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4096 logos for idtv

The 4 unique ‘pixels’ are designed so that each represents a different shade of grey

The business cards are ‘lenticulars’ that show some of the possible combinations of the ‘pixels’

Because each ‘pixel’ has a different shade of grey, large photographic images can be made solely using the 4 ‘pixels’

Lava Design has distinguished itself within the ever-changing field of graphic design since 1990 and has specifically gained recognition in the discipline of editorial design. Based on the rapid dynamics of this discipline (‘a new issue every month’) Lava has developed a remarkable design method in which they balance the paradox of creating ‘consistency & change’. As a guiding principle for Lava, this method has naturally spread into other areas of their graphic design work and has become a logical inspiration for design solutions. A recent example of this working method is the new corporate identity for the media company IDTV involving 4,096 different logos. Additionally, this offers a step towards an ‘open source’ approach to a visual identity in which every user can create their own variation of the logo. This flexibility encourages a natural balance between consistency & change.

Lava: behind the seen Laser Proof

Lava Publishers Silodam 1f 1013 AL Amsterdam

The netherlands

IDTV identity  

A short explanation of the new identity of IDTV, a Dutch tv broadcasting agency.

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