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We are overwhelmed with the success on how the magazine has been received both online and in recent hard copy editions. A huge thanks has to be given to Awards for All who realized the ambition and opportunity that Milford Scott had presented for this project. It is now important to continue the rapid increase in attention that the magazine has created. Be involved with something unique.


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there will always be articles that everyone can identify with. Advertising The magazine is not overloaded with adverts and this means that only forward thinking companies who value working with the public and other companies may advertise. Each advert that is displayed in the magazine will also be included online and circulated out via social media. This is why, if you truly believe in your business and want to drive forward, then insideone magazine is your platform to deliver your message.

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very warm welcome to the May edition of iNSIDEONE.


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he Shots are an acoustic guitar duo (Nottingham born and bred) comprising of Terry Walker and Karl Leivers. Formed as recently as January 2013 after years of threatening to play to audiences – other than family and friends. They played their first public gig at the Cast Bar (Nottingham Playhouse) only a month later in February 2013. Since then they have played many reputable music venues having earned a good reputation through word of mouth and follow up bookings across Nottinghamshire. The Shots are in demand for fashion launch events (at Pretty Green), pub and bar openings, private birthdays and graduations, and an increasing upward trend of the more intimate private house and garden parties.

whatever their audience, there will be something for even the most discerning musical tastes. Their own style of writing tips the proverbial hat to those they have cut their teeth listening to such as The Rollin Stones, The Faces and The Beatles through to Oasis, The Charlatans and Kasabian, with songs such as, For The Sake Of All Concerned, which has been described as a beautiful harmonised heartfelt memorable tune that starts subtly well that accelerates to a poignant chorus, and, I’ve Had Enough, which sets the scene immediately with its distinct Indie Riff and powerful chorus that’s packed with attitude.

The Shots originally started out playing primarily covers but have recently started seamlessly segueing their own material into their set lists, drawing their influences and inspiration from a broad range of bands and artists that span 60s Rock ‘n’ Roll through to present day Alternative.

Writing songs of this calibre and ensuring their sets have something for everybody, The Shots are certain to increase their profile and be regulars on Nottingham’s ever growing music scene.

Continually refreshing their repertoire of cover songs and putting their own interpretation on some old classics, as well as writing new material, The Shots compile a balanced blend of classic Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes with their own material into each live set, working hard to ensure that

Booked in for upcoming gigs at:

Filthy’s (Gypsy Lounge) on the 9th May and 24th May Mogal e Azam, Indian Restaurant on the 9th June

Follow The Shots on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website: www.theshotsmusic.

Creative Arts

the shots

B y Nic k Arc h e r


In The East Midlands


t’s a well known fact that Nottingham is a growing centre for film-making in the East Midlands

It starts with the Broadway Cinema in Hockley, emanates through their in house talent of various small and larger production companies, expands via their numerous festivals and their entrants to the very extremes of this creative nebula; the city’s many, many independent filmmakers. It is this constant flow of creativity that fuels the very edge of the industry, pushing, through hard work and opportunity, the lucky ones towards the centre of success. One such orbiting group is Coalescent Films. Made up, or coalesced, if you will, of a collection of people from various background all dedicated to their love of creating entertaining and innovative short and feature films. They are not a production company as you may know, but instead a collective of creative minds, who despite regularly

pursuing their own individual projects, band together on a project by project basis. Amongst their ranks are actors and actress, some with theatrical backgrounds and other who regulars on many national television programmes, such as core members Damena and Bushra Greaves, Liam M. Edwards and Katie Richmond Ward; Nick Archer and Harry Wilding, writers and directors with dozens on Short films under their belts, not to mention Special Effects Artist Paddy Plummer and Score Composer Tom Rackham. Beyond this there are many occasional collaborators from different technical backgrounds, and they are constantly on the look out for more. In fact, as their 2014-15 production list fills up, there is a requirement for more production staff and crew to help with both current and planned projects. For example in post production right now is ‘Legacy’, a crime drama shot last years and now mid-way through editing, with a planned release this summer. This was a micro-budget feature, filmed entirely in and around Nottingham by dedicated cast and crew who worked for nothing more than their passion and the

promise of jam sandwiches and coffee. The comfortable working atmosphere of Coalescent Films and quality of the films they turn out is one of the reason people turn to work them time and time again. Previous short films ‘Vice’ and ‘My Garden Forever’ (under the companies previous from, OTT Productions, just to avoid confusion), were recently shown at the Derby Quads monthly Five Lamps Film Festival and have also been entered into the brand new Gedling Film Festival. Over the next few months, short projects due to be shot are the atmospheric ‘Broken’, the satirical ‘Council Housed and Violent’ and dramatic ‘Postcards’. Coalescent Films are currently planning the release and distribution strategies for ‘Legacy’ and discussing their next feature project, pencilled to commence late 2014 to early 2015. They can be found on Facebook (Coalescent Films), Twitter (@coalescentfilms) and Vimeo. More can currently be found at | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 3

Boutique Bookshop Opens in Creative Quarter


brand new independent book shop is now open in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

Ideas on Paper, based in the Terraces at Cobden Chambers, offers an interesting mix of magazines, journals and books as well as stationary.

otherwise they may not have discovered. Being based in Cobden Chambers in the Creative Quarter is a great opportunity for me; I am surrounded by other imaginative retailers in a truly incredible space and can add to the amazing local retail offer.”

Alex has a wealth of high end retail experience having trained at Harrods and worked at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. From this training and visits to European cities, Alex became inspired and decided to open a store back in his home town, aware of Nottingham’s reputation for nurturing creative and independent businesses and retailers. His aim was to offer a large collectible selection of magazines, journals, and books for sale in an environment that would inspire.

The new store has just opened and when customers visit they will see that it is packed with independent titles on fashion, art, culture, design, business, economics, food, wine and travel. All this is complemented by a range of stationery – literally enabling you to get your ideas on paper. Alex hopes his customers will be inspired to develop new ideas of their own and the layout of the store makes it easy to browse the titles and relax, read and have a coffee before visiting adjacent creative stores. Kathy McArdle, Chief Executive Officer from The Creative Quarter Company added: “The opening of Ideas on Paper is testament to the thriving independent retail scene in Nottingham. Alex typifies the essence of the Creative Quarter by offering something new to residents and visitors.”

Talking about his love of all things printed Alex says: “The world of independent magazines is flourishing and I wanted to bring this alive in Nottingham. Bringing inspiration to local creatives, students and businesses, supplying a carefully curated selection of visual and literary content that

Cobden Chambers is located in the city centre just off Pelham Street. It has a fascinating creative history, previously used as a photographer’s studio in the 1800s and as a base for the Nottingham Society of Artists from 1895 to 1912. In the 1970s it was the editing house for Platform, a monthly

Owner Alex Smith, from Nottingham, has created a unique shop where customers can escape from their busy lives and leaf through great coffee table material.

arts magazine for the midlands. The Terraces at Cobden Chambers are now fully refurbished and home to a mix of new and independent businesses. Cobden Place, which is also part of Cobden Chambers is due to open this summer and will be an independent department store for designers and makers.

Flash Fiction Stories – Playing The Fool


ote: This story is rumoured to be based on a true story from Rufford Abbey in the early 1980’s.

For the umpteenth time in less than a week, work was stopped on the renovation of the old Abbey, the Foreman spitting nails, his language stratospheric. The plans were for the old stables to be pulled down, no great effort since they were falling down anyway, and new foundations laid for a restaurant and workrooms for crafts people. Unfortunately, it wasn’t happening. The digger driver clearing the rubble had unearthed a large shallow area, full of bones. Human bones, covered in lime. A mediaeval plague pit. Health and Safety had to be informed and an inspection made before work could continue. In the meantime, employees were given strict instructions. Nobody was to go anywhere near! Only Harry wasn’t paying attention. Jumping down into the pit, he grabbed an arm bone and was waving it in the air, laughing. Big joke! “For God’s sake, put it back,” the Foreman shouted. “It could be contaminated. Stop playing the fool, Harry.”

By Jane Sefyllian

“Clear off, Alf, I’m taking this home. It’ll scare our Lisa to death,” Harry shouted. He wrapped the bone in a sheet of newspaper and pushed it into his pocket. Lisa was not impressed. “Don’t bring it near me,” she shivered. “Take it back and stop being stupid.” Harry set it down on the mantelpiece in the living room, leering at it as he ate his dinner. About an hour after they had gone to bed, Lisa was woken up by a crashing sound coming from downstairs. She gave Harry a shove. “Wake up, wake up. There’s somebody downstairs. Harry, we’ve got a burglar.” Harry mumbled and turned over. There was another crash, louder this time. He shot up. “Stay here, I’ll go. Sort him out, whoever he is. Little bugger.” Lisa listened as he staggered downstairs. For a moment there was silence, then an agonising cry. She dived under the bedclothes. After waiting a few minutes, she plucked


up courage, climbed out of bed and into her dressing gown. Where was Harry? She wished he wasn’t always playing the fool. Standing at the top of the stairs she shouted. “Harry – you all right?” There was no reply. The light was on in the living room. She stormed downstairs. “Harry, will you stop…” As she stomped through the door, battle ready, she gasped. The room was totally wrecked, the furniture reduced to matchwood, curtains shredded. There was a ghastly smell of damp and decay. Then she saw Harry! She screamed. He was lying spread-eagled on the floor, the arm bone driven through his eye, pinning him to the ground, blood seeping. Lisa collapsed. At the inquest, the Coroner’s verdict was given as Misadventure on both Harry and Lisa. Harry had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage. Lisa had died of a heart attack through shock. The police officer said there was no disturbance, everything in order, just a rather strange smell.

Talent From Across the City Sought For New Show


erformers from across Nottinghamshire with a special talent are being sought to take part in an exciting show this summer. Portuguese artist Miguel Pereira and dance organisation Dance4 are on the lookout for performers to take part in Miguel’s latest production, Happy Piece, which will bring together professional dancers and amateur performers from both the UK and Portugal. Whether your skill is acting, singing, doing magic, playing an instrument, doing stand-up comedy, reciting poetry, or dancing (tap and ballroom) – Miguel is on the lookout for great amateur performers who have a desire to perform on stage. Paul Russ, chief executive of Dance4, said: “We’re

looking for anyone aged 18 or over with a special talent who has a desire to showcase their skills alongside both amateurs and a great cast of professionals. “This is a great chance to show off your skills, work with some fantastic people, and get involved in an innovative, exciting piece of performance work that will take place this July.” Miguel Pereira is an awardwinning Portuguese choreographer whose work has been performed across Europe, America and Brazil. Happy Piece is Miguel’s second production with Dance4 after his successful production of Op.49 at Nottdance Festival 2013. Dance4 is an international dance organisation based in Nottingham, which

Spring into Fashion


ippa and Sally from Stick and Ribbon hosted their annual spring fashion show at their exclusive shop in Flying Horse Walk on Thursday March 20th. This sold out event featured real size models, all of whom were existing customers who had volunteered to model Stick and Ribbon outfits. Pippa opened the event by asking the audience to speak out about some of the issues they faced when buying garments in the high street. The audience were not shy in their response with questions with some wondering why sizes varied so much from store to store and others left feeling there is simply too much choice on the high street. Pippa



commissions, produces and presents extraordinary dance performances across the region and actively encourages people of all backgrounds to engage in and enjoy dance. Happy Piece is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Successful applicants will be invited to an open session in Nottingham from 6-9pm on Tuesday 1 July. Those chosen will then need to be available in Nottingham from Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 July and 10am-4pm on Sunday 6 July. Anyone interested should email their CV and a web link of up to two minutes of their performance act to by Friday 16 May 2014.

For more information, please call Dance4 on 0115 941 0773 or visit our website

By Julie Parry-Jones

audience to get ruthless with their existing wardrobe, and throw out the clothes they don’t wear anymore; stating that the average person will never wear 20% of their existing wardrobe. Outlining the styles currently available, we were to expect a varied show of: classics structured lines, modern chic, romantic, and striking. The show certainly didn’t disappoint with a vast array of outfits displayed on the catwalk. There was certainly a style for everyone with neon, sparkling, neutrals, cobalt, coats and jackets and monochrome all featured in a fascinating exhibition. All the models on the catwalk carried themselves professionally and looked amazing! One lady commented “I’m having a

lovely evening so good to see models that look real, it’s all very professional” The whole event offered a warm and friendly atmosphere, and everyone in attendance seemed to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to view this seasons fashion with many purchasing items on the night. The event raised £1000 for Pancreatic Cancer and the Alzheimer’s Association. Most of that money was raised from the raffle of a limited edition Liz Cox original handbag. Well done to the organisers and contributors to what was a sublime, elegant, and charismatic show. The money raised can hopefully make a real difference to a worthy cause. Photographs by Nick Archer

The Children’s Air Ambulance T

he Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) is one of a kind!

It’s the first and only dedicated helicopter emergency transfer service for seriously ill children and babies, flying them from one hospital to a more specialist unit.

Health & Wellbeing

It’s estimated that approximately 5,800 children need transferring between hospitals every year. The majority of these transfers are performed by land, meaning critically ill youngsters are forced to endure long journeys to get the lifesaving treatment they need. TCAA can drastically cut the time it takes to carry out these transfers, which means sick children and babies can get lifesaving care quicker. Their state-of-the-art helicopter can carry out TCAA Logo CMYKa transfer approximately four times faster than a journey by land! Receiving no Government funding, TCAA relies entirely on public donations and the support of volunteers in the local community to raise the £134,000 needed to run this vital service. There are currently six TCAA shops in the country, one of which is on Gordon Road in West Bridgford. It is a large shop with a massive store area and huge stock and sorting area too. The shop is on the lookout for new volunteers, with different skills and passions, to help out in store. Whether you can spare just a few hours a week, one day a month or even more, the shop needs you! Inside TCAA“As a Charity, we believe that babies should be able to reach

specialist treatment no matter where they live. The faster a baby gets to a specialist hospital the greater their chance of survival and recovery. The Children’s Air Ambulance is still a very young Charity, having only transferred its first baby back in May 2013. But as the Charity continues to grow, so does the need for more people to volunteer their time for us. To run our shop more efficiently and to make as much money as we can, we need more volunteers. There is a wide variety of things to do, from helping customers, sorting out stock, taking off old stock, working on the till, steaming – the list goes on! We care passionately about this shop and we all take great pride in it but with more volunteers we could achieve greater results! Volunteering is an extremely team-spirited activity that offers great personal and interpersonal opportunities to benefit you as well as others. We are a team of all ages and our aim is to keep the Charity going but have an enjoyable day doing it!” Claire Thornicroft – Acting Shop Manager. The Charity cannot survive without the continued support of its volunteers. So if you are looking to give up some of your spare time for a worthy cause, looking to boost your CV, gain valuable experience or just want to meet new people and make new friends, The Children’s Air Ambulance is there for you! The shop is open Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 4.00pm. For more information, please contact Claire Thornicroft on 0115 981 2445.

Healthy Low-Fat Turkey Chilli

Health fact Top Tip: Always take a Vitamin D supplement with your biggest meal of the day. This is a fat soluble nutrient that’s best absorbed with a large meal.

Healthy Granola Great to eat with milk for breakfast, or over yogurt and drizzled with honey or maple syrup. Ingredients: 450 grams whole oats 120 grams sunflower seeds 120 grams white sesame seeds 175 grams apple sauce (or apple compote) 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 120 grams brown rice syrup (or rice Malt syrup, or golden syrup) 4 tablespoons runny honey 100 grams soft light brown sugar 250 grams whole natural almonds 100 grams roughly chopped Brazil nuts 100 grams broken walnuts 1 teaspoon sea salt 2 tablespoons coconut oil 300 grams raisins

Method: 1. Mix everything together except the raisins in a large mixing bowl 2. Spread this mixture out on two med baking trays approximately 1 inch deep and bake at gas mark 3/170°C/ or 300-325ºF for about 40 – 50 minutes 3. Halfway through baking use a spoon to turn the granola so it browns evenly during the baking process. This is to make sure you get it evenly golden without toasting it to much in any one place. 4. Once it’s baked, allow to cool and mix together with the raisins. Store in an airtight container. Use within 10 days ideally.

A healthy way to make dough! After being invited to attend the opening of the new Hambleton Bakery on Melton Road, West Bridgford, I decided that I needed to know more about the health benefits of eating traditionally prepared breads. Like many ladies I often avoid eating too much bread mainly because of bloating, stomach discomfort and the risk of possible weight gain. So is there really a difference between these traditionally made loaves and those manufactured by our supermarkets? Perhaps the clue lies in the word manufactured! The new Hambleton Bakery in West Bridgford opened on Friday 25th April; local residents were out in force keen to try the traditional high quality breads and pastries. They certainly weren’t disappointed, samples of the amazing Rutland Pippin, a crusty dough encasing Lincolnshire sausage meat, ham hock and stilton cheese, topped with handmade Brambly apple puree where offered to all as they waited to be served by the friendly and attentive assistants.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp coconut oil 2 red onions, peeled and roughly chopped 1 carrot, peeled and roughly chopped 1 leek, trimmed and roughly chopped 1 each red and green pepper, de seeded and roughly chopped 2 fresh red/green chilli, de seeded and finely chopped ( leave seeds in for a hotter flavour) 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 heaped teaspoon smoked paprika 1 heaped teaspoon runny honey 3 tablespoons white wine vinegar 300 mils of chicken stock 600 g turkey mince Sea salt Freshly ground black pepper 3 x 400 g tinned chopped tomatoes 400 g tinned red kidney beans or other bean of choice, drained Juice of 1 lime Soured cream, to serve

Method: 1. Heat a 2 tbsp of coconut oil in a large heavy based pan over a medium heat. Add the onions, carrot, leek, peppers and chillies, and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes. Add cumin and paprika, and cook for another 10 minutes or so, stirring frequently until soft and a little golden 2. Add honey and white wine vinegar at this point and let it cook for a couple of minutes. This adds a lovely sheen and enhances the natural sweetness of the vegetables. 3. Remove the vegetables once softened and place on a plate, add minced turkey to the pan and cook until it starts to brown. Add the tomatoes and beans and then return the vegetables to the pan add chicken stock and good pinch of salt and pepper to season. Cover and allow to simmer for 25 minutes. 4. Take off the heat and squeeze in the juice from one lime, check seasoning and serve with basmati rice or over a jacket potato, top with sour cream.

By Julie Parry-Jones

I had pre booked my interview with Mr Tim Hart owner of Hambleton Bakeries, Harts Restaurant and the Michelin Star Hambleton Hall in Rutland. But fully expected to be told he may be running a little late simply because the new shop was so busy and he was clearly keen to see that everyone was attended to as efficiently as possible. But no, Tim true to his word took time to sit down and talk to me about the health benefits of his traditionally produced breads. He was keen to describe the bread making process used at their bakery in Exton. It seems the secret to great tasting well tolerated bread is the fermentation time.

So ladies, I asked Tim which breads he would recommend as part of a healthy eating plan, he suggested Hambleton Sourdough loaf and Borodinsky Rye bread. My personal preference is their Rye bread, it’s very good and wheat free if you do still have concerns! Tim was keen to specify that anyone suffering from celiac disease should not eat bread. I was lucky enough to receive a few very tasty samples which just for the record, I did share with team at iNSIDEONE – So thank you and good luck to all at Hambletons Bakery, 101, Melton Road West Bridgford.

The majority of supermarket breads have a very short fermentation time approximately one hour; in contrast Hambleton’s traditional breads are fermented for 24 hours using sourdough culture or yeast captured from the local brewery. As a result Hambleton’s breads are generally well tolerated and many have a low Glycemic Index helping you feel fuller for longer and reducing this risk of unhealthy snaking during the day. | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 7

Thousands of Type 2 Diabetes Patients in Notts Helped by Citycare’s Innovative ‘Juggle’ Service


ew figures revealed today show that thousands of people throughout Nottingham and south Notts have been helped by an innovative programme which provides education and advice about type 2 diabetes. Nottingham CityCare Partnership’s Juggle Diabetes service is delivered in community centres, health centres and church halls throughout the city, Gedling, Broxtowe and Rushcliffe, as well as to inmates at Whatton prison. Since the service launched in April 2010, it has helped 4,498 people with type 2 diabetes and the programme has been delivered 605 times. Juggle is made up of four sessions, which are an introduction to diabetes and what it means to have diabetes, a session on food and the importance of a balanced diet, a session on fats, food-labelling and alcohol and finally a look at the complications that diabetes can cause. Juggle Diabetes programme coordinator at Nottingham CityCare Partnership Helen Ramwell said the programme was one of the most successful self-referral services on offer to people in Nottingham and Notts. She said: “Juggle does what it says on the tin. It educates and empowers people and helps them understand their condition and how to control it. The programme is delivered by a team of trained specialist diabetes educators who all have a clinical background. “We’re able to deliver the programme to a wide range of people, having so far presented it in south Asian languages, in sign language and in a range of other languages via interpreters.

“The feedback we get is extremely uplifting and shows how successful the programme is in educating people in making the right food, exercise and lifestyle choices to best manage their condition.” Helen added that the service contacts participants six months after completing the four week course. Returns received in one month alone showed 92% of people said they were still making positive changes in their life as a result of the Juggle programme. She said: “We know the course works as we always get a very good response – and the way it is delivered is extremely accessible. We use a range of visual aids and make the classes as interactive as possible.” Helen said “The recent feedback is proof that this service is working very well. As a result of Juggle, people feel more confident about their condition, they have the knowledge to ask the appropriate questions of their GP and practice nurse and they feel that they can manage their diabetes in a way that makes them lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.” Feedback included statements such as understanding more about eating habits, making the condition easier to understand and helping to see the connection between exercise and a healthy heart. The vast majority of patients said that after attending the course, their next meeting with their GP showed that their diabetes was under control. To find out more about Juggle, people can ask their GP, practice nurse or local pharmacist, visit the CityCare website at www.nottinghamcitycare. or call 0300 300 0045.

Update on Rising Scarlet Fever Increases Across England


ublic Health England (PHE) has reported a continued significant increase in scarlet fever notifications across England with 883 new cases reported from 24 to 30 March – the highest weekly total across all weekly records available since 1982. The increases in scarlet fever have been seen across the UK. Whilst most cases of scarlet fever are mild and will resolved within a week, continued vigilance by healthcare professionals remains essential due to uncommon but possible complications. Dr Theresa Lamagni, PHE’s head of streptococcal infection surveillance, said:

“We are continuing to see increases in scarlet fever notifications across England and are working closely with healthcare professionals to try and understand the reasons behind these increases and do our best to reduce the impact of this infection.

the start of antibiotic treatment to avoid passing on the infection.”

“PHE urges people with symptoms of scarlet fever, which include a sore throat, headache and fever accompanied by a characteristic rash, to consult their GP. Scarlet fever should be treated with antibiotics to reduce risk of complications.

It was once a very dangerous infection, but has now become much less serious. There is currently no vaccine for scarlet fever.

“Once children or adults are diagnosed with scarlet fever we strongly advise them to stay at home until at least 24 hours after


Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease and is most common between the ages of two and eight years.

The Community Partnership Forum

Bringing Community Organisations Together


he Community Partnership Forum – Bringing community organisations together.

On Tuesday 23rd October 2012 the Community Partnership Forum (CPF) held its first open community meeting at the Marcus Garvey Centre on Lenton Boulevard. There was an excellent attendance with standing room only as the founding members of the CPF outlined their hopes and aspirations for the future. The CPF is a group born out of the initiative of the then Sheriff (now Lord Mayor) of Nottingham, Cllr Merlita Bryan, who was in attendance at the meeting. The CPF’s mission is: “To build a sustainable community in which every person of African descent (Black) has the opportunity to live a fulfilling life in which they can develop and utilise all of their skills and talents (to benefit themselves and the community).” There were presentations outlining the current economic situation in Nottingham and which highlighted that Nottingham has the highest level of BME unemployment of any city in England and Wales. It was noted that: ‘The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) unemployment rate in Nottingham at 9.4% in 2012 (nationally - 6.0%), the highest in the

country. The data also shows the largest variations of unemployment in the Black or Black British group at 16.0% (nationally - 9.7%) and in the Mixed Ethnic group at 12.9% (nationally - 6.0%). In contrast, the unemployment rates for the Asian or Asian British and Chinese or Other Ethnic groups are 4.1% and 4.6% respectively.’ Those in attendance at the inaugural were brought up to speed regarding the Nottingham Growth Strategy which aims to stimulate economic growth and development across the city; and the Nottingham CityDeal, a £60M initiative, financed by central and local government, aiming to create several thousand jobs in creative industries in Nottingham. Since that time CPF has developed a number of theme groups to address specific issues such as employment, education health etc. and articulated a clear set of aims, which are: 1. To foster a sense of trust and co-operation amongst people of African descent in Nottingham. 2. To facilitate partnership working between CPF member organisations. 3. To hold public/quasi public bodies to account for the way in which they deliver services to and meet the needs of people of African descent. 4. To build the capacity of CPF member organisations to support them to deliver services more effectively.

The Midnight Pharmacy


pened in February 2012 the Midnight Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy based on Alfreton Road in Nottingham city centre. This is the only pharmacy in Nottingham open until midnight seven days a week and we serve the whole of Nottingham and the surrounding area. Keen to offer a valuable service to the residents of Nottinghamshire the owner Tas Bhatti offers a number of unique services to his clients. These include; • • • •

Free prescription collection and delivery service across Nottingham to your home or workplace Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception (Morning after pill) and C-Card Free Methadone and Subutex dispensing – supporting substance use clients until late into the night Free Dossette services-support for people who need help taking their medicines, includes reminder charts and dossette boxes Prescription only medicines available

• • • • •

for men who have erection problemsno prescription needed- speak to the pharmacist for a private and confidential consultation Hajj and Umrah Vaccinations available Stop smoking service – NHS and private Flu vaccinations available Specialist Dispensing service Services for Care Homes – 7 days a week until midnight Full Travel Vaccinations Clinic – all your travel vaccinations at a time to suit you

Western Union money transfer service is also available. The pharmacy which is open every day of the year offers all it clients a warm and friendly service and is always keen to help in any way possible. Please call in to see them soon at; 194, Alfreton Road, Nottingham NG7 3PE Tel: 0115 727 0999 Fax: 0115 727 0888 Email: Find them at

5. To become a credible voice articulating the needs of people of African descent in Nottingham. 6. To build a positive legacy for the future that can be handed on to future generations. The situation facing Black young people in Nottingham has always been at the top of the CPF agenda and on Saturday 5th April 2014 CPF held its first major event, the Black Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Day at The University of Nottingham, Business School, South Jubilees Campus. The event was a great success with young people, employment, training and business support providers in attendance and there were inspirational presentations by Dr Yana Johnson MBE as well as two local entrepreneurs, Daniel Thomas & KC Da Rookie. If you want to get involved and make a difference you can contact the CPF at: Tel: 01159 856 865 Email: Web:

Health Technology Project ‘Highly Commended’ for National Procurement Award


n innovative, City-wide project which uses the latest technology to support people in their own home, has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the National Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in Public Procurement Awards 2014/15. The Assistive Technology Project – part of the City’s Adult Integrated Care Programme and a collaborative procurement initiative between NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Nottingham City Council, Nottingham CityCare Partnership and Nottingham City Homes – has been recognised in the Collaborative Procurement Initiative of the Year category of these annual, prestigious awards. Assistive Technology devices aid safety and independence at home for citizens with health conditions. The CCG is working with Nottingham City Council and other health, social care and housing providers across Nottingham to increase the effective use of Assistive Technology equipment across health and social care, as well as to establish a single, integrated service. The collaborative procurement approach in Nottingham City is innovative and unique within the Assistive Technology environment, specifically because of the involvement of local stakeholders, the market and clinicians and the desire to

develop a truly integrated, locally provided service. Maria Principe, Director of Primary Care Development and Service Integration at the CCG said: “This is fantastic recognition of progress and achievement for our Assistive Technology procurement activity, especially given the number and calibre of other organisations that were competing in this category. “Everyone involved in this project has worked in partnership to provide the best possible service for our citizens and achieving finalist status is a great commendation for all involved.” Cllr Alex Norris, Portfolio Holder for the Integrated Adult Care Programme said: “This is an acknowledgement of fantastic partnership working in producing a specification that meets the needs of citizens and has ensured we can procure the right locally provided service to support people with long term conditions in their own homes. Thanks to all those who have contributed to this project, this is a great opportunity for us to showcase our achievements.”

and commitment across the sector. “The judging panel were impressed by the desire of all shapes and sizes of organisation to make positive change to their approach to procurement. Every winner and ‘highly commended’ entrant deserves the recognition that the National GO Awards bring, and I’d like to congratulate the CCG and partners on this achievement.” Since 2002, the National GO Awards have been the benchmark by which progress in this multibillion-pound sector has been measured. The winners of the National GO Awards 2014/15 were announced on 19 March at a ceremony at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham.

Grahame Steed, lead judge at the National GO Awards, said: “This year’s submissions demonstrated the incredible breadth and depth of activity, innovation

Health4U: Using Mobile Phones to Promote Health and Prevent HIV


tatistics show that, in the UK, approximately 3% of people from African communities have HIV. The latest report from the Health Protection Agency notes that one quarter (25%) of these people do not know that they have the disease. At the same time, tremendous advances in HIV drug therapies means that if you are tested, diagnosed and given the right treatment, you can expect to have a normal life expectancy. HIV is no longer a death sentence, and, with treatment, it is completely possible to live a normal life, including having relationships and having children. Not getting treatment means that some people are getting unnecessarily sick. Treatment and support are free on the NHS and are available to everyone – whatever their immigration status. For this reason it is important for people to get tested for HIV regularly. However, with a large and mobile African population in Nottingham, it has been challenging to reach enough people with the message about HIV. A key question therefore is how to encourage more African people to get tested? A Nottingham research team called ‘Health4U’ is tackling that very question. Health 4U is a partnership between the African Institute for Social Development

and the University of Nottingham. They have realised that one possible way of reaching people with health messages is through their mobile phones. How many people do you know who have a mobile? Chances are, they all do! Health4U has worked with community members to design a series of text messages that raise awareness about HIV testing but that also include some inspirational quotes and proverbs drawing upon traditional African wisdom. People who sign up to the project will receive 2 text messages per week for 12 weeks. The text messages can be read anytime, anywhere, and, once they have been read, they can easily be deleted. The messages are available in Arabic, French and English. The team hope that the 12 week time period will give people time to consider what HIV means for them in the context of their own lives. In addition, receiving texts for 12 weeks means that people will be more likely to remember to get the test done and to find time for a test in their busy schedules. The team are confident that this innovative project will help to provide easily accessible and much needed information to a large number of people. At the end of the project, the team will evaluate whether or


By Amdani Juma

not this approach has helped to motivate people to go for an HIV test. HIV tests can be accessed in many different ways; through local NGOs, through local health services and even by ordering a test that is sent to your home. For more information on HIV tests and on the Health4U text messaging initiative, visit the project website: www.nottingham. aspx

Ex-Heroin Addict Looking For Full-Time Job in the Future Thanks to CityCares’s Homeless Health Team


n ex-heroin addict who almost died due to a severely infected leg ulcer is now looking towards gaining fulltime employment in the future thanks to Nottingham CityCare Partnership’s Homeless Health team. Fran Morris, 38, became addicted to heroin in his late teens after using ‘softer’ drugs from the age of 15. By 25-years-old he was injecting himself with heroin daily and had lost all hope of leading a healthy, normal life. When he was almost on death’s door due to a huge leg ulcer caused by injecting, Fran found himself being helped by Nottingham CityCare Partnership’s Homeless Health team. He had heard about the team, which is based in Hockley, from a friend and wandered in off the street – and from that day his road to recovery began. Fran, who grew up in Sneinton, said: “By the age of 25 I was injecting heroin every day and all I could think about was getting my next hit. My life was all over the place. I was living on the street, occasionally sleeping on sofas of friends. I couldn’t see any way out. “But then I found the Homeless Health team, about four years ago, and I’ve gradually started to put my life back together.” Fran’s leg ulcer was severely infected when he first met the team. A leg ulcer is a longlasting chronic wound which develops when persistently high blood pressure in the veins of the leg causes damage to the skin, which eventually breaks down and forms an ulcer. Specialist nurse in CityCare’s Homeless Health team Chris Newton, who has been involved with Fran’s care for the past three years, said that he was extremely proud of Fran’s recovery. He said: “I have been involved in supporting Fran for the past three years but he has been under the care of our team for

around five years. “Within that time Fran has had many ups and downs on his road to recovery, going through periods of homelessness, heavy alcohol and IV drug use and periods of hospitalisation. “Although the primary reason Fran engaged with our team was for wound care, we have been able to use these periods to advise Fran on his health, housing and substance misuse issues and have been able to liaise with, or signpost him to, other agencies – advocating for Fran where needed.” Fran added: “When I first met the nurses on the team my leg ulcer was massive, like a melon almost. I’d also begun drinking heavily and had stayed in hospital several times because my pancreas and liver were failing. Doctors told me I needed to stop abusing my body, or I would die.” Since he met the Homeless Health team, Fran’s situation has improved ten-fold. His leg ulcer is now no bigger than a 50p piece and he hasn’t taken drugs or been drunk for 18 months. He feels so confident in his recovery that he is now looking towards searching for a full-time job in the future and a place of his own to live. Fran, who isn’t married and doesn’t have any children, said: “My life has changed so much since I started seeing the nurses in the Homeless Health team. I’ve gone from injecting drugs to seeing a future for myself. “I’m hoping to start to look for work soon. I’d probably like to do something outside, working outdoors each day.” Fran said his journey to recovery hadn’t been an easy one, but he is very proud of his progress. He added: “It has been such a long process and at times I’ve wanted to give up. At the start I’d be turning up to see the nurses with my leg dressing undone and wasn’t

organised at all. But they stood by me and always encouraged me. They never gave up on me. “I’ve learnt that there is no excuse not to go and get help if you need it. If it weren’t for the Homeless Health team I don’t know where I’d be today.” Fran was able to drop in and see the team whenever he needed support. They would help him out with all his needs, from booking him a taxi to the hospital if necessary to redressing his wound. They helped him control his methodone intake when he was coming off heroin and gave him advice about how to conquer his addiction. He added: “My outlook on life is so different now. In the past, I wouldn’t be able to leave the house in the morning without having four cans of beer or half a bottle of vodka. But now I can wake up and I feel like a normal person who can go about their day in peace.” Specialist nurse Chris Newton, added: “Aside from ourselves, Fran has been supported by many other agencies along the way including both the John Storer Clinic – now part of the ‘Recovery in Nottingham’ service – and Dr Stephen Willott at the Windmill Practice who has supported and treated Fran throughout his adult life. “The majority of credit for Fran’s recovery has to go to Fran himself who, despite many setbacks along the way, never stopped trying. We have been pleased to support Fran through this period of his life to the point at which he now finds himself free of drug and alcohol addiction, maintaining his own tenancy and looking toward a much brighter future.” Nottingham CityCare Partnership’s Homeless Health team is based at the Heathcote Buildings, 1-3 Heathcoat Street in Hockley.


our De Force is the brain child of a few kind hearted Police Constables, Police Staff and partner agencies.

This event follows closely on the heels of the TwinCoasts ride from the east coast to west coast of England back in 2013 which raised an amazing sum of £6000 ( for more information), putting our own spin on this event and hopefully branding future charitable events run by members of the wider police family. With this Tour De Force was born. Tour de Force 2014 will see an array of upward of 30 riders take on the challenge of riding 165 miles around the county of Nottinghamshire attempting to visit the areas surrounding as many major police stations as possible in a staggering 24 hour, yes 24 hour time frame. We anticipate the leaving Sherwood Lodge in Arnold around 4pm on the 20th June. For those wanting to push themselves a little harder, a ‘Twos’ team will be responding to the call from support from the ‘Blues’. Completing the same route in a 12 hours window resulting in both teams joining together to make the final push arriving in true ‘Blues and Twos’ style. The ride is anticipated to reach its final

destination at the starting point for The Great Notts Bike Ride at The Victoria Embankment between 4pm and 5pm on the 21st June. For those who won’t be taking part in the 165 mile challenge, we will be stopping to re group at Colwick Racecourse in preparation for the final push, at this stage we invite friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who would like to show their support to join us for the final ride in! Tour De Force 2014 riders have chosen two amazing charities to benefit from their ambitious ride. These being Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice and Nottingham Hospitals Charity (Breast Cancer Research Appeal) We would love to raise funds for these charities, but we would love to prove that a target is something that is to be exceeded and not just hit! With your help and support and of course your sponsorship we hope to do just that. We have an aim to raise £10,000 but with your support we hope to go above and beyond this target. Our objective is to help those who will benefit from the amazing work that takes place at Bluebell Woods Children’s Hospice

Sport and Nottingham Hospitals Charity (Breast Cancer Research Appeal). We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and guidance during the logistical and practical planning of this event: Milford Scott/iNSIDEONE Magazine who have created our outstanding logo, the website and provided PR for the event. Sherwood Pines who have been supporting the logistical side of this event giving us both advice and technical expertise that our officers and staff are lacking in with regards to two wheels and peddle power! Audi who have kindly offered Tour de Force the use of three of their top fleet vehicles to act as the support vehicles. Visit our website: www. Donate?


UK Sport Cuts

Basketball Funding G By Sean Dilks

reat British Basketball recently suffered a huge blow when they discovered all funding would be cut. This decision by the government needs to be questioned and discussed further because the advantages and positives of basketball are enormous.

Why take away funding which would benefit so many? UK Sport does not believe Team GB would win a medal at the next Olympics. That might be true, but surely they are not considering the numerous other factors which the sport brings. 70% of all participants are under the age of 25, which means any up and coming talent we have will seemingly not have a chance to compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio or the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. It seems UK Sport is basing their decision on current performance and hasn’t looked at all the hard work being put in by county coaches all over the country. The bigger picture shows volunteers dedicating their time and effort making sure this sport continues to run. With funding being cut it will filter down to the junior teams and even to local leagues in Nottinghamshire. Talent simply cannot be nourished to its full potential without an organised system in place. Furthermore, obesity continues to be a worrying problem in this country.

Millions of pounds will be spent on research and campaigns to encourage people to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Playing a team sport, such as basketball, is a great way to stay healthy and keep active. All over the world basketball is one of the most popular team sports. The only difference between the UK and several other countries is that those countries will continue to pour money into the sport to help it grow and succeed. It seems UK Sport has lost confidence in basketball after London 2012 and invested in sports which they thought would have more of a chance of a medal. Basketball can continue to grow in this country even without the funding from UK Sport. It will take investment and a re-structure but it shouldn’t be out of the question. It may take some time to recover from the financial blow which UK Sport has dealt basketball, but with the right people who have the same goal basketball still has a bright future in the UK. All we have to do is work as a team.

Awards For Sporting Patients


atients at The Wells Road Centre in Nottingham have been recognised for their sporting achievements. A special event was held to present the patients with awards for their participation and skill at various sports including football, basketball and cricket. Staff and patients had the opportunity to nominate the individuals and teams they thought were worthy of accolades such as Most Improved in Sport, Team of the Year, Players’ Player and Sports Personality of the Year. Special guests joining staff and patients on the day included representatives from Notts County Football Club, Sport Nottingham, England Basketball, Notts County Council and Trent Bridge Cricket who all provide support to The Wells Road Centre to provide the sporting opportunities available. Luke Donnelly, who presented the Players’ Player, gave an inspirational speech about how involvement in sport helped him in his own recovery journey, progressing from a service user to a peer support worker in the Trust. Professor Mike Cooke CBE, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Healthcare presented the Sports Personality of the Year award. He said: “This was a fantastic event reflecting over eight years of work getting patients and staff to participate in sport with the last few years really seeing The Wells Road Centre take off. It was lovely to see so many patients so very proud.”

The Centre has been highlighted as a beacon of best practice by Sport England. As part of a Sportivate project, staff have worked with Notts County Football in the Community to ensure patients can get involved with sport and reap the benefits; overcoming barriers to participation including low motivation, lethargy and inactivity due to the side effects of medication. There were two recipients of the Sports Personality of the Year Award. Lisa Evans, Health Promotion Lead/Fitness Instructor who organised the event said: “This award was really difficult to give to just one person as there are several personalities around The Wells Road Centre and we had to think long and hard about who deserved it most! It went to those individuals who have continued to attend to motivate others, even when they couldn’t play themselves, who will help out whenever they can and often put themselves forward for just about any sport in order to get a game going. We are really proud of all the patients who won awards but also all of the nominees.” The Wells Road Centre is part of Nottinghamshire Healthcare’s Low Secure and Community Forensic Directorate. It provides three wards for men with mental illness and one for men with a learning disability, and an inpatient service to women cared for by community forensic teams who require a period of low secure care. | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 13

Abu Dhabi International Triathlon 2014


ne very foggy morning in March of this year, 10 members of Long Eaton Triathlon Club (LETC) waited for departure from Manchester airport anticipating another club adventure. The fifth Abu Dhabi International Triathlon is classed as one of the world’s most spectacular sporting events. After an 8 hour flight the team landed to a warm breeze of the Sahara Dessert, ready to take on what this beautiful country had to offer. LETC were joined by the 2012 Olympians the Brownlee brothers and the 2010 Ironman 70.3 champion Jodie Swallow, along with thousands of other athletes from around the world including age groupers to first time triathletes, familiarising ourselves with the transition and the ultimate goal, the red carpet and the ‘finish line’. The race started early, just after the sunrise with the elite athletes first to enter the shimmering turquoise waters of Abu Dhabi’s beautiful beach. The bike course followed which weaves its way through the dessert, including laps of the iconic ‘Yas Marina’ formula 1 circuit before returning to the Corniche for the run part of the event. Athletes choose to compete in one of the three distances; Long Eaton Tri Club’s Husband and wife team Neil and Jodie Smith battled it out on the Sprint distance, both smashing their previous years times. Next up were another husband and wife team, Kev and Louise Jansen, along with Leanne Smith, Nicola Greensmith and Jennie Miller all completed the Short Course, with its 1500m sea swim, 100k on the bike and 10k Run, which by anyone’s calculation definitely isn’t a Short Course. Finally the last three members of the team took on the Long Course distance, Mark Harrison, Vreni Verhoeven and Vicky Yeomans battled through the searing 36 degree heat to complete the 3k swim, 200k Bike and finishing off with a half marathon. The team had all made it, some 10 hours after the team stood on the beach watching the first club member run into the sea. Sunburnt and sore from our efforts and time in the blistering heat, LETC along with thousands of others had endured and enjoyed the 2014 Abu Dhabi Triathlon. As the sun set over the beautiful beach, there was already talk of next year.


By Louise Jansen

Education & Training Student Life


By George Bowes

he reality which faces all undergraduate students in the UK is that a degree is no longer enough to demand a prosperous career. Long gone are the days where a degree was so highly valued that it was enough to employ somebody on that merit alone. Often the response to telling an employer that you have graduated university with a degree is: ‘who hasn’t?’ Of course the university and the class of degree are factors; a first from Oxford or Cambridge is still probably enough for almost any job. But for the vast majority of students, extra curricular activity and experience in the working world will be pivotal when applying for a place in the real world. And really, why should ‘just’ a degree be enough? University undergraduates will usually have between 8 and 25 time tabled hours per week depending on course subject. In fairness learning at university is mainly independent; tutorials, lectures, and seminars are really just to keep the undergraduates on the right track and the real learning and progress comes in the library in personal time. It is very harsh to stereotype students as lazy kids who only care about going out and can’t be bothered to face reality in a

proper working place. Yes, there are certain students who fit this generalisation, but the vast majority do not. Most work very hard to get the best degree that they’re capable of and several people use university to join societies or sports teams to enhance their knowledge, social skills, and competitiveness. Moreover numerous students work parttime commonly in retail or catering to support their usually very tight budget. The vast majority of undergraduate university students are trying to better themselves and not simply wasting three years of their lives to avoid work. The advantages of working whilst studying are almost endless. Extra money is the obvious motivation and a lot of students are living on such a small amount of money that they will do almost anything to pick up a little bit extra. Universities usually advise around 15 hours per week as a maximum for part-time work; anything more and studies begin to become damaged. It is not usually the case for students to be working in the industry which they one day hope to settle, but any experience and willingness to graft at work rather than sitting around and moaning about a hangover is seen as favourable on a CV.

Although some may argue that being in a society or sports team at University helps employability enough, and working, even if only part-time, just gets in the way of studying and will end up being detrimental to the quality of the final degree. In reality there is nothing stopping students from working, being in a society, and getting a really solid degree. Obviously the work load would be harder to stay on top of and there would be some late nights in the library when all that’s craved is a good eight hours in bed. Being an undergraduate student is a time to be savoured. In those three or four years every opportunity should be grasped and new things should be experienced whenever possible. Graduating with a 2:1 is great, hugely impressive in fact. But sadly that’s not what employers are looking for anymore. Generally employers want ‘all-rounders’, intelligent with a good degree, a few years of experience in a work place, and evidence that the time spent and qualities gained at university have been maximised either through societies or sports teams. It is difficult to do all of these things; it takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work, but, if achieved, the rewards can be immense.

Nottingham University Invites You to the Two Events That Can Help You Do Business In China and Overseas


oing business in a foreign market can be a daunting prospect: difficulty in accessing reliable market information, unfamiliar market regulations, concerns over protecting the intellectual property rights and language and cultural differences are among the most common barriers cited by UK SMEs. Come to our events to learn of the Chinese business culture and the international student placement opportunities: Event 1: International student placement: a breakfast workshop (07:30 – 09:00, May 14) The event is co-organised by the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent University, Central Nottinghamshire College and New College Nottingham, and with support from the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Chamber of Commerce and the Invest in Nottingham Club. With over 12,000 international students from all corners of the globe studying in Nottingham as well as over 11,000 studying at the University of Nottingham’s offshore campuses in China and Malaysia, the pool of future graduate talent engaged with Nottingham’s educational institutions extends to over 20,000. Join us and learn of the success stories and network with Asia Business Centre and other like-minded people. Event 2: Doing Business With China workshop (June 5) This free one-day workshop, provided by the Language Centre at the University

of Nottingham’s School of Cultures, Languages, and Area Studies, aims to equip participants with increased cultural awareness and intercultural competence. During the day, the following topics will be covered: · The concept of ‘giving face’ in Chinese culture · The importance of ‘guanxi’ in China · China’s low trust society · China’s gift economy · Chinese organisational culture Both events are free but on a first-comefirst-served basis. Venue: Sir Colin Campbell Building, Triumph Road, Nottingham NG7 2TU. We look forward to welcoming you to the events. | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 15

Broxtowe community boost as a potential 24 hr Nursery officially opens


he Official launch of Tick Tock All Stars nursery took place on the 28th April 2014 and was opened by The Lord Mayor of Nottingham Councillor Merlita Bryan and Graham Chapman Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council. The detached property nursery is ideally situated within the Broxtowe estate and will provide places for children from 0-11 years. Many of the child places will include up to free 15 hour sessions per week for 2-5 year old’s The nursery which is the brain child of Natasha Bryan, Natasha saw a major gap within child-care as many nurseries were not as flexible with their opening and closing times.

By Laurie Bryant

the potential for an overnight child care service through Tick Tock All Stars. This could provide a huge benefit for parents who could potentially work outside the normal 9-5pm hours, including shift patterns. Importantly Natasha reassures all parents on the highest standards of child care whilst the parents are working. Natasha also praised the great support of the community with the launch including the great voluntary work that stood out from the BEST Build team, Realign UK and PATRA. For further information on places available then please phone Tick Tock All Stars on: 01159 780 325 or mob: 07792 252 333

Tick Tock All Stars adds real extra value as it will be available to accommodate children from 6am until 10 pm at night, there is also

New National Training Website Goes Live!


est Training UK website offers two special features: database of courses that include courses from sectors across most industries including Teaching, Business, Construction, Fire Safety and First Aid. Full range of course details can be found on the site and informative newsletter with updated courses and news from across the UK. The website’s user-friendly nature provides users with more efficient access to the organisation’s resources. The website boasts a modern, colourful design and is divided into four sections: Homepage, About Us, Training Courses

and Contact Page. Each page provides detailed information on all aspects of the organisation’s functioning and profile including core value statement from CEO Anna Mimms MBE. Best Training UK freephone number 0800 0096 544 offers help to the customer and includes within the communications details. Best Training UK are part of the Best Group that combines Broxtowe Education, Skills and Training (BEST) an entrepreneurial social enterprise which is widely regarded as a centre of excellence in its field. And BEST build construction provides construction


services to both public and private sectors. Best Training UK are the latest edition to the Best Group of companies Visit our website: | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 17

The face behind the voce F

rom promo girl to award-winning radio presenter, Amy Voce’s 10-year radio career has certainly been one of variation and extreme perseverance. Currently one half of Gem 106’s successful ‘Sam and Amy’ breakfast show, I sat down with Amy and talked to her about her journey up through the ranks of the radio industry and the skills she has developed along the way. I’ve interviewed numerous celebrities and entrepreneurs worldwide, but there is something about Amy’s extensive portfolio that makes me nervous to reverse the roles and place her in the hot seat. With interviews with the likes of Gary Barlow, Dawn French, Elijah Wood and – the Godfather of the talk show – Michael Parkinson under her belt, Amy is certainly a radio and TV talent to be reckoned with. You’ve come so far in the past 10 years in such a competitive industry, but when would you say your passion for radio began? I had a love for radio from a young age. When I was a kid I would sit in my room and record shows on my tape desk before then trying to make my own.

By Sharon Roberts

When I was at school I was always a bit of an extrovert – I loved dance, drama and any kind of performance, and so I knew from then on that I wanted to work in TV and radio. The first step I took towards working in the media industry was in applying for work experience at my local radio station. I did it earlier than everyone else just to give myself that little bit of an edge, and so when I got a placement I was really happy. That was it – after that week I realised that this was exactly what I wanted to do. It was the best job in the world and I loved it! After I left school I responded to an advert for promotional staff and did that for a year, constantly pestering everyone I could find to let me on air. Eventually my perseverance paid off and I was asked to cover a traffic and travel shift, and that was how it all began! After that I got a job as a full-time travel reporter and worked my way up until I became a presenter. I still can’t believe that I get paid to do something that I love and am so fascinated by! You were recently awarded with the Sony Gold Award for ‘Best Breakfast Show’ in the UK. It’s such a huge achievement, what does it mean to you to win something like that? For us it was completely amazing and a massive shock! In the lead up to winning the award we put in so much hard work, and our success just shows how important it is to stick with something and persevere if you truly believe in it. At one point, being nominated for a Sony was all I wanted to achieve, but to win one – and to win Gold – was truly humbling. It inspired us to want to achieve even more, and the recognition certainly gave us all a huge confidence boost. Throughout your career you’ve built up a huge portfolio of celebrity interviews. How important would you say attention to detail is in your role as interviewer sat opposite these hugely successful guests? The most important aspect of conducting a successful and interesting interview would definitely be detailed preparation. If you come to the interview knowing absolutely everything about that person, and show an obvious and genuine interest in their work, they’ll naturally open up to you and want to talk about it. Passion and enthusiasm are so important in this line of work – no one will want to discuss their life and work with someone who appears not to be bothered. Do your research, find out all about them, and a conversational, interesting interview should just flow. We recently had Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx on the show, and were originally told we had 10 minutes with them. About 5 minutes before we were going to be on air we were told that actually, no, we had about 3 minutes to interview them between songs.

What advice would you offer to someone who is looking to pursue a career in the world of radio? It is really important in this field of work to be confident in your own ability to handle a situation and rely on your own expertise in making quick decisions. All these things come with experience, but keeping a level-head and delivering your content with passion, focus and enthusiasm is something that all radio and TV presenters need to be able to do from the very beginning of their career. The media industry requires extremely high levels of energy and motivation. However, the rewards are so memorable and will always stay with you, so it is very much worth the effort. Your life hasn’t always been plain sailing, and you’ve had to deal with some very tough, harrowing situations, like losing your father and having to talk about it on air. How have you managed to be so successful despite this? I see my job as a form of escapism, as somewhere I can come and work hard and enjoy myself. I have a great team, and have the same work ethic as my dad did, the very British idea of keeping a stiff upper lip and just cracking on with it. I find that throwing myself into my work really helps to take my mind off any external problems which should be dealt with separately. It’s all about compartmentalising, filing away problems and dealing with them at a time when it is possible to do so without effecting your work. I’m lucky in that I love my job and that I can come into work and just forget about the things that are worrying me elsewhere. In particular, many women follow your progress and see you as someone who works extremely hard in order to succeed. Your career is constantly growing as you try out new things. What tips would you give to other women in business who may be struggling? For anyone struggling at the moment, I would say keep going! The Sony award was something that we worked for 7 years to win. We certainly didn’t start out as a brilliant

show! We worked hard and progressed over the years, developing our presenting skills and evaluating the aspects of the show that could be improved. It didn’t take long before I began getting better at my job without even realising it. The key to success lies in the ability to look at your own performance and decide on what to address and work upon in order to get bigger and better. You have a massive following, comprised of not just those who listen to your radio show, but a whole host of women in business. Last year you spoke at Vision’s Celebrity Women in Business day. Why did you choose to speak at the event? The Women in Business event was my first time working as a motivational speaker. I felt inspired by all these women who were setting up businesses on their own. In my industry, as much as women have progressed, it is still a workplace that is very much dominated by men, like many others. As professionals, women are still working hard to be recognised as equals. For me to be able to tell these women of my own experience and the struggles I’ve come up against was extremely refreshing, and I did it with the hope that my experiences would help others on their own journey to success. Conclusion With a tireless work ethic and brilliant sense of humour, Amy Voce is surprisingly modest and reserved when it comes to boasting her own success. With over a decade of experience and accumulated knowledge of the media industry, her message to others is that of perseverance and determination. However tough it may get, never give up on your end goal, and always maintain and nurture faith in your own ability to succeed. For Amy, success comes from being passionate about something you love, whilst fighting against any negativity within yourself. Achieving what you want can only be done once you recognise the value in your own skills and abilities, and understand that your own story may be your very best marketing asset. Visit Amy Voce’s website: or follow her on Twitter @amyvoce


It was a nightmare! But we quickly edited our questions down, and it worked. There wasn’t much time to build a rapport with them or make them feel at ease, but we dealt with the situation at hand and worked with the timings we were given. Radio is all about working to strict deadlines and operating within a tight time frame, so you have to be able to adapt to new situations at the drop of a hat! Dealing with potentially difficult scenarios on air and in front of thousands of people is something that can only come with experience and a vast knowledge of the industry.

National Retailers Sign Deals In Notts


ational retailers Carpets4Less and Screwfix have both landed in Bulwell, following deals by commercial property consultants Innes England and Lambert Smith Hampton. The new stores, which are located on Hucknall Lane, were both let by the Nottingham-based firms as part of expansion plans for the retailers. Established 30 years ago, Screwfix is the UK’s largest supplier of trade tools, plumbing and electrical products, bathrooms and kitchens. The company has taken a 4,500 sq-ft unit to add to its existing 335 stores nationwide.

been in operation for 30 years and now occupies a 4,500 sq-ft unit to complement its 25 other branches across the UK. The deals were handled by head of retail agency at Innes England, Ben Taylor. He said: “Screwfix already has a presence in the city, with stores in Giltbrook and Queens Drive, but their expansion plans meant a need arose for new premises. “They are undoubtedly one of the best known brands in the industry. As the biggest trade counter operator in the UK, this deal is a further sign of an improving economy,

given they principally supply builders and tradesmen. “Sited on a busy main road in a bustling part of the city near to Springfield Retail Park, the location offers considerable advantages for these two businesses. “Screwfix has committed to a ten year lease at the site, which is illustrative of the increased demand for this sort of unit. We have seen an increasing number of firms looking to expand and roadside units such as these deliver easy access and visibility to customers.”

Carpet outlet retailer Carpets4Less has also

Leading Estate Agent Marriott Makes A Move To FHP Living


n a move which is expected to shake up the West Bridgford property scene, well known and highly respected estate agent Ian Marriott has joined FHP Living.

Ian, who has left Frank Innes’ Central Avenue office after 15 years, will be taking his huge expertise and knowledge to the busy team at FHP Living just around the corner where he will be associate director, responsible for properties south of the river. David Hargreaves, founding director of FHP and FHP Living, said: “This is a big coup for FHP Living and we are delighted that Ian is joining the company. There are only a handful of agents out there with the incredible knowledge and contacts that Ian has. We were keen to get him on board at this really crucial time for the property industry, when there is so much opportunity. “Ian has lots of new ideas to bring to the team at FHP Living which already has a talented senior team including Steve Parker, Jason Cook, Jules Hunt, Ann Taylor and Oliver Marshall.” Ian, who is West Bridgford born and bred and lives in the town, is heavily involved with the local community – and is honorary secretary of West Bridgford Rugby Club. “This is a great opportunity for me,” said Ian. “I will be working in the same patch which I am familiar with. I can’t pretend it wasn’t a big decision for me – after 15 years with Frank Innes, I was approached by FHP Living – and offered an opportunity which will give me a new challenge.” Prior to his time at Frank Innes, Ian was at The Nottingham for six years and four years at the Halifax before that. Over the years at Frank Innes, Ian has and sold thousands of


properties for thousands of people including a network of celebrities, cricketers and footballers. He recently sold a property for England cricket captain Stuart Broad. “Having worked with a large corporate for more than a decade, I have that corporate discipline but with an independent approach like FHP Living’s, we can marry the two together for a really strong offering to buyers and vendors,” said Ian. “The aim is to grow the FHP Living market share, nudging the firm into the top slot in West Bridgford relatively quickly. FHP Living is already number one in The Park, Mapperley Park and the city centre and we absolutely want to expand on that. “Jules Hunt, part of the original team at the West Bridgford office will be prominent in the new growth of the business and will be working closely with Ian to bolster FHP Living’s offering locally with her proactive service which has gained so many happy customers since we opened the office here.” Ian is looking forward to helping develop FHP Living’s property offering across the board and in particular the £125,000 to £500,000 price bracket. Steve and Ian will be acting together on some of the South Notts most sought after and highest priced properties. Steve Parker will continue to head up and grow the Distinctive Homes brand dealing with high end properties across the county. Ann Taylor will be handling land sales for residential property and investment properties. The West Bridgford property market is vibrant – but always holds its own, says Ian. “Currently there is a distinct lack of property on the market in West Bridgford which fuels demand. We expect more property to come onto the market in order to plug that requirement,” said Ian.

By Eve Griffiths

Value Your Local Book Shop! Bringing Communities Together


Jane Streeter, whose vision has led to the success of the shop in challenging times for any independent book shop.

delivery service. For further details and recommendations from those who use the service, please see our website.

In addition to books (of course!), stationery and gifts, The Bookcase is central to Lowdham Book Festival, held annually in June and a whole host of literary and author events throughout the year.

Our stock is constantly updated, offering the latest books on publication date and through the knowledge and determination of the staff, we are able to track down those more elusive titles not readily available through some of the larger book chains.

Another service offered to local schools is a reading group aimed at encouraging the more able and enthusiastic readers to develop their abilities to review and discuss books. At present, we are working with children in five local schools and this project really feels exciting as youngsters share their own love of books, laying down the foundations for a lifetime of reading to enhance their futures in so many ways.

he Bookcase – is a friendly independent book shop in the village of Lowdham that has enjoyed providing a first rate service to customers for more than seventeen years.

Many years ago, our shop was described as ‘more than just a book shop’ and that has become an important ethos by which the business is run. In many ways The Bookcase is integral to the local community and reaches out to schools throughout the county. Over the years we have been thrilled to welcome a number of popular writers and speakers both at the Lowdham Festival and at ‘one-off’ events. These vary in size from a handful of enthusiasts at a minority interest talk to an audience of 600 people at Southwell Minster to hear Michael Morpurgo read his popular children’s novel ‘War Horse’. The Bookcase works in partnership with Nottingham Playhouse and the Theatre Royal which gives us the opportunity to host large events with popular speakers. Every month we host a ‘First Friday’ event here in Lowdham that attracts audiences to hear speakers on wide-ranging topics. Please do take a look at our website www. for details of future ‘First Friday’ lectures. At the shop we have a dedicated team of book sellers working alongside proprietor

The Movers & Shakers

The majority of books, though, can be with us in the shop the day after they are ordered and it is always a thrill to ring a customer to say they book they ordered just yesterday is now available for collection! We also offer an ‘Out of Print’ book search service to customers, finding the best value books to meet our customers’ criteria. Books for children have never been more exciting or delightful and our junior book stock caters for all ages from babies’ first books to teen reads with everything in between. The Bookcase is proud to claim the most comprehensive collection of local books in the county of Nottinghamshire. This collection is available both in the shop and as an online service at www. We are always keen to hear of new books relevant to the county The business also offers a professional service to schools in providing books to support teaching and the national curriculum. Help and advice are always available, complemented by a quick efficient

In recent years, the rise in popularity of adult Reading Groups has made quite a social impact. At The Bookcase, we offer advice on titles as well as discounts for Reading Groups who buy their books from us. There are also occasional author events that are particularly interesting to those who share a love of books with fellow bibliophiles. Again – see the website for further information and for books recommended by the staff here. Most of all, those who work at The Bookcase and those who have become much-valued customers and friends share a love of books and all things literary, finding joy in reading and recommending those works. If you love books, there will definitely be something of interest for you at The Bookcase and we look forward to welcoming new customers and old friends alike to share in our magnificent obsession!

By Kate Tyler


ntroducing … The Movers and Shakers – an exciting marketing and social media master-class that begins in Nottingham in September. The Movers and Shakers is a focused master-class programme designed for decision makers, business owners and marketing managers interested in moving their brand to the next level. Over a six month period you will learn how your marketing and social media campaigns can be accelerated and how your business can achieve the recognition it deserves. Find out exactly how to deploy the latest marketing tools and digital techniques to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all touch points. It doesn’t matter what you sell, you have to know how to connect, communicate your message, position and package yourself and your business for the highest perceived value, as

well as use the internet to drive leads and sales properly.

and they’re both keen to share the secrets of brand buzz.

Run by Kate Tyler from Shake Social and Shamshad Walker from Shamshad Walker marketing, this is something totally new for the East Midlands. Both Shamshad and Kate are passionate about local business

From guerrilla marketing techniques to sending things viral, the six month course will be packed with winning strategies. Find out more at www.themoversandshakers. or follow @themovershaker on Twitter

A Blooming Marvellous Idea!


he latest in a long line of creative activities in the Creative Quarter has been launched by the installation of a double bed filled with meadow turf – a ‘wildflower bed’. The ‘wildflower bed’ represents the seedlings of a new project and was made by two Nottingham creative entrepreneurs, one is a horticulturist and the other is an artisan. It is based at Hockley Square where Carlton Street, Broad Street, Heathcoat Street, Goosegate and Stoney Street meet. Horticulturist, Helen Taylor is a landscape designer and artisan, Sarah Manton, specialises in intricate paper-cut artworks. The two women put their heads together to create Articulture, a project where art and horticulture meet, in order to enhance the retail area of the Creative Quarter and turn flowers into footfall. Sarah Manton understands the impact of a great idea on the creative community, having already been an enthusiastic participant of the Creative Quarter PopUp Centre, which saw the transformation of a vacant shop into a successful market

place for a vast array of Nottingham designer- makers. She says, “We hope that Articulture is going to be an exciting and enjoyable collaborative process for everyone. Over the next few days we will be visiting retailers, talking to them about how creating a trail of flowers, urban gardening features and horticulture-inspired artworks will encourage visitors to stay and spend. “We are lucky in the CQ to have so many fabulous independent outlets and creative thinkers. We are hoping that working together; they will all see their businesses ‘grow’.” Working in partnership with Sarah is Helen Taylor, a horticultural consultant who works to enrich the built environment through the design and installation of green space. She says “I am passionate about increasing opportunities for people to connect with nature within the city. Articulture aims to ‘green’ the Creative Quarter for the benefit of visitors, as well as creating a sense of pride for those who run businesses in the area. We are excited about discovering pockets of green activity


that already exist and bringing together the business owners and creative community to enhance the area for all.” The project has received the full support of the Creative Quarter Company and in the next few days, retailers in the area will be receiving a personal invitation to get involved as Sarah and Helen will encourage creative green shoots. The Creative Quarter is Nottingham’s flagship project for economic growth, enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit and is underpinned by The Nottingham Growth Plan. The Creative Quarter covers an area of a third of a square mile and encompasses the historic Lace Market, Nottingham’s former traditional manufacturing centre and Hockley, a thriving independent retail and leisure centre as well as the Sneinton Market and the Island Site. In the meantime, visitors and residents in the Creative Quarter should keep a look out for new displays sprouting up and can follow Articulture’s growth on Twitter @CQArticulture.

Bildurn Open Cobden Terraces


row of unique city-centre buildings, empty for over 20 years, are set for a new lease of life with the opening of Cobden Terraces at a special launch event on Saturday 8 March. Based at the top of Pelham Street in the fast regenerating Creative Quarter, all nine of the units have already been snapped up by tenants, before any official marketing of the project, to create a home to a fascinating mix of new and independent businesses.

The units, which can be used for retail space, as workshops, as studios, or a combination of all three, will create a diverse shopping experience for visitors to Nottingham’s City Centre with some tenants producing and selling their work on the premises. Sean Akins, Managing Director of Bildurn, commented: “We’ve been working on this project for just 7 months and are really excited to open Cobden Terraces. It’s rewarding to be able to bring empty space back into use and support small businesses in an area which is known for its creativity. Urban regeneration projects like these are designed to appeal to those businesses looking for a creative and collaborative space in which their business can grow and thrive.” The terraces opened, with an event, on Saturday 8th March to encourage visitors and shoppers to discover and explore what’s on offer from Nottingham’s latest mini high street. This ranged from quirky home accessories, to vintage and antique items, to boutique fashion and music.

The beautiful Victorian terraces are part of Cobden Chambers, which is made up of Cobden Place, a 9,000 sq foot department store due to open in summer 2014 and Cobden Terraces. Cobden Terraces Developed by Bildurn, The Terraces, offering 9 units over three floors, provide a unique space for independent businesses to design and sell their products. All of the units have been refurbished to offer a blank canvas for tenants but retaining original features and with the installation of key services such as Wi-Fi. And Nottingham’s own Nathan Bainbridge has contributed to the project with his unique street art – a wall mural that extends the length of the courtyard and which will change over time.

Hannah Crackett, Co-Founder of Babes in the Wood, who has taken one of the units at Cobden Terraces said: “We heard about Cobden Chambers through The Hive, Nottingham Trent University’s specialist centre for entrepreneurs. We love the design of our new space and it’s great to be based in a location with such a creative history. The site has a real urban edge with the artwork in the courtyard and we’re really looking forward to the opening.” Three shops will be occupied by creative businesses which were set up through The Hive, Nottingham Trent University’s centre for enterprise and entrepreneurship. They are: mobile phone app company Wiseman Designs, fashion retailer Relm and lifestyle store Cavology. Sean Macaskill, enterprise advisor at The Hive, said: “The opening of Cobden Chambers is a really exciting prospect for Nottingham and we’re thrilled that businesses from The Hive are involved. It’s going to be a great way to showcase some of the city’s most creative, emerging talent and it will provide people in Nottingham with a unique and exciting place to shop.”

New Pub Venture in the Castle Quarter


ecently released figures show people in Nottingham are spending 2.5 per cent more on recreation and culture than they did seven years ago – which is reflected in the city’s dynamic bar and restaurant scene experiencing huge growth following an investment of £2.5 million. Adding to this growth, Magpie Brewery, based in Nottingham, took the lease of a property in Friar Lane in the Castle Quarter area of the city and opened its first flagship public house last month, the Crafty Crow. The new venture has created 11 new jobs in the city and director of Magpie Brewery, Bob Douglas, expects this number to increase as the Crafty Crow becomes more well known. Bob said: “Opening a pub is a natural progression for our company and we wanted to create a unique venue in

this up-and-coming part of the city. The Crafty Crow offers quality, locally sourced food and drink and we have ten real ale hand pulls, ten craft beer taps alongside ‘real’ cider, and our wines and spirits are sourced from independent British suppliers. “The Crafty Crow is a very exciting venture for us and we have received a great response from the people of Nottingham who are welcoming of a new venue that adds to the eclectic mix on offer in the city. If we continue to get great support we plan to open further venues in Nottingham in due course.”

interesting new venue. I wish Bob and his team all the best.” Magpie Brewery was set up in 2006 by three retired friends and is located next to Notts County Football Club. Nottingham has a rich brewing history that dates back to the 18th century and the number of micro-breweries like Magpie is increasing year on year as the demand for locally brewed beer and ale grows.

Property experts at city law firm Nelsons provided the legal advice for the ten-year lease on the property. Mark Jenkinson, of Nelsons, said: “Nottingham is known for its diverse range of pubs and restaurants, and with the other investment going on in the city it’s really positive that Magpie has added such an

Improving Digital Connectivity for Creative Quarter Businesses


new scheme has launched to help provide high speed broadband and office network equipment for businesses located in the Creative Quarter. The new CQ Connect programme is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded scheme that will provide connectivity vouchers business can use to enhance their connection speed and grants to help them purchase additional equipment. The Creative Quarter recently undertook a survey of businesses in the area about their broadband provision. Nearly 70% of responders said their current broadband provision was basic and 90% said they would be interested in applying to this fund to improve their digital connectivity. More than half the businesses also felt that better connectivity would mean they could introduce new products and services.

Councillor Nick McDonald, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Jobs and Growth, said: “The recent survey was a great opportunity to hear opinions on the connectivity issues businesses currently have and what benefit greater broadband provision could have on their development and growth. “Improving digital connectivity for businesses in the Creative Quarter was a key promise for the City Deal to enable entrepreneurship to flourish. I’m really pleased to see the CQ Connect programme launching today, which will have a positive impact on business growth in the Creative Quarter.” CQ Connect is aimed at supporting small and medium sized businesses and is open to non-retail businesses based in the Creative Quarter.


Through the scheme up to £3,000 is available per business for digital vouchers to enhance connectivity speeds, plus a programme of technology grants to help businesses upgrade their office networks to make better use of improved connectivity. Businesses will also be able to collaborate to get improved broadband into their buildings. Craig Chettle, Managing Director of the Confetti Media Group said: “High-speed connectivity is essential for the creative industries and we continue to benefit from having Ultraband. When working on Channel 4’s ‘This is England’, we were able to transfer hours and hours of footage in just a few minutes. CQ Connect is just starting but over time it will be game-changing – it will level the playing field ensuring that businesses in The Creative Quarter can compete with companies in London and further afield.”


op tips to manage your effectively at work and home.

Poor Time Management Causes Stress! By Julie Parry-Jones


Good time management means a healthier life! Time cannot be managed per se, as you can’t speed it up or slow it down. The only thing you can do is manage the way you spend your time. Organizing time is essential for success and a healthy lifestyle. You need to organize yourself to achieve your goals and do the things that you want and need to do, be it in terms of your career, your family or your health. It’s important to use the right resources and stay focused on what you have to do, in order to successfully implement proper time management. Here are a few tips for you. Follow these simple guidelines to efficiently manage time and reach your goals successfully and reduce the damaging effects of stress. - How to Organize Your Time Identify the three most important tasks that will add value to your life. Write a list of all the tasks you do in a week/month. Identify one task ONLY that if you did it all day long would contribute the greatest value to your life and your wellbeing. Now add one more task from your list, and finally a third task, keeping in mind value to your personal wellbeing and health! - Plan Ahead Plan your tasks for the day and know the time frame within which you have to complete them. This will help you see what

you have to do and how much time you will need to do it. Compare this with the time you have in hand and try to organize the tasks properly. - Know Your Priorities Place the most important things at the top of your list and give yourself time to get these things done. On accomplishing the tasks, you will feel that you have done a good job of managing your time. In case, you haven’t completed them, you will realize that the things did not have the right deadline or they weren’t really important. - Have a Routine Try sticking to a certain time frame every day. This will keep you organized and it will be easier to manage time each day. If something unexpected happens or some sort of interruptions take place, it will help you know how to get back on the task. - Stay Organized Stay organized by making choices that will take you closer to your goal and not further away. If you use a computer trying creating documents or files that will help you organize things like exercise, meals. household or work items. This will help you save time when you need to review progress or record results. - Don’t Waste Time It is possible that procrastination and low motivation can get in the way of you accomplishing your goals for the day/ week. Use procrastination in a positive way. Break large projects down into smaller tasks, now do a trade off with yourself, example; I’ll do this 30-40 minute task then I’ll have 5

minutes on Facebook! - Have Extra Personal Time Whenever you plan out your day, keep some time free for yourself! You can use it to relax or have a healthy meal. This will help you focus and find more energy for the rest of the day. - Track Your Time Keep a track of how much time you are spending doing certain tasks. It often happens that you are not spending enough time doing a priority task or that your goals require more time than you had estimated. Eventually, refocus your goals and tasks for the next time. - Use Right Resources Find and stick to one type of system or process that works best for you, to accomplish your goals. Do not spend too much time searching for something new, since you will be wasting time in accomplishing your goals. - Ask For Help If you have lots of tasks to accomplish you may find it useful to delegate or ask for help from someone. Maybe your partner could make the evening meal or your kids could clean their own rooms. You will find plenty of people around you who are willing to support you in your goals; we all need help from time to time. Often you just need to ask! Quote: “The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time” -Robert Kiyosaki

Local travel agent receives prestigious Queen’s Award for International growth


ocal travel agent receives prestigious Queen’s Award for International growth.

Nottingham based travel agent Ann Marie Topham who runs her own homebased travel business as part of leading independent travel company Travel Counsellors, is celebrating after the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise*, the UK’s highest accolade for business success, in recognition of the company’s continued growth and overseas expansion. The independent travel company, which has one of the highest scores in the world for customer loyalty, received the highly respected award for International Trade having successfully brought its unique business model, which focuses on providing customers with the highest levels of personal service, to overseas markets in Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Dubai and most recently expanding into Belgium earlier this year. Ann Marie comments; “I am thrilled the company has received this fantastic accolade. Our international expansion hugely benefits me and my customers as I have access to exclusive products and can draw on the local knowledge and support of fellow Travel Counsellors in eight countries across the globe, offering

my customers a unique level of personal insight into travel destinations worldwide. Plus I have 24/7 support from our global offices, so my customers know I am always available to help them should they need it.” The company, which now has 800 Travel Counsellors like Ann Marie across the UK and a further 500 in its overseas operations, has experienced a growth of 120% since its first overseas launch in Ireland nine years ago. Since joining the company in September 2011 Ann Marie has seen her leisure travel business go from strength to strength.. The award also follows Travel Counsellors being the first, and so far the only, UK travel agency to receive the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2003, which recognised the company’s original and pioneering concept of enabling travel professionals such as Ann Marie to work from home whilst supporting them from the company’s central head office in the UK, which now has over 200 staff and a further 60 plus in its overseas offices.


Social media can be a great networking tool, and a brilliant way of connecting with people locally who you otherwise may not have had the chance to speak with.

For more information or to discuss your future travel plans please contact Ann Marie Topham on 0115 9673634 or email

By Kate Tyler

try #EastMidlandsHour 8-9pm on a Wednesday or #NottsNatter 8-9pm on a Thursday Try using Facebook or Twitter advertising to target local users. It’s a great, cost-effective way of being seen by more of the right people Follow up your local networking events on LinkedIn and keep in touch with the people who matter

Check out these top tips for making the most of social networks at a local level: •

Travel Counsellors continued success has also recently been recognised when the company was listed in the 2014 Sunday Times Profit Track earlier this month.

Ann Marie comments; “I am so proud to be part of a company that has received the Queen’s Award for a second time and that has grown globally because its customers trust the independent, expert, personalised travel advice we provide. I take the time to get to know my clients and their needs to

Keeping The Local Flavour

ere’s the thing. Although social media allows you to converse with people – and potential customers – all over the world, for many small business owners the real people they wish to connect with actually live close by.

find them the perfect trip that’s just right for them. My customers really appreciate the fact that I am always there for them should they need me, something they would not find by booking online, and they can be safe in the knowledge that their money is safe in the Travel Counsellors’ dedicated financial trust fund.”

Use Twitter’s local trends and tools like Twellow (Twitter’s version of Yellow Pages) to see who else is tweeting in your area and what they’re talking about Join in on local networking hours on Twitter – a great way of connecting with other local businesses. For Nottingham,


Try creating a Pinterest board about your local area and invite others to pin on it to create a shared communal space Think visually and give your YouTube channel a local flavour with coverage of your events and matters of interest

Jobs and growth fund is open for business


usinesses and other organisations can now bid for a share of a new annual £1m jobs and growth fund, provided by Nottinghamshire County Council. The Nottinghamshire Economic Development Capital Fund will give £1m for each of the next three years towards initiatives to support job creation in the county. In that time it aims to: • • • • •

Support 40 businesses and organisations Create 200 new jobs Safeguard 150 existing jobs Attract an additional £6m in match funding Improve 20 hectares of business land

The types of projects the fund could support include land or property development, purchasing equipment and machinery or other capital investments needed for expansion. Funding applications will be considered from public sector led schemes, but only

where it can be proved that they will support private sector growth. Grants of over £20,000 are available to invest in capital projects, provided they can provide evidence to show they will create or secure sustainable jobs. The maximum grant available depends on how much is allowed under State Aid rules about how much public money can be used to support a particular business, but it wouldn’t usually be more than £170,000 per company or project. Councillor Diana Meale, Chair of Economic Development Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Creating economic growth and prosperity is a priority for Nottinghamshire County Council. “Whilst London and the south-east is showing signs of growth again following the economic downturn, the recovery in most of the country has been slower to take hold. We hope the new Economic

Development Capital Fund can play a significant role in providing the stimulation needed for Nottinghamshire’s economy to prosper. “There is a strong feeling that local businesses continue to be held back by the continuing lack of access to funding from the banks. We are putting our faith in local enterprise, which we anticipate will generate at least double our investment in match funding alone.” To apply for funding, businesses and organisations will need to make an initial expression of interest by 23 May 2014. Further information and application forms are available at uk/capitalfund Any questions about the fund and the qualifying criteria should be sent by email to . Relevant questions and responses will be published on line to benefit other potential applicants.



n expert personal injury solicitor from Nottingham’s Nelsons Solicitors has challenged the insurance industry’s suggestion that whiplash compensation should be removed altogether.

the Transport Select Committee of the House of Commons launched its own inquiry which suggested that insurers must immediately put their house in order and end practices which encourage fraud and exaggeration.

Partner and solicitor at Nelsons Julie Walker said the proposal to scrap whiplash compensation in a bid to reduce fraudulent claims was unnecessary and would result in innocent people with genuine claims being denied access to justice.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) submitted written evidence as part of that inquiry. Julie added that Nelsons were backing APIL’s campaign to reduce fraudulent whiplash claims while protecting the rights of injured parties.

Her reaction comes after several national insurance companies have called for the complete removal of damages paid to whiplash victims and have questioned the value of personal injury solicitors in such claims.

She said: “We’re supporting APIL’s decision to fight any attempt to remove compensation altogether for whiplash victims. A whiplash injury can be very painful and the side effects can last for many months and sometimes years. Why should someone who is genuinely injured through no fault of their own be denied compensation?

Julie said: “Whiplash claims have fallen in the last year. It is not the major problem the insurance industry would have us believe. In any event, all organisations and lawyers involved in whiplash claims work together to combat fraud in the system. Removing solicitors would have the opposite effect. It would take away a vital barrier to fraudulent claims which could potentially increase their frequency.” Following the announcement of a Government consultation on the number and costs of whiplash claims,

“There are several things that can be done to tackle the fraudulent claims which sometimes arise, such as making information on fraud freely available to all parties to help identify fraudsters, and making those who are claiming compensation subject to a legally binding statement of truth”. “All of these small things could help to solve the problem – a much better solution than abolishing compensation for genuine victims.”

what’s on: MaY Creative Arts


11th May Katy Perry Live Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

15th May at 18:00 Nottingham Creative Intellectual Property Project Bonnington building, Nottingham Trent University, City Cite, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LS

17th May WWE Live 2014 Capital FM Arena, Nottingham 28th May Little Mix Live Capital FM Arena, Nottingham 14th May at 18:30 Underworld Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham 17th May at 19:00 New Art Club: Hercules Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham 23rd, 24th and 31st May Music at Nottingham Contemporary Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham

Business 8th May at 07.45 Gedling Business Partner Networking Home Bar, Arnold, Nottingham 8th May at 09:00 Managing Poor Performance and Misconduct Attenna, Nottingham 8th May at 19:30 Make Up by Jenni Masterclass The Nottingham Gateway Hotel

25th May at 19:00 Nottingham Theatre Dance 2014 Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham

14th May at 12:00 The Athena Network Nottingham Launch Event The Beeches Hotel, Nottingham

10th May Mentallicca & Megadeth UK Rock City, Nottingham

28th May at 09:00 Networking at Nottingham Playhouse Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham

12th May West Side Story Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

30th May at 09:00 Nottingham Women’s Multi Passionate Business Conference Cowlick Hall Hotel

19th May Derren Brown - Infamous Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Health & Wellbeing 10th May at 09:00 The Power of Self Esteem Law & Social Sciences, Nottingham

20th May at 19:30 10 Tips on How to Understand Men Antenna, Nottingham 23rd May at 08:00 Emergency First Aid At Work Nottingham, NG8 5PN 21st May at 09:30 Ageless & Amazing Workshop David Lloyd, Aspley

Sports 3rd May at 12:15 Nottingham Forest vs Brighton City Ground, Nottingham 3rd May at 15:00 Bristol R vs Mansfield Field Mill, Mansfield 10th May at 12:15 Ladies Day at Nottingham Racecourse Nottingham 24th May The Milk Race 2014 Nottingham 31st May Nottingham Festival of Tennis Aegon Trophy & Aegon Challenge 2014 Nottingham 31st May Nottingham Triathlon 2014 Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham | iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE | Page 29

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