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Staff: 350 Management: Stephan Fritzsche, Thomas Fritzsche Founded: 1950 Operates: Worldwide

Airport Terminal 2, Munich/Germany, 2003 Chancellery of the Federal Republic of Germany, 2001 Various stadiums Olympic Games 2000, Sydney/Australia, 1999/2000 Sony Centre, Berlin/Germany, 1999

Key projects


Sydney Opera House, Sydney/Australia, 2006 Southern Cross Station, Melbourne/Australia, 2006 Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi/UAE, 2005 Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh/Scotland, 2005 Staten Island September 11th Memorial, New York City/ USA, 2004 Marie Elisabeth L端ders Building, Berlin/Germany, 2004 Formula 1 racetrack, Shanghai/China, 2004

WE-EF, active in lighting innovation for over half a century, creates progressive and effective solutions for architectural lighting challenges worldwide. With an in-house lighting laboratory to develop high performance optical systems that merge cuttingedge technology with contemporary product design, WE-EF is internationally recognized for its reliability, longevity and outstanding quality design. Chosen by both internationally-renowned and young lighting designers as a reliable provider of lighting sources.

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Bright - Architecturel illuminations  
Bright - Architecturel illuminations  

Bright features 38 exterior lighting design from around the wordl. Challenging projects from toplevvel manufacturers, designers and artists...