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Polyols Aarkstore Enterprise (India), May 21st , 2013: This market insight report on Polyols analyzes the market by Application at global level and for each of the geographic regions - North America, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Rest of World; both in terms value (US$) and volume (Lbs). The Polyols market is segmented by Application Polyurethane, Food, Toiletries & Cosmetics, and Other Applications. The report serves as a guide to Polyols industry covering more than 400 companies that are engaged in Polyols R&D, processing, production, and distribution. Information related to recent product releases, product developments, partnerships, collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, ethical issues, regulatory affairs, and other areas of concern is also covered in the report. Estimations and predictions are graphically illustrated by 152 exclusive exhibits for all geographic regions. Table of Contents:

1. SCOPE AND METHODOLOGY 2. REPORT SYNOPSIS 2.1 Polyols Introduction History Properties Metabolism Advantages Nutritional information Diabetes and Weight Control Widely used Polyols Glycerin Sorbitol Maltitiol Mannitol Hydrogenated starch hydrolysates Xylitol Erythritol Isomalt Lactitol Polyols Applications As a Sweetener As a Humectants As a Excipient Polymer Synthesis (Polyurethane) 2.2 Segmentation Exhibit 1. Segmentation of Global Polyols Market by Application 2.3 Global Market Analysis

Exhibit 2. Polyols - Global Value Market Estimations and Predictions (2005 -2020) in US$ Million Exhibit 3. Polyols - Global Volume Market Estimations and Predictions (2005 -2020) in Million lb Exhibit 4. List of Major Global Polyols Companies

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