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SOCIAL Hello there! So you are the Social personality? You tend to like socializing with others, are usually responsible, humanistic, and concerned with the welfare of others. Considering you are sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings, you enjoy company and make friends easily. Your empathy skills and the ability to identify emotional signals allows you to recognize when an individual may be in crisis. You usually express yourself well, get along with others, like attention, and seek situations allowing them to be at or near the center of a group. When faced with a situation, you prefer to solve problems by discussions with others or by arranging or rearranging relationships. Having little interest in situations requiring physical exertion or working with machinery, you would sometimes describe yourself as cheerful, popular, achieving, and a good leader.


Social careers often focus on warm glow that comes from helping other people. People in social jobs are called upon daily to work closely with other people and help them solve their problems. They frequently have an opportunity to see the results of how their actions helped others. They usually have coworkers who are like themselves, both warm and supportive of each other. They make each other feel wanted, have great respect for each other’s abilities, and have many opportunities for close interpersonal relationships within the career field.




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Teacher, Clergy, Coach, Therapist, Nurse, Counselor, Sociologist, Physical Therapist, Librarian, Parole Officer, Athletic Trainer

Nursing, Christian Education, Counseling, Biblical Studies, Social Science and Education

outgoing and sociable understanding of others very cooperative and patient tactful in various situations skilled with words in both writing and socializing • concerned about the welfare of others • enjoys communicating, listening and relating to others • buys big cars, nice clothes, country club memberships 46

You Are What You Do  

Detailed book relating personality type to career choice.

You Are What You Do  

Detailed book relating personality type to career choice.