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In SSCCs and Faulty Forums Andy Gibson and Denza Gonsalves Students responded:

Student Chairs were: 

Supported by the Learning and Teaching Coordinator.

Senior Course Reps who received training in how to chair and had attended SSCCs in the past.

Chosen as a pair so they could support each other.

Introduced to the staff in the room so they could direct course representative comments where appropriate.

Provided with feedback to improve their chairing skills.

Student Chairs could:

Be paired with a staff member as a co-chair to give support and boost confidence.

Play a role in setting the agenda.

They felt confident in the ability of the chair to be fair and consistent. They noticed a change in the atmosphere to more of a dialogue. They felt equal to the chair and that encouraged them to speak. They liked the way the chairs responded to their ideas and issues.

I felt a different atmosphere in the room with a student Chairing. It felt more like a conversation, like a dialogue, then an exercise. - Andy Gibson

Top Tips for selecting a student chair: 

Student Chairs should be confident speakers as they will need to respond to each person in the room.

Make sure the student chair is organised, has a copy of the agenda in advance, and is familiar with the forum they are chairing (SSCC, Faculty Forum or Board of Study)

Choose a chair who has shown themselves to be fair and just, and who has shown respect for the opinions of both students and staff.

Select someone who has often suggested ideas and opinions as they will know what it is like to present these to a room of students and staff. They will also understand the issues students are bringing forward.

Make sure your chair has undertaken Senior Course Rep Meeting and Chairing training. Feel free to send them to KUSU for a re-fresher session before the meeting.

Pair your student chair with a staff chair for support before, during and after the event. The staff chair can be a great mentor to the student chair and it increases partnership.

For more information: Michelle Morgan, SEC Learning and Teaching Coordinator: Andy Gibson: Denza Gonsalves:

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