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Executive Masters in Technology Management MSc in Management


Jeremy Auger, Chief Technology Officer Desire2Learn Incorporated EMTM Learner

Jessica McElhone, Senior Manager Global Industry Analyst Insight Research In Motion Limited EMTM Learner

A p r o g r a m a s u n i q u e a s yo u r w o r l d


Hamid Noori, Director and Chair Professor

creating value at the intersection of innovation and business

A m e s s a g e f r o m t h e d i r e c to r I recognize that many top-level executives with technical backgrounds have grown into business leadership positions without the tools in their kits to be a great leader. At Laurier, we developed a program focused on preparing learners to harness their ingenuity and drive in order to reshape their organizations and create a more dynamic, enriching tomorrow — the Executive Masters in Technology Management (EMTM). Laurier’s EMTM program resides in the hotbed of innovation in Canada, and combines modern management practices and insights into emerging technologies that are driving global innovation and change. Laurier has a long history of attracting outstanding students and developing them into leaders with the skills demanded by a rapidly changing and complex global business environment.

Learners in the Laurier EMTM program embark on a comprehensive academic journey that prepares them to successfully navigate the diverse challenges facing top managers in today’s global marketplace. Engaged by a passionate, world-renowned faculty, the Laurier EMTM program is designed to offer a unique combination of relevant courses and training in the management of technology and innovation, culminating in a Master of Science degree in Management. Our academic degree is designed and customized for professionals who are passionate about creating value at the intersection of innovation and business. Working together, we will provide you with the best graduate educational experience available. I encourage you to contact us with any question you may have and look forward to welcoming you into the EMTM program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Dr. Hamid Noori Director and Chair Professor


bridging the knowing-doing gap

R e s u lt s - d r i v e n k n o w l e d g e Knowledge-based thinking and research takes place every day at Laurier’s School of Business & Economics.

Laurier’s world-class faculty bridge theory and practice by capitalizing on their extensive experience as thought leaders, pioneering researchers, advisers and practitioners. Laurier’s EMTM builds on real-life case studies and participating executives receive close attention from faculty intent on maximizing learning opportunities that can make a tangible difference. Encouraged by the atmosphere of open communication and collaboration, EMTM learners enjoy a stimulating exchange of ideas with faculty and peers that extends learning beyond the classroom. An action-oriented approach addresses the conditions and challenges the learners face — the true measure of the program’s effectiveness is how well the learners can apply solutions to their own work environment.

Laurier’s Executive Masters in Technology Management (EMTM) program is a great addition to our community, as there are now more than 1,000 high-tech companies operating in the Waterloo Region as of 2012. EMTM is

 r. Mark Pecen D Senior Vice President, R&D Research In Motion Limited

about going beyond a general management background. It’s a rigorous program that gives the graduate the edge in managing emerging and growing technologies as well as building, leading, and sustaining the innovative organization.


Jennifer Smith, P. Eng, VP, Global Engineering Christie Digital Canada Inc. EMTM Learner

p r e pa r i n g i n n o vato r s to b e b e t t e r l e a d e r s

t h e L a u r i e r EMTM l e a r n e r

Management level • Senior

leadership team: VPs, directors, managers

Industry/company • High-growth,


technologydriven companies; dynamic and innovative organizations

Areas of responsibility • R&D;

advanced technologies; engineering; IT; corporate strategy; global operations


b u i l d i n g , l e a d i n g & s u s ta i n i n g t h e i n n o vat i v e o r g a n i z at i o n

t h e l a u r i e r e m t m a d va n ta g e • Exclusive • 11

focus on developing innovative thinkers in high-growth sectors

months on alternating weekends

• Advancement

of learners to become influential leaders within innovative,

technology-driven organizations • Elite

network of peers within Canada’s technology hotbed

• Master • 15-20

of Science in Management (MSc)

students per cohort, creating dynamic interactions

• Applied

major research paper with direction and one-to-one

support from faculty



Jennifer Groenendyk, Manager Advanced Technology Operations Research in Motion Limited EMTM Learner

way s o f t h i n k i n g , way s o f d o i n g

C r e at i v e P r o g r a m d e s i g n The Laurier EMTM curriculum is not tweaked at the margins; it aims to create a new, more global and more engaging experience for participants. The Laurier EMTM allows flexibility for the learners to work on related projects outside of the classroom as well as using the face-to-face meeting times to discuss practical issues of importance, relevant to their professional responsibilities. Our one-of-a-kind Canadian program is built on theme-based learning to provide more engaging environments through our intimate seminars.

The program combines the power of team-based learning and a flexible blend of teaching styles, with an unmatched ability to personalize the learners’ “innonest” for knowledge. Weekend-themes include: • Linking technology and strategy

• Technology roadmapping

• Developing innovation capacities

• Technology valuation and market assessment

• Competitive intelligence

• Innovative design and value creation drivers

• IP and commercialization

• Leadership and financial performance

Gerry Remers, President & COO Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.

Both our participants are enjoying the EMTM program at Laurier and feel it is quite valuable to their development as technology leaders at Christie.


D u r at i o n o f s t u dy a n d f o r m at The Laurier EMTM degree is an 11-month program, attending on the weekend schedule. Our cohort begins in September and continues into the summer months. The academic year is divided into three modules (Fall, Winter and Summer) and classes meet on alternate weekends (Friday/Saturday), in Waterloo, with a break between modules two and three. The Laurier EMTM format is a combination of in-person classes, online sessions, integrated sessions, and the major research paper.


Strategic & Technology Roadmapping

11-month program


Building Innovative Organizational Capacities


Fostering Organizational Renewal

Executive coaching To successfully navigate the program and make the most of your experience, learners in the EMTM program can take advantage of expert advice from Laurier faculty.

Executive coaching can help you define and achieve goals, hone critical skills, or balance work, study and personal objectives. The program provides you individual consulting hours to use as you see fit — to measure progress, for example, over the duration of the program, or to address specific issues as they arise. This unique feature of the EMTM puts our research and experience to work for you.

When people ask me about EMTM, I always describe it as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The unique

Sean McCabe Director BlackBerry Software Release Management Research In Motion Limited

design of the program and the quality of the world-class faculty and guest lecturers make this an incredible learning experience. The Laurier EMTM program has created the most innovative Executive Management degree there is.


i d e a s to p o w e r n e w i n n o vat i o n s

OUR AWARD-WINNING TEACHING TEAM Laurier’s faculty is one of Canada’s largest concentrations of knowledge and experience dedicated to the field of business and economics.

An AACSB accredited faculty, Laurier is committed to providing a high-caliber of teaching quality and is dedicated to seeking new knowledge and best practices. Conducting research and providing intensive consultation services, both nationally and internationally, our EMTM faculty members are leaders in all major areas shaping global markets today. In addition to our Laurier faculty, the program also benefits from the involvement of a number of professionals in innovation and technology management. Hand-selected from the worlds of industry and academia, EMTM’s experts are representatives from leading-edge, global organizations as well as top-ranked national and international universities such as the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Cambridge, UK.

The EMTM faculty and staff have planned every aspect of

Dr. Brian Smith Professor and Area Coordinator, Finance

the program carefully to ensure it is relevant, engaging and respectful of their busy lives. Our goal is to immerse our learners in the latest in management thinking and to make them superior decision-makers in the technology sector.


Artist rendering of the Global Innovation Exchange: A new home for the School of Business & Economics

Admission requirements Candidates generally require the following credentials for admission: • A four-year honours undergraduate degree (or equivalent) from a recognized university • Minimum B+ average in the final year of university study or most recent 10 half-credit

university degree courses • Several years of experience as an executive or senior-level manager in an innovation-

driven company

The School of Business & Economics is building on the momentum of the announcement of a new $103-million Global Innovation Exchange building, to open in 2015. Our goal is straightforward: to lead the changes in business education that Canadians will need in the competitive global economy. E T 519.884.0710 x2294 Delicious



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EMTM program brochure 2012  

Laurier EMTM: Executive Masters in Technology Management / MSc in Management - web based brochure published July 2012

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