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“Abandoned, not forgotten.” Urbex stands for Urban Exploration, the rediscovery of the abandoned parts of human life. Places that still hold shadows of the past and that contain rich histories just waiting to be explored. This is at the heard of Urbex Club, the thrill of rediscovering the once known places. Where others see decay and something to be discarded and forgotten urban explorers see the beauty of the natural breaking down of man-made constructions, they see history and wonder about the unknown people who came before them. The concept behind the club is that those abandoned parts of human life are not forgotten. By being located at various abandoned locations around the world Urbex allows patrons to explore and learn about these places in a unique environment. It is above all a place for adventurers, for those who come to explore the stories behind the buildings. The packaging system was designed to echo the natural decay and breakdown of the man-made. Textures of rust, chipping and peeling paint, water damaged cement, and crumbling walls were applied to the packaging to give it an abandoned decaying feel, The boxes are stackable with images of doors, windows, vents, and pipes allowing them to be displayed in a way that abstractly mirrors the building they are in. The menu system was designed to look like the signage that would be hanging in an abandoned building, such as old industrial, warning, and no trespassing signs.

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