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One difference between the intro to Casino Royale is all filmed in black and white, whereas the other opening title scene is filmed in colour. This makes us expect that the black and white film is quite old fashioned and the other opening sequence is a lot more modern. Using black and white could make people imagine that the film could possibly be a thriller. However, the modern version could create more suspense because we aren’t too sure what is going to happen. This one is set in an urban area – in a city. Knowing this is a city, it indicates that it is a very busy place where lots of things take place. Also, all the women are wearing pretty clothes. However, most of the men shown in this clip are wearing suits which could insinuate that they are business men. The woman look sophisticated and the men look smart. This suggests that the women and men could be quite similar.

In contrast, the other clip is also has the setting of a city but instead of it being a very busy city, to begin with it seems extremely empty as there is only two men in the big building which creates tension towards an audience. Later on in the clip, it shows a cricket match where it is much busier and shows woman and men but mainly men. The camera always focuses on men and includes close ups of the men’s faces. This clip suggests that men are more likely to be criminals than women are. Also, some of the men are wearing suits but many other men are just wearing casual clothes. This suggests that the men wearing clothing. Therefore, the people wearing smarter wear could been seen as intimidating.

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