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Katie Taylor Responsiable for selecting the appropiate and fashion forward wardrobes which are used in photoshoots

Katie West Leading the design team and worknig as a team to create innovite products, as well as styling and promotional media

Laura Gray Role is to promote and develop the concept of our brand image. to make sure the brand is marketed to a consistant professional level

Anya Povey Seasonal market research to help the design team develop a new product range and trend forcasting trends on he following season

Yasmin Rahman Position in the company are creating the designs for our ready to wear collections. Contributing to sourcing materials and keeping on top of public relations

Nan Zheng my responsibilites include keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as trends relating to fashion. colours, shapes, and fabrics

MAKE DO AND MEND PAST > FUTURE: A new and exciting brand with the vision of reinventing fashion by looking to the past and creating fashion forward clothing and accessories with the concept of up cycling. As a group of six fashion students with our own individual style and take on fashion, we have come together to create a collaborative brand, which we feel there is a place in the market for. Using our knowledge and skills in 2D and 3D, we aim to create some unique one-off ready-to-waer pieces incorporating the idea of past meets future fashion as well as using our zine and individual blogs to reach out to people and promote our work. We will be looking into garment deconstruction and taking vintage clothing apart to make it more on trend. As a collective we feel that old clothing should never be disregarded but instead modernised to keep up with the fast pace of the forever changing fashion industry. By taking new and old fabrics and combining them through unusual techniques that as a group we plan to explore, we hope to create products that

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INTERVIEW WITH: ELIZABETH TAMBLYN JOB ROLE: FASHION BUYER FOR LANDMARK,FORMER BUYER FOR NEW LOOK Today I had the opportunity to meet with fashion buyer and family friend Elizabeth Hamblyn and spoke to me about her role in the business, landmark is an international company who owns franchises in new look and lipsy to name a few. She doesn’t have an office where she can work from she works from her blackberry day to day, she mentions that’s is a very fast moving job, constantly moving around the united kingdom and sometimes to the fashion capitals of the world. As landmark is an international company the collections are made one year in advance and Elizabeth thinks that it is too fast, there have been many times where she has gone to a whole sales so she can get an order made within sometimes as fast as four weeks. The A/W 2015 collection has been shipped to china and will be shipped back to the UK in May. As a fashion buyer she said that finding the right suppliers are difficult and important, as some of them don’t understand the importance of quality over quantity, and you only need 2-3 suppliers per category. Landmark has about 20 suppliers for denim, knitwear, shoes ETC. Most of the time that she is in London she is researching what other department stores are selling and sneakily takes photos of what they have in store and sends the pictures off to china where they would make garments based on that design but changing it slightly, that being colour, texture, fabric or length. Also what she told me which I thought was a bit naughty and she does too, but you have to do what you have to do. What they do is if they pick a specific garment from a retail store and they don’t have a lot of time to produce it before the next collection, they find out where the garment is being produced, say for example Topshop ordered 30,000 units of a dress and they wanted the same one they would just ring up and ask to put another 300 on and the collect it or receive it at a later date. The most exciting times of the year for her is going to the fashion fares, one that she goes to is bread and butter in berlin.

Other ones that she said were interesting was pity in Florence which specialises in men’s, women’s and children’s wear brands. Also one that was the best for suppliers was Hong Kong fashion week, being realistic though never going to able to go. Being a fashion buyer I thought she would have the opportunities to go to all the fashion weeks but she said that it not really relevant for her job. If she does go it’s just for fun. I told Elizabeth about our current unit at university, and said she was happy to help she took me around some shops that have also recently developed a new department in up cycling. Topshop have recently brought in their collection the ragged priest which in my opinion was tacky and looked awful but then she showed me the rest of it and they had changed it slightly so they are not up cycled but with that in mind. Also Urban Outfitters have a department called urban renewal which again I didn’t really like it; they looked like the rest of the clothes in the store some of them even looked nicer than the other selection of clothes. To me reconstructed and constructed garments need to have a handmade look but still looking professionally made. I was so grateful when Elizabeth said that she would meet me she gave to some trade secrets and gave me a story of a day in the life of a fashion buyer. They are probably not all the same, but the skills are. AUCB GRADUATE 2005



How long did it take to set up your buisness? - About 2 months Do you have any promotional offers during quiet periods? - We sometimes do free shipping and sales offers during those periods Do you have moral standards regarding how you choose your suppliers? - Yes, it needs to be fair trade Do you stock what is trendy or is it personal preference? - Personal preference How do you rate the quality of your goods? - Great quality Does price equal quality or quantity? -Quality What motivated you to get started? - Engouragment from people around us What bumps did you encounter that you didnt prepare for? - There are numerous bumps every week that you didnt prepare for, so planning is key.And dont get stressed when something goes wrong What inspired you? -London, its people and the lifestyle Did you spend alot on advertising? - We havent spent a single pound on advertising How did you get your customers now is it through word of mouth, advertising or internet? -word of mouth and social networks

What encouragment and discouragment did you get from this venture? - Not having a steady salary encouragment is having all the wonderful feedback online What has been your biggest lesson? - If you notice from the beginning that a certian company or person is problimatic to work with. Cancel the collabaration straight away, its going to take too much time If you could start again what would you do differently? - See the answer above on cancelling collaborations Whats your biggest tip for someone starting up a buisness? - Be patient Have you got any contacts, and what is the best way of getting them? Just send someone an email is the best way of getting new contacts Do you send any of your older or new styles to charity? -Yes

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