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Welcome to your new life. It may have felt a long time coming. You may have struggled, been tempted to give up or even changed directions once or five times. Despite this, you carved out your niche and navigated through the rough and calm to arrive at your destination: graduation. Now that you are officially here, we’re excited to welcome you to your next great adventure as a part of the Laurier Alumni community. Life happens, and we’re with you along the way. Your new Alumni status bestows benefits to help you get started and keep you on track. We’ll suggest ways to stay connected and offer services to help you kick-start your new life. In return, we hope that you’ll stay connected, continue to wear your Laurier gear with pride and head back to campus at least once a year. This little book will introduce you to the benefits and responsibilities of Alumni life. Read it and keep it you never know when you might need it.

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary officially opens 1911

If only the members of the Keystone editorial staff had digital cameras, perhaps they would have been able to achieve the impossible - a group shot with all members simultaneously looking at the camera with their eyes open.

Contents 4 | Benefits & perks 5 | Let’s get together 6 | Giving back = good karma 8 | Alumnus? Alumna? 9 | Laurier Alumni around the country

You are a card-carrying member


10 | Laurier Alumni around the world 12 | Accelerate your career

The Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association (WLUAA) welcomes you to the club. There are no contracts to sign, no fees to pay and no fine print. You are automatically enrolled, with full access to all benefits such as the GradVantages program, continuing library privileges, career development support and access to campus pubs, from day one.

16 | Golden Hawk milestones 18 | Keep in touch 19 | Get social 20 | WLUAA mission


1926 The Cord publishes first issue

Here’s what you do: n Visit n Fill out the online form. n Cheer when your card arrives in the mail. n Carry it with you at all times. n Use it!

First edition of Keystone yearbook published 1950


ALUM-136-MAY 12

How do I get this magical card, you ask?


As a new grad, you may need a lot of things you’ve never needed before, like health insurance and mortgages, plus stuff you never knew you wanted, but now can’t live without (think discounted tickets). You’re not sure where to start and you likely are feeling pinched for cash. We can help! GradVantages are benefits and offers available exclusively to Laurier Alumni and accessed with your Alumni Card. Here’s a sample: n Discounted membership to the Laurier Athletic Complex. Special discounts for sports and entertainment.


Laurier library Alumni borrower’s privileges.


Home, auto, health, dental and life insurance offers. Visit for current program details.

Let’s get together We organize lots of events on and off campus, and in cities like Toronto and Calgary where our Alumni tend to congregate. From straight-up celebrations to events that will stretch your mind and connect you to new people and ideas, we love to get together. Homecoming: It’s time to break out that purple and gold body paint and head back to campus. In addition to a spirited good time, we provide a healthy dose of nostalgia even if you’ve just graduated. We’ll also help to make your 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and beyond reunions uber special when they’re celebrated during Homecoming. Glitter is optional. Chapter events: Bow to peer pressure and wear your Alumni pin to a Chapter event; you’ll be glad you did. Network, learn something new and stay connected to Laurier happenings, services and people that can help you. And if you don’t like what’s on offer or want to make it better, get involved with your local Chapter. For more on these and other events, check out

1955 First Alumni reunion

Seagram Stadium cornerstone laid 1957



Waterloo College Alumni Reunion.

Benefits & perks


Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Shinerama is Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser involving students at almost 60 university and college campuses across Canada. Shinerama originated at Waterloo Lutheran University in 1961, as an orientation week activity that raised money for local charities.

good karma We know that you’ll do it for the warm fuzzies, those happy feelings that arise from giving back, but we’ll also toss in some good karma to boot.

Here are some of the ways that you can give back to Laurier AND enhance your expertise, all while upping your good karma. n

Volunteer with an Alumni Chapter.


Volunteer for a faculty/department. Volunteer to network with current students and provide career advice.



Volunteer to speak in the classroom.


Volunteer with WLUAA. Wear your purple and gold with pride; be an ambassador for Laurier within your networks.


Volunteer to be a part of the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) networking program.


Other good giving-back ideas. n

Hire a co-op student or recent graduate.


Make a donation (every little bit counts). Convinced? Please visit to get involved.

1960 First Winter Carnival

First-year students launch first Shinerama 1961


Giving back =

Simply put, you’ve got skills, and we’d love to put them to good use.


Around the Country <25 ALUMNI


25-100 ALUMNI

>1,000 ALUMNI

100-500 ALUMNI

>50,000 ALUMNI


The bed push was one of the activities held at the 1961 Winter Carnival. A group of Willison Hall students pushed the hospital bed 114 kilometres, from London to Kitchener, in 8.5 hours.

n n n


Alumnus: singular male graduate. Alumna: singular female graduate. A  lumni: male plural, but is also a collective term for graduates of both genders A  lumnae: female plural and would only be used to refer to female graduates. The Latin noun alumnus means “foster son, pupil” and is derived from the verb alere “to nourish”.


Alumnus? Alumna?



Around the world Alumni Count by Country Antigua & Barbuda-3 Argentina-1 Australia-83 Austria-2 Bahamas-17 Bahrain-1 Bangladesh-2 Barbados-6 Belgium-5 Bermuda-37 Brazil-5 British Virgin Islands-1 British West Indies-3

Brunei-2 Bulgaria-1 Cayman Islands-11 China-52 Colombia-1 Croatia-1 Cyprus-5 Czech Rep-4 Denmark-1 Ecuador-1 Egypt-2 England-85 Estonia-3 Ethiopia-2 Fiji Islands-1 Finland-2 France-17 Germany-49

Ghana-7 Greece-5 Guatemala-1 Haiti-1 Hong Kong-127 Hungary-1 India-18 Indonesia-12 Ireland (Eire)-3 Israel-5 Italy-1 Jamaica-11 Japan-26 Kazakhstan-1 Kenya-3 Latvia-1 Luxembourg-1 Macao-1

With Alumni in over 85 countries, wherever you go, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never be far from a Golden Hawk!

Madagascar-1 Malaysia-65 Mauritius-2 Mexico-9 Mongolia-1 Mozambique-1 Namibia-1 Nepal-1 Netherlands-21 New Zealand-15 Nigeria-9 Norway-8 Oman-1 Pakistan-12 Panama-1 Peru-2 Philippines-5 Poland-2

Portugal-2 Qatar-2 Romania-1 Saudi Arabia-4 Scotland-11 Singapore-48 Slovak Republic-1 Slovenia-2 South Africa-6 Spain-9 Sri Lanka-1 St Kitts & Nevis-1 South Korea-19 St Lucia-1 Sweden-5 Switzerland-29 Taiwan-11 Tanzania-1

Thailand-3 Trinidad & Tobago-68 Turkey-2 Turks & Caicos Islands-1 U.S.S.R. (Russia)-2 UAE-17 USA-1,205 Ukraine-2 United Kingdom-60 Vietnam-1 Virgin Islands-1 Zambia-1 *Numbers accurate at time of printing (2012)

James Kitchen, assistant professor of economics, provides a student with instruction on the university’s new IBM computer.

As an alumnus/a, Laurier Career Development Centre programs and services are available to you – for life. They include the Alumni Employment Service, the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) networking tool, workshops on career topics such as résumé writing and job searches and individual appointments with a career consultant. When you need a new job or want to make a career change, we’re with you.

Getting real about getting a job You made it! You’re graduating. Now it’s time to take the next step. How will you make that happen? By pouring yourself a cup of coffee and looking for job postings online? Wrong. Laurier’s Career Services says that relying on the Internet is only part of the answer. Up to 75% of available jobs may never be posted online. And research shows that for every 200 résumés submitted to a job posting online, only one job offer results. So how do you increase your chances? Start meeting as many people as you can. Explore the “hidden” job market.

You’ll need to get comfortable with “informational interviews” – meetings where you do the interviewing. Create a great contact list by identifying friends, friends of friends, finding people through LinkedIn (you have a profile already, right?), using ASK, joining a relevant professional association, or even cold-calling. Your goal is to gather insight and information about your future field from people who really know what it’s like. NEXT STEPS



Accelerate your career

1966 First Faculty of Social Work class

SBE becomes first faculty in Ontario to use a computer for general undergrad education 1967



Next steps: n

Present yourself as prepared and professional. Ask contacts only for their time. They are more likely to tell you what you really need to know if they don’t feel pressured by a job request.



Ask informed questions. Ask about the day-to-day work, the qualifications needed, the best way to break into their industry, the top organizations to approach and the salary to expect. Why did they get into the field? What do they like best? What was their best-ever day, and why? What’s the worst part of the job? And now that they’ve heard a little about you, are there skills you need to polish?



Before you leave, ask for other contacts in the industry. Follow up with a thank-you note and include a résumé. (Hey, you made a great impression!)


If asking strangers for free career advice makes you want to run the other way, remember this: one in 12 informational interviews turns into a real job. Now, that’s impressive.

Checking out the job board on campus.


Need more? Laurier’s Career Development Centre staff can answer specific questions and help you develop a workable career plan. If your career goals are fuzzy, this is the place to start! Drop in and discover the best job-search strategies, including résumés, cover letters and interview skills. Ask for help and craft a step-by-step plan for finding employment the first time, and the time after that. The advice is free for the rest of your life. Happy hunting! 1973 Waterloo Lutheran, Canada’s last private university, goes public as Wilfrid Laurier University

The Turret opens for business 1974



Golden Hawk milestones - Circa 1986

1961 | Mules, Ice Mules and Mulettes renamed Golden Hawks and Lady Hawks

The GoldenHawk

1968 | Men’s basketball team is first Laurier team to win a national championship, defeating St. Mary’s Huskies 66-61 1973 | Athletic Complex opens 1991 | Laurier Golden Hawks football team wins first Vanier Cup, defeating Mount Allison 25-18 at the SkyDome, wins again in 2005 1991 | Laurier purchases Seagram Stadium and renames it University Stadium

2005 | Women’s hockey team wins Laurier’s first national championship 2006 | Alumni Field opens

1992 | Women’s soccer team wins Laurier’s first national championship, wins again in 1995

2008 | Men’s and women’s curling wins Laurier’s first national championship

2000 | Men’s soccer team wins Laurier’s first national championship, wins again in 2001

2009 | 2011 | 2012 | Women’s curling wins national championship

1991 Laurier Golden Hawks football team wins its first Vanier Cup

Brantford campus opens 1999

The Carnegie Building, a vacated 1902 Carnegie Library, was the first building for Laurier Brantford, and is now the cornerstone of the campus.



Keep in touch! It’s sad to lose touch, so let us know when your contact information changes. That way, you’ll be sure to receive event invitations, your copy of Laurier Campus magazine, and newsletters specific to your faculty and department. Reading them will help you make the most of your Alumni status and keep you in the loop.

The Faculty of Social Work (FSW) offers social work programs at the master’s and doctoral levels and has developed a national and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and practicum instruction

2006 Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work opens in Kitchener

Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Join a group, share a tweet and ‘like us’ to stay on top of the new and noteworthy! LinkedIn: Laurier Alumni (Official Group) Twitter: @LaurierNews | #Laurier Facebook: Now YouTube:

Celebrate the new We’d love to hear about the “new” in your life, like new jobs and relocations. Tell us about them via phone, email or in person and, if you are ok with it, we’ll share it with the Laurier Campus magazine. • By phone: 519.884.1970 x3180 • By email: • By by mail or in person: Alumni Hall, 75 University Avenue W., Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3C5

Laurier’s Chongqing, China, office opens 2008


Visit to update your profile.

Get Social!

Welcome to WLUAA


The Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association (WLUAA) welcomes you to the club. In addition to connecting you with a growing network of Laurier Alumni, WLUAA offers programs and services that can help you with your personal and professional growth. We encourage you to take advantage of your life-long membership by getting involved and staying connected. Find out more: The association seeks to foster Alumni interaction with the university and Alumni communities, to promote active Alumni participation in the affairs of the university, to maintain and promote the reputation of the university and contribute to its ongoing development.

2009 Laurierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Toronto office opens WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY

Waterloo | Brantford | Kitchener | Toronto

Laurier Alumni Handbook  

This little book will introduce you to the benefits and responsibilities of Alumni life. Read it and keep it - you never know when you might...

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