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GreenLight Coatings™ GL-6400/GL-6800 Rustic Siding System Case Study 6/4/15

Garage exterior restoration using one coat GL-6400 tinted basecoat sealer followed by two coats of GL-6800 opaque (paint) topcoat. This project was completed in July of 2009 and consisted of the surface restoration of an extremely weathered garage. The garage had two sides that were refaced with exterior panel siding but were left unfinished for several years. These surfaces were severely grayed and stained by mold and mildew. The restoration steps are described below with photos illustrating the progress. 1. A deck wash was applied to all surfaces of the extremely weathered exterior surfaces of the garage. A simple hand pump sprayer fitted with a wand was used to apply the deck wash and a pressure washer was then used to completely clean all surfaces. Important! Care was taken when applying the deck wash to prevent skin contact and inhalation of the sprayed mist.

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2. The photo below shows the effectiveness of the deck wash application and pressure washing to result in appropriate surface preparation. The photo also shows the masking of various components on the garage with masking of windows to yet to be performed. Once masking was completed, the application of the GL-6400 basecoat sealer began. Additionally, as seen in the photo below the entry door was removed to permit greater ease in coating application.

3. The next photo shows the front of the garage after the application of the GL-6400 basecoat sealer. Notice the light orange color imparted by the GL-6400. The GL-6400 provides full microbial protection and its coloration provides full UV protection (which actually benefits the semi-transparent stain version greater than the opaque paint version of the GL-6800 topcoat.

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4. Application of the GL-6400 basecoat sealer and GL-6800 opaque paint topcoat was performed using an air assisted airless spray gun system. The dry time under the summer weather conditions was remarkably fast and each applied coat was fully dry within 20 – 25 minutes enabling recoat to be performed with in a short period of time. The photo below shows the first coat application of the GL-6800 opaque paint topcoat. A second coat will be applied to complete the restoration.

5. The complete restoration is shown below with confidence in the fact that the finish will last for many years to come. The entire project was performed by a single individual over the course of 2 days.

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Gl rustic siding system case study  

Gl rustic siding system case study  

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