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University of Puerto Rico at Humacao English Department Humacao, Puerto Rico

Teacher Evaluation The purpose of this sheet is to evaluate your teacher’s performance in class. Mark with an X on the slot you believe best describes your teacher’s performance. Part I. Listening/Speaking Reading/Writing •

During the class with the subject on Essay Writing, how do you think the teacher introduced the class when using the essay handout as an example? ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok ________Poor

How do you think the teacher’s selection of essay example was? ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok ________Poor

Did the teacher explain clearly the process of an essay? ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok

________Poor How was the teacher’s choice of evaluation (oral presentation and written original essay)? ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok ________Poor

Do you consider that the teacher explained well the process of Essay Writing? If not, what do you believe she needs to improve? ______Yes ______No.

The teacher should improve_____________________________________________________.

Part II. Technology •

The teacher’s use of technology to teach Essay Writing was: ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok ________Poor

How helpful do you consider the power point presentation and videos were? ________Excellent ________Good ________Ok ________Poor


Do you think the teacher could improve her use of technology? If yes, what do you suggest?

______Yes. I suggest____________________________________________________________________ ______No. The teacher uses technology well.

Part III. If you have any comments on the teacher’s performance, please add them here. Comments:

Students' Evaluation Sheet