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This is a book of Advertisements From the mind of Lauren Sines

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About. 2

Lauren Sines Education University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri: Dec. 2014

Bachelor of Journalism: Emphasis in Strategic Communications Minor in Sociology, Multicultural Certificate

Work Experience Assistant Account Strategist

May 2013 - Present

Influence & Co., Columbia, Missouri • Worked with the president to strategically re-brand the company. • Overhauled the branding design of the company and created a new logo and detailed brand standards. • Designed presentation materials for meetings with international corporations. • Brain-stormed article topics to position clients and build their influence as thought leaders.

Marketing Specialist Jan. 2012 - Present YMCA Camp Wapsie, Coggon, Iowa • Designed brochures and pamphlets to promote YMCA Camp Wapsie programs with a circulation of 10,000. • Collaborated with camp director and director of marketing to create new promotional materials. • Gained experience following branding guidelines.

Journalism Research Assistant

Technical Skills InDesign Illustrator Photoshop HTML/CSS

Awards & Recognition

Oct. 2011- May 2012

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri • Researched gender roles and objectification in the media. • Conducted content analysis of more than 400 samples and data analysis using SPSS.

Field Researcher May 2013 - Aug. 2013 Missouri Hunger Project, Columbia, Missouri • Conducted research around the state of Missouri under a USDA grant in conjunction with five Mizzou academic departments. Aquatic Lead Nov. 2011 - Present MizzouRec, Columbia, Missouri • Oversaw lifeguarding staff of 75. • Managed risk in and around aquatic center. • Provided customer service to patrons of all ages.

Camp Counselor June 2010- Aug. 2011 YMCA Camp Wapsie, Coggon, Iowa • Effectively managed emergency medical situations • Planned and supervised camp games and activities for 200+ children. • Handled complaints and sought out ways to improve camp services.

Olivia Coates Journalism Scholarship Mark Twain Scholarship Dean’s List - All semesters Dr. Ralph Plagman Leadership Scholarship

“Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature.”



This is a product campaign. 4

Zippo Rationale for Subway campaign Zippo lighters have always been the standard for refillable lighters. There is little question about their durability and practicality. However, the classic lighter has fallen off the radar of many consumers. This campaign focuses on reintroducing people to the classic durability and effortless style of Zippo lighters. The campaign uses individuality and style to convey the message that Zippos are more than just lighters; they are an extension of those who own them. The advertisements may first be perceived as for a fashion designer. Drawn in by the stunning visuals, the intelligent, hip and successful target market will appreciate the wit of the advertisement when they take it in for a moment longer and discover the brand. The 20-35 year old male audience will relate to the idea that their in-your-face boldness is what makes them who they are. The Zippo lighter is more than a lighter, it’s the key to truly expressing individuality.



Unmatchable style.


Unapologetically unique.

Video: Close up of unique men’s shoes. ANNCR: They’re not Music: Understated and upbeat. :02

Video: Pan out to see another well-dressed man in an urban setting. ANNCR: just some hat. Music: Understated slightly more indie. :04

Video: Pan out to well-dressed man holding a cigarette (not smoking) with little interest in the camera. ANNCR: just shoes. Music: Understated and upbeat. :04

Video: Group of fashionable men walking towards the camera. ANNCR: Your style is bold but refined. Music: Understated slightly more urban.

Video: Group continues walking towards camera.



ANNCR: Never apologize for perfectly balancing form and function. Music: Understated slightly more urban.

Video: Close up of layered clothing.

Video: Pan out to man welldressed man walking down alley.

Video: Close up of unique man in hat.

ANNCR: It’s not just a Music: Understated and a little darker.

ANNCR: a blazer. Music: Understated and a little darker.

ANNCR: And it’s definitely not Music: Understated and slightly more indie.




Video: Fashionable man walking away. He casually flips open and lights his Zippo by his side. SFX: Click of Zippo and sound of flame. ANNCR: (after SFX) We never have. :05

Zippo Lighters TV :30 Never Apologize

Go ahead, flip it open.

Go ahead, flip it open.

Go ahead, flip it open.

Text starts at the top and slowly floats towards lighter as page scrolls. White circle shows user where to click as their cursor approaches the ad.


We bet you’re a Jack Daniels kind of guy.

After the user clicks, the lighter flips open expanding outside of the skyscraper. It shows a theme based on their unique search history.

More than a lighter, it’s an extension of you.

Lighter flips in a circle and closes. Zippo logo appears.

This guerrilla advertisement would consist of giant lighters in place of the traditional lights in subway tunnels. They would look like real fire and the flame would lean with the gust of wind from the subway, but not go out. Above the lighters the Zippo logo would be on the tunnel walls. This campaign is placed in a high-visibility area along many of the target-market’s commute. However, it leaves traditional subway advertising in the dust by creating interest and whimsy.


This is a service campaign. 12

Kayak Planning a vacation should never feel like a nagging task on a to-do list. The Kayak “Venture on” campaign focuses on captivating the audience based on the elements of human curiosity and wanderlust. It is meant to get people thinking about all of the different places there are to see in the world. Kayak’s website and mobile application make it easy for anyone to find the best deals and easily plan their next adventure. By positioning the brand as time and cost effective, it shows the target market of young college students and professionals (20-35) that they can focus on the fun stuff, like deciding wear to go and what to pack. “Venture on” uses unique visuals to grab the attention of the audience, and the conversational tone keeps them engaged in the advertisements.


Why do we venture? Maybe it’s about broadening horizons. About getting out there and seeing something new. Or taking unexpected turns and making memories. Waking up with the promise of seeing a new place is a feeling that is impossible to recreate. Sometimes traveling isn’t about the journey, its about being there. Let Kayak focus on the logistics while you focus on the finding the adventure. Kayak works differently than other travel sites. Our extremely efficient website and mobile app do the work for you by comparing prices from major travel sites to provide you the information to make the best decision. It couldn’t be easier. So go on, start brainstorming. Your next adventure is just a click away.

Venture Find a vacation worth bragging on. about.


How many mountain ranges are there? It’s been said that there are too many mountain ranges in the world to count them all. It makes you wonder how many peaks there must be, and about all the people who live on those ranges. What do they eat? How do they dress? Is it possible to get tired of the view? Don’t let curiosity be the end of your exploration. Kayak makes it easy to get out there and explore the world yourself. By comparing hundreds of travel sites for you, Kayak takes the headache out of traveling and lets you focus on figuring out which hemisphere is calling your name. So go on, start brainstorming. Your next adventure is only a click away.

What mountain range would you most like to see? Tweet @kayak the name and location using that hashtag #ventureon for a chance to win a trip for four to check it out yourself.

Venture on.


KAYAK.COM :30 Radio “To-do list” PRODUCTION NOTES: KATIE’S VOICE IS YOUNG BUT CONFIDENT. YOU CAN HEAR A HINT OF EXHAUSTION IN HER VOICE. ANNOUNCER’S VOICE IS OLDER, MENTORSOUNDING AND ALSO A FEMALE. SFX: AMBIENT OFFICE NOISES IN DISTANT BACKGROUND: PHONES RINGING, TYPING NOISES ON KEYBOARDS KATIE: (as if reading a list) Get out of bed, brush hair, drink coffee, get in car, go to work, tie shoes, eat lunch. ANNOUNCER: 50% of people admit to writing down tasks on their to-do list that they have already done just so they can cross them off. Admit it, you’ve done it too. Maybe its time to pull out that to-do list and add “take a vacation” to the list. With, planning a vacation is painless. We automatically compare prices on flights, hotels and rental cars from over 100 travel sites and show you the best deals. By eliminating the stress and time required to take a vacation, we make finding time to relax even easier. So go ahead, add it to your to-do list, head to, and then triumphantly cross it off. Kayak. Venture on.


Kayak 55 North Water Street, Suite 1 Norwalk, CT 06854 For more information, contact: Lauren Sines Director of Media Relations Office: (555) 555-5555 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE KAYAK takes home gold at the Travolution Awards 2013 NORWALK, Conn. – (Oct. 24, 2013) On Oct. 17, Kayak won two major titles at the 2013 Travolution Awards in London, taking home top honors in the categories of Best Mobile App as well as Best Meta Search/Price Comparison Website. The annual awards are considered by many as the standard for excellence in the online travel distribution, digital marketing and technology industries. Each year, a panel of experienced industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs judge the United Kingdombased awards. They focus on rewarding companies and individuals who concentrate on innovation and quality of service. “We have always wanted to shake up the online travel industry,” said Kayak CEO Steve Halfner. “By never being afraid to innovate, we have accomplished some pretty unique things. These awards acknowledge our dedication to creating positive customer experiences.” Kayak’s win in the Best Mobile App category was awarded based on the originality of design and features, level of innovation, evidence of success and overall user experience. The introduction of the functionality to search more than 100 travel sites at once, was announced as reason Kayak was selected to win the Best Meta Search/Price Comparison Website category. Paul English, Kayak chief technology officer, said that industry awards are only one piece of the puzzle, “Our main goal has always been to make traveling fun and planning a trip simple.” More information about the Travolution Awards and a complete list of winners can be found by visiting