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by Esmi Gonzalez

So it’s a new year and like most Americans the two most popular resolutions are losing weight and saving money. But guess what; organizing is high on our lists! Time management and paper clutter seem to be in the Top 10 for most people whether you work in an office or run a household. The reality is organizing is a work in progress. Organizing systems will always be tweaked or altered due to our changing schedules, or a life change such as a new job, a new baby or a move. The number one rule in organizing in my opinion is “Everything has a home.” Find a place for your belongings where they make sense for you, not where everyone else may think makes sense. There are many tools to help you get organized in the digital world. Yes, they can be time consuming to set up and there are so many category options to choose from. Experiment and see what works for you. It’s not unusual to use both digital tools and other forms, like paper for certain categories. Here are four of the most common areas where people need help in staying organized in everyday life or for their jobs. To-Do-List: A few good digital options are; Todoist – works on any device; – works on Google Chrome, Android & iOS and Wunderlist - Windows, iPhone, iPad and Kindle. All apps are free and have upgrades for a minimal charge. Calendar: This category has so many forms to stay organized and on time, wall calendars, book form and online like Google Calendar which can be shared with family or co-workers. Phone calendars sync to all devices and can also be

shared by others. Cloud Storage: Online storage, what a concept! Tools like Dropbox, Picasa and Google Drive, all allow you to create documents and then store them in the cloud. Great for sharing documents and photos with others. You can retrieve documents or photos from any device anywhere. Password Keeper: This is the biggest headache for most of us. Keeping the information safe is a big concern and being able to put our hands on them at a moment’s notice is key. Try LastPass, an awardwinning app! You only have to remember one password, the LastPass master password. Offline access to your data via the browser extensions and the mobile apps. Sync all of your passwords and logins across all of your computers and devices. LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information remains safe. Like most apps, upgrades available. Staying organized starts with creating and maintaining habits which adds structure and routines to your day. Technology can play a big role when using the right tools that make sense for you.BBM Esmi Gonzalez, Professional Organizer, Certified AIOP / Principal Sort It Out, LLC (210) 818-8250 SORTITOUTSA.COM


Boerne Business Monthly - January 2015  
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