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Great Grandpa Died! by: Lauryn Olson “Mom. Stop. You’re embarrassing me. I don’t like singing and you know that,” I said under my breath to Mom. Mom was making me sing the hymns even though she knows I don’t like singing in front of people.. “Where is Dad?” I asked looking around the church. “He’s on the phone with Grandpa,” said mom. Dad slowly walked in and came to where we were sitting. “What did he say?” I asked dad. He looked at me and sat down next to me. “Great grandpa just died,” he said in a slow voice. At first there were just a few drops of tears, but then I really started to cry, so much I thought my eyes might fall out. Although with that many people there I got a bit embarrassed that I was crying so loud. I felt a fluttery thing in my stomach and a big wave of tears came out I heard people talking to one another. I wished I was talking with them so I wouldn’t feel so bad with them comforting me. “When did he die?” I asked. “Today, I guess.” said dad. I was so sad I tried to forget that he had died, but I found trying to get that out of my head was impossible. “Come here. I know it is hard but there is no way I am letting you cry all day it is to hard just to watch you cry, it makes me sad to see you cry,” mom softly told me, stroking my hair. Whenever you look around when someone you love has died, everything you see is blurred becauseyou just can’t believe something like this could be so tragic and everything, I knew it would be sad and really hard to try not to think about it, but I didn’t think it would be this hard. After that I found it hard to not think about it except when I was thinking about something happy.

Great granpa is dead  

this is a personal narative about my great granpa dying when i was ten years old.

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