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Sissy This 2-month-old kitten was adopted in June 2017.

Our Mission We are an unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes.

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From the President and Chairman of the Board

Slade Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, for his many contributions to the field of animal welfare, he received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Connecticut, College of Agriculture and the National Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Humane Association. Arthur’s service and personal commitment exemplifies our mission today: Dear Friends, The Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) has a rich legacy of service to animals dating back to its founding in 1899. Remarkably, over these past 118 years, it has been led by only eight Presidents; with three individuals, Anna Harris Smith, Carlton Buttrick, and Arthur G. Slade, each serving as president for 28 years. This spring we mourned the loss of one of these pillars of ARL with the passing of Arthur G. Slade, President Emeritus. During his 41-year tenure at ARL, Arthur was a tireless advocate and unwavering champion for animals in need. Arthur served as ARL’s President for 28 years (19772005), as ARL’s Vice President for 1 year, and as Director of Operations for 12 years. At ARL’s 100th anniversary celebration, Arthur was presented with the Anna Harris Smith Award. Upon his retirement from ARL in 2005, he was the first recipient of the Arthur G.


An unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes. Our work, to address the root causes of animal cruelty and abuse, to enact strong laws that protect animals, and to bring veterinary and support services to animals and communities most in need, is built on the strong foundation of the people, leaders, staff, volunteers, and supporters who have come before us. One key building block of this foundation is the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society, comprised of passionate supporters who have included ARL in their estate plans. Today one third of our annual operating budget comes from the income generated by these compassionate individuals who supported animal welfare during their lifetime and planned for this support to be perpetuated well into the future.

You will see on page 8, a profile of one of our recent and most generous legacy donors, Irene Roman, whose gift will benefit countless animals for generations to come. Irene was a committed philanthropist who gave generously throughout her life to so many community issues and left a legacy that will care for children, community, and animals into the future. In the pages that follow, you will also see our vision in action; to keep animals safe and healthy in the communities where they live — in homes and out of shelters. In 2016 we realized this vision through the positive impact achieved for nearly 18,000 animals. We do not do this work alone. Without the support of our volunteers and donors none of this would be possible. We sincerely thank you for your contributions and hope you will join us as we strive to reach more animals in need in 2017. Sincerely,

Mary Nee President

Malcolm McDonald Board Chair

ARTHUR G. SLADE ARL President, 1977-2005

“Mr. Slade was very passionate about animal advocacy. He was very well-respected in our field.”

“His compassion shone through in everything that he said and did.”

“He was a true role model. I strive to be more like Arthur every day.”

Lt. Alan Borgal,

Beverly Hardcastle,

Lisa Lagos,

ARL Investigations Specialist

BVC Practice Administrator

ARL Dedham Shelter Manager


Vision in Action I N 2016, A RL AD O PTE D A NE W VIS ION FOR THE FUTURE The overarching objective of this vision is our hope that, “Animals are safe and healthy in the communities where they live.” Over the past year we have realigned our programs and priorities in order to realize this vision. The following are just a few examples of our “vision in action.” Please follow us on our website and social media to learn more about the new initiatives underway to achieve this vision.



animal cruelty and neglect at its root causes

people and animals where they are — bringing veterinary and wellness services to those who need it most

✔ Initiated investigation of the Northeast’s largest case of farm animal abuse in Westport MA; with the help of partner organizations, 1,400 animals were rescued. ✔ Lobbied for The Act to Prevent Animal Suffering and Death; enacted in July 2016 the new law strengthens emergency response for animals left in vehicles and reduces outdoor tethering periods. ✔ Identified issues of animals in greatest need in Codman Sq., Dorchester; subsequently launched the Healthy Animals/Healthy Communities Initiative in this neighborhood.


✔ Organized emergency vaccine clinic in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. ✔ Opened a community surgical clinic at the Dedham campus to address the veterinary needs of community cats. ✔ Hire a dedicated Community Cats Rescue Agent to address community cat needs through rescue and veterinary services for cats and, support for colony caretakers. ✔ Expanded Spay Waggin service in New Bedford and Martha’s Vineyard.



for continuous improvement and program innovation

to leverage even greater impact and positive outcomes for animals

✔ Launched Healthy Moms/Healthy Litters program; a free spay and neuter program for surrendered litters and returned moms.

✔ Participated in the drafting of the Animal Cruelty & Protection Task Force report which was submitted to the MA legislature.

✔ Began to survey all clients at intake to identify opportunities to prevent surrenders.

✔ Partnered on a statewide campaign to pass ballot question #3, protecting farm animals.

✔ Created Feline MOD Squad in Boston and Dedham to socialize cats and increase adoptions.

✔ Provided training for over 150 ACO’s, state and police officers on the new tethering & confinement law for dogs in hot and cold vehicles.

✔ Launched Too Hot for Spot, a public awareness campaign to educate about the dangers of animals left in hot cars.


2016 Impact Report 2016 saw the kickoff of the ARL’s first strategic plan, which will set forth a new direction for the organization and its updated mission: Unwavering Champion for Animals in Need, Keeping them Safe and Healthy in Habitats and Homes. Thanks to your support, below you will see some key indicators where we are gaining

Total animals served in 2016:


ground and making impact towards achieving our mission.












Animals from Westport confiscated and cared for at ARL


Counts of animal cruelty resulting in guilty or probation findings from assisted cases



Animals rescued from the Northeast’s largest case of farm animal abuse in Westport, MA


2016 Top Wins in Animal Advocacy




“Too Hot for Spot” becomes law

Rabies quarantine reduced from 6 to 4 months

(protecting animals from extreme weather)

Farm ballot initiative passes

4 Passed City of Boston ordinance prohibiting puppy sales

Positive Outcomes From Our Work Include…

Tethering of dogs, reduced to


5 hours


of MA voters vote YES on Farm Ballot


signatures for Farm Ballot










emergency vaccines for owned cats in Mattapan after panleukopenia outbreak

95 cats in trees rescued


community cat feeders supplied with food from food drives

dogs spayed/neutered

$5K in funding for Pet Care

3,988 cats


workshops for pet owners in Codman Square




live release rate

169 puppies



transferred from southern states for adoption







mobile adoptions held in Dedham


volunteer hours are equivalent to full-time staff






Hug Them Today, Help Them Tomorrow


Dear Friends, I am always grateful for those who remember ARL in their estate plans. Most bequests we receive come from donors whose involvement with ARL dates back to an earlier era and unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet and thank them for their legacy gift. That is not the case here. Irene Roman, who passed away in March of 2016, was a friend. I knew her for over thirty years in her many capacities as a Dorchester neighborhood champion, including her long-time Presidency of the Dorchester Historical Society. Irene was a lifelong resident of Dorchester and a graduate of Girl’s Latin School. She earned Bachelor and Master Degrees from Boston University and a Doctorate from Boston College. She taught Italian language at Radcliffe College, Northeastern, Quincy College and the Newton School System and, most recently, was a professor at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UMass Boston. Her academic achievements are substantial but they pale in terms to the person she was: dignified, elegant, thoughtful, and compassionate. Irene was deeply curious and would seek me out to have long conversations about my work


and community conditions. I so welcomed these talks and I left each one buoyed by her spirit and intelligence. She generously left ARL a gift of $1.5 million and also left similar gifts to five other Boston-based charities. Her philanthropy, like her life, reflected her love of community, children and animals.

By joining the Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society, Irene demonstrated her belief in ARL’s mission and vision that all animals should be safe and healthy in the communities where they live — in homes and habitats and out of shelters. I was saddened to learn of Irene’s passing, but I feel deeply privileged to have known her. I am very grateful for her generosity which will so positively impact people and animals in Boston for years to come.

Mary Nee


Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society The Anna Harris Smith Legacy Society is a group of supporters who are passionate about helping animals now and after their lifetime. By including ARL in their estate plans, each member has started to build a personal legacy of compassion that will support our vision that all animals are safe and healthy. Planned giving is a flexible and powerful investment that will care for animals where they belong, improve communities, and prevent animal neglect and abuse.

Kathleen Airhart Anonymous Holly Amans-Kaiser Pamela B. Bankert Larry Barnett Jon Barron Nancy Z. Bender Dr. Harvey Bidwell and Nancy L. Binner Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding Cynthia W. Cadwalader Louise H. Cay Janice and Karl Cederholm Pauline Clark Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio Judith and James Connors John and Mary Cotton Gerald Crown and Paul Dobrowolski Richard Davey and Jane Willis Christine M. Farnsworth Quentin P. Faulkner Iris S. Feldman Deborah Flynn

Howard W. Fortner, Jr. Mr. Kenneth Freed Frederick D. Gawron The Ellen B. Gray Memorial Fund James E. Gui Judith Horgan Mary Lou Hughes Sandra Ilgen Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Barbara W. Kidder Ellen V. Leon Jean R. Leone Leslie R. Mahn Rose B. Mandelbaum Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni Thomas P. McIntyre Kelly and Brian McKernan Kate Merritt Laurie Messikian Paula Minihan Florence J. Myerow W. Dain Oliver Joanne R. Penta Wallace R. Rockwell, Sr.

JosĂŠ Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan Cassie Ryan William J. Salem Shira Sands Lynne Schlossberg Barbara Servis Jacqueline Seuss Paul S. Silva D. Brenton Simons Nancy and Ted Smethurst Dr. Stephen H. Spiegelberg and Denise Saltojanes Catherine St. Clair Marna H. Terry Nicki Tripodes William Troiano Francois Vigier and Mona Serageldin Deborah M. Walsh Teri F. Weidner David Wisholek and Christopher McBride John and Patricia Worden Kurt and Louise Wulff Richard and Elizabeth Young

L E AV E A L E G AC Y Contact Rick Tagliaferri at rtagliaferri@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5668.


Thank You to Our Volunteers Our 500+ volunteers allow ARL to fulfill its mission of being an unwavering champion for animals and communities in need. ARL volunteers dedicate thousands of hours of kindness every year to keep animals happy and healthy.

Volunteers perform a variety of duties, including the following: Barn Buddies Behavior Modification (MOD) Squad Canine Companions Feline Field Team (Community Cat Trappers) Feline Friends Foster Parenting Puppy Welcome Squad Roving Rovers (Overnight Foster Care) Shelter Opening/Closing Small Animal Amigo Socializers Special Events

“I’m so thankful for all those who donate their time and their hearts to ARL!” — Debby Vogel, Associate Director of Volunteer Services

BE A CHAMPION FOR ANIMALS… VOLUNTEER! Contact Debby Vogel at DVogel@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5670.


“ I’ve

fostered 422 cats in the 14 years I have been volunteering at ARL. I love that I am able to help these cats in so many ways. I give them my attention, affection, and time. Time to heal, play, grow… whatever they need.” — ROSE HENDRICK, ARL foster parent, with 7-week-old foster kitten.


Summary Financial Statements Summary Financial Statements 2016 (IN THOUSANDS)

ASSETS Cash and Equivalents Other Current Assets Investments, including Land Property & Equipment, Net Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trusts Total Assets



our resources prudently. We received a clean audit


4,767 760 67,060 7,284 11,657 91,528

3,845 537 72,594 4,628 11,498 93,102


763 90,765 91,528

4,048 89,054 93,102

OPERATING REVENUES Public Support Restricted Public Support Used for Operations Service Fees & Other Income Investment Return Appropriated for Operations Income from Trusts Total Revenues $

2,092 501 2,647 3,486 548 9,274

2,113 495 2,332 3,427 708 9,074

OPERATING EXPENSES Program Services Fundraising General & Administrative Total Operating Expenses


6,701 668 1,739 9,108

6,549 483 1,710 8,742

Change in Net Assets from Operations



LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accounts Payable and Other Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets


Operating Expenses

Operating Revenues

19% General &

6% Income


7% Fundraising 74% Program Services


from Trusts

38% Investment

Return Appropriated for Operations

We continued to manage

with no management findings from our independent auditors, Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Company.

Complete audited financial statements are available on our website or upon request from the accounting department.

23% Public Support 5% Restricted Public Support used for Operations

28% Service Fees & Other Income

Trusts Dorothy Whitney Trust Emma L. Borden Trust Eugene B. Hamilton Trust Eugene Hamilton Trust G. Gorham Peters Charitable Trust Gladys F. Wilde Trust Harold & Eleanor Brooks Trust Jeanette T. Sheldon Trust Katherine A. Morey Charitable Trust Lelia M. Forster Trust Lyman Morrison Charitable Trust Madge Fairfax Trust Margarette G. Crossman Trust Marion B. Hamilton Charitable Trust Nina Purdon Charitable Foundation Olive F. Stengel Trust Pauline Bill Trust Ralph H. Tasker Trust The Edmund and Mary Comey Charitable Foundation The Frank B. Thayer Fund William Clarence Briggs Trust


Moose This 5-year-old hound dog was adopted in June 2017.

Edith L. Ambye Revocable Trust Estate of Anne Marderosian Estate of Bernice Coggshall Estate of Bryant S. Stott Estate of Eleanor Schmidt Estate of Frances L. Mulcahy Estate of Giovanna DeNapoli Estate of Grace Innis Estate of Irene Roman Estate of James E. Lyons, Jr. Estate of John Hitchcock Estate of Kathleen J. Hoag Estate of Linda R. Varteresian Estate of Loretta A. Clancy Estate of Lorraine A. Swymer Estate of Margaret Lee Reynolds Estate of Marie A. Finston Estate of Marie B. Sheahan Estate of Marlene L. Carr Estate of Virginia Hall Estate of William A. Fleming Louis DeNapoli Trust Richard Cunningham Trust Richard H. Long Irrevocable Trust


President’s Council The President’s Council is a special group of leadership donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Their generosity provides the critical resources needed to care for animals where they belong, connect community resources, strengthen laws, and raise awareness to prevent animal neglect and abuse everywhere. $10,000+

Anonymous Richard and Lisa Carona Lisa A. Clifton Leo Flaherty Michelle and William Gelnaw Walter and Elizabeth Kenyon Molli Krausz Peter and Constance Lacaillade Lee Ann and Michael Leahy Allison and William Mankivsky Claire Mansur and John Ryan Jeffrey and Jane Marshall Malcolm McDonald and Susan Passoni P. Andrews and Linda McLane Peter and Ulrike Mueller Martha S. Mugar Kiki and Tim Neely Tara and Christophe Oliver Cassie Ryan Jim Silverman Dr. Anthony Terrana

Timothy T. Hilton Richard Kelly and Carol Akerson Richard Lavoie Rose B. Mandelbaum Mike and Debi McAleer Dr. David J. McGrath Elizabeth C. Minot Robert A. Moeser Christina and Daniel Nagler Mary Nee and James Chapin Jane P. Orr Beth Pfeiffer Heather and Park Ridill Darin and Debbie Jean Samaraweera The Sea Breeze Foundation Lorraine S. Theroux and Christopher L. Jones Susan and Alan Tuck Raimund and Anne Vanderweil Marilyn E. Wales Alewife Co., Inc. Paul G. Arpin Charitable Trust

$5,000 - $9,999

$2,500 - $4,999

Jo-Ann Altmark Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar Dr. Susan Bromley Katherine A. Burdon Charles and Dorothy Campbell Charitable Fund David and Lisa Cawley Dr. Michael Clayman The Copeland Family Foundation, Inc. Richard Davey and Jane Willis Margaret Dunn Dr. Carol Epstein Quentin P. Faulkner Michelle and Andrew Feinberg Daniel and Maureen Flatley Patricia Flatley Elaine Foster The Ellen B. Gray Memorial Fund Nancy Haverty James and Robeson Herrnstein


Nate and Sara Amory Gregory D. Ansin Nancy Z. Bender Robert and Karen Boudreau The Brian E. Boyle Charitable Foundation Barbara Burg and Priscilla Golding Elizabeth Cabot Lisa Cannata Stephanie J. Chacker Jennifer and Bill Clark The Jeffrey M. Conklin and Family Charitable Giving Fund Jane and Robert Deegan Eaglemere Foundation Aviva Figler Andrea Fondulas James P. Furlong Avril Gardner Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung

Michael J. Godek Patricia C. Goldsmith Andrew Gouldstone Josh and Sarah Greenhill Cindy Kaplan and Marc Weisskopf Jeffrey A. Kaplan Deborah E. Kloter Linda and Silas Kopf Patricia La Valley and Geoffrey Hargadon Kimberly A. Langone Heather Lee Ellen A. Loeb Barbara H. Magruder Robert and Kathy Mahoney Shaun Marston Andrea and Read McCaffrey Kelly and Brian McKernan Charles and Jane McLagan Carol McMullen and Sean Rush Andrew and Gail Mills Arthur and Paula Rabe Paul B. Riddell José Rodriguez-Villalobos and Christopher Lapan Sydney Rosen The Leon V and Marilyn L Rosenberg Family Foundation Norman Satanoski Roger and Kristin Servison Michael and Jennifer Shea Diane and Bradford Straus Laura Tomasetti and David Beardsley Mary Torres Andrew and Jane Urban Priscilla L. White Douglas Zeghibe

$1,000 - $2,499 Carol A. Ahearn Danah Al-Husaini Catherine A. Armstrong Pamela B. Bankert Robert and Rachel Barro

Marc Baumgartner Joan W. Bendery John Biske and Duane Lefevre Irene Bloomstein Dr. Nancy Blum and David Potel Dr. Nancy A. Bolanis Elaine Boltz Anne Booth Dr. Jayson L. Bowers and Tanya Sokolsky James Bracciale Jill L. Bresky Margot H. Brickelmaier Willard and Paula Bright Pauline Brine Paul M. Bruck The Bryce Family Foundation Linda A. Buckley Brian Buell Lynne G. Bumpus Michael and Isabella Busnach Emma Bzdafka Cynthia L. Cajka Anne Canfield Mary Jane Caranci Jon G. Carpenter Kristin and Joseph Casey Judith E. Cassano Jennifer Chatburn Michael Cicalese and Julie Stanley Janice M. Clarke Victoria Coburn Nancy E. Cogswell Howard Cohen and Myra Musicant Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio Kathleen and James Connelly Christine Connors and Beverly J. Bates Amy E. Costa Dr. Bruce Davie and Christy Bonstelle Craig Davis and Steve Vondran Jonathan Delgado and Catherine Bird Michael Denomy and Katrina Anderson Jonathan J. Derby Laura Deschenes (Continued on Page 16)

“ Why

give to animals?

It doesn’t have to be either/or. For our wedding registry we gave three charities for people to choose from — healthcare, youth, and ARL. After all, our ARL-adopted cat, Wakefield, brings us joy every single day. Without the good work of ARL, our family would be incomplete!” — PARK AND HEATHER RIDILL, ARL President’s Council members, with Gunther, a 2-year-old guinea pig, adopted in July of 2017.


(L to R): Angus MacDonald, President of Venture Technology Merchants, Andy Urban, Vice Chairman at Mintz Levin, and Richard Kelly, ARL Board Treasurer.

(President’s Council – Continued)

Kathleen and Jerry Garvey George A. Dillon Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm Linda R. Dorian Michele Doucette and Philip Newbury Sadhana Downs David L. Driscoll Paul Dubuisson Adrian Duguay and Kim Roderiques Dian Dulberger and Evan Wells Patricia Edraos Ann Ehrhart Joan Eldridge Michael Eramo Patti A. Faff Jerome and Emily Farnsworth Dr. Stephanie R. Faucette Dr. Drew G. Faust Vinita and David Ferrera Roxanne and Michael Field David Fike Tracy K. Firth Kimberly A. Fluhrer Peter Y. Flynn Patricia Fonzo Anne Foresman Rev., Dr. Lisa R. Fortuna Kenneth Freed and Company CPAs Dr. Pamela D. Gerardi Jen Girgen Ronald Goglia Jeffrey Goldberg Arthur and Gertrude Golden Elizabeth H. Gorman Frank and Michelle Granara

16 14

Mary-Ann Greanier Melissa C. Green David H. Halpert Frank and Melissa Hanenberger Thomas C. Harris Nathan S. Hasson Mrs. John C. Hatch Brian Hazard Neal R. Heffron William and Barbara Hill Timothy and Ann-Louise Hittle Christina and Sturtevant Hobbs Gerard and Jacqueline Hokanson Elaine C. Holt Anna Holzhauer Sarah Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr. Christopher and Theresa Houck Agnes D. Huot Carl Hutchinson and Chi-Chi Lin Curtis Huttenhower Brian Hyde and Joe Fiorello James and Margaret Ingraham Russell and Janice Isaia Joseph A. Isham Dr. Vincent Jacintho The Richard and Natalie Jacoff Foundation Jamaica Hill Realty Sara L. Johnson Cynthia M. Jones Kimberly and Robert Karolides Douglass Karp Steven Kaufman and Arlene Handschuch

Donald Keamy Meghan Kelleher and Kerry Herzig Dr. Holly L. Kelsey Scott Kennedy Drs. William and Cynthia Kettyle Anne Kevlin Kirkiles and Associates Commercial Insurance Bruce Klinger and Frank Shanbacker James T. Knowles Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Krupp Marilyn R. Kudisch Joseph C. Lamarca Philip Lambert Janet LaPierre Susanne Lawrence Carlson Louis Laz Jonathan R. Leehey Robert and Karen Levin Charley and Kenneth Levine Joann M. Lindenmayer Dr. Patricia Lindquist Anne R. Lindsay and David J. Schwarz Lauren Lineback David Lippman Noah Loren Pamela B. Lyons Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger Norman and Kathleen MacLeod Tracey Maclin and Karen Tosh Peter and Susan Maguire Joanne Mann Halpin and Jim Halpin Mike Marcone Dr. Lam Raga Angarra Markely Stephanie Mathis and Jeffrey Schwartz

Persis McClennen and Arshad Khan David McLellan Lindsay McNair Jay and Swapna Mehta Lucy D. Metcalf Seanna Metzger Barbara W. Meyer John and Robyn Meyn Gary Mishuris Anita and Alex Molino Louise B. Montgomery Helen S. Mooradkanian Elizabeth Mora and Susan Kandarian John Moran and Michael Wood Dennis Morris Caroline Mortimer Cathy and Alvaro Moura Danielle Myers Caroline Nagle John and Marilyn Newlin Charlotte Prescott Newton Alan Nichols Adriane Niehaus Cheryl Noroian Jeanne Nutt William and Marion Oates Diane A. Oberhelman Juan C. O’Campo Chris O’Connor Paula J. O’Keeffe Kathryn Oram Dr. Robert A. Page John and Mary Parker Kishorkuma N. Patel Allen and Linda Peeler

Edward E. Phillips Karen and Jason Purcell Drs. Astrid and Peter Rapoza Elizabeth Rayer Leslie Read Patricia Regan Leslie Regh Roger and Hannelore Reiser Sarah Reynolds and Danny Ertel Julian Richards Yesim and Mark Richardson Susanne Richey Nancy J. Roach Peter and Bev Robbins Edgar A. Roca Victoria and Rhoda Roman Judith Rosen and Chuck Dresner Sarah A. Rothermel Richard Rudman and Karen Greenberg Ellen F. Ruland Amy Salcido Alison Sanzone Mildred T. Savastano Kevin Scerbo and Jeffrey Lyle Dr. Edward Schettino Peter and Cynthia Schliemann Martha Schuette Malisa and Andrew Schuyler M. Kathleen Seiders Jacqueline Seuss Alexis Sheehan Mary Sherpick Richard and June Shibley Diana Shumway Stacie Simon and Hal Tepfer Debrah A. True Amy Slade Suzanne M. Sloan Joanne and Phil Smith Tina L. Smith Debra and Michael Sorkin Jill and Christopher Soucy Deborah and Randall Spicer Dr. Stephen H. Spiegelberg and Denise Saltojanes Amy E. Spooner Ian and Bonnie St. Germain John F. Steele Marcus and Summer Stern James and Viola Storer Brian Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Lindsey and Brian Swett

Cora This 6-month-old guinea pig was adopted in May 2017.

Rick Tagliaferri and Jill Mackavey Sharon Tan Thaler Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Toomey, Jr. Lorraine A. Trepaney Marco Tropeano Linda Tufts Andrew William Tully Richard D. Urell Katherine A. Viator

Francois Vigier and Mona Serageldin Wagner Family Charitable Trust William and Joanne Watson Ross Whistler Robie and Jane White Regina B. Wiedenski Michael William Kim Williams William Winterer Monika A. Wirtz

Neil and Deborah Wolfman Carolyn V. Wood Dr. Clive R. Wood Marie Wood John and Patricia Worden Kurt and Louise Wulff Liang Yap Holly Young and Michael Woodhouse Diane Zinn

JOIN THE PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL Contact Rick Tagliaferri at rtagliaferri@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5668.


Zachary This 22-year-old talkative Macaw was adopted in May 2017.


Champions Circle The Champions Circle is a dedicated community of monthly givers who support shelter animals all year long with recurring donations. Monthly giving is a convenient, affordable, and efficient way to provide help where it’s most needed. Helen V. Abate Charlotte Adams Carol A. Ahearn Timothy Ahearn Marilyn C. Ahrens Michael and Laura Albert Constance Alkins John Allison Jo-Ann Altmark Dr. Margarita M. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Brad Amos Judith M. Anderson Meg Anderson Michelle R. Anderson Mark Anstey Ruth Anzalone Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Arcaro Leslie Arnott Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Arruda Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Arsenault Rachel Askew Danielle and Ash Atkins Kristine Atwood Roseanne Avakian William M. Bailey Mary Bainbridge Alice Baird Brittany Baker Carmita and Charles Baker Jack and Joyce Bakker Priscilla Ballou Julie E. Banks Beverly J. Barbell Ruth L. Barnett Terry A. Barrasso Corinne Barrett Tom Barry Richard Barton Mr. and Mrs. Prescott W. Baston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bastoni Jerry G. Bedrick Julie A. Beck Mary Ann Beliveau Margret Bell Sheila and John Bell Beth E. Bellows Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benevides, III Jullie A. Bennett Anthony J. Bent Thomas and Jocelyn Bergeron Catherine F. Berlo Virginia L. Berthelson Audrius Berzanskis

Barbara Beyea Patricia J. Bird Richard Blackney Joseph G. Blain Jennifer Blake Lorie A. Blazys Mary Ann Boari Mary Bono Anne C. Borg Ann M. Borghi Mr. and Ms. Jacob Boucher Colleen Boyce Amy Breckenridge Susan E. Breen Marilyn S. Bregoli Patricia Brennan Jackie Brenner Robin Brenner Deborah A. Bresnahan Jeffrey Briggs Kathleen Bright-Procopio and David Procopio Webb Brightwell Barbara B. Broadbent Cynthia M. Brolin Diane M. Brown Valerie M. Brown Wendy Browne Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brueckner Mr. and Mrs. James F. Buchanan Linda A. Buckley Joanna Buffington Frank Burnham Yvonne Burton Linda L. Bythrow Philomena and Sergio Cacciabue Carolyn Callahan Phyllis Campana Cdr. Mary Jo Campbell Suzanne Capone Joseph Carchidi Jean E. Cardillo Maria Carlota Dao David Carls and Maria Mackavey Lisa Carmisciano Daniel A. Caroff Jon G. Carpenter Julia Carpenter-Conlin Paul Carty Madeline Castelluzzo Jacquelyne Cavanaugh Jamie Cerretti Helena M. Chandler

Bennett Chaney Jennifer A. Chapman-Girouard Jennifer Chatburn Dr. Pamela A. Chatis Surabhi Chatterjee Sgt. Brian Chin Susie Chin Toots Christofferson Tina Cincotti Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Cipriano, Jr. Marcia L. Ciro Pamela J. Clancey Courtney A. Clark Michael P. Clark Robert M. Clarke and Deborah A. Millar Joan Clifford Victoria Coburn Arlone L. Cofield Dr. Randi Cohen and Al Ossorio Duane A. Colburne Elizabeth L. Collins Joseph Collins Katherine A. Collins Priscilla Collins James Collura Denise Comeau Jean M. Connelly Sara A. Connerty Christine Connors and Beverly J. Bates James M. Connors Miranda Corbine Anne M. Corcoran Deborah Corcoran Beverly and Clive Corp Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Coulman Isobel N. Coulombe Joan C. Crivello Cheryl L. Curby Catherine S. Curtis Kim Cyr Nancy Dagostino Jean M. D’Agostino Nicollette Dailey Paul Dailey Diane Daily Alicia D’Alba Sheila A. D’Alessandro Geraldine Daley Evan Dame Leslie D’Amico

Scott Daniels Joseph S. Dantona, Jr. Maria and David DaRocha Stephen and Linda Darr Edward C. Dasch Jacquelyn Davis John P. Davis Leslie Dawe Mary M. Dawley Robert E. Dean Tiffany L. Deane Carol L. DeCourcey Jonathan M. Delgado and Catherine Bird Lauren and Matthew DeMatteis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Z. Demb Pauline P. Demetri Sandra and Douglas Denninger Hillary Derby Adrienne Deutsch Paul M. DiBacco, Jr. Mary Dillon Dianne Dobie Elizabeth Dobrska Andrea N. Dodge Elizabeth Donatelli Theresa Doyon Sandra Drought Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Druyetis Maureen E. Duddy Paul Dudley Dennis J. Duggan Douglas W. Dunphy Catherine D’Vileskis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dyer Maude Edwards Eve A. Eich Deirdre M. Ellard Scott A. Elliott Bonnie R. Ellis Judith Embry Dale Emmart-Lieberman Alexandra Emmendorfer Christina Englund Susanna Erber Alison Erbig Kristen Erickson Dr. Christine Espino Erika Eurkus Marilyn A. Everett Lisa A. Ewing Rebecca W. Fagone Patricia L. Fairhurst


(Champions Circle – Continued)

Lynn C. Farnham Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fasanella Adam and Ildiko Fields Reverend Heidi Fieldston Maria Fiorentino Sheila Fitzgerald Rosemarie Fiumara Marian A. Flaherty Lucille F. Flammia William Fleischmann Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Floesser Kimberly A. Fluhrer Stephen Foell and Martha Martin Marjorie A. Forbes Anne Foresman Laurie A. Fowler Loretta Franklin James Fraser Mr. and Mrs. Franklin W. Frederic Martha Frost Joseph A. Fuoco Linda M. Furnari Terrill L. Gadde Barbara Gage Patricia A. Galli Andrea Garvey Dr. Pamela D. Gerardi Julie Geving Pauline F. Gherson Paula D. Giblin Edward Gilin Patricia Gillis Jen Girgen Phyllis Giusti Marina Glekel Phillip Glennon Ryan Goldberg Emily Goldberger Judith Gonsalves Dr. John R. Graves Jane C. Gray Mary-Ann Greanier Cheyenne and Sharon Greatorex Robert W. Greeley Erin Griffin Sarah Groppo Joanne and Stanley Guzowski Clayton D. Hainsworth Michael Hall Tara N. Hall Jocelyn Hanlon Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Hanna Susan J. Harrington Rosemary Harris Nicole Hart Madeline T. Hartley Adam T. Hartsock John C. Hatch Nancy Haverty John and Katy Hayes Pepper Hayes Brian Hazard Eileen M. Healy Robert Healy


Janis Heffel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heinz Katherine Hendricks Geoffrey Henry Katherine Herlihy Sandra E. Hickey Kenneth E. Highland Bradford A. Hill Joseph Hilton Nancy E. Hinckley Christopher Hinkle Michael V. Hirsch Robert W. Hitchcock Charles Hodges Meghan and Matt Hogan Elaine J. Holbrook Debra A. Holden Sylvia Hollister Loraine Holt Judith Horgan Jennifer Hotaling Leslie A. Houghton Roxanne Houghton Benn P. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hoyt E. E. Hull Diane J. Hunter Margaret Hunter Jean R. Husson Cherie Iappini Sandra Ilgen Claire Sherry Immediato Barbara Indech Meagan Irwin Joseph A. Isham Else K. Jacobs Lisa Jacobson Emma Jannsen Diane Jean Marilou Jeffrey Sandra Jeffries Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Jenkins Nancy L. Jenkinson Suzanne Jenne Kathleen F. Jeskey Catherine J. Johnson Debra A. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. James H. Johnson Lois Johnson and Claire Barden Alexandra Jones Cynthia M. Jones John and Linda Jones Michelle Jones Kathleen Joyce-Page and Leo Page Lenore Kalarness Olga and Konstantin Kandror Judith A. Kane Elaine Kapetanakis Jeffrey A. Kaplan Kimberly and Robert Karolides Edward Keenan Kristiana Kelley Eleanor M. Kelly Patricia and Mark Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Keough Dr. Adnan Khera Douglas Kierdorf

Karen Kiley Amir Kimia Mr. and Ms. Brian P. King Clarence and Brenda King Mr. and Mrs. Kameron Kirk Helen R. Kisiel Richard and Marilyn Knowlton Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell M. Krigest Nadine L. Krikorian Lina Kriva Laura and Matt Krug Dorothea E. Kuchinsky Karen A. LaFrance Kristen Lambert Elaine Lancto Gloria L. Landahl Denise Langhammer Anthony Laskaris and Emily C. Snodgrass Jean D. Laterz Janice E. Laverick Barbara and Ted Law Amy Lawrence Deborah W. Lawrence Louise and Aaron Lazare Claude M. Lee Deborah Lee Patricia A. Leighfield Paul B. Lembo Doreen M. Lemieux Joan E. Lemieux Svetlana Levicheva Paula Levine Mira Levinson Alex Levy Judith Lieberman David Lippman Jeff and Angela Lipson Roy Y. Liu and Elizabeth Ratto Patricia Lloyd Ellen A. Loeb Judith and Edward Long Deana and Steven Longo Anne Loretto Peter W. Lorey Captain Arline F. Love, (Ret.) Janice E. Lynch David F. MacDonald Nilah M. MacDonald Julie Mackin and Daniel Clevenger Norman and Kathleen MacLeod Sandra Macricosta Barbara H. Magruder John P. Maguranis Usharani Mahadevan Maureen Maher Jeanne Mahoney Michael Maina Elizabeth P. Maksutian Mary Elizabeth Malvicini Chiara Mancinelli James K. Mann Frances L. Mannino Katharine J. Mariano Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Marino Donna R. Markussen Lorraine Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Marshall Kathleen Maroney Mr. and Mrs. William M. Marshall, III Rose Martocchio Loretta A. Mascis Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Matheisen Robert Matheson Michele McAfee Cathleen O. McCarthy Erin and Taylor McCarthy Maureen McCarthy Jonathan McColgan Charlotte McCormack Deborah McCormick Joanne M. McDavitt Russell McDonnell Kathleen McDowell Kevin F. McElroy Claudia McEntee Martha R. McGowan Susan McGrath Judith A. McKee Margaret A. McKenzie Margaret H. McKinney Leandra McLean David McLellan Theodore McNeil Edwin Medrano Katherine Metzger Seanna Metzger Yrinee Michaelidis Janet Mihalyfi Carol Miller L. Barbara Miller Betty A. Milligan Patricia Milligan Catherine Milmoe Alissa and Jacob Minkoff Mary Minton Allison Miracco Anne M. Mitchell Kathleen M. Mitchell Bing Miu Lucille B. Moister Karen R. Monaghan and Darrell Morrow Susan Moore Maureen and Herbert Mores Catherine M. Morgan Stacey Morin Carolyn S. Morrill Doris E. Morrison Janis M. Morrison Maureen Morrow Dr. Veronique S. Moterle Catherine A. Moynihan Mary Mulcahy Bertha E. Mulley Richard and Patty Murphy Stephanie and Chad Murphy Jane A. Murray Syler L. Murray Dr. Laura B. Myers Meghann M. Myers Claudia Napolilli Julie Nashawaty Sharon and Keary Naughton

Mary Nee and James Chapin Leslie Nelken and Ed Quinlan Mr. and Mrs. Alex Nelson Dorothy Q. B. Nelson Alissa Newton Kristen Nichols Lisa A. Nichols Brenda Nickerson Dorothy Nickerson Peter D. Norton Barbara I. Noury Susan Nylen-Quesada Dennis and Joan O’Brien Jean Lee O’Brien John O’Brien and Aline Yurik Dr. Mary Ellen O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. William D. O’Callaghan Geraldine M. O’Donnell Steven J. Oeschger Laura J. O’Leary John and Michele O’Reilly Nicole Orlando Lauren Osheroff Annalisa Oswald Kerry Ouellet Dr. Lance A. Page and Dr. Leena Singh Amy T. Paige Mr. and Mrs. James M. Paige Elin W. Paltrineri Dr. Donna R. Palumbo Pamela L. Papineau January M. Parker John T. Parks Diane A. Parry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pastori Gail R. Patt Jessica Paulus Jennifer M. Payne Kim Payne and Christopher Fournier Allen and Linda Peeler Carolyn Pekar Jean Pernarelli Jason Pesaturo Linda K. Peters Rosemary Peters Allen K. Petersen Susan Petlick Robert Philbrick Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips Dr. Steven Plunkett Robert J. Pogainis Pilar R. Poggio Paula Powers Kelsey and Michal Pramik David and Ramona Preston Scott Preston Daniel B. Price Deborah K. Price Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Prior Susan Pritchard

Donna J. Pucciarelli Katelyn Pulito Meng Qu Thomas R. Quigley Molly Quinn Patricia Race Claire Radice Jean E. Rankin-Murray Debra Ransom Sophie Rapaport Danielle Raposo David F. Rea Debbie and Ferran Rice Wallace R. Rockwell, Sr. Stella W. Rogers Jessica L. Rogerson Traci Roloff Laura Rood Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Roschak Rachel and Daniel Rose Abigail Rosenbaum David Rosenthal Julia Rosequist Judith E. Ross Matthew and Ruth Rossi Brandy Rowe Kelly Royce Susan E. Rudd and Anthony Swain Cara Ruggiero Maureen Russell Karla Ruzicka Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan Rikki Lee and Ross Sabasteanski Justine Sacco Lorena and Keith Salustro Dr. Elizabeth Sanders Shira Sands Alison Sanzone Roberta Sausville Devine Wei Jing Saw Peggie and Carl Schattgen Jane Scherer Dr. Edward Schettino Lynne Schlossberg Eldi Schoenfeld Rebecca L. Schuster Kelly Scott Jared Seabell Marianne Senatore Samantha Sergeant Kimberly Sharp Lorraine M. Shea Susan M. Shea Lisa Sheehan Logan and Ted Sheehan Ramona D. Shepard Dana Shkolny Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Shoemaker Carl L. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Simeone

Stacie Simon and Hal Tepfer Nancy Sinclair Mark Sleet Jeanette Slichenmyer Gail and Adam Slifka Suzanne M. Sloan Dawn-Michelle Smith Jacquelyn Smith Leanne Smith Harper Smythe Ellen Soderholm Maria Soriano Sarah Spencer Deborah and Randall Spicer Nancy E. Spolsino Diane L. Sredl Ian and Bonnie St. Germain Louis St. Laurent Carol A. Staiti Cheryl M. Standish Marie Stanlake Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Starmer Diane L. Stephenson Kimberly Stickland Sara and Timothy Stinson Sarah Strassburger Margo Strucker Carole A. Sullivan Janet Sullivan Patrick J. Sullivan Jill Susarrey Kimberley Sweeney Chris Swenson Stephen Syta Michael Szalaji Inez M. Taatjes Maya Tal Carolyn A. Tamer Elizabeth G. Taylor David and Jillian Teixeira Robert Tella John C. Tennaro Paul E. Thibault Patricia A. Thibeault Elizabeth Thomas Sarah Thomas Caroline Thompson Kimberly Tomlinson Michele Topor Jean Torrisi Terry Trail Michael Tramontozzi Barbara J. Trant Mr. and Mrs. David M. Trigg Lorna B. Tseckares Wen Allen Tseng Susan and Alan Tuck Moriah Tumbleson-Shaw and Scott Shaw Christopher Turner Dr. Greta E. Tyson

Camilla M. Urban Mary H. Utt Diana M. Valente Holly Van Hest Mollie Van Horn Dr. Trudy Van Houten Judith Vanderkay James Vellekamp Charlotte G. Ventola Elizabeth Ventura and John Dorsey Carlha Vickers Gina Villa Catherine Village Janet R. Vincent Nicole Visco Nancy Vitagliano Debby Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Vosburgh Mary Walker Linda Walsh Jeffrey S. Ward and Janice M. deBruyn Lesley J. Wassmuth Michael and Susan Weber Barry B. Weed Thomas B. Weisend Dr. Earle Weiss Jennifer Weiss Suzanne Wenz Dorothy L. Whipple Mr. and Mrs. William Whitcomb Alyssa White Donna M. White Margaret Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. William T. Whitney Ardith A. Wieworka and Carol Lyons David Wilcox Becky Willoughby Brian Wilson Ross Winer David Wisholek and Christopher McBride Heather Wojtowicz Dr. Joel Wolff Katherine Wolfthal Cynthia and Robert Wong Carolyn V. Wood Dr. Clive R. Wood Pat Wood Peter and Marcia Wood Sally W. Woods Jane P. Wootton Jessica Wright Liang Yap Millie Yarbrough George T. Younis Jennifer Yuskaitis Carolyn Ziering

JOIN THE CHAMPIONS CIRCLE Contact Jackie Smith at jsmith@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5608


Partnerships Thank you to our partners for the meaningful contributions made to improving animal welfare in our community.

Corporate 360 Public Relations Action for Boston Community Development, Inc. Agway of Cape Cod AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts Alewife Co., Inc. Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co., P.C. AmazonSmile Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar At Home Again, Inc. The Black Dog Tavern Company, Inc. Blue Hills Bank Bosstones Music Bowditch & Dewey, LLP The Canine Company, Inc. Chestnut Street Animal Hospital Conway, Homer & Chin-Caplan, P.C. Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Educational Testing Service EMI Strategic Marketing Inc. The Fish & Bone GE United Way Campaign Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty Grossman Marketing Group Guapo’s Tortilla Shack Hard Rock Cafe - Boston Harvard Community Gifts Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare IBM Jack’s All Naturals Jamaica Hill Realty John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. JustGive KPMG Lawson, Weitzen & Bankert, L.L.P. Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Merck Company Foundation

MFS Investment Management Millenium Pharmaceuticals Matching Gifts Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. Opaleye Management, Inc. PMC Insurance Group Risk Strategies Company Rotary Club of Weston Signius Communications, Inc. State Street Foundation Matching Gift Program STV Construction Incorporated Sullivan & Worcester LLP Truist Connect Trupanion United Way of Massachusetts Bay The Urban Grape South End, LLC Wayfair, Inc. Winthrop Wealth Management

Foundation M George S. Troupe Foundation The Greenhill Family Charitable Trust The Highland Street Foundation The H.O. Peet Foundation Henry T. Wiggin Charitable Trust The Jebediah Foundation Jerry Orns Family Foundation John and Edith Sacco Charitable Foundation Kenwood Foundation Lovett-Woodsum Foundation, Inc. Maddie’s Fund The Martha Morse Foundation Mazaika Family Foundation McLane Harper Family Charitable Foundation The Michael and Alyson Strianese Charitable Foundation The Midvale Foundation

Parish of The Epiphany The Patricia Flatley Foundation Paul G. Arpin Trust PETCO Foundation Petfinder Foundation The PNC Foundation The Richard & Natalie Jacoff Foundation Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation Roney-Fitzpatrick Foundation Savastano Family Foundation The Sea Breeze Foundation The Shawn and Lisa Szturma Foundation The Stolzer Family Foundation Tao Jones Charitable Foundation, Inc. The LG-MEP Family Foundation The Thomas C. McGowan Fund for Animals at the Cape Cod Foundation The Wagner Family Charitable Trust The William Gallagher Associates Foundation


WBZ 1030 News Radio WZLX

Foundations Anonymous ASD Fund at the Essex County Community Foundation Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation The Bryce Family Foundation The Burton A. and Maxine C. Rice Foundation Cannata Family Foundation The Carol C. McMullen Charitable Foundation Cold Noses Foundation The Copeland Family Foundation The Cullford Foundation Cummings Foundation Dunn Family Charitable Foundation Eaglemere Foundation Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Edward Gorey Charitable Trust The Edward H. & Virginia K. Gunst Foundation

Media 101.7 The Bull 98.5 The Sports Hub



love sharing the stories behind each animal and, of course, the happy endings. I enjoy the media platforms that I get to use every day as an extra avenue for ARL to share their mission to help find homes for animals in need.” — COLTON BRADFORD,

Radio personality, with 5-year-old Pittie-mix June Bug, adopted in June 2017.

PA R T N E R W I T H U S Contact Rick Tagliaferri at rtagliaferri@arlboston.org or (617) 226-5668.


Monty This 4-year-old goat was rescued from Westport, MA in the summer of 2016.


Board of Directors Malcolm McDonald Chairman

Barbara A. Burg

Mary Nee President

Randi Cohen

Lee A. Leahy Vice Chair

David Cawley William Joyce Jeff Kaplan

Rich Davey Treasurer

Dr. Holly Kelsey

Richard Kelly Secretary

Kelly McKernan

Jean Morse Assistant Secretary

Alisa Plazonja

Judith Gregg Emeritus Director

Walter Kenyon Tara Oliver Malisa Schuyler

Quentin Faulkner Emeritus Director

Leadership Council Walter Kenyon Chairman Members Carol Akerson Rosemarie Boucher Kathy Burdon Kristin Casey Lisa Clifton Jennifer Clark Michelle Gewandter Lindsay Hyde Connie Lacaillade

Claire Mansur Christina Nagler Alisa Plazonja Sydney Rosen Cassie Ryan Jane Urban Rob Van Sickle Marilyn Wales

“ARL is truly a

champion for both animals and communities in need.

A leader in animal welfare, ARL focuses on preventing cruelty and neglect — before it happens — through the work of its Advocacy and Law Enforcement Departments. “ — LEE LEAHY,

ARL Board Vice Chair, with her Golden Retriever, Mia.


The 2016 Annual Report is a publication of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116. Please address any correspondence regarding this report to the address above, attention Development Office.

Adopt a Pet

The Animal Rescue League of Boston receives no government funding and relies solely on kind supporters like you to provide veterinary care, adoption and rescue services, and special police investigation and advocacy aimed at preventing cruelty and strengthening the laws that protect animals.

Love your Pet, Love your Vet

Stay Connected with Us! AnimalRescueLeagueOfBoston



Visit one of our animal care and adoption centers: • 10 Chandler Street, Boston, MA 02116 • 3981 Main Street (Route 6A), East Brewster, MA 02631 • 55 Anna’s Place, Dedham, MA 02026 Make an appointment at Boston Veterinary Care (617) 226-5605 — all profits support the Animal Rescue League of Boston

Take a Dog Training Class Visit arlboston.org/dog-training to enroll your pet and view class schedules

Get Involved Visit arlboston.org/get-involved to learn all the ways you can support animals in need

Help an Animal in Distress Contact Rescue Services (617) 426-9170 x1

Animal Rescue League of Boston 10 Chandler Street Boston, MA 02116-5221


Report Animal Cruelty Contact Law Enforcement (617) 226-5610

Profile for Animal Rescue League of Boston

The Animal Rescue League of Boston's 2016 Annual Report  

The Animal Rescue League of Boston's 2016 Annual Report  


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