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by Esmi Gonzalez

Americans put in more working hours than our counterparts in England, France and Germany. Working long hours, running a household and taking care of family can take a toll on us physically and mentally. Our workspace and living space is a picture of our physical and mental state. It’s a fact clutter causes stress and anxiety and costs money and time. A healthy lifestyle is about a healthy environment both at the office and at home. I have found in my experience as a Professional Organizer that a cluttered office can have a domino effect on productivity. When you spend several hours a week looking for a file, a contract, meeting notes or your expense report to name a few, you are wasting time, which may cause you to miss deadlines and maybe loose clients which in turn is lost income. That is not the result anyone is looking for. I have personally worked with a client who lost 70 pounds over a year’s time. She originally hired me to help her organize her business home office. Once that was completed and she saw the results and the peace it brought her we moved onto the rest of her home. That was 3 years ago and she has still kept the clutter down and the weight off. Most people are very aware their cluttered office causes them stress. Yet they put it off because they don’t know where to begin or the clutter is so bad they are overwhelmed. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started and hopefully bring peace and health back into your

life. Your clutter did not happen overnight so don’t expect it will be cleared in one day, plan on a few days to make this happen. • Block out time in your very busy calendar to take care of you (if you play golf or have time for a Spurs’ game you have time in your calendar) • Ask for help, maybe it’s your assistant, a co-worker or a family member and then pay it forward • Have small to medium size boxes on hand – for recycle, donate and shredding • Break down your office into “small jobs”; stick to one file cabinet, one book shelf, your desk, one at a time • Stay focus, do not jump from one end of the office to the other – finish what you are working on until it’s completed • Recycle old paperwork and equipment that is no longer in working condition • Shred important paperwork • Donate any furniture or office equipment you are not using • Work on updating your filing system – file, label and store old paperwork in storage bins or banker boxes and place them in a closet and only keep current information within reach Doing just a few of these steps will make a big difference in your stress level plus it may help you lose a few LB’s! Organizing is not a once and done all, it’s on going like any other task or chore.BBM

I enjoy helping people and seeing the end result, an organized space and a happily satisfied less stressed client! I am the principal of Sort It Out, Professional Organizing Solutions. Some of our services include organizing any room in the home, downsizing, merging of two households, preparing a home for the real estate market and so much more. Serving San Antonio, Boerne and New Braunfels. Organization is a big part of life editing and I’d like help you sort it out! Esmi Gonzalez, Professional Organizer, Certified AIOP / Principal Sort It Out, LLC (210) 818-8250 | SORTITOUTSA.COM

Jackies Cove, Boerne $449,500 FOR SALE

No Le Hace, Fair Oaks Ranch $378,500



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