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Leadership: According to Forbes Magazine, there are ten qualities a leader should have; honesty, ability to delegate, communication, sense of humor, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, intuition, ability to inspire. Although these qualities are easy to identify in an adult, as teachers we need to promote them in our students. Many people say that leaders are born and not made; I defer from that. I believe that leaders are made because human beings have the capacity to learn, adapt and evolve; we have the capacity to improve our life styles and to mature. This is why I believe leaders are made. As a teacher, it is my job to impart these qualities in my students. As an educator, I need to help them build a strong foundation so that they can continue on developing these qualities. There different ways we can promote leadership in our classrooms. One way is by giving a class on the topic. We can bring a story or a video that promotes leadership in different ways. Another way is by selecting projects that will promote leadership in their communities, in their homes, among friends and so on. These types of projects help our students get out of their comfort zones and be aware of the necessities that need to be covered in our society. Leadership is also a tool that can be used for language learning. When we give our students the opportunity to tell us their experiences around their communities, home or with their friends. We are responsible for the environment we create in our classrooms. Other ways that we can promote leadership in our students is by being the example. As you can see from the example I gave of the qualities of a leader, to lead is much more than to just give orders; to lead is to get involved. Its true that there are laws that sometimes limit us more than what we would want to do, but there is no law that forbids us from getting involved; getting to know our students and their needs. Teachers have a bigger role in students’ lives than what people think. I believe teachers are the main ingredients of students’ success in life. When we promote leadership and when we form leaders we are contributing to their futures and to ours. We often forget that we are all in a united system and we depend from each other. Today our students’ depend from us but tomorrow we will depend from our students and in the end we all reap what we sow.

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