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Staff: 4-8 Management: Björn Klinger, Bella Sahin Key designer: Chris Noelle Founded: 2001 Operates: Worldwide

Founded in 2001 as an artistic network, sf united’s work brings three distinct areas together: interactive live visuals, audiovisual collaborations and light-writing photography. Projects − both local and global − are based on youth and subculture, with themes of street and urban art inspiring audiovisual events, festivals and tours. The organization uses the term ‘urban intelligence’ to describe its work, which employs high-end technological and analogue skills to create special presentations, embedded architecture, motion graphics, illuminations, sound and design. Sf united operates with a special focus on below-the-line marketing.

Key clients

Osram Sony Tresor, Berlin Metalheadz key projects, Berlin/Germany, 2007 Sony Bravia Visual-Insallation, Berlin/Germany, 2007 UrbanArtForms Festival, Vienna/Austria, 2006-2007 Metalheadz Tour, Hamburg/Germany, 2006 IAMX Europe Tour, Europe, 2005-2006

Bright - Architecturel illuminations  
Bright - Architecturel illuminations  

Bright features 38 exterior lighting design from around the wordl. Challenging projects from toplevvel manufacturers, designers and artists...