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Sweets and Treats! No sleepover would be complete without pleanty of sugery sweets and temping treats to nibble on. Make sure you stock up on plenty of these!

Pampering... Make the most of hanging out with the girls; get out those face-masks and nail polish and pamper your friends! This Wild Strawberry Face Mask will leave your skin not only feeling soft, but smelling great! Team it with this gorgous indigo Barry M nail paint. Both available from Boots.

Cute PJs! Feel comfy and look fab with some super cute PJ’s. Every sleepover needs a bit of comfort! These pyjamas are from New Look and are just £12.99!

Movies... Girly movies are a must-have for sleepovers. Chick flicks such as ‘Mean Girls’ are bound to get you giggling and gossiping all night.



January 2011


Makeovers! Experiment on your friends with new make-up styles and hair-do’s. Check out The Make-up Guide on page 6 for




over Essentials!


Ice Cream... Treat your friends with Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream! Some of our favourite flavours are ‘Caramel Chew Chew’, ‘Phish Food’ and ‘Cookie Dough’.

Music! we lov e


Turn the tunes up and get singing along! We love the new Glee album, packed with all the best songs from Season One, it’s bound to get you bopping in no time! Avaliable from HMV for £8.99


Candles... Get your boudoir smelling nice and looking gorgeous by lighting some candles. Scented candles are great whilst pampering!

Camera! Dont forget to take lots of photographs to remember your night. Why not start a friendship photo album to share your memories?

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Complete your girlie night with the latest issue of Mademoiselle. Offering up advice on boy’s and make-up tips, what more could a girl want? M January 2011


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mademoiselle 20 January 2011 Makeovers! Sweets and Treats! Pampering... Cute PJs! Movies... Feel comfy and look fab with some super cute PJ’...