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During Shoreditch Fringe Festival, people who make it possible are interviewed in the kitchen & living-room of the Boulevardiers. They bring objects related to their projects. We drink wine and we talk. Excuse my Fringe. @fashionistoblog

Paul from Bar Music Hall & Paris Wells, Aussie rising star

How did you two meet? Online Promotion Paris: how comes an Aussie decides to move to London? Well I think artistic Aussies simply get the urge to leave the Island and come to the mother land in hope of finding a new creative energy

Space Invaders

Paul: what's the story of Bar Music Hall? Bar Music Hall is a universal creative open plan space that showcases all aspects of a creative world alongside a CafĂŠ Society during the day.

Paris in a mirror

Paris: imagine you meet Boris Vian in a cafĂŠ; what's the first sentence you say? Hello, I would like to invent new words with

Bar Music Hall

Paul: you're a DJ sometimes; when are you going to remix one of Paris' song? I do DJ yes and have a lot of amazing music coming out very soon so I’d love to remix a track, but not sure one is on offer yet Paris wink wink

Paul and Paris on a polka dots sofa

How would you describe Shoreditch in few words? It’s like Charly and the Chocolate factory

Paris & Paul

Š Hit Bag / The Boulevardiers 2012

Paris on the rocks

Paris Wells & Paul from Bar Music Hall  

An interview of Aussie star Paris Wells and Paul from Bar Music Hall, during shoreditch fringe festival