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For most of us, dieting is a frustrating fact of life. With so much conflicting nutritional information about this, it can be difficult to tell which weight loss strategies really work. The following are 8 myths on how to lose weight quick as explained by so-called experts. 1.Count your calories. The main factor behind weight gain is what you eat and not how much you put in your stomach. Calories from fat add pounds. This is so because during digestion, the body burns many calories metabolizing protein and carbohydrates than it does metabolizing fat. So, calculate your daily intake and be conscious about it. 2.Moderation is the key. It is often told that desserts are taboo if you are on diet. If you want to indulge, take only a few bite of cakes, pies or ice cream. Cut down on other meals if you plan to eat sweets. Or try fresh fruits as desserts if you want to save on calories. 3.Be consistent. When you lose and regain weight, it is tougher to lose it again. Adapt a diet plan on how to lose weight quick but safe so that you will not be having cardiovascular problems. 4.Fasting is not the answer. The more frequently you deprive yourself of food, the more your body may get at storing calories. If you fast and cancel out a food binge, you will probably rebound and overeat. Fasting may also create risk of gallbladder disease, kidney stress, irritability and lowered immunity to infection. 5.Avoid fake fats. As with sugar substitutes, some dieters believe that fake fats make foods acceptable. Never assume that because a food does not have real fat, you can eat lots of it. Always consider a portion size and the calories it contain. 6.Fad diets are not sensible. Diets that recommend how to lose weight quick by advocating that you eat only one type of food for a week or several days are losers. This would mean that you are not eating sensibly. By the time you go off diet, you will have the same bad eating habits and will regain the pounds you lost. 7.Combine exercise and diet. Dieting combined with regular moderate exercise is the better method in shedding that excess fat. 8.Control your girth. Large part of obesity is genetic, so do not believe that it is your fault that you are fat. However, it all depends on your eating habits and life-style. In getting caught up in dietary myths of how to lose weight quick, let good sense shape your eating habits. Your body will then be very grateful and thank you for looking slim and fit.

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==== ==== Looking for effective ways to lose weight fast then you have come to the right place for tips and information about losing weight quickly ==== ====

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