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Reflection #5 February 17-21 This week was a very exciting one. The students were excited with the preparations for the field day. It was all anyone would talk about. Students made predictions on who was going to win and teachers were going crazy with all the preparations. Each year all the grades pick a theme. This year the third graders were the trash packs monsters, the fourth graders were the purple minions and the fifth graders were Monster University. I have to confess I had never seen a field day quite like this. From pre-K to upper elementary, each grade had its own theme. I thought it was really cool. After Valentines Day’s sugar rush wore down, the field day adrenaline took over. So my classes were definitely a challenge in terms of behavior. Still, I managed to give all of them and I also learned a lot from my students. I learned that projecting a story on the board with the lights off and air conditioner is not a very good combination. Not to mention that the story was not a favorite among them. I realized that with this group I have to be the class clown; the entertainer because they disengage from the class easily. I could see their bored faces and I thought, this is not who I want to be. I don’t want to be the boring English teacher. I want to be the memorable teacher. The type of teacher that makes her students fall in love with English and not despise it as many other students do. So, I’ve been thinking about fun strategies all week. Mrs. Iralys told me that my voice did not help either. I was told that my classes are soothing and relaxed. I cannot let this continue. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m still nervous when I give my classes but this is not me at all. I am usually very energetic and outgoing. Something is definitely off when I cant be the clown I usually am around students. So, note to self, relax. I know I’m just starting out in this business but I also want to be myself. I’m thinking of applying the techniques my acting professor gave us last semester when I took acting 101. I thought it could be a good way to maybe hide the fact that I’m nervous from the group. I just need to focus on the fact that I am there to teach and if I don’t find a strategy that will help me connect with them, this is going to be a very long semester.

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