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Robert Tahar

Tahar was born in Tunisia, the third son of a brotherhood of three; in a family that would provide the backbone of the French music industry for years. This son of colorful landscapes and blinding suns, loved nothing more than snow, ice, glaciers and whales, hence his many trips in both Poles. Is he trying to recapture the emotions of his early years, when he maculated the snowy quality of the virgin canvas with the colorful [though abstract] memories of his native North Africa.

tip of this wave is some nebulous, phosphorescent form, perhaps a capusla or colony of mysterious life forms. The suggestion of a cataclysmic end, the wave coming down, does not disturb the beauty of the form about to crash. Such liveliness at the brink invites one to consider the cosmic theme of renewal. A theme reinforced by the bright yellow background, a reminder of the sun’s power of fecundity and regeneration.

Robert Tahar communicates through color. His chief configuration is the wave. Wave images allow his colors to rise up and swell with emotion and also find harmony with motion and time.

orioline is a large canvas that studies a cosmic tension between motion and stillness, sensuous beauty and deep nothingness. It is divided between what appears to be a night sea image on the left and a portion of an enormous black hole on the right. Around the black hole is a red ring of accretion. Once again a phosphorescent form sweeps along the brink of the abyss. Just left of center is a wild jab of red paint that seems to hover before the painting. It stands apart like a visitor, but at the same time its luminosity is inviting, like a signaler waving the viewer into the scene.

Waves have psychological dimensions too. Carl Jung identified the sea journey as an archetypal narrative. Over a century before Einstein’s theory about a cosmos that bends and flexes, astronomers speculated about na oceanic universe that was subject to enormous movements and changes.Tahar’sAdoratainvites comparison to Homer’s ‘wine-dark sea,’ which heaved Odysseus into wonders and terrors and eventually brought him home. The wave in Agharta is in descent. Running along the

AGHARTA, OIL ON CANVAS, 88’’ X 28’’, 2009, $18.500

BASQUIAT, OIL ON CANVAS, 72’’ X 48’’, 2008, $18,500

orioline, oil on canvas, 60’’ x 40’’, 2007, $12,500

SAMARCANDE, OIL ON CANVAS, 72’’ X 48’’, 2009, $18.500

CASBAH, OIL ON CANVAS, 48’’ X 36’’, 2008, $12,500

DEEP IMPACT, OIL ON CANVAS, 84’’ X 72’’, 2010


EMBRACE, OIL ON CANVAS, 108’’ X 28’’, 2010

LEILA, OIL ON CANVAS, 48’’ X 36’’, 2008

MILES DAVIS, OIL ON CANVAS, 72’’ X 84’’, 2006, $18,500

NOCTURNE, OIL ON CANVAS, 48’’ X 36’’, 2006

PIERROT IN LOVE, OIL ON CANVAS, 48’’ X 24’’, 2007, $5,000

REFLECTION, OIL ON CANVAS, 32’’ X 24’’, 2007, $3,000



SOLO, OIL ON CANVAS, 60’’ X 48’’, 2008

SRINAGAR, OIL ON CANVAS, 60’’ X 48’’, 2009, $15,000

THE ETERNAL FRONTIER, OIL ON CANVAS, 108’’ X 28’’, 2010, $18,500

OMNIAC, OIL ON CANVAS, 84’’ X 72’’, 2010, $20,000

THE LANDING, OIL ON CANVAS, 60’’ X 40’’, 2007


ATMOSPHERic, OIL ON CANVAS, 88’’ X 28’’, 2010

IN THE FORREST, OIL ON CANVAS, 60’’ x 48’’, 2005, $15,000

ADORATA, OIL ON CANVAS, 60’’ X 40’’, 2008, $12,500

AQUALUNG, OIL ON CANVAS, 36’’ X 36’’, 2004, $5,000

The Loft at Liz’s 453 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 email: Phone: 323.939.4403 ext. 6

Bank of America June 2005, Miami, FL

Petri’s Gallery 12 May 2011 - November 2011, Sausalito, CA 675 Bridgeway Sausalito, CA 94965 Email: Phone: 415.332.2225

Shilo Inn Suites: “Fine Art Exhibition” October 2004, Pomona, CA

Coldwell Banker 01 May 2011 - September 2011, Indiana Wells, CA 45-000 Club Drive Indiana Wells, CA 92210 New York Art Expo 2011 25-27 April 2011, New York, NY Frank Pictures Gallery 27 June 2010 - 01 September 2010, Santa Monica, CA Bergamot Station Gallery A-5 2525 Michigan Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404 Mode Restaurant January 2010 - November 2010, Williamsburg, New York 116 N. 5th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 Phone: 718.384.0303 Showcase Gallerie April 2008 - February 2009, Palm Springs, CA Fat Fish Restaurant: Permanent Exhibition February 2006, Los Angeles, California Chef Allen’s: “Migration” December 2005-January 2006, Aventura, FL Bank of America November 2005, Miami, FL

Bank of America March 2005, Miami, FL

Silverlake Gallery: “Space, Time and Unreality” November - December 2004, Silverlake, CA Fat Fish Restaurant: “Opening” March 2004, Los Angeles, CA Silverlake Gallery: “Emotions in Motion” February - March 2004, Silverlake, CA


A film written and directed by

Adeline Talar & Wassila Ikheteah Co-produced by

Caramel Films ( Canada ) Leyman Productions ( Switzerland )

Robert Tahar’s Luminescence opened at Frank Pictures Gallery on June 27th, 2010. Frank Pictures Gallery t. 818 385 0700 c. 323 839 6166

This book was designed by David Andrew Assman and printed by A&I, Los Angeles for Frank Pictures Gallery.

Robert Tahar  
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