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dr. lindsey marshall:

MAIN LINE’S MOST TRUSTED DENTIST by Laurie Wightman WM: Dr. Lindsey Marshall, you have an exceptional dental practice located here on the Main Line. How long have you been in practice as a dentist, and what is your background in your profession? LM: I am actually really excited to share that in 2018, I am celebrating my 20th Anniversary for my cosmetic dental practice in Ardmore, PA. I grew up on the Main Line and attended The Agnes Irwin School, so it has been incredibly rewarding to return to the Main Line to start my practice. It’s also meaningful to reconnect with those I knew growing up, and who like myself are raising families and building businesses in the area. In terms of my education I graduated cum laude from The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, which was an incredible experience. To expand upon that program, I continue to study the most advanced technologies in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry through my ongoing post-graduate work at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, qualifying me rare certification in the most expert dental services worldwide. WM: What would you say best distinguishes you and your dental practice from others in the area? LM: My education and training. Since graduating dental school I have taken advantage of all of the continuing education available to maintain my expertise, the skills of my team and of course to learn | September/October 2016


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Wayne Magazine - September/October 2016  

Wayne Magazine - September/October 2016