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Media News Blast Press REVIEW SCREENING FOR AWARD WINNING FILM – DESTRESSED at The Strand Theater by Laurie Wing

“PICK OF THE FLICK AWARD” “HOMEGROWN AWARD BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD “ “OFFICIAL SELECTION GARDEN STATE FILM FESTIVAL 2014” New Jersey – (July 2014) - Word of mouth alone could easily make this movie a success, especially in its home market of NJ where it made its world premiere at the 12th Annual Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. Awarded Pick of the Flicks, Audience Choice and Homegrown Award for Best Documentary, this very special film unlocks the secrets to true happiness by helping others.

others without having to travel across the world to find your inner peace and happiness. After a road trip cross country to the spectacular beauty and relaxation of Utah, Garry finds solace. On his journey, Garry discovers the needs of others around him as he meets the most courageous people who have overcome what seems to be the most challenging of circumstances with power, strength and having faith.

DESTRESSED tells the story of one man's insane search for sanity in an insane world after dealing with post-traumatic stress after the 9/11 attacks. The film delves into the life of Garry Pastore portraying insightful observations as he deals with major health and psychological traumas after finding himself hospitalized from the everyday stresses of life. This is a dramatic comedy based on a true story (DOCUDRAMA-EDY). The movie will open your eyes, make you laugh and warm your heart.

DESTRESSED puts our own lives into perspective. Understanding we all live lives full of stress, anxiety and frustration. It reveals how helping others could very well be the key to happiness. As we connect to others while not expecting anything in return, we begin to feel more alive, complete, fulfilled and, in turn, we build stronger communities which helps to build a happier society.

Although this is not an Eat, Pray, Love quest, the premise is the intention of getting away from it all and focusing on

This movie speaks to the inner truth seeker in all of us helping us to feel real authentic joy in our lives. This is a must see for anybody battling depression or looking for inner peace and happiness! Garry's producing partner, cinematographer and editor, Fokke Baarssen – was unable to attend the

event since he lives in the Netherlands. Fokke had a lot to do with the pace and breathtaking photography in the movie. As Garry says “It would have been hard to dance this beautiful tango without him being involved.” This event raised money for POAC , which provides recreational and support services to children with Autism and their families. A private meet & greet cocktail hour was held for VIP guests and press. The movie was followed by a heartfelt talkback about reactions to the movie ending with Garry Pastore joining the Eddie Testa Band performing timeless dance, rock, soul, rhythm and blues. Attendees at the event were family, friends, fans, locals and several “gangsters" of film and TV including Vincent Piazza (Lucky Luciano of Boardwalk Empire and Tommy DeVito of Jersey Boys), Al Sapienza (Mikey Palmice of The Sopranos and Marty Spinella of House of Cards), Artie Pasquale (Bert Gervasi of The Sopranos) and the HOST Garry Pastore (most recently portraying Sammy Gravano in Rob The Mob and currently cast in FOX TV's Gotham).

Destressed movie  

It's finally here! Media News Blast's review of the film DESTRESSED by Garry Pastore. For those looking for inner peace in their lives, it i...

Destressed movie  

It's finally here! Media News Blast's review of the film DESTRESSED by Garry Pastore. For those looking for inner peace in their lives, it i...