Tel. 07973 428205 9, Hartley Way, Hampton Park, Salisbury

!VACANCIES! Toying with the idea? Have a commitment to your local community? Thinking about it? Not sure but interested? YOUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOU. Get in touch with any of the above to discuss further. Area of responsibility for each member of the Parish Council may be found on the Parish Website

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WILTSHIRE COUNCILLORS Mr Ian McLennan For Laverstock, Ford & Old Sarum 01722 332233 47 Church Road, Laverstock, Salisbury SP1 1QY Email: @CllrIanMcLennan Mr Bill Moss

For Hampton Park Long Orchard, London Road Winterslow. SP5 1BN

01980 862241


Member of Parliament House of Commons Constituency office: 01722 327080

MEP Member for European Parliament Mr Graham Watson

01458 252265

Southern Wiltshire Community Area Manager

Tom Bray

01722 434252

Local Websites: Old Sarum Aviation Museum @BDACatOldSarum Old Sarum Primary School Old Sarum Residents Association River Bourne Community Farm Salisbury/Southern Wiltshire Area Boards St. Andrews Primary School St. Michaels Church, Winterbourne Dauntsey St. Andrews & St. Marks Churches Salisbury Sixth Form @salisbury6form Salisbury City Football Club In the Community www. @SFCSFITC Salisbury Gig Guide Salisbury Medical Practice: Sarum Bridge Club Spireweather @spireweather St. Edmunds CE Girls School The Pavilion, Hampton Park Wyvern College Wiltshire Council @wiltscouncil Wiltshire Police @wiltshirepolice Wiltshire Citizens Advice Bureau @WiltshireCAB Community First @CommFirstWilts

Contacts around the Parish Clubs, Groups, Organisations, Venues and amenities Air Cadets (Old Sarum)


Army Cadets (Old Sarum)

Adam Reavill

BFRA Chair

Celine Le Boedec-Hughes

Bishopdown Farm Pre-School

Carol Mason

Bonsai Society

Grahame Alexander


Laverstock Art Club

John Gustard


Laverstock Brownies

Pauline Giles

01725 519216

Laverstock Cubs

Kate Knight

01980 622495


Parish Clerk


Evergreen Club

Sandy Small


Flora Mundi

Mrs D Stevens


Laverstock Gardening Club

Mr Stuart Dennis


Greentrees Primary - Head

Mrs Jan Bennett


Cricket Club

Mr Martyn Nokes

01980 611494

Hampton Park Pavillion

Hampton Park Vets

Mr S. Mangabhai


Laverstock History/Archaeology

Bryan Evans


Laverstock Ladies Open Group

Sue Mason


Laverstock Beaver Scouts

Jane Waspe


Laverstock Scouts

Alistair Riggs

07561 441116

Laverstock & Ford Sports Club

07940 984886 332 443 01980 862925


Laverstock WI

Thelma Green


Mother's Union Evening Group

Jenny King


Mothers’ Union Afternoon Group

Heather Ludlow

Old Sarum Primary School—Head

Mr John Jones

Old Sarum Aviation Museum



Old Sarum Community Room

Lucinda Hyman


Old Sarum Community Enabler

Penny Joyce


St. Andrews - Head

Karen Walker


Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter



Old Sarum Beaver Scouts

Louise Thompson


Old Sarum Cub Scouts

Lindsay Killackey


Old Sarum Scouts

Neil Fotheringham


St. Andrews - FRIENDS - Chair

Ali Andrews

07403 774307

St. Andrews Toddlers - Chair

Alison Smith


St. Edmunds - Head

Miss Sarah Busby


St. Edmunds - FRIENDS

Kate Fry (Secretary)

St .Josephs - Head

Mr P Hughes


St. Josephs - FRIENDS

Mr Barry


Salisbury Medical Practice

Sharon Burgess


Sarum Bridge Club

TA Centre—Old Sarum

Capt Dave Oliver


Cheryl Beeney

The Duck Inn

Becki & Tim


Village Hall Secretary (L/stock &Ford)

Ian Haldane


Wyvern College Head

Mr Chris Tomes


Wyvern - FRIENDS

Mrs Joanna Charlton


via 328565


Parish Contact List If you’re a not-for-profit or charitable club, group or organisation within the Parish you could be listed here. We also list some community venue contacts and amenities. If you offer locally based classes or services please consider placing an advert or a small ad with us—our rates are very reasonable!

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICE TEAM: Community Policing (non emergency) PC 1594 Henry Clissold, PCSO 6288 Stephanie Dutton and PCSO 6326 Rachel Gunn for Laverstock & Ford For Bishopdown Farm (including Hampton Park) PC 1928 Sam Dutton and PCSO 6314 Nicola Clark email

WILTSHIRE HELPLINES POLICE: Non urgent Crime 101 CLARENCE: Emergency Helpline 0800 232323 To report road, lighting defects and road hazards

WILTSHIRE POLICE: NON EMERGENCY dial 101 For reporting a crime, contacting local officers, crime prevention advice

FLOOD LINE 0845 988 1188 ENVIRONMENT AGENCY Emergency Helpline: 0800 807 060

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter: Juliet Brain editor: 01980 611203 email: advertising:


Laverstock & Ford Parish Website: David Law email:

VENUES AROUND THE PARISH Laverstock and Ford Village Hall Now only available for hire on Monday afternoons during the week. Casual hire available at weekends. Contact Louise Hatch, Hall Lettings Secretary Tel. 01722 500461 For details of regular events see

Old Sarum Community Rooms Main hall downstairs suitable for parties, business meetings and social events with kitchenette and toilet facilities. It is level for wheelchair access. Upstairs training rooms, kitchen and breakout rooms. Seven parking spaces are available for Community room users.

Contact Lucinda on 01722 329693 or email The Pavilion, Hampton Park The Pavilion is located on Ash Crescent at Hampton Park. It offers excellent facilities for both indoor and outdoor sport, as well as a meeting place for a variety of groups and organisations. For the latest info on availability and to hire the Pavilion for a party or meeting, please check the website: or email

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter


PARISH D i a r y


for events in Sept/Oct 2013


Tues 3rd

Mothers’ Union Evening Grp, Curtis Room, St Andrews Church, 7.30pm

Weds 7th

Laverstock Evergreen Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall at 2.30pm

Mon 9th Mon 16th

Ladies Open Group, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm Parish Council meets at River Bourne Community Farm, 7pm

Mon 16th Sat 20th Mon 23rd Weds 25th Fri 27th

Laverstock & District Evening WI, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm Old Sarum Summer BBQ, 3pm—6pm (see page 14) Laverstock Gardening Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.30pm Mothers’ Union Afternoon Grp – Curtis Room, 2.15pm Sales and Copy deadline for Parish Newsletter


Tues 1st

Mothers’ Union Evening Grp – Curtis Room, 7.30pm

Weds 2nd

Laverstock Evergreen Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 2.30pm

5-13th Mon 14th Mon 21st Mon 21st

Salisbury Art Trail at River Bourne Community Farm

Weds 23rd

Mothers Union Afternoon Grp – Curtis Room, 2.15pm

Mon 28th

Laverstock Gardening Club, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall 7.30pm

Thurs 31st

Laverstock WI, Apple Pie Morning, Laverstock & Ford V. Hall 10.30—12noon

Ladies Open Group, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm Parish Council meets at Greentrees Primary School, 7pm Laverstock & District Evening WI, Laverstock & Ford Village Hall, 7.45pm

Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter 141 Sep/Oct 2013  
Laverstock & Ford Parish Newsletter 141 Sep/Oct 2013